Incestuous Medicine Day 19

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Day 19-Saturday September 18

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2021 Charlie Flemming

Weather: “It’s gonna be a hot one today. If you can’t get out to the beach this weekend, I pity you.”


I woke up before Violet did. Whenever I sleep over we both sleep in her room. We were up really late too, mostly talking about Rob. Violet kept telling me how she was his girlfriend now, despite also being his sister, and I guess I started to get jealous. I mean, we both fucked him, and it seemed unfair that she just got to lay claims to him like that.

I was up pretty late even after Violet went to sleep. Just thinking about Rob across the hall. I wondered if anyone would mind if I just went over there and fucked him, moaning loud enough to wake everyone up.

But I did eventually get to sleep but all I dreamt about was Rob fucking Violet, as I had seen her do it once and it wasn’t left up to imagination. I woke up horny but also jealous again. I decided I knew what I wanted, I wanted to be Rob’s girlfriend, if only so VIolet wouldn’t be… like I said, I was jealous.

So I slowly got out of Violet’s bed so I didn’t wake her. I opened the door to her room, glanced up and down the hall but no one else was awake yet. And I crossed over to Rob’s room and opened it.

He was asleep and the early morning light was illuminating his body. I found him to be quite handsome like that, and not just because he also had an enormous erection making an obscene tent in his blanket. I licked my lips and thought about waking him by fucking him, something Violet told me she did, and it sounded really hot but I wasn’t confident enough for that.

Instead, I just put a hand on Rob’s shoulder and he woke up. He was surprised to see me.

“Jade, wha-” I covered his mouth because he was talking too loud.

“Shh, no one else is up and I wanted to talk to you for a moment,” I whispered. I removed my hand.

“Sure, whatever you want.” He said more softly.

I bit my lip, feeling nervous for no reason, I mean, he was the one to ask me first, “I want-” I started then realized it was wrong, “I mean, do you-” No, that’s wrong too, I felt so flustered I just blurted out, “I THINK WE SHOULD DATE!” Very loudly, I glanced at the door, but nothing changed and I heard nothing.

I looked back at Rob feeling a bit, I don’t know, stupid, I guess…

He looked taken aback. I thought maybe that meant that he was repulsed by the idea, “I’m sorry,” I said, looking down at my body instead of at him. I was wearing a pair of Violet’s pajamas, “I didn’t mean-“

“No,” Rob interrupted, “It’s just that, I don’t know, a lot has happened since I asked you out. I would still totally love it if you were my girlfriend, but I mean, Xania,” Xania was a super hot blonde doctor helping with Rob’s condition, not to be confused with Beth, the other super hot blonde doctor helping Rob, “is coming over later and she’s going to-“

I interrupted this time, “I don’t care about the other women,” I said, “Well, maybe Violet a little.”

“Because of the incest,” Rob said looking somewhat ashamed by that.

“No!” I insisted, “I think that’s really hot, actually, but she was going on so much about how she’s your girlfriend now and, I guess, I just wanted to get there first for once.”

Rob smiled, “So, you want to be my girlfriend but I can date other people? Won’t you get jealous?”

I shrugged, “Probably but I can’t control how I feel, you know? But let’s just fuck now. Think about it at least.”

Rob was ready as he moved his blanket out of the way revealing his humongous pink cock. I took off my clothes and I was so horny already I got on top of him and his big dick slid right into my tight pussy.

“OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING ALREADY!” I said as my body was wracked with ogasm, “HOLY FUCK WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOODDD!” I moaned as I moved, grinding against him and feeling his huge cock all throughout my pussy. I was perhaps yelling louder than I needed to but I kinda wanted to wake up Violet and make her jealous of me just like I had been of her all night long.

I didn’t realize what a mistake that was at the time…


After the soccer game last night, Jade approached me and told me that they were having a pool party that day. I knew she needed her swimsuit for that so I was bringing it over that morning to give to her. I got to Nancy’s house and was about to ring the doorbell when I heard, “I LOVE IT! I LOVE FUCKING YOUR HUGE COCK ROB!” And I immediately recognized my daughter’s voice.

I opened the door, Nancy didn’t lock it since it was only her and her sister’s house on that hillside, I’d still lock it if I were her, but I guess I care more about privacy than she does. I was through the house and up into Rob’s room in no time as I stomped up there. I opened his door, “What the fuck are you doing?!” I shouted as I came in, seeing full well what they were doing. My naked daughter, and her “best friend” Rob were Kıbrıs Escort fucking like rabbits on the bed.

