In the Backroom

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I couldn’t sleep last night so I kept away bad dreams from that dumb horror movie by fantasizing about you.

Once again, I went to your workplace. Again you led me to the backroom and locked the door. None of the sweet coyness as we kissed this time. None of the wondering about if I would dare to kiss a married woman, or if you would be able to resist your desire. We already knew those answers. You knew I would take you in my comfortable arms and kiss you. You knew you would not even try to resist. And you knew that kisses would not be enough.

Our lips came together in a delicate embrace, as if they were the long-separated lovers, and not merely parts of the lovers. They touched and caressed with a familiarity that was at once reassuring and desperately passionate.

Your lips parted and my tongue accepted the invitation, slipping into your mouth to taste you. Your tongue glided over mine in a delicate tango, first in your mouth, then mine, then yours again. Our hands pawed each other, searching out those sensitive spots that, when gently stroked, elicited a soft moan or whimper into the other’s kiss. I brushed the hair back from your throat and drew my fingertips slowly from your collarbone to behind your ears.

“Oh, God,” you muttered.

I dipped my head to let my wet tongue retrace the path. I gave your earlobe a playful lick then flicked the sweet spot behind your ear. Your hands gripped my shirt as if you were holding on for dear life. Your body tensed against mine as the intensity of the sensation built. I could feel your heart pounding in your chest.

“Please,” you said, gently pushing me away. “Wait.”

I took a step back while you caught your breath. Then my own breath caught as you reached down and took the hem of your leather skirt in your hands and began to very slowly lift it. I watched transfixed as you exposed your legs, past the tops of your thigh-high stockings. I bit my lip when I caught sight of the wispy strands of your pubic hair. You pulled your skirt up and took a step to spread your legs wide. Your labia peeked out from your bush, wet and swollen. My mouth watered at the sight.

I dropped to my knees, bringing my face inches from your cunt. I was overloaded by the scent of your drippings. My heart slammed in my chest and a singing pierced my ears. I inhaled deeply and savored you like a connoisseur about to enjoy a glass of the most precious wine.

I brought my hands slowly up the backs of your legs from your calves to your thighs. I let my fingertips rest against the tender underside of your ass as I brushed my nose through your neatly trimmed bush. With just the tip of my tongue, I grazed the hood of your clit. You shuddered. I licked a little more forcefully, feeling a stiffness in your clit that matched my own member.

“Oh fuck,” you muttered, the profanity sounding so erotic coming from a Midwest, married, working professional. “Come on and eat me. Eat my pussy.”

I gripped your cheeks firmly and drew your cunt to my face. I planted a kiss on your clit to thrill you with a final tease before burying myself in your delectable essence. My tongue snaked through your folds, seeking out your cream. My lips locked with your labia, echoing our earlier kiss with sucking and massaging and licking.

My tongue found its way to your opening through slick folds of your inner lips that seemed to swell with arousal against me even as I licked them. I swirled around your Escort bayan tight entrance, feeling you spasm just a little. I worked the tip of my tongue into your cunt, just into your gripping muscles. You cursed again and tangled your fingers in my hair. I extended my tongue as far as I could, determined to explore you this way. You squeezed back against my intruding tongue. I wiggled against your flexing muscles, stretching you as I probed. As your cunt finally relaxed, I explored every minute detail of your pussy. I lapped and swallowed your drippings greedily.

Just as I was about to slip your stiff clit between my lips and bring you to your climax, you tugged on my shirt and pulled me to my feet for a deep kiss. We shared your taste as our tongues dipped into each other’s mouths. You moaned into me as you savored your cream, leavened with the taste of my lips.

Suddenly, you took charge. You pushed me back against the table. Your hands found their way between us to stroke my cock through my jeans. I strained against your hand, stretching fully erect down one pant leg.

“Nice,” you muttered as you gauged my length.

You grabbed my jeans and pulled, ripping the button-fly open. Cool air drifted across my bush as my crotch was suddenly exposed to the open air here at your office. You slowly pulled my jeans down over my hips, smiling as you took in the view of my cock being set free.

