In Step Ch. 06

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The phone rang startling both of them. George reached into his pocket for his cell, fearing whom it might be. He frowned when he saw who it was on the caller ID and mouthed, “The office,” to Donna before answering.

Donna heard a number of “Uh huhs” as she watched George’s expression change from a frown to annoyance. Then he said, “Are you serious?” followed by “Now?” and finally a really aggravated, “Alright.” Whatever it was, she knew it wouldn’t be good.

To her questioning eyes, George told her, “I have to go in to the office.”

“What for?”

“Fucking Peter.”

“What does he want?”

“Assistance with whatever he’s dreamed up this time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ever since Jack ran off with his wife he’s bent on making everyone’s life miserable,” George explained. “Apparently, he used to cheat on his wife, and now that he doesn’t have to hide it, he’s even lost interest in that. He has nothing else to do with his time so he works. And he usually brings in someone to help depending on what he’s working on. He calls the VPs and then they call their assistant VPs to go in so they don’t have to.”

“And tonight, you drew the short straw.”

“So, it would seem.”

Donna did her best to hide her disappointment. “I know it sucks, but you need to go.”

“But I had such a special evening planned.” They’d only just finished a long, leisurely dinner at an exclusive restaurant.

“Then we’ll finish it tomorrow or as soon as we can. Maybe it won’t take long and we can resume later.”

“From what I’ve been hearing, it goes on and on. Rumor has it that Chelsea almost quit, but he backed off with her.”

“Wow,” Donna said with raised eyebrows. “I hadn’t heard any of that.”

“Man, this is aggravating.”

If he only knew the half of it, Donna thought. She’d been so horny ever since spying on Kendall and Mark the other day that she had been eagerly awaiting George’s hard cock to satisfy her a number of times later tonight. Now, that was not going to happen. Damn! Aggravating didn’t begin to describe it.

* * *

“What do you mean, you love me?” Mark asked as they drove.

Kendall grinned as though at her own joke. “What part didn’t you understand? I is me, Kendall; love is an intense feeling of deep affection and sexual attachment to someone; and you are the person to whom that intense feeling of deep affection and sexual attachment is being directed.”

“That’s really good, Kendall,” Mark noted facetiously. “Who said you didn’t do well in English? How can you be in love with me? We’ve known each other less than two weeks.”

“I know how I feel,” she said softly.

“Now, you’ve really complicated things!”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“Well, you can’t help how you feel,” Mark offered by way of exoneration.

“But I suppose that means you don’t feel the same.”

He started to ponder it before answering, but then decided to just think out loud. “Well, I certainly feel more for you than just a casual friendship—way more. But truthfully, I’m not sure I really know what love is. I don’t mean that to be evasive. If I thought I knew and was sure I felt it, I would positively tell you.”

“I believe you,” Kendall said with a smile. “And that’s more that I expected from you.”

“Are you really sure you know what love is?”

“After our ‘study session’ Tuesday, I started to feel differently. I looked up the definitions of a number of words that describe emotions. The meaning of love was the only one that fit. That’s why I was able to recite it to you.”

“A dictionary to decide you are in love, huh? Must be a country song in that somewhere.”

They both laughed.

* * *

“Better pull in the driveway behind mom’s car,” Kendall suggested when they arrived home. “Don’t want to be too obvious.”

Mark complied, and minutes later, they were entering the rear of her house.

“Want a Pepsi?” she offered.

“Sure.” Mark took a seat on the sofa.

In the kitchen, Kendall noticed her mom’s cell phone on the counter. “Hmmm, that’s strange.”

“What?” Mark asked from the den.

“My mother forgot her cell phone.” Kendall picked it up and activated the screen. “Photos” was the most recent icon activated. She tapped the screen to enter that function. As though the device had suddenly become too hot to handle, she nearly dropped it when she saw the picture of her sitting in Mark’s lap, his cock clearly shoved into her pussy, expressions of pure ecstasy adorning both of their faces. This had obviously been taken Tuesday during their “study session.” She quickly scrolled through the photos during the same time, and then cleared the screen.

