Incident On A Bus

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Dripping Wet

The most wonderful things happen when you least expect them.

I was only 72 miles into my cross-country trip from D.C. to Seattle when this “situation” began. The more than half-empty Greyhound bus made a dinner stop in Hagerstown, and I also knew we would probably pick up some more west-bound passengers there. Dinner for me consisted of a salad because a late lunch at my office at the Department of Justice was still very much with me.

We did. Pick up some more passengers, that is. That’s when she got on. She could have been 20, and she could have been 30. Her kind of beauty hid her actual age very well. It always would, even when she applied for membership in A.A.R.P. She was an extremely attractive brunette, slender, and with legs to die for. I knew that because of the short skirt she was wearing. A loose fitting blouse with a deeply scooped neckline prevented me from checking out her other assets, but that was alright, too. Imagination is often better than reality, especially in situations involving a comely lass such as her.

I had already made it back to my seat on the left side of the bus after dinner as she started down the bus’ isle. And, I was secretly hoping she would sit down in the vacant seat beside me. But she walked on past me, and headed towards the rear of the bus. But I was secretly elated when, less than 30 seconds later, she returned and sat down in the seat next to me. I looked at her and smiled, ready to offer my name as an introduction. But she stared straight ahead, not glancing in my direction at all. Obviously she wanted to keep to herself, which sort of puzzled me since there were lots of rows on both sides of the bus where both seats were still empty. Why had she selected the one next to me?

We continued on the trip a few minutes later, the bus offering a slowly rocking, soft ride that I had come to appreciate over the past three years. It was my habit to select a distant city as my vacation destination, and then head that way with lots of stops along the way. Visiting some of the small towns that made up the real America was fun, and I always met interesting people wherever I managed to go. And not a few pretty women, either.

Anyway, we were fifty or so miles down the road when the incident began. I was reading the latest edition of Outdoor Life when I felt the slightest pressure against the skin of my right leg (It was warm, and I was wearing shorts). I glanced down and saw her leg touching mine. But I paid no real attention, especially since she appeared to be engrossed in a book and sitting comfortably, slightly turned towards me in her seat.

A few minutes later I felt her leg slide up and down slightly against mine. The movement was small, but it was there. And, no doubt due to my overactive imagination, it almost felt sensual. But hey, that was impossible. She was still reading, and I didn’t honestly think she had glanced at me since we left Hagerstown.

Using the pretext of turning on the overhead reading light to off-set the rapidly approaching night, I did my own up and down stroke against her leg. I could not get over its apparent softness. And the warmth she emitted was beginning to get to me. I felt the familiar stirring in my loins as my manhood began to react.

The feel of her soft skin against my leg felt good. Was she aware that she was touching me? I doubted it, but decided to either push my luck or end her rudeness. I ever-so-slightly increased my own leg pressure against her’s while keeping my eyes glued to the article on summer bass fishing I was no longer interested in. It was as subtle a movement as I was capable of, but it was also noticeable. I was elated when her leg remained pressed against mine.

This called for more investigation on my part. After all, I was now certain her actions were intensional. I had to find out the “why” of this situation. So I put down the magazine, made an exaggerated stretch of my arms as I turned off the reading light, laid my head back on the rest while turning my neck in her direction, closed my eyes, and put my hands on my thighs. My right hand was now less than a quarter inch from her thigh. I imagined I could even feel a little heat on my finger, obviously radiating from her exposed skin. Then I adjusted myself, hoping to appear like a guy getting ready to take a nap.

A couple minutes later, I made my move. I shifted my hand, and my little finger was now pressing lightly against her bare skin at mid-thigh. Her leg stayed where it was, still pressed closely against mine. Then I felt her move it again up and down ever so gently, rubbing against my leg and arm, and causing the beginning of some serious activity in my groin.

There was only one thing for me to do get bolder! So I gently moved my little finger out and back several times, stroking her middle-thigh softly in the process. She didn’t react. So I moved my entire hand onto her thigh and held it still, opening my eyes and glancing at her at the same time. Still no reaction Samsun Escort on her part, not even a shifting of her eyes away from her book to look at what I was doing.