Your smooth fingers wrapped around my shaft and I thought I might die from the pleasure. My eyes closed.

“Oh yes,” I breathed

I let the tingling sensation wash over me for a moment before your stroking fingers brought my awareness suddenly back into focus on my cock. You pumped me firmly, drawing me to a full erection.

Before I could even think about your masterful manipulations, you were on your knees, one hand cupping my balls while your tongue began a thorough exploration of my penis. You licked up and down the underside of my shaft. You licked a teasing circle around my crown. You drew the flat of your tongue across my slit, giving a satisfied moan at the taste of a droplet of my essence. I felt thoroughly teased.

“Please,” I gasped. “Please suck my cock.”

You smiled wickedly, smug that you had gotten me to beg, then licked–even more slowly—the length of my dick.

“Come on,” I pleaded, as I gripped your hair. “Suck me.”

You swiftly slurped my cock’s head into your mouth and slid your lips all the way down, taking me fully. I almost lost my balance as my body went limp. For a moment you let me luxuriate in the comforting warmth of your mouth. My heart raced as I savored the feeling. Then you put your talents to work and began sucking me.

Your lips caressed my shaft up and down. My glans swelled against your tickling tongue. I moaned and flexed my cock satisfyingly, filling your mouth totally. You moaned at the pungent taste of a droplet of my fluids that fell onto your tongue. You sucked hard to try to draw more pre-come from my balls. I gave a groan as a spasm rocked through my cock and you had your reward: a creamy drop to fill your senses with my taste.

Your tongue performed a magical swirling dance, sliding firmly over the sensitive underside of my cock, then down the shaft and back and around the crown, teasing the slit, and a hundred other delightful maneuvers.

You slowly pulled off my cock, leaving it with a kiss and a satisfied smirk–leaving me panting Bayan Escort and desperate. Nothing would sate me short of burying my shaft in your cunt and fucking you.

I lifted you to your feet and kissed you again, savoring your perfect lips. We mingled the tastes of our sexes together on our tongues. Our hands pawed each other roughly, you grabbing my ass while I pinched your erect nipples. I gave your stiff nipples a wicked twist and thrilled as you bit my lip with a groan.

Finally, I could take no more. I lifted you up onto the edge of the table. You spread your legs wide and begged with your eyes to be fucked. I stole a glance down to admire your cunt. Your pubic hair was slick and wet, your lips open and your clitoris hard.

I pressed against you as your labia wrapped around my cock in a soft and wet kiss.

You thrust your hips to grind your clit into me. I pressed my lips to yours to feast on you while I rubbed the head of my cock back and forth across your clit. I maneuvered my cock to your entrance, swirling it around a moment until you gasped in desperate need to be filled.

I eased my hips forward, sinking my cock into your pussy. I felt your cunt clutch at the intruding dick, needing to be taken, yet surprised by the sudden penetration. The slick friction excited my cock inch by inch as I drove into you. When I finally reached the hilt, pushing hard against your pubis, I found myself almost overcome. With a groan, I flexed my cock hard against your muscles as you continued to grip it in a firm embrace.

“Fuck, that’s good,” I grunted.

Somehow, you managed to smirk again. Just as I almost wondered what the smirk was for, you began a rhythmic massage of my captive dick. My eyes rolled back and my knees buckled. I absorbed the delirium of pleasure with a moan.

I worked my cock back through your tightly grabbing cunt. It felt so good to let my hips take over and slide my shaft back and forth. I closed my eyes and fucked you.

You clutched at my shirt, holding on desperately. Your legs wrapped tightly around my back, pulling my pelvis hard into you on every stroke. The smooth fabric of your stockings slid sensuously over my bare ass. We gave ourselves over to the pleasure of our intercourse, grunting, moaning and sighing with abandon, no longer aware that our coupling was happening in a back room of your office.