Pressing the phone to her mouth, Kendall considered what this meant. Her mom obviously came into the house while she and Mark were in bed. Her mother actually watched them and took pictures; why? As evidence? But she had yet to say anything. Why? When she did finally let Kendall and Mark know she was home, escort izmit she strangely hurried into her room, changed and returned . . . dressed like she was on the prowl, dressed so sexy even Kendall was jealous. Could it be? Had her mother become so aroused watching them fuck that she . . . what? . . . wanted to fuck Mark herself?

Why not? She fucked her daughter; why not fuck a young guy also, particularly if she saw how good Mark was. Why else would her mother not have confronted them on the spot? Most parents would probably have ranted and raved. Or at least, why hadn’t she discussed it with Kendall, particularly, if she and George were so against Kendall and Mark dating.

This was very interesting.

Kendall grabbed the drinks and walked slowly to the den, trying to decide whether to tell Mark. In the few seconds it took her to reach the sofa and sit next to him, she opted to say nothing until she could learn more.

* * *

The sound of a vehicle pulling all the way into her driveway frightened Donna for a minute until she quickly flipped off her bedroom light and peeked through her blinds. The fact that it was Mark’s SUV didn’t really surprise her. The kids obviously weren’t expecting her to be home all night (she had packed an overnight bag assuming she would not he home) and had come here to fuck some more. She toyed with the idea of remaining hidden to watch another steamy sex show, but she quickly realized that she could not hide all night, nor could she sneak out because her car was blocked in, and getting caught would only do more damage.

Down to her sexy underwear about to remove her make-up, Donna slipped back into her soft cashmere sweater dress that was both low-cut and short and blue enough to match her sparkling eyes. It had done it’s job on George. Maybe it would . . . she shook her head. What was she thinking? Did she think she would seduce Mark with Kendall here? And if she did, what was she going to do? Fuck the son of her significant other? She was so horny she couldn’t think straight. She remained barefooted to help sell her excuse of getting ready for bed.

Kendall had been sitting somewhat sideways on the sofa with one leg up on it and her skirt hiked up pretty high to accommodate the position. She was facing Mark, which was also looking in the general direction of the hallway, so she caught the movement out of the corner of her eye. In the few seconds it took for her mother to walk from her bedroom, the teen realized her parent’s cell phone had not been forgotten, but rather placed there upon her unscheduled arrival home. This eliminated her mother’s element of surprise and allowed Kendall to avoid looking like a dear in the headlights when Donna appeared. Mark was not so fortunate.

“Hi, mom,” Kendall greeted casually. “What are you doing home so early?” However, though she sounded calm, inside she frantically realized that she needed a reason also.

Mark turned sharply.

“I would ask you the same question,” Donna retorted, “particularly with Mark.”

“Hi, Donna,” Mark greeted calmly, surprising both women. He saw that Kendall was at a loss for an explanation, so he said, “Kendall called me because the friends she was with were going back to one of the girls’ homes to raid their parents’ liquor cabinet.”

“And I didn’t want any part of that,” Kendall chimed in with relief.

“Why didn’t you call me?” Donna wanted to know.

“I didn’t want to ruin your evening,” she quickly thought.

“So, instead you ruined Mark’s?”

“She didn’t ruin anything,” Mark said as though they had rehearsed all of this. “I wasn’t really having any fun with my friends, either. Besides, I’m glad she called. I know my dad had a special evening planned for the two of you and I wouldn’t have wanted anything to mess that up. I hope nothing bad happened that you’re home so early.”

Donna was actually dumbfounded. That story was not at all what she expected. The question was, could it really be true, or had the teens concocted it just in case what happened would happen? However, she had no proof one way or the other so, for now, she had to give them the benefit of the doubt. “Your dad was called in to work,” Donna revealed, disappointment obvious in her voice.

“Really?” Mark questioned. “That’s unusual, isn’t it?”

While her mother was explaining to Mark, Kendall studied the woman’s body language. If the teen had to guess, she would say there was lust in Donna’s eyes. Added to that was her hand gently scratching, though more likely rubbing, the top of her breast to call Mark’s attention to her tits, and then raising the hem of her already short dress to perform similar action to her legs. What did all of that mean: “Aw, someone didn’t get laid tonight,” the teen teased.

“Kendall!” Donna lightheartedly reprimanded.

At that moment, Donna’s cell phone rang. She looked around for it.

