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Big Tits

Subject: Incestsemilla part 6 This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males older and younger than 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law. This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person’s living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. IT’S FICTION! The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author. And don’t forget to donate to Nifty. Help keep these stories free and available! Support Nifty! Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real or encouraged or condoned in real life. It’s just a story kids. For Matej Incestsemilla � part 6 Previously: Mark whipped out his phone and quickly texted Justin. – Heading home with Jordan – Make Sure U R done w what U R doing 😉 His phone quickly chirped back with a response. – All good dad, repair man gone – A/C still out, repair man back tomorrow finish then “Got it!” Jordan said proudly as he rolled his single piece of luggage behind him. “Okay, let’s go.” Mark put his phone back in his pocket as the two headed out of the terminal and into the humid Florida air, and home. “Wow, I forgot how humid it is here.” Jordan said as he stayed barefoot walking to the truck. Mark loaded Jordan’s luggage into the back and turned on the A/C as they started the drive home. “I should warn you, the A/C at home isn’t working.” “Really?” Jordan replied with a bit of dread in his voice. “Just wear less clothes.” Mark mused. “What? Just lay around in my underwear?” “Why not, you usually do anyway.” “Ha! Very funny Dad.” His son scoffed. On the drive home, Mark noticed Jordan would occasionally grab and twist his erection through his shorts, squirming and adjust himself in his seat while letting out a small moan every time. Jordan seemed clueless about this, as if it was something he didn’t even give a second thought to. His boy was definitely feeling the start of puberty. Mark felt conflicted, he wanted to protect his son, but he also wanted to show his son how good sex could really feel, show him how deep his rabbit hole could go. BING! Suddenly, Mark’s phone chimed that it had received a text message. He quickly glanced at it when he stopped at a red signal. As soon as he opened the text an image of Cedar’s ass popped up on the screen, his boy hole was wide open with Mark’s cum leaking out! Below the image, Cedar had texted. “Wanting more Daddy! “Damn that boy!” Mark thought as he quickly clicked his phone off and glanced over at his son. Thankfully, Jordan didn’t notice, but Mark’s cock was now fully hard. Twenty minutes later they were home. Mark’s cock was still painfully hard as he helped his son unload the luggage from his truck. Jordan took off his shirt and was now just wearing his black shorts. His smooth 11-year-old body glistened with a slight sheen of sweat as they hauled his bags into the house. Mark’s phone chimed again. It was from Cedar, only this time it was a short video of the boy as he fingers fucked himself with three fingers. Thank God Mark had turned the sound off. Mark quickly shut off his phone and followed Jordan inside. Mark’s cock ached as the sight of Jordan’s half naked body was not helping Mark’s situation. “Justin! We’re home!” Mark shouted as he and Jordan entered the stuffy house. Justin walked in from the kitchen wearing a pair of tight burgundy boxer shorts. Damn he looked sexy as fuck! His boys were unknowingly conspiring to keep his cock hard! “Hey little dweeb!” Justin smiled. “Hey big dweeb!” Jordan snapped back laughing as they hugged each other. Mark watching as their bare skin rubbed against each other as they hugged. “It’s fucking hot in here.” Jordan quipped. “LANGUAGE!” Mark shouted. Jordan looked back at his dad with an apologetic face. “Sorry Dad.” “Yeah, A/C is out until tomorrow. I’ll help you unpack.” Justin said as he grabbed his brother’s luggage and lead Jordan back to his room. Then Mark heard Justin whisper to Jordan, “You’re right, it is fucking hot in here.” Both boys giggling as they disappeared down the hallway. Mark just rolled his eyes at his two sons. Mark went into the kitchen and noticed there were still globs of cum on the floor where Justin and the repair man had been fucking earlier. “That