In Vegas James and Kims Escapade in Sin city

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In Vegas James and Kims Escapade in Sin city1A Vegas EscapadeKim & James StoryChapter 1My friends James and Kim where coming to Las Vegas for 10 days vacation. They asked me to make the arrangements for them as they had never been here before. I was happy to take care of their needs while here. We have a saying here, ?hat Happens Here, Stays Here.”James and Kim planned to do some gambling, partying and generally let loose and have a good time. Every thing had been arranged and was ready for their arrival. The Limo was at the airport to take them to their hotel. They were booked them into a luxury suite in the Pyramid at the Luxor Hotel. James and Kim on their last vacation to Hawaii made a startling discovery about themselves. They had a stable marriage for many years now. Not only where they husband and wife but best friends as well. Wearing her tiny bikini on the beaches in Hawaii, James seemed to enjoy the looks other men gave his wife. When she would rub her breasts knowing others where watching James cock would instantly perk right up. Staying at the hotel was a convention of war hero’s going on at the same time. Most the men watching and appreciating Kim’s hot body. She has those 38DD breasts that wiggle when she walks.James and Kim talked of what they wanted to do next?James got turned on by the idea of older men doing his wife while he watched and filmed it. Kim was feeling guilty about having sex with someone other than her husband. They had both been faithful never cheating on each other. They where not sure what was next. They where both willing to get out of town so they decided to go to Sin City, Las Vegas. James and Kim had gone shopping for outfits for Kim to wear. That to got them aroused as they shopped and Kim put on a fashion show. She had never felt that sexy in her life. Her pussy was dripping so much that she called James into the dressing room to lick her clean. She had 3 orgasms. James cock was so hard, that once Kim sucked him into her mouth, stroking James as James fingered her wet pussy. Then she sent James back to the waiting room. This was going to be a fun weekend. Their friend Tom who lives there said he has made all the arrangements. James and Kim had talked of how she had been masturbating in the backyard as both the neighbor and James watched her, often at the same time. Kim felt like she was putting on a show for both of them. Often it got her even hotter knowing both men where enjoying her display for them. Many times both men would make sure that Kim could see or know that she had make them cum. Often James and Kim talked about having the neighbor over and let Kim fuck him while James watched. Maybe after this trip they will be ready to do that.They had talked of swinging, but Kim got jealous at the thought of another woman fucking her man. She knew it was wrong to be jealous but she just didn’t know how to get around that. Even fucking other men in front of James made her feel like a slut and a whore.James and Kim did know that it was important to be honest, to trust each other, and know that no matter what happens, their relationship would remain the anchor of their lives. That any of this playing around was just for the sex in it. To make a couple new friends that also enjoy sex was something they had talked about as well. So not really knowing what was going to happen James and Kim were about to land in Las Vegas. Looking out the window they could see the Luxor where they where going to be staying. They were excited and nervous at the same time. They would be here for a week. They wanted to go shopping, gamble some, see a show and have a good time. Would they get their 3 way? They did not know for sure what would happen, but went with an open mind and the spirit of adventure in their hearts. At least they were out of town so they figured ?hat Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”It was August in Las Vegas and was still hot during the day and would get down to about 85 at night. They saw the limo chauffeur holding up a sign with their name. The driver picked up their bags as they followed him out to the big black stretch limo. It was a short drive to the hotel. The Bell man gathered their bags and told them that they would be waiting bakırköy escort for them in their room when they got checked in. They were directed to the diagonal elevator that would take them to their suite on the 34th floor. Tom had a pyramid suite reserved for them. The suites had a wet bar and jacuzzi tub big enough for four that had a view looking out over the Las Vegas Strip. The bathroom had both a tub and a shower The bedroom had a king sized bed. There where chocolates resting on the pillows with a card from the maid. There where TV’s in the bedroom, living room and bathroom. Sitting on the dining room table was a welcome basket. Sitting next to the basket was a bottle of champagne and fresh flowers. The envelope with the flowers had a note from Tom and show tickets for Chris Angel who performs at the Luxor. In the note, Tom gave them his cell phone number and that he would meet them at the American Bistro downstairs at 7 for dinner. The Bistro is the steak house that is patterned after an Aspen like ski lodge. James and Kim had about 4 hours before they would meet Tom. That gave them some time to unpack, and get settled in. James was wearing his Safari Bermuda shorts with the big pockets. He word on of the Hawaii shirts he picked up on his last vacation to Hawaii. Kim picked out one of the sexy dresses she and James they got on one of their shopping trips to Victoria Secret. Kim had chosen a