“On the counter,” Kendall noted, as the two women regarded one another; Donna fearful her daughter might izmit escort have snooped through her phone and found the pictures because she had carelessly left it in the kitchen; her daughter with a defiantly knowing expression.

While Donna went after the ringing instrument, Kendall whispered to Mark, “Great save!”

His shrug was laced with uncertainty as to whether it had been believed.

The caller was obviously George explaining that he was still at the office, and Donna’s disappointed responses were an indication that he would probably be there a while. She then advised him that Mark was here and repeated the reason. They exchanged a few more words then hung up.

“Your dad said to thank you for him for what you did,” Donna relayed. George hadn’t had the slightest doubt, so she re-thought her own concerns. However, she reminded herself that he didn’t know all that she knew about the teens. On the other hand, Mark certainly did look delicious sitting there with an obvious hard on. Was that for her or Kendall, who was next to him showing a lot of thigh and cleavage. Good god, woman, get hold of yourself, ogling over a teenage boy and jealous of your own daughter.

Mark merely shrugged and smiled.

Kendall knew the look on her mother’s face. The woman was out of her mind with desire. Maybe there was a way to profit from this. “Want to join us, mom?”

“What are you guys doing?”

“Just talking.”

Donna shrugged to mask her eagerness. “Well, okay.” She intentionally walked around squeezing between the coffee table and the sofa having to step high over Mark’s legs and giving him quite a view of her own. When she sat on the opposite side of him from Kendall and crossed her legs, the stretch material of her dress retracted and exposed considerable thigh.

What a predicament Mark found himself in: sandwiched between two gorgeous women—mother and daughter, to boot—both exuding such raw sexuality that he felt as though his cock was ten times it’s usual erection size. He feared it would rip right through his pants. It made such a bulge there was no way Donna hadn’t noticed it.

Kendall was amused by her mother’s display. She would have thought it was pathetic, but the teen was cut from the same cloth and knew she inherited her mother’s intense sexual drive, and because of that, understood how desperate her parent could become when overwhelmed by sexual desire.

“So, bring me up to speed on the conversation,” Donna asked, trying to contain herself.

“Mark was telling me about this club for people under 21 that doesn’t serve alcohol.” As Kendall told her mother about the club from her own experience, but as though it was what Mark had told her, all the while, she watched the older woman’s eyes fixed on the mound in his pants. In spite of the oddity and awkwardness of the situation, the fact that there were two hot women in Kendall and her mother and one virile guy made the fantasies in the teen’s mind come alive, operative word being “come.” The issue now was how to manipulate and control the situation.

“So, are you two planning any more ‘study’ sessions?” Donna asked, emphasizing “study.”

There was no mistaking the double-entendre. What Kendall wondered, now knowing about the pictures, was whether her mother was just toying, fishing or . . . something else? The teen decided to lob her own volley. “I don’t think I can get enough of that. I definitely need it.” She gave the woman a knowing look. “The sooner the better.”

“I know the feeling,” Donna concurred.

The short hairs on the back of Mark’s neck were standing up. Of course, he didn’t know that Donna knew about their “study” session, but he was smart enough to figure out that Kendall was sending him a coded message. However, it was difficult to focus on the conversation because his mind was hallucinating with threesome possibilities involving these gorgeous creatures. It occurred to him that it might be time to beat a hasty retreat; otherwise he might go nuts. As it was, the thoughts he was entertaining were certainly suicidal.

“So, what do you think, Mark?” Donna asked, uncrossing her leg, the knit material again retreating up her thigh.

His eyes snapped up from Donna’s smooth, shiny legs to her bewitching deep blue eyes. Just as he feared, he had zoned out and lost track of the discussion. He had no idea if they were still talking about studying or if they had moved on to something else.

Donna leaned in closer, further complicating the situation by affording him a better view down the v-neck of her dress. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

More like pussy got my mind, Mark thought wryly.

This might be the right segue way, Kendall reckoned. “I think he’s just overwhelmed.”

“What do you mean?” Donna asked.

“Well, here he is sitting between two beautiful women and it might be more than he can handle. Is it, Mark?” she asked, patting him on his chest, then ever so casually allowing her hand izmit kendi evi olan escort to drop to his lap. “Oh, my,” she said in her innocent little schoolgirl voice, “what’s that?” Kendall then reached out and took her mom’s hand.