I moved my hand over to allow it to slide down between her legs. Then I began to rub the soft, creamy flesh I found there. I was being blatant now, rubbing her inner thigh and staring at her intently. There was no reaction on her part, at least none I could observe.

I was sporting a raging erection by now, and my imagination was running wild. I began stroking her leg along its length, moving slightly under the hem of her skirt on my upward stroke. She didn’t bat an eye! She didn’t flinch, or even stir noticeably.

What was her game? Why was she letting a total stranger fondle her inner thigh as I was still doing to her? And most importantly, just how far would she let me go??? Only one way to answer that one.

So I moved my hand up her leg a little more with each of my soft strokes. I kept going even when my little finger felt the intense heat of her womanhood. I touched her panties over her pussy on my next stroke, and I stopped my hand there. No reaction. I rubbed her womanhood over her panties with several strokes of my little finger, and thought I saw her catch her breath.

Then, as my finger continued its mission, I saw her close her eyes and lean her head back against the headrest. Pure enjoyment on her part, I was sure. And I wasn’t about to stop. I maneuvered my hand to the leg-band of her panties, lifted it, and slid my entire hand underneath. I found myself cupping her entire womanhood with her legs nicely spread to allow me full access.

And I took advantage of that fact, dipping my social finger into her crease. Surprise! She wasn’t damp there she was wet! I mean dripping wet, and hot as a well-fired two-dollar pistol. I stroked my finger from one end of her crease to the other, passing over the entrance of her love tunnel and her clitoris, and causing her to softly gasp and jump as I crossed the latter.

I increased the speed of my finger strokes, and added another finger to the task at hand. Then I concentrated on her joy buzzer, rubbing and pinching it between my fingers. I was soon rewarded as I felt her entire body shiver in a nice orgasm. Her juices flooded my fingers and the palm of my hand. Her legs involuntarily closed on my hand, clutching it tightly and causing me some difficulty with continuing my stimulation of her most sensitive spot. But somehow I still managed.

When her orgasm was completed her legs relaxed their grip on my hand. Then I felt her hand on mine as she gripped my hand at the wrist and lifted it out from under her panties and away from between her legs. Then, after a quick glance at me, she stood up on slightly wobbly legs, and headed for the back of the bus. I watched as she entered the restroom.

I entertained myself by smelling and licking my hand and fingers. Her essence was soooo strong. It was also the most wonderful, sweetest pussy juice I had ever tasted. I only hoped that, when she returned, she would allow me to continue with what I was doing.

A few minutes later she returned and again sat down beside me. I put my hand on her thigh and, instead of stopping me as I feared, she spread her legs several inches. I slid my hand up her leg to her womanhood, and was pleasantly surprised to find she had removed her panties during her pit stop. I now had an unencumbered access to her most private treasure. I took full advantage of the situation, and soon returned to stroking her with my fingers.

Then I wanted more. A lot more. I removed my hand somewhat reluctantly and placed it behind her head on her neck as I turned my body more towards her. Then I replaced it with my left hand stroking between her legs as I gently pulled her to me for a kiss. And what a kiss it was, too. I honestly thought she was trying to swallow my tongue as we indulged in one of the hottest french kisses I had ever been exposed to. It was broken several minutes later only because she had to gasp for air as another intense orgasm overcame her and my left hand took its turn at getting wet.

I sat back in my seat as she leaned back with eyes closed and a sweet smile on her lips. Her lips! I wanted those lips, but not in another kiss. Not just yet, that is. No, I wanted them somewhere else. So I leaned back in the seat and unzipped my shorts. Then I reached inside, grasped my now hardened cock, and maneuvered it out through the fly.

I have been duly blessed in that department. Oh, it isn’t as thick as some I have seen, although it is definitely thicker than most. But it is the length that I appreciate the most. When measured along the bottom from balls to tip, it measured an honest nine inches and a bit. Then I glanced over at her.

