In The Barn

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The early 1960’s, in a rural area of Monroe County, and an event that changed the life of an 18 year old lad.


Sound travels in the night out where I grew up, on a farm hidden on a back-road far away from anything remotely resembling civilization, so when I heard the faint noises coming from the barn back behind our house, I had to investigate.

Clad only in my underwear, I tiptoed down the hall so as not to wake my folks. I had a hunch I knew what was going on, because I heard similar noises one time last summer.

I still remember seeing Janie Philips back there in the barn on her back in the hay with our farmhand Lester Jones on top of her, pounding away like there was no tomorrow. After I got over the initial shock of seeing the preacher’s homely daughter getting screwed by Lester, I jerked off while watching.

Afterward, when swearing my best friend Tyler to secrecy, I told him about it, it got him so hot that we ended up giving each other hand jobs. That was something we did a lot of anyway, seeing as how this area wasn’t the social hotbed of Monroe County.

“Did you get to see Lester’s dick?” Tyler asked him as we stroked each other’s boners. “I heard the black guys all got big ones.”

I hadn’t, I informed Tyler, having only seen his big black ass and his balls slapping into little Janie’s crotch, but if the size of those balls were any indication, I figured that maybe Tyler’s theory was right.

So with that memory still fresh in my mind, I moved silently in the night out to the barn, expecting to see Janie getting drilled by Lester again. My dick was already hard in anticipation as I moved to the same place I had spied on Lester before, but what I saw and heard was not what I expected.

Lester was back there alright, and he was as naked as the day he was born, his shiny black skin shining in the dim light given off by the lantern hanging on the beam beside him. He was standing behind somebody, and he was fucking that person too. Hard.

It wasn’t Janie this time though. The person was naked, and was as starkly white as Lester was black, with only a farmer’s tan on the arms and above the neck providing any color. It sure wasn’t Janie, and I almost fainted when it was obvious that it wasn’t even a she.

It was a man – an old guy – and he was standing on something to make up for the difference in their height as Lester stood behind him, humping hard while the skinny white man stood with a wide stance, bracing his hands against the wall of the barn and grunting with every savage thrust that made his entire body lurch upward.

My initial reaction was to charge in and help the poor old guy, even though Lester was so big and strong he could probably knock me out while continuing to pound away on his victim. Clearly, Lester had to be forcing himself on the old geezer, because I knew that man all my life, and he would never do anything like this willingly. You see, that man was my father.

The more I watched though, the more I realized that this was no rape. My father was there because he wanted to be. A red bandanna was stuffed in his mouth to likely silence him, and his face was strained and nearly as crimson as the kerchief, but Dad was being Gaziantep Olgun Escort taken willingly.

Lester’s hands were around my father, with one around his chest and the other down between my Dad’s legs. Lester had my father’s dick in his clenched fist and was yanking hard on the skinny pale dick that practically disappeared in the big black paw.

Harder and harder Lester went, and I could hear his feral-sounding breathing along with my father’s muffled grunting. Dad’s eyes were first bugging out and then rolling back in his head, as jets of cum erupted from my father’s dick.

My father’s body seemed to go as limp as his dick was, and Lester seemed to be holding him up as he made a face and then exhaled loudly. All went silent before Lester moved around and took my Dad in his arms. They embraced, and then Dad picked up his clothes, his wiry body now looking even older than his 55 years as he threw some of them on before leaving the barn while walking gingerly.

I remained where I stood, watching Lester pick up his overalls, his hard muscled body drenched with sweat. Tyler was right, I noted. I didn’t know if all black guys had big ones, but Lester sure did. That wrinkled black tube looked like an elephant’s trunk as it swung between his legs.

Just before his pulled on his clothes, I came, spurting a load and a half all over the back wall of the barn while watching Lester dress. I stayed back there as Lester made his way out the side door of the barn and down the path to the little cabin he shared with his wife.

His wife. Lester was married. What was he doing with my Dad? A better question would be, what was my old man doing with him? Dad was married too. Inside the house, I saw the downstairs bathroom light go on. Dad was probably taking a shower, rinsing the evidence of his midnight antics before climbing back in bed with Mom.

I was wide awake now, and so instead of waiting until it was safe to go back inside I decided to take a ride down to my friend Tyler’s farm. If there was anybody around, the sight of an 18 year old kid in his underwear riding a bike would certainly raise eyebrows, but this was very rural country and a car driving down that road even during the day was a rare event.

It was about a half mile to Tyler’s, and after I pedaled down there I ditched the bike in the weeds and went to the back of the house, using our own method of knocking on the door.

After the second pebble grazed Tyler’s bedroom window, he opened it and stuck his head out, looking as groggy as you would expect one being that just got rousted out of bed.

“Gotta talk to you,” I hissed, and I guess that was enough to get him down a minute later. Tyler had pajama bottoms on, and when he saw me in my underwear he laughed as we went into his barn so we didn’t wake up his folks.

“This better be good,” Tyler said while lighting the lantern and adjusting the flame as low as he could.

“Lester,” I said, and I barely got the word out when Tyler got all animated.

“He fucking Janie again?” Tyler said.

“He’s done,” I said, recalling the promise I had made to come get him if I saw them at it again.

“Shit!” Tyler said as he cursed his misfortune.

“It wasn’t Janie,” I told him. “It was a man.”

“You’re shittin’ me!” Tyler gasped. “Who?”

“Uh – I don’t know,” I said, not ready to tell my friend that my father had been the one. “Didn’t get a good look at him.”