sexy pink dress with black stripes, fishnet. It had hanging sleeves, a deep scoop neck that allowed her ample breasts appeared to almost fall out. Down the front it laced up holding her creamy white breasts in.It was early August in Las Vegas and still hot. They were not used to the 110 degree days, but it was a dry heat. They didn’t miss the humidity from back home. Smiling at Kim, James said ?let’s go exploring and show off that beautiful body of yours. See what kinds of looks you get. You look so hot in that dress I’m thinking about jumping you right now!”They were ready see what Vegas had to offer. Time to check out this very unusual building, and try their luck at the slots. As they investigated the hotel, they spotted the restaurant where they were going to meet Tom in a couple hours. Kim was getting excited at finally meeting Tom considering she had been talking to him online for several months. The slots machines were calling out to James and Kim. They picked a row of poker machines and each put in $20. They sat and played a bit when a cocktail waitress came by and asked them what they wanted to drink. Kim was down about $10 and James was up almost $30 when it was time to head toward the restaurant.At the restaurant the hostess greeting them. James asked about the reservations. The hostess told them that Tom was already there and was waiting at the table. The hostess escorted James and Kim to a booth in the back by the fireplace. Sitting there Tom spotted them and broke out with a big smile as they approached. Tom was a big man at 6’2and about 280. He had a full gray beard, a full head of long gray flowing hair tied up in a ponytail. He could have been mistaken for Santa Clause. He was wearing a white short sleeve shirt and black pants. Kim slid in next to Tom and James was on her other side. Kim leaned over, giving Tom a nice view of her breasts as she kissed Tom on the cheek. James thanked Tom for making the arrangements. James spoke up saying you will have to come up and check out the view from the suite. From our room we can see the huge emerald green of the MGM Grand, to the Paris Hotel with the Eiffel Tower rising almost as high as the massive hotel behind it. I thought that we could have a nice dinner and then go see the Chris Angel show after we eat. Our timing should be about right. Tom said. ?ave you ever seen any of the Chris Angel shows? He is one of the best magician’s I’ve ever seen. I have no idea how he does what he does. He will blow your mind.“Since you will be here for a week, if there anything you like to see or do let me know and I’ll make any necessary arrangements to make it happen Tom offered.“Kim spoke up first, ? want to go shopping for some sexy clothes. It would be fun to check out a couple of the beşiktaş escort adult super stores I saw advertised.. I was told that we want to make sure we hit the indoor shopping malls at Caesars Forum, Planet Hollywood, The Venetian Hotel. Ever since I saw that the Venetian has gondolas that wander through the hotel, I really would like to take a romantic gondola ride. Tom spoke up and added that one of his favorite places on the strip was the Fashion show Mall. A place called Centaur Gallery where they have original Leroy Nemans, Picasso’s and Salvador Dali to mention just a few of the awesome art work and sculptures.James jumped in saying he wanted to ride the Big Shot at the top of the Stratosphere. He had seen it on a TV show. What is it like to take a amusement ride at the top of a 1200 foot building with nothing under your feet as you bounce up and down the tower. Tom laughed at that saying ? call that ride ‘Aw Shit’ as that is what you hear from the people riding it as it shoots you to the tip top of the tall building. The view from the top of the Stratosphere is also spectacular. The best time to go there is in the evening so that as you look down the Las Vegas strip all the hotels are lit up. Nothing like it in the world.Tom suggested also taking in the conservatory at the Bellegio and the famous dancing water fountains at night. We need to go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel and have one of their famous drinks. If we get downtown the Fremont Street Experience is well worth seeing. On Friday nights they have free bands playing. This week it is supposed to be Eddie Money. So many things to see. and never enough time for them all. So look over your brochures and decide what you want to do.You can’t come to Vegas and not do a buffet or two. The best in town is at the Bellegio. Where else can you get an endless supply of Alaskan King crab? It is on the expensive side, but well worth it.When it comes to gambling you need stick to your gambling budget. Set an amount you can lose each day. If you stick to that then you will have a good time. Nothing worse than losing all your money on the first day. You should go thru the brochures left in your hotel room and let me know if there are any shows in particular that you wanted to see. Let me know and I’ll handle the arrangements, as I have a couple good connections to get us great seats at a discount.Thankfully as it turned out, everyone was very comfortable with each other. The food and drinks turned out to be better than any of them expected. They all enjoyed the relaxing fine dining experience.Tom could not keep his eyes off Kim. The pictures she had sent him didn’t do justice to her beauty. Tom could feel the sexual heat flowing thru her. She was beautiful. Her long flowing auburn hair, her smile and those beautiful green eyes that sparkled. Her creamy white breasts jiggled when she laughed. Tom was having a hard time controlling his desire to fill his hands with the breasts. To