boy.” Mark chuckled to himself as he wiped the cum off the floor, but not before tasting it first. He then headed back to his bedroom to change out of his work clothes. His boys were right, it was fucking hot in the house. He quickly stripped out of his clothes and put on a pair of gym shorts, not bothering with underwear or a t-shirt. As Mark walked back down the hall he heard his sons talking in Jordan’s room as Justin helped unpack his little brother’s stuff. “Funny, Justin never showed this must interest in his little brother before?” Mark thought to himself as he listened in on their conversation. “You have fun up in Chicago?” “Yeah.” “Grandma try and bore you to death?” “Nah, she was fun to be around.” “Seriously?” “Okay, it did get boring sometimes.” “Hey! What’s this?!” Justin exclaimed. Mark’s ears perked up. “Nothing! I swear!” “You get this from Sean?” There was a long pause. “Yeah…” Jordan finally answered meekly. “Did he smoke you out?” Justin asked suspiciously. There was another long pause, “Yeah…” Justin paused again, Mark was surprised by his next question. “Did you like it?” “Yes.” Jordan hesitantly replied. “Did you want to maybe smoke out with your big brother?” Mark could feel the grin spreading across Justin’s face. “Yeah, that’d be cool.” Mark could tell by Jordan’s tone that he was more than happy to share this with his big bro. “Ok, wait until Dad is asleep later tonight, then come to my room.” “Okay.” Jordan replied happily. Mark adjusted his hard cock in his shorts and made his way back into the kitchen. He then called out to his boys. “Guys! What do you want for dinner?” As if on cue they both responded at the same time, “Pizza!” “Okay, pizza it is.” Mark said to himself as he brought up his Grub hub app and ordered a large Peperoni. It was from the same Pizza place that had the hunky delivery boy who fucked Justin good the earlier night. Mark wondered if the same boy would show up tonight? Mark peeked his head into Jordan’s room and found the two boys reading comic books in their underwear. “Damn what I sight!” He thought to himself as he stared at their perfect boy butts encased in their colorful, tight underwear. “Stranger Things is about to come on.” Mark quickly announced, then walked on to the living room. “Yes!” Jordan said excitedly, Justin looked a bit more meh about the idea, but followed his brother to the living room. The two boys got comfortable on the couch next to Mark. Jordan snuggled up next to his Dad on one end as Justin relaxed on the other end of the couch. The living room was warm but bearable as the show started. Mark really wanted to smoke out, but knew he couldn’t with Jordan sitting in the room. He’d have to wait until he could sneak away to his bedroom. About 20 minutes later the doorbell rang. “Must be the…” “I GOT IT!” Mark barely had time to finish his sentence as Justin jumped off the couch and darted to the front door. Sure enough, standing there on the porch with a huge pizza, and a devious grin on his face was Logan the delivery boy from last night. He was dressed in his usual tight t-shirt with the Pizza restaurant’s logo emblazoned across the front showing off his tight body, but this time he was wearing shiny red satin short shorts. The shiny material showed off Logan’s obviously hard cock as it arched across the front to one side. Mark almost let out a laugh as it reminded him of something out of a bad 70’s gay porno film. Thankfully, Jordan was too engrossed in the show to even notice what was going on at the front door. Suddenly, Mark noticed Justin leading Logan through the house and into the kitchen, “I need to get some cash to pay for the pizza, your wallet in the kitchen?” “Uh, yeah?” Mark was confused, considering he had used an app to order the food, and it was already paid for. What was Justin up too? Mark sat there for a few more moments, but didn’t hear anything from the kitchen. “What were those two up to?” He thought as he tried to watch the show. After another minute of hearing nothing from the kitchen, Mark finally decided to investigate. Jordan barely noticed his dad getting up, still too absorbed in the show to istanbul travesti care what was going on. As Mark slowly entered the kitchen, what he saw made his cock harden up. Justin was on