I then proceeded to tell Tyler all about what I had seen. It wasn’t easy, because Tyler kept interrupting me for more details, but after I finished Tyler was beside himself.

“Pretty crazy, huh?” I asked after finishing the story.

“Oh man!” Tyler said. “Look what your story did to me.”

Tyler undid his pajamas, exposing his erection, which bobbed in front of him in the dim light.

“I would have jerked off too, if I was there,” Tyler said. “You wanna – you know?”

I had just cum a little while ago, and after I reminded him of that he had another idea.

“You wanna do that?” Tyler asked. “You know – what Lester did to that guy?”

We had never mentioned that before, having confined ourselves to stroking each other’s cocks with the exception of one time when we sucked each other’s dicks pretty badly. I think we were thinking more about having to face each other afterward, because I didn’t mind doing it.

“I’ll do it to you, and then you can do it to me,” Tyler offered.

For some reason, I went along with it. There I was with my pants off in Tyler’s barn, on my knees with Tyler kneeling behind me. I felt his dick against my asshole, and even though Tyler’s wasn’t very fat I knew that this wasn’t going to work.

“I got some Cornhuskers back here,” Tyler recalled after realizing that there needed to be some lubrication involved.

Tyler rummaged around a shelf in the back of the barn and came back running, his dick bouncing as he moved. I could hear the squishing sounds as he rubbed the lotion on his boner, and then he was back behind me again.

“Shit, this is tight!” Tyler gasped as he pushed the tip of his dick inside of me, and even though his pecker wasn’t much bigger than a wiener it felt like a log as it eased into someplace that had been a one-way street until that moment.

“Oh fuck!” Tyler cried out as he moved forward, pushing his six inches all the way in, and it felt like six feet of dick as it drilled into my virgin rectum.

Funny thing was that it stopped hurting almost right away, and started to feel really good. So good, that my cock started to get hard as Tyler’s dick slid in and out of my ass, and I thought that if he kept going, he might make me cum without my dick being touched.

Tyler had no self-control, however, and way too soon he groaned as I felt his dick twitch in my ass, and then a warm feeling filled my bowels. The next thing I knew, his dick was shriveling inside of me and then wiggling out.

“Oh fuck, that felt good,” Tyler said as he stayed crouched over me. “It felt so good that I couldn’t stop from cumming. That isn’t fair. I only got to do it for a few seconds.”

“Tough shit,” I said as I got up and felt his cum oozing out of my ass, pissed off that he hadn’t lasted longer. “Get down there where I was.”

I was pulling on my dick as I spoke, and as my friend saw me lubricating my stiff dick, Tyler started to freak out.

“I gotta go in,” Tyler said, but I grabbed him before he could get away.

“You run out on me now and I’ll kick your ass,” I warned Tyler, who stared at my boner while I kept slicking it up.

“Don’t hurt me,” Tyler whined. “This isn’t fair. Yours is way bigger than mine.”

“Don’t be stupid,” I said as he got down on his knees.

“Let me do this first,” Tyler whined as he took the bottle of lotion, and after pouring some on his finger, reached back and started slipping his finger in and out of his anus.

“Not so bad, is it?” I asked, the sight of Tyler with his ass in the ass, prepping his own ass turning me on.

While it was true that my cock was bigger than Tyler’s, that wasn’t saying all that much since his was small. The head of it did look big though, when I pressed the greased head of it between his bony ass cheeks and pushed forward.

Tyler started crying when I forced the crown though his puckered ring, but I paid him no mind as I pushed most of it into him. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer that Tyler had, because it was hot and tight in there, and it felt good.

Tyler’s squirming and whimpering didn’t take anything away from what I was doing, and in fact it may have added to the excitement, as I was forced to grab a fist-full of his hair and tell him to shut up and take it like a man.

Soon I was cumming, filling his bowels with my cream, and then I was pulling my limp dick out of his ass.

“You all right?” I asked my whimpering friend, who finally admitted he was okay.

“I liked it better the other way,” Tyler said as we prepared to leave the barn. “When I had my dick in your ass.”

I didn’t say anything, because if I had been forced to be honest, I would have forced to say that I liked it all, way too much. And if I was really honest, what I wanted was for Lester to take me like he had my father.

Would it feel good – as good as Tyler’s did? Lester’s cock was so big. Would it not only hurt me, but damage me? Strangely, the risk seemed like it would be worth it.

The other thing that both disturbed and excited me as I headed back home, was that when I was humping Tyler’s ass, I had been fantasizing that it wasn’t his ass at all. It was my father’s.

Where did that idea come from? My thoughts were as sex-crazed as any other guy my age, but I had never for a moment had an erotic thought about my old man. Mom? Sure. I’ll admit to that, but never Dad.

That had changed though, after I had seen him in the barn with Lester. After I snuck into the house where everybody was sound asleep, I took a shower, and found I had to jerk myself off again because my cock was hard again and would never let me sleep.

My thoughts as I brought myself to climax? I was in the barn – with Lester and Dad – and we were all on our knees. Lester was behind me, thrusting his huge manhood into my anus savagely, and I was not only taking it, I was begging for more.

Kneeling in front of me was my father, who was on the receiving end of my thrusts. He was telling me how good it was while I was reaching around and jerking him off, and in my fantasy we all came together as I spat my real load onto the shower walls.

I dried myself and went upstairs, past my sleeping parents room and into my own, where I fell asleep dreaming perverted dreams.


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