“MOM! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?” Jade asked but while she also seemed to be cumming and didnt’ stop grinding on Rob’s pelvice. What I lewd thing to be doing in front of your own Mom.

“I came with your swimsuit, but I think I’m taking you away from here.” I grabbed her arm and roughly yanked her off of Rob. “What the fuck!?” I said as I saw his hard dick. It was humongous, as big as a horsecock or maybe even bigger! What the hell!?

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault-” Rob started to say but I interrupted him.

“Somehow I doubt that,” I said as I roughly dragged my daughter out of the room, not even caring that she was naked, “but don’t think I’m ever going to allow Jade to ever come over here again!”

“What?! No!” Jade complained as I dragged her into the hall. “But Mom!”

“No buts,” I said sternly as we went out into the driveway and I practically threw my naked daughter into the car. I glanced at her perfect brown ass and thought for a second how attractive she was but then shook that thought away, I was too angry to think about stuff like that.

We drove in silence for several minutes. My daughter, naked, but I just didn’t care.


I didn’t buckle up as I felt that might be rough on my bare skin. And I hated that my mother was mad at me, but I was also just as mad. I mean, I’m an adult, even if I’m still living with my Mom, like most 18 year olds who were still in high school. It was so unfair. I wanted revenge somehow, or at least something I could use as my advantage…And then I thought about the “fuck your mother” challenge that Jenna put us all on and what she told me to do. Something I didn’t really take too seriously, I mean, I absolutely wanted Rob to fuck his Mom, as that would be so hot! But me fuck my Mom? Just ridiculous.

I looked at my Mom, and I know it was more because I was just fucking Rob’s humongous penis only minutes ago and was still amazingly horny (also, I’d been slowly accepting that I was bisexual, which I guess added to it) but I thought my mom, Fiona, was one of the sexiest women I’d ever known. She had thick lips, like me, but more beautiful and bolder. She had an angelic face, brown, perfectly rounded cheeks, a pointed nose, a chin perfectly aligned to the curves of her face. Her neck was just the right length and proportionate to the rest of her body, which was rockin’ like she was, her boobs were bigger than mine, and her ass wasn’t so big it was a badonkadonk, but it was very round and nice, her legs were very long too. She was like a sexy Goddess to my eyes at that moment.

I thought about Jenna’s plan again, But would it work? I thought but I was too horny, not thinking clearly, and decided to just go for it, “I’m sorry Mom.” I said.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it. I won’t ever let you go over to that awful house again.” She said, obviously fuming.

This made me angry too but I didn’t show it, “It’s okay,” I said completely calmly, “I just want to make it up to you.”

“How can you make this up to me?” She said, still angry.

“How about I give you a massage? It would at least relieve some of your stress, um, from this situation.”

Mom opened her mouth and I thought she was going to yell for a moment but then she closed it again and calmed down, “Alright.” She said after a moment, “But I don’t think you’ll give me a massage so good I’ll let you go back to Rob’s house again.”

She then handed me my swimsuit which I put on right away. When we got home I entered after Mom and didn’t lock the door behind me because I knew it would piss Mom off later.

“So where do you want to do this?” I asked my Mom.

“How about in my bedroom.” She said.


We came into my bedroom, “Should I lie on the bed?” I asked, I was actually looking forward to this massage quite a bit. I haven’t had one in a very long time and wondered if Jade was any good at it. I knew she and Violet sometimes massaged each other’s muscles after working out so I knew she at least had some experience.

“You should get naked and lie on the bed,” Jade told me. It was a bit shocking and I almost said no but I thought this was probably what she and Violet did so no big deal.

I complied and undressed, lying on my stomach as Jade told me. She was still just in her bathing suit but again I didn’t think anything of it. “Should I put a blanket over my, um, butt?” I asked.

“No need,” Jade said cheerfully. I wondered briefly if she and Violet ever messaged each other naked…

Then I bitterly remembered how I caught her fucking Rob that morning, “This better be an amazing massage.” I told her, “you have a lot to make up for.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Jade said as she began massaging my back, her hands were very talented, “I’ll try to make this a massage you never forget, Mom.”

“Mmm,” I said as I began to relax, “you were right, Lefkoşa Escort this is quite stress relieving.” She went on for a few minutes, I felt the knots in my muscles weaved out of me by my daughter’s amazing hands. “That feels amazing.”