his hands and knees next to the kitchen table as Logan face fucked the 14-year-old with his long 8-inch cock. Logan had slipped his cock out of one of the leg holes of his short shorts as Justin deep throated the 18-year old’s cock like a pro. Mark glanced back around the corner into the living room, see if Jordan was still tuned out. He was. Mark then approached the sexy tableau happening in his kitchen. Rubbing his erection through his shorts. Logan looked at Mark, he could tell the teen was close to popping. “Wanted… to give you… my special topping.” The teen panted. Logan then flipped open the pizza box that was sitting on the kitchen table next to them, then pulled his cock out of Mark’s mouth and started stroking hard. Aiming his cock over the large peperoni pizza. “Oh fuck!” the teen gasped as he started spurting out shot after shot of his hot teen cum all over the large pizza pie. It was one of the hottest things Mark had ever seen. “Is the pizza ready?!” Jordan’s voice boomed from the living room, as they heard him get up from the couch. Justin stood up as Logan quickly stuffed his leaking cock back up the leg hole of his short shorts just as Jordan walked in. “The question is, are YOU ready?” Mark covered. “Yeah.” Jordan said, then with a suspicious look spotted Logan, “Who are you?” Justin replied, “This is Logan, he’s on Coach Brooks’ team, The Scorpions.” Jordan’s face lit up with surprise and wonder, “Really! That’s cool!” “He wants to play for The Scorpions when he gets older.” Mark added, “He loves playing LAX.” Logan looked at the boy approvingly as the older teen shook the boy’s hand, “Nice to meet you Jordan.” Jordan’s face scrunched up as he looked at his hand. “What’s this gooey stuff?” “That’s just the special sauce from the pizza, don’t worry its good.” Logan said with a smile as he licked it off his hand. Jordan followed Logan’s lead, licking the stuff off his hand. “Kinda salty, but I like it.” Jordan smiled as he licked it all off. Mark and Justin looked at each other and smiled. Logan grinned as he ruffled Jordan’s dirty blond hair, “You’ll go far.” Logan looked at his watch then back at Jordan, “It was nice meeting you, but I gotta run. See you around tadpole.” The teen smiled as he left the kitchen. “Let’s eat.” Mark handed out plates to the boys then each of them grabbed two slices of pizza. Justin made sure Jordan had two slices with the most of Logan’s “special sauce” on it. Then they headed back into the living and ate they’re cum soaked pizza while watching TV. “Mmmmm, just like last night’s pizza.” Justin mused as he ate his cum covered slices. Mark had forgotten they had eaten cum covered pizza the night before. Mark’s heart started beating faster as he watched Jordan start to eat the cum covered pizza slices. His boy greedily licking the cum off his lips with every bite. If Jordan only knew. Mark’s phone chimed. It was a text from Cedar. Cedar: I’m horny Daddy! Then an image popped up of Cedar stroking his cock. Mark looked at the time, it was past 10 in the evening. Mark texted back. “Give me a few minutes sexy boy” “Hey guys, I need to take care of some business. When you’re done, clean up and head to bed. Okay?” The stuffed boys were now slumped across the couch, with Justin laying across his big brother’s lap as they watched TV in just their shorts. Both acknowledge Mark with a mutual “uh huh.” Jordan looked like he was about to fall asleep as Justin caressed his younger brother’s body. Not surprising with all the traveling the boy did today. Mark noticed Justin’s hand caressing lower and lower across Jordan’s stomach. Just barely brushing the top of Jordan’s shorts. “Night Dad.” Justin said softly with a lust filled look at his Dad. Mark knew Justin was going to make his move on his little brother tonight. Mark adjusted his hard cock as he left the living room in plain view of Justin. Just as Mark left the living room he heard Justin say in a low tone, “Hey Jordan, let’s go to my room.” Followed by a low “uh huh” from Jordan. Mark got to his room and locked the door, then loaded up a huge bong load and took a deep hit. As he held in the smoke, he pushed his shorts off and laid back on his bed naked. He could hear his son’s entering Justin’s room, then the door closing and locking. Mark