She was staring intently at my manhood. She also ran her tongue over her lips. I reached up and turned off her overhead light, then put my hand behind her head and gently Samsun Escort Bayan pulled her towards me while adding a little downward pressure. She knew what I wanted. She slid her butt off the seat as she turned towards me and got into position on the floor. Then in the near total darkness that surrounded us I felt her lips and tongue begin to work their magic.

She was good. She was definitely an accomplished cock sucker. Her technique was pretty straight forward, starting at the tip with a swirling tongue and quickly swallowing all of my nine inches until I was lodged firmly in her throat. Then she upped the suction as she stroked me repeatedly from tip to base. I have always prided myself on my staying power under difficult situations, but this was something I was not prepared for. I didn’t last five minutes before filling her mouth, throat and belly with an unbelievable quantity of my seed. I’m talking at least ten forceful spurts and a lot of dribble. She moaned, slurped, sucked, and managed to seize every single drop without so much as a moist fleck escaping. She was that good.

But then, she didn’t stop. I mean she kept going, sucking my cock hard and fast until there was absolutely no chance of my going soft after that tremendous cum. Then, without any hesitation, she moved up to straddle me with her knees on either side, and she sat down on my rock hard dock, taking the entire length inside her in one downward plunge. She gasped audibly at the new sensation of being so filled with man-meat.

Then, she kissed me. A long, deep passionate french kiss. Our tongues intertwined and dueled with each other as pure passion flowed two ways. It was definitely the most lust-filled kiss I have ever had the pleasure of being subjected to, and I did my best to return the favor in kind. It lasted for three, four, five minutes.

My hands were not exactly idle during this period. In fact each had grabbed one of her tits, and I was gently squeezing her nipples through her blouse and bra as the kiss continued. Then I pulled her blouse out of her skirt, unbuttoned it, unsnapped her front-closing bra, and began kneading her beautiful breasts in earnest. And still our kiss went on, and on, and on…

She began rising up and down on my pole. Her movements were barely noticeable at first, but in just a few minutes she was stroking five inches on each rise. I began stroking upwards to match her rhythm Then she increased her upward movement slightly and my dick was now stroking up into her for almost all of its length. Then she began slowly increasing her speed, and it was all I could do to hang on and not fill her oh-so-tight pussy with my sperm.

She broke our kiss then. Her body suddenly tumbled into one of the most intense orgasms I have ever been privileged to be a part of. She was gasping for breath as she literally collapsed against me, limp as a rag doll. Which brought up another slight problem. Her cunt had literally clamped itself on my full length, squeezing me tighter than I have ever been before. I remember thinking that, were it not for the incredibly intense pleasure I was experiencing right then, my predicament might almost have been painful.

She regained her composure then, and I could clearly see her weak smile in the darkness. Then she again began stroking herself up and down on my rod slowly and with just a little up and down movement. Fortunately her pussy muscles had now relaxed, and we were both once again experiencing the wonderful pleasure of raw sex. Her speed and stroking both increased over the next few minutes, and I felt myself begin to stir in the area of my balls. I knew my release was just seconds away, and there was nothing I could do to slow it down.

I started humping upwards faster, and she apparently realized I was about to explode inside her. She met each of my upward strokes with a downward stroke of her own. Then it happened again. She went limp against me as her cunt muscles again clamped hard on my cock. But it was too late for me at that point, and I began filling her precious love tunnel with my juices in an uncontrolled stream of lust. Continued stroking on my part was difficult because of how desperately tight she held me, but I still managed a bit, which intensified my own orgasm many fold. I nearly passed out from the pleasure that flooded over me.

We both sat there in the darkness of the bus, me holding her tightly and her resting so limply against my chest. I was of course still buried deep inside her, and my slowly softening cock was in no danger of slipping out of her wonderfully warm and dripping wet womanhood. She moaned slightly, nestled her head a little against my chest, and remained where she was in my embrace.

I realized that something special had just occurred. I had just experienced what was probably the perfect fuck. If it wasn’t, I couldn’t imagine how any similar coupling could be improved on. Certainly I had never experienced better sex. Ever.

