In The Beginning – Part 4

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I crouched down as my hand reached out towards the riding crop. It lay, motionless, at her feet and my eyes remained sharply focussed on the tip of my forefinger as it traced an imaginary line along the length. It paused at the end and calmly stroked the smooth black leather slapper, almost affectionately perhaps, as if it were admiring its potential. The outer edges were beautifully decorated with two rows of slightly off white stitching that contrasted well against their background. The slapper end attached neatly to a thin shaft, tightly bound in black leather. It extended for about two feet before widening its form to create a matt black, solid wooden handle.I took it in my hand, stood up straight and turned to face Victoria. As my eyes scanned over her servile form, I noticed how perfectly my hand moulded around the grip. It was almost as if it had been custom made to suit. Her body remained quite still as I began to slowly walk around her. Obscene thoughts flooded through my mind as I deliberated over her acutely submissive stance. It interested me but, moreover, I was, somewhat, taken aback as to how well she had prepared, not to mention her close attention to detail. After completing a full circle, I stood and faced her, gently tapping the riding crop against my right leg as I stared hard into her eyes.“Do you honestly believe that I have a choice, Victoria? Do you think that I should simply ignore that, from the moment you met me at the station, you have done nothing but behave like a complete slut.  Not only do you dress like a cheap whore, you deliberately encourage complete strangers to look up your skirt. You show off your arse and you stand around, pretending that you aren’t aware of an untold number of men openly esat escort leering at your nipples as they force against your T-shirt. You’re just a fucking slut, aren’t you?” I said, raising my arm and re-positioning the riding crop between her legs.“I was… I mean… I thought that you would like my new skirt. I wore it just for you, James,” she replied, trying desperately to remain still as I pressed the crop’s shaft hard against her cunt. As it began to slide back and forth, pushing deep between her hidden folds, her hips rocked, albeit barely noticeably, against its motion as she discreetly attempted to further its effect. “And you really expect me to believe that, do you? Stand still, you lying bitch! Do you know what happens to sluts like you, sluts that get off by exposing themselves in public places? Imagining all those hard cocks, fantasising about being fucked by someone they don’t even know? Well, do you?” I asked as I adjusted the crop’s position so that its slapper end now rested squarely on the outline of her pierced clit. The crop’s shaft began to flex, arching beautifully as I slowly increased the upward force at its end. The constant pressure from the stiff slapper between her legs built steadily until the point was reached where her body resigned to the inevitable. As she began to lurch forwards, she widened her stance before rising, uneasily, up onto her toes. With her head bowed as she struggled to maintain her balance, I reached out to steady her, taking a firm hold of her chin.  “Look at me, slut. Head up, up I said, lift it right up,” I coldly instructed her as my grip encouraged her jaw upwards. Keeping her arms tightly folded behind her back, she forced her head up as etimesgut escort bayan high as she could possibly manage. The tension on the chain that looped through the ring on her collar pulled hard and, in turn, increased the pressure to the clamps that squeezed her nipples. As they pulled harshly upwards, my face drew closer. “Well, I’m waiting, bitch. What happens to whores like you? Or perhaps, I should ask, what do sluts as openly depraved as you want to happen?” I continued in a somewhat, patronising manner as the end of the crop began tapping lightly against the outline of her clit ring. “I just… I need the… please, use your crop, now, James, on my clit, oh please,” she begged as my hand forced her chin a little higher.“What are you? Tell me, the truth, Victoria,” I added as the crop began tapping faster and with more aggression before, once again, resuming its steady and exacting load on her clitoris. “Oh fuck, please, I know, I’m a whore, ok? Please, James, the crop. James, please?” she gushed whilst urgently thrusting her hips towards me in the hope that it would afford the crop easier access. “Again, tell me again, what are you?” I insisted, endeavouring to prolong, if only for a brief moment longer, her gloriously submissive state.     “I’m just… I’m just cheap, oh please, James. I can’t help it, I… I like being a slut, I mean, I can’t be anything else. That’s what I am, just a slut,” she panted, almost animal-like, as her eyes fixed slavishly upon the outline of my cock. I looked down to my crotch, and in particular, to the large damp patch that now encircled my flies. Tiny spasms shot and pulsed through my cock that was, by now, almost certainly engulfed by Escort etlik a steady flow of pre-cum, something that her behaviour always guaranteed. My attention returned to the adorable slut standing before me. Allowing the end of the crop to drop down to almost knee height, I paused, momentarily, letting it hover, somewhat menacingly, as my mind absorbed the extremity of her heightened state. “Do you want it to hurt?” I asked her, knowing full well that was exactly what she wanted.“Oh god, yes, James, please, you know, I deserve it. Please, James, now,” she whimpered as she fought to keep her balance.“Where do you want it? Just there, perhaps?” I added, releasing her chin before reaching down and taking her ringed clitoris between my thumb and forefinger. My fingers pinched hard and my hand jerked about purposefully as I watched her tension grow.“Where?” I repeated impatiently, pinching with more severity so that her legs began, noticeably, to shudder.“My cunt, oh please, you bastard, smack it, make it red, use it on me, teach me,” she cried as I pulled my hand down abruptly before letting go. I moved my hand away to make way for the crop as it whipped up sharply through the air before the leather slapper completed an initial strike on her piercing. Victoria’s body jolted violently and her hips, momentarily, retreated before she quickly thrust them back into position. A crisp, dense crack resonated through the room as the leather slapper struck its target for the second time and then a third. Its cruel assault continued, each blow becoming harder until her legs finally began to buckle as her first orgasm erupted, ripping viciously through her entire frame. Her head jerked back close to its limit, forcing my hand to snap briefly from her jaw as her nipples stretched savagely against the clamps. A sordid trail of barely coherent expletives spewed, perhaps in acknowledgement, from her trembling lips as I quickly re-captured her jaw. Roughly turning her head so that she came to face me, I pulled her a little closer.

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