texted Cedar. Mark: Hey sexy boy, still horny? Cedar: Fuck yeah! Then Mark’s phone alerted him of an incoming FaceTime call. He answered it, Cedar’s face popped up on the screen. “High Daddy,” Cedar moaned, his eyes glazed over. “Yes, you are.” Mark chuckled. “I’m horny Daddy.” Cedar moaned as he leaned back in his bed vigorously stroking his hard boy cock. The boy then lifted his legs back, revealing he had a red colored butt plug stuffed up his boy hole. “It certainly looks like it sexy boy.” Mark grinned as he watched the horny 12-year-old grind his butt on the butt plug while stroking his 5-inch boy cock. “I’m horny too, son.” Mark grabbed his butt plug and raised his legs back then lowered his phone down so that Cedar could see what he was doing. Mark could hear Cedar moan as the boy watched Mark push the plug into his ass. Suddenly, a new text popped up on Mark’s phone. Coach: Watching your boys play, log in to see it. 😉 Oh shit! Coach was watching them on Justin’s web cam?! His phone chimed again as a link popped up to the stream. “What’s going on?” Cedar asked curiously, noticing Mark was distracted. Mark smiled, “You want to see my boys?” “What do you mean?” “Hang on, you’ll like this.” Mark grinned as he sent the link to Cedar. Mark grabbed his wireless keyboard and mouse as the huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall across from his bed came to life. Cedar grabbed his laptop and typed in the link. A Discord page popped up. Mark noticed it was on a private server he hadn’t seen before titled “THE CREW.” Mark’s phone chimed again. Coach: The password is WIT-NR Mark punched in the password, a live feed of Justin’s room popped up on Mark’s flat-screen TV. The two boys were sitting on Justin’s bed talking, both were in their shorts. The box that was packed with old gay porn mags was noticeably pulled out, but not open. Justin also set up his webcam perfectly to cover his bed. Mark’s excitement grew as he sent the password to Cedar. The Coach’s deep, disembodied voice suddenly asked, “Who’s CdRbOi?” “He’s a boy I met today. Cute as fuck and loves cock.” The deep voice replied pleasantly, “Really? Well I guess I should let him in.” Mark could feel Coach’s grin through the speakers. Cedar’s icon popped up in the chat as Mark heard Cedar gasp over his phone. Mark suddenly noticed a small video image had popped up showing The Coach stroking his huge monster cock. It didn’t show his face, just his cock as he stroked his thick, 10-inch monster. The Coach’s deep voice started talking directly to Cedar, “Hello CdRbOi, I’m The Coach. Mark tells me you’re one hot sexy boy?” “Yeah…” The stoned boy choked out, surprised by what he was seeing on the screen. “I want you to do me a favor.” “Okay…?” “Actually, I want both you and Mark to do this.” Now Mark was curious where this was going. “I want you to watch Mark’s sons get high, every time they smoke a load, you smoke a load. Same goes for you Mark.” “Okay.” We both replied at the same time. “Cool, now get your pipes ready, the show is about to begin.” The Coach said as he turned off the video feed of his cock. Our attention went back to Justin’s bedroom as Justin prepared the joint, then lifted it to his lips with Jordan watching his big brother’s every move. I could see Cedar packing his glass bubbler on my phone as I packed my bong. Both of us took a hit as Justin fired up the joint, taking a nice deep pull off it. Justin held it in for a bit, then exhaled a huge cloud of smoke. He then handed the joint off to Jordan, who gingerly took the skinny thing by his fingertips. He carefully put the joint to his 11-year-old lips and took a hard pull off the joint just like his brother. Almost at once, Jordan started coughing hard as smoke puffed out with each cough Jordan made. “It’s okay, that always happens when you first start out.” Justin said as he rubbed his brother’s heaving back, trying to comfort the coughing boy. Justin reached over and grabbed a glass of water, “Here, drink this. It will help.” Justin slowly drank the cool water, soothing his burning throat. “How did you and Sean smoke out?” Justin looked up with a slightly glazed over look, no doubt already feeling the early effects of the weed. “He did something called a hot gun?” kadıköy travesti