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Indian FaridaFarida again, after my sister’s husband went foreign I was not able to satisfy my sexual urge again. I wanted to seduce my sister’s son who was 13 years old but did not have opportunity to do so. But luckily I was working in fitness centre and I became close with the manager. He was very friendly and it went on.I told him that I am going to be divorced and everything about me except my sexual life. Whenever I had some pain and I tell it to him he used to touch the part and check it as if he was a doctor. But I allowed it because being touched by a man was pleasurable for me at that time. He used to compliment me saying that I was beautiful always.One day when I had pain in the calf he checked it for me. Being touched by a man in a public place was completely new to me. Another day I told him I had pain in the knee and he checked it and he felt my thighs asking each time whether it was painful and he came up to my vagina and he stopped.Another day I acted as if my chest was paining çanakkale escort and he completely touched my breast area and checked it. I became very hot. He did not exhibit any other sexual tendencies towards me. Another day I really had pain near my hip and I was troubled. He felt my hip and he was squeezing my love handles and I felt very shy and pushed his hand.He asked do you feel shy and he pinched my hips again and again and he was playing with me. He casually told me why don’t you come to my house. I asked why. He told that he will massage for me and my pain will go away. I did not speak a word and I just went with him. In his house he massaged me as if he was very experienced. He removed my clothes and he was massaging the back.I was highly aroused. No man has massaged me before sex and it was very good. I badly wanted a fuck and I was waiting. He went on the massage my butt and I started expressing that I was excited. He turned and I was closing my eyes he kissed me and told escort çanakkale me that he wanted to seduce me the first day he saw me and he tried every time to fuck me. I did not reply.He went on and massaged my boobs and he came down to my vagina and he licked it for some time. He then inserted his penis into my pussy. He did it slowly and in the missionary position he changed the position of the penis upright so it will rub my upper wall of the pussy. Within ten strokes I reached orgasm.Then he positioned himself in such a way that he rotated the penis inside my vagina it was very pleasurable for me he went on for some time rotating it. Then he became tired and changed position. Then he pushed his penis in such a way that it rubbed by left side wall of the vagina and again with ten strokes I reached orgasm.He did many things which were new to me and it was very wonderful. After that he lied down and asked me to suck his balls and squeeze his penis. Every man wanted me to suck his çanakkale escort bayan penis only. But this was different and I sucked his balls and squeezed his penis. He was moaning and each time the moaning increased and he was literally shouting when I was doing thing.Him enjoying the licking made me more excited and I was licking his balls more passionately. His penis became very hard this time and I was able to feel it because I was squeezing it. He made me lie down and he fucked me again. This time he squeezed my upper part of the vagina along with the clit and every time he pushed his penis inside he squeezed my vagina up and down as if like masturbating my clit.His penis entering my vagina and him squeezing my vagina was a very different and interesting experience. I was able to feel my vagina becoming more bulged with each stroke and we both climaxed together. He tried to pull out but I held him telling that I had IUD.I had my copper T fixed when I got married because my husband didn’t want me to get pregnant and he wanted to enjoy for some time I did not remove it after we separated and It has helped me to enjoy sex with so many men. Now we are working together as if nothing has happened and I am waiting for him to call me again to his house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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