I took hold of your hips for leverage and fucked you with authority, pounding your cunt hard. We fucked this way for a long time, eyes locked, each happy to enjoy the rhythmic bursts of joy that were driving us mad.

I pulled your shirt up, exposing your breasts and captured a stiff nipple between my fingers. You gave a most improper cry as I pinched it hard. I bent down and sucked it into my lips, suckling you as I fucked you. Your pleasure reached its limits. With your orgasm moments away, you let yourself go, grunting and crying as each stroke of cock pushed you closer to the edge. Then, as I bit down on your tender nipple, the sudden jolt sent you into bliss.

“Oh yes, I’m coming,” you called out to whomever might hear. I tugged harder at your nipple, determined to finish the job and make you come. Then, with a spasm that shook your whole body, you were there. Your cunt clutched at my cock as you gave yourself over to the waves of orgasm. I released your nipple and looked into your blissed-out eyes as the last contractions shook your body. Your Escort lip trembled. Your hair was slick with sweat. Your eyes gazed out at me from some distant land of pleasure. You took hold of my face and pulled me to a kiss. Our lips again found their perfect fit.

Suddenly, I became keenly aware of the smell of sex. The scent of your pussy hung thick in the air; I could feel it seeping through my pores, entering my blood. I was flushed and hot for you. With a loud grunt, I pounded my cock hard into your cunt. I fucked you desperately, wanting to drown in your scent.

You angled your hips to bring my hips into better contact with your clit and immediately started to come again. Relentlessly, I pistoned my dick in and out of your cunt, your orgasmic contractions driving my own pleasure even higher. My cock swelled against your gripping vagina as you came yet again.

“Keep coming, baby,” I grunted.

“Yes,” you hissed. “Don’t stop.”

I twisted your nipples hard, drawing yet another orgasm from you. I was filled with wonder watching you come and come and come again. I wondered how much you could take and decided to find out.

I slowed my pace for a moment—just long enough to get a disappointed glance from you. Then I pounded you hard again, loving the look of shock on your face as you gave in to yet another orgasm. I kissed you again, then bent to your ear.

“I’m going to fill you with my seed,” I said in a hoarse whisper.

“Oh, God, yes,” you answered.

“I’m going to shoot my come so hard into your pussy. I’m so close right now.”

“Yes. Do it. I want your come in me.”

“Oh fuck, baby. Squeeze me again like that. I’m ready to come. I’m so close, sweetie. I’m going to fill you with my come. You’re going to be dripping me all day. Is that what you want?”

“Mmm. Yes it is. Please come for me. I want to feel you running down my leg, reminding me of you.”

“Oh yes. Here it is, baby. Here it comes.”

With that, I gave up fighting the orgasm that had been knocking at the door for so long. My cock swelled, enhancing the sensations even more, from the tight ring of your squeezing cunt around my shaft to the gentle tugging at my wide head, almost too sensitive, now. I fucked harder, pushing myself right to the edge without a look back. I waited there for just an instant as I felt the semen streaming up from my balls, but my hips would not stop their motions for anything. I locked my eyes with yours, as if it would be my last sight on this earth. Then, with an obscene grunt, my eyes blinked shut and I saw stars. An explosion wracked my body. My cock jerked and pulsed in your pussy as my come shot deep into you. You came again with me, your pussy spasming against my cock. We called out to each other, coming together in that back room, giving and receiving each other’s orgasm.

Weak with a sudden rush of relaxing exhaustion, I collapsed against you, longing to feel your embrace around my body. The last of my come dripped into your cunt as you gently milked me. We kissed and kissed and kissed, holding each other in the intimacy that is only possible between lovers who are literally connected.

As you returned to your job, my come would be oozing from between your wet lips. No one had heard us, way in the back room, of course, but would the tell-tale smell of pussy and sweat and semen give us away? Or would it be just a subtle hint, wafting through the air, a gentle subconscious reminder to everyone you met that day that there was desire and lust in the world and it needed to be satisfied by the embrace of a lover?

True, these thoughts would not help me sleep, but they certainly made staying awake much nicer.

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