Justin chuckled, “Oh, you mean Shotgun?” “Yeah, that’s it! Shotgun!” Jordan giggled. “Did you want to try that then?” Justin asked with a slight grin. Jordan suddenly grew really quiet, his face blushing, “Uh, yeah… sure.” Justin smiled as he took the joint and fired it up again. Justin was liking where this was going. “Ready?” Justin asked his younger brother. Jordan nodded yes with a look of anticipation. Justin took a big pull of the joint, then turned to his brother and leaned in. Jordan met his brother half way as he opened his mouth, their lips almost touching as Justin blew the smoke into Jordan’s mouth. Mark thought they were going to kiss, but Justin was smart, pulling back before their lips touched. Mark almost forgot to take a hit as he noticed Cedar taking a long pull off his bubbler, completely focused on his laptop. Jordan leaned back against the wall as he held the smoke in his lungs. His eyes were getting heavy as the weed really started to kick in. He finally he exhaled, releasing a huge cloud of smoke. “Nice one.” Justin praised his little brother. Jordan just smiled proudly with a goofy grin. “Ready for more?” “Yeah…” Jordan said softly. Mark noticed the boy was starting to tent the front of his shorts. He was getting hard! Justin took another long hit off the joint as did me and Cedar off our pipes. He then turned and leaned into his brother. Jordan leaned forward again, only this time the younger boy was a bit more unsteady as he opened his mouth to receive the hit. Justin noticed this as he gently cupped the back of his brother’s head, keeping his younger brother’s head steady. Justin placed his open mouth over Jordan’s. Only this time, Justin lips pressed gently against Jordan’s as he exhaled the smoke into his little brother’s lungs. Then a low boyish moan was heard. Mark noticed Justin had reached down and started rubbing his younger brother’s tented out shorts. Jordan leaned into his brother as they started kissing harder, their mouths wide open as their tongues were obviously now dueling. Then Jordan’s hand timidly reached out and cupped Justin’s noticeable 7-inch bulge in his shorts. “Oh fuck… that’s hot!” Mark heard Cedar groan as they watched Mark’s two sons make out. Occasionally, wisps of pot smoke would escape from the sides of their mouths as they kept making out, pushing the smoke back and forth between them. Justin finally pulled back searching for a reaction as he kept rubbing and squeezing Jordan’s boy cock, “How was that?” Jordan looked too stoned to reply, but he spread his legs wider, allowing his brother to get a better grip. “Did you like that?” Justin asked again as he started slowly jerking his little brother’s cock. Jordan smiled and slowly nodded his head yes. Justin then asked a strange question, “Did you and Sean do anything together when he smoked you out?” Jordan didn’t say anything right away as his older brother’s hand worked his boy erection. Then he gave a slight smirk. “We… we jerked off together. Sean’s got a big dick.” “How big?” Justin’s question seemed a bit too complicated for his stoned younger brother. “Don’t know, it was big.” Jordan smiled sheepishly. “Was it as big as this?” Justin got off the bed and stood in front of Jordan. He then pulled his shorts down, his 7-inch uncut cock popping out and up in front of his 11-year-old brother. Jordan’s eyes got wide as he finally got his first good look at his older brother’s junk. The younger boy timidly reached out and gripped Justin’s throbbing shaft. “It was slightly bigger… and thicker…but… didn’t have the skin on it.” Jordan said softly as he gently started to stroke Justin’s leaking cock, watching the foreskin go back and forth over the older teen’s swollen glands. “That’s… your foreskin. Did… you cum?” Justin gasped as he tried to control himself from cumming too soon. “No, not yet.” The 11-year-old said distantly as he continued to play with Justin’s erection. “Can I see your cock?” Mark heard a tone of anticipation in Justin’s question. Jordan didn’t even look up as he sat up on the bed and easily slipped his shorts off, too stoned and hypnotized to take his eyes off his big brother’s erection. Jordan’s boy cock was now on full display for everyone to see. The 11-year-old had a nice long and skinny, 5-inch