“There’s another massage I could try,” Jade said as she continues pleasuring my back, “it’s called a Nuru massage.”

“Hmm,” I hummed happily, my eyes closed as Jade relieved all the tension on my back, “sounds exotic.” I was only half listening.

“It is.” Jade said as she took her hands off me, “but I have to be naked too. But trust me it will be like ten times more pleasurable.”

I started to get a little suspicious but this was my daughter so I dismissed it, and an even more relaxing massage sounded even better right then, “mm,” I said affirmatively.

I heard as her swimsuit fell to the floor. Then she straddled me and I felt her wet pussy on my ass and I started to have doubts again, “maybe we shouldn’t…”

But then she dripped a warm, sweet-smelling oil on my back and it already was starting to feel really good, “Don’t worry, Mom. This is a strange massage but it’s worth it.”

I didn’t say anything. I felt a bit conflicted. And then she started the massage. My beautiful daughter bent over me. Her large breasts and hard nipples pressing into my back, her belly as well and her hips pressed into my soft ass. And she used her hands on either side of me on the bed to move her whole body along mine. I gasped as I felt her breasts, belly, hips, and even her pussy move that special liquid around on my back. And it was amazing, “this is heavenly!” I said, non-stop pleasure seeming to flow throughout my body. “I can’t believe how good this feels!”

And that’s when I realized my own vagina was starting to get very wet. This was an incredibly erotic experience after all, and I was so busy with work most of the time that I hadn’t had sex in probably more than a year. My body was ready for some fun. But my mind reminded me that this was my daughter and I should put a stop to this, “I think we shouldn’t-“

“Mom, I forgot about your glutes!” Jade told me as she sat up and put both hands on each of my buttocks. She gave my ass a firm squeeze, seemingly hitting every erogenous zone my butt had and the most intense pleasure I’d felt in a long time followed through my body. My pussy pulsed and before I knew it I had turned on my back. My sexy daughter dripping more of that strange fluid on my belly and I felt as our pussies touched as she moved over so our hips touched. I was absolutely horny though and I just wanted to grab my daughter and kiss her but I knew this was wrong even if I wanted more, “I think that’s enough for-“

And then Jade soaped that liquid up my belly and onto my tits and nipples. My pussy surged with intense pleasure, I was very conflicted.

“What’d you say, Mom?” Jade asked innocently as she pinched both my nipples causing my arousal to skyrocket.

I gasped with delight, “Oh, Jade,” I moaned, my body going limp as I just gave in, “you’re making Mommy feel very good.”

“Good,” she said as she moved again, leaning forward. I thought she was about to kiss me but instead she started moving her body along mine again. Her nipples met mine and she moved back down my body again. Her tits dragging down my belly, I parted my legs slightly, wondering if my own daughter was about to lick my cunt. Wondering as well if I would stop her if she started, but then she came back up again until our heads were parallel to each other, her tits touching my own again.

Jade didn’t go back down at the moment, she stared deeply into my eyes, and I smiled at her. My body was hers to do with what she would. I didn’t care that she was my only offspring. I just wanted to feel even more pleasure that I knew she could give to me.

Jade picked up the vibe I was giving off as she leaned in and kissed me. I kissed her right back feeling know remorse at all as I lightly nibbled her lips. Our tongues met, but only briefly as my beautiful brown daughter then sat up, straddling me, and said, “There’s one more massage I want to try.”

“Do whatever you need to do.” I said, unable to hide my ever growing lust.

She smirked, like she’d won something, but I didn’t even think about that. I just let her part my legs as she moved back so she was kneeling between them. She leaned forward and stuck out her tongue as she came to my crotch. And then my own daughter, the beautiful sexual being that I saw her as in that moment, started to lick at my cunt.

She used her whole tongue to lap at my clit and labia all in one stroke. She would go from top to bottom as she licked me, paying special attention to my clit, and that’s when I started to moan.

“Ooohh, sweetie,” I heard myself saying, my first orgasm in I don’t even know how long only seconds away, “This is the best massage I’ve ever had.” I mean, it had gone way past that now, but it was true… “Mommy’s cumming.” I said, then louder, Girne Escort “YOU’RE MAKING YOUR OWN MOTHER CUM ON YOUR AMAZING TONGUE! OOOOOOHHHHHH FFFUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!” I started to squirt, something I don’t think I’d ever done before, and my daughter opened her mouth and backed away a bit as I filled her mouth and covered her face with my pussy juices as I came harder than I ever had before. She was beautiful to me right then, even if what were doing was incredibly perverted, something in me was still seeing her for the amazing young woman that my daughter truly was.