feel her nipples grow at his touch. Her nipples where protruding as they poked out topping off her proud breasts. The dress she wore was doing an amazing job showing off her beautiful body. Her breasts looked like they wanted to escape from their bonds. Her dress did a wonderful job exposing how excited Kim was. The way her nipples stuck out, was so erotic. It was not hard to see that Kim was enjoying the evening as well. The desire Tom had to lean over and take Kim’s nipples into his mouth was overwhelming. Under the table, Kim slowly ran her right hand up and down Tom’s thigh. She could feel his cock getting hard at her touch. With her left hand she was rubbing James cock at the same time. Kim could feel her pussy come alive with desire. This was better than she had imagined it would be. She had fantasized about this moment for a long time. She wished she could pull both men’s cocks out of their pants. The though of making them both hard at the same time made her shudder with desire. She almost had an orgasm at the though of two cocks to play with plus the fact that soon, she would be doing just that.Dinner over and still an hour before the show. Time for a little gambling. Wandering beylikdüzü escort around the casino, Tom picked some games for them all to play. They all slipped a $20 into the machine in front of them as they had some fun. Tom kept looking over at Kim’s breasts. The dress she wore left a little creamy tit escaping out the side. The hour was about up so they all headed over to the showroom to see the Chris Angel show. The attendants escorted them to a booth about 30 feet from the stage. They ordered their drinks as the chatted waiting for the show to start. The music started as the lights went down. The show was incredible. Chris Angel put on a great show. And fucks what he liked to call it, and it was. How he did what he did I’ll never know. You ever get a chance to see him you should. You will not be disappointed. Thru the show, Kim kept teasing both James and Tom. She was having the time of her life going back and forth from one cock to the other. She knew those poor men need to get some relief, that she was more than willing to do… later. She reached over and took Tom’s hand and moved it over to her thigh. Sliding his hand up to her sopping wet panties. Kim leaned over whispering into Tom’s ear, see how wet I am? Have a taste of my cream you nasty man. as she giggled.When the show was over, neither James nor Tom were in a hurry to go. The both had hard on’s that needed to go down before they felt like getting up. James suggested that they go to the bar and have a drink before they called it a night.They found a bar that had a couple booths in the back, offering some privacy. The cocktail waitress come over and took their orders. The drinks arrived quickly here in the bar, much faster than when they were at the slot machines. Tom mentioned that if they had the card from the maid, they should call her and have her get the jacuzzi in their room ready. It takes about half an hour to fill up that big tub and wouldn’t it be nice to have it ready when you get there? Kim told both men that she had been playing with their cocks thru the whole show and loved it. James smiling said he thought so. He could smell Kim’s sex knowing that she was dripping and wanted more action. James called the maid and did what Tom suggested. Then he looked at Kim and asked her, you sure you want to have us both tonight? I’m willing if you are. James looked at Tom and asked him, ?ould you like to come up to our room and continue the evenings fun?As they sipped their drinks talk of where they wanted to go shopping tomorrow. It was decided that they would go to the Forum at Caesars and see what Victoria’s Secret had. Then while there check out a couple of the other shops. Tom told them that they didn’t want to miss Christian Lassen’s Art gallery and stop at The Cheese Cake Factory for a sweet treat. Then it would be fun to go to the Adult Superstore. Tom told them that they have toys, outfits, and just about anything that one could want. Their selection of dildos and toys was unmatched anywhere in here in Sin City. As it was well past midnight, Tom told them that he would not be able to join them in their room that night as he had a business meeting the next morning at 8 am and if he didn’t get some sleep he wouldn’t be worth a damn. His meeting would run from 8am till around noon. Call me when you are ready for me to pick you up and I’ll meet you at the Valet parking. Kim and James where both disappointed that Tom would not be joining them. Tom told them that once he had taken care of his meeting, he would be free for a few days. He apologized for not being able to continue the night, but this was an important consulting meeting for a large business to upgrade their computer network. Tom leaned over and kissed Kim as he told them that he was happy that they had been able to get together and he looked forward to spending a lot more time with them over the weekend. He then got up and headed home where he would have to do something about his aching balls before he would be able to get any sleep.James and Kim, both being tired from the travel and events of the evening headed up to their room. The maid had prepared the jacuzzi for them as requested. Once in the room, Kim and James couldn’t wait to get naked. That night they enjoyed some of the best sex they had in ages. Sipping the rest of the champagne while enjoying the jacuzzi they too were ready for some rest. They had talked of having a 3 way with Tom the next day. They were surprised how comfortable the whole night had gone.

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