cock. He was uncut just like his older brother. The tip of his cock head peeking out of his foreskin. The boy was still completely smooth, with not a trace of any hairs yet. Mark guessed big cocks ran in his family. Justin reached down and lightly ran the tips of his fingers over his younger brother’s sensitive erection, causing a shiver to run through Jordan’s young body. Justin reached over and grabbed his bong from behind the nightstand. Mark suddenly realized Justin must have had it preloaded for just this very moment. He sat down next to his naked brother and fired up the bowl. Cedar’s eyes were glued to his laptop as he sucked a load out of his bubbler right along with Justin. Mark followed as well as he took a big hit off his pipe. Mark’s head was spinning as the weed was really kicking in. He couldn’t imagine what Jordan was feeling being new to getting high. Justin quickly placed the bong back on the nightstand, then turned to his brother and kissed him. Their mouths open as they shared the smoke. Justin laid down on his bed, bringing his brother with him. Mark stroked his cock hard as he watched the two young bodies intertwine as they started to make out. It was a blur of hands and legs rubbing, their bodies humping as muffled moans and groans escaped them. The brothers stayed like this for a few minutes until Justin finally rolled himself on top. He pulled back staring down at his sexy 11-year-old brother. “You’ll like this.” Justin smiled then quickly moved down and engulfed Jordan’s 5-inch boy cock. A long gasp of air escaped the younger boy’s lungs as Justin’s mouth worked Jordan’s smooth, skinny boy dick. Jordan kept gasping and moaning as he ran his fingers through his older brother’s dark hair. Mark noticed Justin adjust his mouth, making it wider as he engulfed both Jordan’s cock and hairless balls completely inside his entire mouth. Jordan gripped Justin’s hair, forcing his brother’s head down harder onto his crotch. “UUUGH! GAAWD! UUUUGGGHHH!!!” Jordan’s 11-year-old body suddenly convulsed, his entire underage body thrusting up against Justin’s mouth as the younger boy experienced one of the most amazing climaxes of his young life. Justin kept up his tongue assault, not letting up as wave after wave of pure pleasure rippled through the boy. Justin finally pulled off, releasing Jordan’s throbbing boy cock from his mouth. Amazingly, Jordan was still rock hard, his foreskin was completely pulled back as his small purple cock head bounced in time with his rapid heartbeat. Justin quickly repositioned himself, laying down next to Jordan, only this time in a 69 position. “Can you suck me off little bro?” Justin said hopefully. Jordan stared at his brother’s leaking uncut cock, not sure if he was ready for this. Thoughts of whether or not he was gay flashed through his mind. “Remember how good it felt just now? Can you do that for me?” Jordan gingerly gripped Justin’s cock, still not sure. Justin leaned forward and licked the tip of Jordan’s engorged cock head. Another shiver went through the younger boy’s body. “Feel that?” Justin cooed, “It feels good doesn’t it?” Jordan hesitantly moved his head forward and lightly licked the top of Justin’s bulbous cock head. The older boy shivered as he felt Jordan’s breath, then his tongue brush the top of Justin’s 7-inch cock. Mark noticed an unbroken trail of the older teen’s pre-cum stretch from the tip of Justin’s cock to Jordan’s lips as the boy pulled back slightly. “You can do it little bro.” Justin groaned, then gave Jordan’s cock a quick suck. Jordan hesitantly moved his head forward again, only this time he let more of the tip move into his mouth. “Oh, fuck yeah bro, that’s it…” Justin moaned encouragingly. Jordan pulled back, undoubtedly tasting his brother’s pre-cum for the first time. It didn’t taste bad, actually it tasted kinda good. “Don’t stop bro, your doing so good.” Justin groaned, trying not to force his hand. Jordan moved his mouth back onto his brother’s cock, this time running more of his tongue around the edges of Justin’s foreskin. Justin briefly licked and sucked Jordan’s cock once again, sending more shocks of pleasure through his body. It also caused Jordan to moan into Justin’s cock, sending vibrations through the older teen’s body. “Oh fuck, yeah