When I came down from my orgasm, Jade sat up on the bed, giving me a funny look. I realized she was nervous now, strange to me since she had been so confident up to that point. But I realized she wanted me to say something, so I told her the truth as I sat up on the bed, “I feel like I should kick you out of the house and never talk to you again, what we did was wrong, you know that right?”

She nodded, looking grim.

“But,” I said a moment later, “What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t at least return the favor.”

Jade got very excited and I was too. I knew, as I said, this was very wrong. But at that moment, all I knew was that I wanted to taste my daughter’s pussy.

We quickly changed positions and Jade spread her legs and I think I surprised both of us when I just dove right into her cunt. I sucked her clit and labia into my mouth, loving all the flavors her pussy and skin gave me. And it tasted heavenly! I was already addicted to my daughter’s pussy with just one lick! I guess it only takes just one…

“Oh wow!” Jade moaned out in intense pleasure, “This is amazing! You’re very good at this! Almost as good as Rob!” That surprised me but I guess they were fucking earlier, and I’d known Rob most of his life, he’d always been a good person, of course he would be a generous lover. I just sucked and started finger fucking her too, determined to get my own daughter to cum, I stimulated her g-spot with my digits as I sucked her clit with my mouth.

It didn’t take long at all, and when she came, I removed my fingers and put my mouth over Jade’s sexy hole as she came. I wanted to return the flavor and that included tasting all of her juices.

Once her orgasm subsided, I curled up next to her on the bed. She kissed me as I put an arm around her and I could taste my own pussy on her tongue and I suspected she tasted her’s on mine.

When we broke the kiss she asked me, “Are you still going to kick me out and never see me again?”

I stared into my daughter’s amazing brown eyes, “No,” I said with a smirk, “but you know we can’t ever do this again. I mean, it goes against society, for one thing.” I was trying to be the voice of reason, but I really wasn’t believing my own bullshit.

“Okay,” Jade said, “I guess we can’t just spend all day fucking then…” She gave me a very sexy look and I licked my lips.

“Well…” I said, “I mean, how about,” I rationalized, “We never do this again, starting tomorrow.”

She smiled and kissed me. I knew that I was making a horrible mistake, but you know what, I really just didn’t care at that moment. “Massages” can be really stress relieving, after all.


After Jade and her mom left, I went out to check on my son. I had woken up, as I assume everyone else in the house did, as Jade moaned out at the top of her longs as she fucked Rob. So I heard everything as Fiona got there and dragged Jade away. I hoped that we wouldn’t have to talk about it at work, or maybe I could claim I was still asleep, but hopefully she just wouldn’t mention it.

Anyway, I knew after being rudely interrupted from his passionate lovemaking, my son would definitely still need to cum. I was still wrestling with myself over my sexual desire for him, but I also knew that if I kept holding back, Rob would suffer for it.

But that morning, I felt bad, so bad I didn’t put anything on as I had continued to sleep naked and just walked through the hallway that way. I saw Luna, Alice, and Violet all peaking their heads out of the rooms they slept in as I passed. Luna was wide eyed, Alice was smirking, and Violet was jealous, but I ignored them and pretended I didn’t notice they were looking as I stepped into Rob’s bedroom.

He was sitting up in bed looking very upset, his humongous boner very apparent considering he was naked. He looked up at me and blinked a couple times at my naked form, but then went back to looking depressed.

“I’m sorry Rob,” I said to him, motherly, and sat on his bed next to him, I put a hand on his back and rubbed it, my pussy already aching for attention after hearing Jade that morning and it was even worse just from that much touching him, but I ignored my cunt’s calls for connection as this wasn’t the time, “I hope Fiona doesn’t keep Jade away forever.” I told him a moment later, just as concerned as I had been a second ago.

“Yeah,” Rob said, sorrowfully, “It’s my fault.”

“No,” I said, “it’s not Rob. You have this condition and Jade obviously wanted to help.” I then put a hand on his hard cock, I had waited long enough since I came in the room and my son did need to cum, “Just as I do now.” I started to jerk him with one hand. Rob already started to look less sorry for himself.

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