We Escort Samsun rode on into the darkness in our lover’s embrace, her still straddling me and me still deeply inserted into her. I didn’t understand why I didn’t go soft and slip out of her warm wetness, but I didn’t. In fact, after ten or fifteen minutes in a state of semi-hardness after my intense orgasm, the gentle rocking of the bus and the tiny in and out movement it caused me to make into her achieved just the opposite affect to happen. I began to harden. It wasn’t long before I was rock hard, and beginning to move in and out of her rather forcefully once again.

She raised her head up enough to kiss me tenderly, then laid her head back on my chest and shoulder, and allowed me to continue slowly pumping into her. An occasional soft moan was her only reaction to our coupling.

I moved my right hand until my middle finger was pressing against her tight anal opening. Then I gently pushed it inside her, and started moving it in to the first knuckle and out of her. She liked what I was doing, and let me know so with another soft moan along with nestling her cheek a little tighter into my shoulder.

Then I got a wild idea, and began running my fingers to her pussy and then to her anus, bringing back some of her juices with each trip. She apparently realized what I was planning, and softly shook her head as she whispered “no” into my shirt. So, this little angle didn’t want me coming in her back door, huh?

Well, we’d see about that. I whispered in her ear for her to lift herself up and move forward just a bit. She again softly told me no, but I was insistent. I lifted her up by her beautifully soft ass cheeks and brought her forward just enough to lime my cock up with her tiny puckered hole. Then I let her down, shifting one hand to my cock to guide it in while holding her up with the other.

When I was at her entrance, I began lowering her as I gripped my cock tightly and forced it into her. She moaned louder, but didn’t resist my efforts. The head of my cock forced its way into her, and finally managed to attain entrance with a soft pop that we both felt more than heard. And it was right at that instant that she once again surprised me, slipping right into an intense orgasm without any warning whatever. She buried her face into my shirt, moaned loudly and began driving herself down onto my straining cock while fingering her own pussy. In just a couple minutes she was coming down from her peak, and I was almost completely embedded inside her rectum.

I began lifting and lowering her on my shaft, but she soon took over and began raising herself up and down. Then we were engaged in another wild french kiss as she tried to once again choke me with her tongue. The sensations I was feeling were nothing short of incredible like nothing I had ever experienced before. Her ass was so incredibly tight and warm and willing, and I continued to receive the most intense sensations ever.

Her up and down speed increased, and I began to feel the familiar stirring of an approaching orgasm. I began popping my hips up and down to meet her vertical thrusts, and that intensified my own building orgasm. She peaked a few seconds before me, but her orgasm served to further intensify my own. I don’t know how much fluid I had left to give her, but she got all I had. And we both moaned into each other’s mouth as release set us both free.

We slept after that coupling, both satisfied with life in general and relaxed as only good sex can relax two people. When I awoke to a slightly greying dawn, she was still asleep on me, and I was still embedded inside her anus. I have never had that happen before, remaining coupled in that manner throughout the night. It was a wonderful feeling, and I promised myself it would not be the last time it happened.

I gently nudged her awake, and she lifted her head up to look me in the eyes. She smiled with that sleepy kind of smile only a beautiful woman freshly awakened can give. I kissed her softly on both her eyes, her nose, and then her lips. Then she got her feet under her and lifted herself up, causing my semi-hard cock to slip out. She pushed her skirt down and twisted around to sit in her own seat.

After we had both made a trip to the restroom to relieve ourselves and get at least a little cleaned up, we sat beside each other, holding each other and watching the world we were traveling through get brighter and brighter.

I asked her for her name, not wanting what we had so recently found together to be lost. I guess that if I were not already in love with this wonderful lady, it wouldn’t take a lot of effort on either of our parts for me, a confirmed bachelor, to be completely and totally hers in every way. I only hoped she felt the same way.

But instead of answering me, she placed her finger on my lips and smiled. I knew then that she had no intension of letting me know who she was, where she lived, or anything else about her. This was a chance encounter that would begin and end on a bus. Both of us would be a little bit better off for it happening, but it would end when the bus pulled into the next station. I could do nothing more than sigh, return her smile, and draw her nearer for another intense kiss…

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