that’s it little bro, do that.” Justin said as he encouraged his little brother to go further. Jordan started to take more of his brother’s cock into his bakırköy travesti mouth, until he had all the head inside. Justin reciprocated and sucked most of his younger brother’s cock inside his mouth. Both boys moaned as they briefly sucked each other, achieving a true 69 position. Both boys pulled back breathing hard, their cocks now throbbing hard in front of their faces. “See how good that feels? Let’s try it together.” Both boys then simultaneously sucked each other’s cocks in. Any last hesitations Jordan had were now gone as he stretched his mouth as wide open as he could and engulfed the first few inches of his older brother’s 7-inch shaft into his mouth, sucking hard. “Mmmmmmmm…” Justin moaned as he immediately returned the favor, taking all his brother’s 11-year-old boy cock fully into his mouth. Their lust fully released as their incestuous 69 intensified. “Are you enjoying the show?” said the deep disembodied voice of The Coach. Mark knew this question was directed towards Cedar. Mark could see Cedar was now in a squatting position on his bed, his body slowly rising and falling as he rode a good-sized dildo while stroking his hard boy cock. His focus concentrated on watching Mark’s boys suck each other off on his laptop screen. “Yeah…” Cedar groaned as the scene inside Justin’s bedroom played on. “You wish you could be there with them?” The Coach’s voice cooed to the horny 12-year-old. “Yeeeaahhhhh…” Cedar groaned as he bottomed out on his sex toy. Mark glanced back at the scene in Justin’s bedroom. Jordan was really getting into the 69 now. The young boy now had more than half of Justin’s 7-inch cock in his mouth. His hands were pulling on Justin’s ass as he tried to work more of his older brother’s cock in. Mark could hear Jordan gag every once in a while, as he took too much of Justin’s cock in. But it didn’t stop the boy from trying as he kept sucking. “You are such a good slut boy.” The Coach groaned in approval. Cedar responded by raising himself up off the black dildo, which looked to be fairly long and thick. Then the 12-year-old slammed himself down on it, taking all the sex toy back up inside him. Cedar let out a long whimper as he did this. Mark suddenly noticed movement in the bedroom as Justin suddenly flipped Jordan on the bed so that Jordan was now laying on top of his older brother. Neither stopped sucking as they did this. The move put Jordan’s ass on full display for the webcam. Justin kept sucking his brother as he ran his hands over Jordan’s perfectly smooth ass cheeks, caressing them. He then ran his fingers up and down the crease of Jordan’s ass, then gently pulled Jordan’s 11-year-old butt cheeks apart, spreading them wide open. This gave Mark, Cedar, and The Coach a clear view of Jordan’s small virgin butt hole. The little red dot looked so small and sexy. Mark knew it wouldn’t look like this after the Coach finished with him. Justin pulled off his little brother’s cock, lifting his head up over Jordan’s ass. He paused, staring at Jordan’s entrance, then moved his head forward. Burying his face into his younger brother’s ass. He then proceeded to eat out his little brother’s virgin boy hole. “Mmmmmmmmmmmph!” Jordan let out a muffled moan around Justin’s cock as he felt his older brother’s tongue start to stab at the entrance to his boy hole. Jordan responded by pushing his ass against his brother’s face as he started sucking harder on Justin’s cock. Mark noticed more of Justin’s cock had now slipped inside Jordan’s mouth. He wondered if his Justin’s cock had slipped down his younger brother’s throat. It was hypnotic to watch Justin’s 14-year-old face mashed up against Jordan’s 11-year-old ass. The two boys now completely lost in young lust as Justin ate out his brother’s boy hole. “Fuck…” Mark heard Cedar moan. “You like that little slut?” The Coach’s voice cooed to Cedar. “Uh huuuh…” Cedar moaned distantly as he watched Mark’s boys. He was now grinding himself hard on his dildo while wildly stroking his 5-inch boy cock. “Good…” The Coach’s voice hissed. Justin pulled back from Jordan’s ass revealing the younger boy’s hole was now slightly dilated. Then Justin did something Mark didn’t think