Now, was the moment of truth, Donna realized. She’d been fantasizing and playing these little mind games with herself about Mark. But as her daughter guided her hand, she had to decide how far she wanted this to go, even as her eyes locked on the bulge in his pants and her mind pictured his cock underneath from her memory of the other day, she . . . contact.

It pulsed beneath her palm. She looked up sharply at her daughter who was smiling at her, Kendall’s hand resting atop her mother’s. Without thinking, Donna spread her fingers allowing her daughter’s digits to interlock, and the latter gently moved their hands along the length of this seemingly massive rod. Mother’s breathing quickened.

Having no ideas where this was leading or what they might be getting into, or the ramifications of it all, Mark was too far into a lustful daze to know, care or be concerned. His head merely flopped back on the sofa.

In a calculated move, as Kendall eased their hands back up, her finger latched onto Mark’s zipper and dragged it down. An anticipatory sigh escaped her mother’s lips. On the trip back up, daughter withdrew her fingers causing her mom’s to close together where they were directed inside his pants.

Donna’s pussy was awash; Kendall’s not much drier. Now the teen could not drag the older woman’s hand down. It felt the wet spot in Mark’s boxers and wanted to enjoy it.

As both women were somewhat leaning over, Mark put his arms around them, eliciting moans from them. Kendall wormed her free hand to his waist where she unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, the flaps springing open. Her hand now unencumbered, Donna instantly grasped the elastic waistband of his drawers and pulled them down as far as she could, then lifted his rigid pole like the marines at Iwo Jima.

Donna was losing control of herself, but with a throbbing dick in her hand, she didn’t care. She wanted to devour it, so overcome with lust was she, but she hadn’t completely gone off the deep end. She looked up at her daughter with a questioning expression. Kendall leaned forward giving her mother a passionate kiss, which nearly caused Mark to blow a nut.

“It’s yours, mom. Go for it.”

Throwing all caution to the wind, Donna bent down and licked the tip of Mark’s cock around the peehole with one swipe of her tongue, lapping up the bead of pre-cum that had formed, and then looked at her daughter, who leaned over for a bird’s eye view. Still smiling her encouragement, Kendall nodded once for her mother to continue. The older woman’s lips encircled the head and closed around the rim sucking the head as though it was a piece of candy, which in her mind, it was. Next her mouth went down as far as the end of the glans, her tongue pressing that sensitive area on the underside below the cleft of the mushroom head. To both teens’ eager eyes, mother repeated these actions several times.

Wide-eyed with anticipation, Kendall knelt on the floor and tugged Mark’s jeans and underpants down around his ankles. Her mother then cupped his balls as she continued her expert mouth action, finally taking his entire length into her mouth and throat.

Mark threw his head back and moaned, then hesitantly put his hand on Donna’s back. He glanced at Kendall to get a reaction, but she was intently watching her mother’s expert blow job. And expert it was. She was covering every inch of his rod with every part of her mouth, lips and tongue.

“You’re so good at that!” Kendall noted with glowing admiration.

Donna just looked up and smiled with a mouthful of cock. She held it straight up and said, “You try.”

With raised eyebrows, Kendall swooped in and mimicked her mother’s actions. Mark thought he might go out of his mind having two women sucking him. After a minute or so, the teen held his cock straight up, then tilted it toward Donna who licked the head as if it was a Popsicle. The daughter took her turn again before once more offering to the older woman. The two kept this up for several minutes. Finally, Donna moved down to suck on Mark’s balls while Kendall continued to concentrate on the shaft.

Mark was powerless to do anything but revel in the euphoria; however, he was very close to spouting. And when the ladies simultaneously rubbed their lips up and down his pole, the volcano erupted, spewing hot, molten cum straight up into the air. Looking up at the unexpected blast placed the women’s faces in perfect position to be rained on. Both licked up what they could from their own faces before taking turns cleaning what remain off the other.

The erotic scene prevented Mark from losing his erection. Seeing this, Donna instantly hiked up her dress, ripped off her panties and straddled his lap. Already one step ahead of her, Kendall grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and used the other to smear the residual cum all over his shaft—not that she thought her mother needed the extra lubrication; undoubtedly, the older woman was wet enough—then guided his tool into her parent’s eager pussy.

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