he would do. He moved back under his little brother, and simultaneously sucked the younger boy’s cock back into his mouth while pushing a finger deep inside Jordan’s small dilated pucker. “Mmmmmmmmmmmph!” Another long-muffled moan emanated from Jordan as his older brother slowly finger fucked the boy while sucking him off. Suddenly, Jordan’s body started shaking as he pushed back on Justin’s finger. Mark surmised that Justin must have found his brother’s prostate. Mark’s cock throbbed in his hand as he watched Justin suddenly push a second finger into Jordan’s hole. The 11-year-old groaned as his older brother started slowly twisting them inside his boy hole. Jordan suddenly sucked all of Justin’s cock into his mouth, desperately deep throating his older brother’s cock. Jordan gagged a few times but didn’t let up as his older brother drove his twisting fingers in deeper. Mark started stroking his cock faster as he watched both his boys and Cedar gyrating on his flat screen tv. His sons sucking furiously on one video as they tried to get each other off, while Cedar bounced up and down on his dildo. Suddenly, third screen popped up. It was a close up of Coach’s 10-inch cock as he vigorously stroked it. It was as if the Coach knew the boys were close to popping. Justin started moaning loudly as he simultaneously bucked his hips upward while jamming his fingers hard into Jordan. The younger boy’s body started shaking as sounds of him gagging filled the small bedroom. Jordan pulled off coughing, pushing back against his older brother’s fingers as Justin’s cock kept erupted shot after shot all over his younger brother’s face. “UUUGH! UUUGH! GAWD! YEEESS! PLEEASE!!!” Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over the 11-year-old as more of his brother’s cum kept splattered across his face. Mark was both shocked and amazed that Justin’s balls had so much cum to release. Justin never stopped sucking on Jordan’s boy shaft as his younger brother kept moaning and groaning. Mark knew Jordan couldn’t cum yet, but that didn’t stop Jordan from feeling the most intense climax of his young life. Suddenly, a live feed of The Coach stroking his massive 10-inch cock popped up on the bottom of the screen again. “I’ve fucked Justin with this cock.” The deep voice said as The Coach’s large hand stroked its impressive girth. Cedar suddenly sat down hard on his dildo, his boy cock erupting all over his bed as the image of that massive cock fucking Justin pushed him over the edge. “Oh, fuck yeah…” The Coach’s voice moaned as Cedar’s orgasm pushed the mysterious man over the edge. His 10-inch cock erupting huge copious amounts of man cream all over his hand. Mark couldn’t hold back any longer as he too started shooting a massive load all over his bare chest and the bed. Mark could hear Jordan’s voice moaning in the next room as his older brother kept him in a state of orgasmic bliss. Justin was driving the boy wild. Suddenly, as if on cue, everyone went silent. Cedar had collapsed back on his bed, still fully impaled on his dildo. The Coach’s cock was coated with his cum as he slowly stroked the beast. Jordan had finally collapsed on top of his brother, passed out from the massive orgasms he just experienced. Mark watched Justin slowly pull his two fingers out of Jordan’s boy hole, which was now nice and stretched open. “You did well boy.” Mark heard The Coach praise Cedar. The boy looked up and smiled weakly, “Thanks…” The Coach’s screen then disappeared. “You enjoyed that?” Mark asked Cedar. “Yeeahhh. That was fucking amazing!” “Get some sleep, chat you later.” “Okay Daddy.” The boy smiled right before his window disappeared. Mark looked down, his body was covered in his own cum. Mark noticed Jordan was still out as Justin gently rolled his younger brother on to his side then cleaned him up with one of his t-shirts. Then Justin laid down next to his brother and cuddled up with him. It was the sweatiest thing Mark had seen them do in a long time. Pure brotherly love. Then Mark’s phone chimed with an incoming text message from The Coach. Coach: I’m leaving the feed up for you. Good night 😉 Then a follow up text popped up. Coach: I want to meet CdRbOi! Did you like it? Should it continue? 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