In College With Allison

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In College With AllisonChapter 1*This is my first story, so please don’t be afraid to comment, because I would love your opinions. Everyone in this story is 18+*It was a really hot day. So hot that I wanted and wished that I could pull my t-shirt off and walk half naked to my dorm room. It was my first day of university. I was excited a week ago, but now the heat was just killing me and I wish I could just get to my dorm sooner so I can have a cold shower. I was nearly there with my backpack on my back. Being kicked out of the house by your mum just because you are gay, doesn’t give you ability to have a lot of stuff. As always the bag was hanging loosely on one of my shoulders. It’s a habit I got from my friends when I was about 12 or 13. I just have to turn here and I’m going to be in the hallway where my dorm room is. Suddenly out of nowhere I bump into someone, I’m on the floor and so is she. I shake my head taken by surprise, because I didn’t want to bump into anyone (being hot really made me pissed off). “Damn, I’m so clumsy” I think to myself. I quickly jump up leaving my bag on the floor and trying to help the girl get up too.”I’m so sorry; I didn’t see you walking there. I’m really…” I stop half way of my sentence of apologies and look at her beautiful face. She looks like an angel. She has the most perfect dark blue eyes I have seen. Her hair blonde hair is tied back in a pony tail and I notice that her glasses are on the floor. “They must have fallen off when I bumped into her…” I think to myself. I not only notice that her glasses are on the floor, but I also notice that she has beautiful tits. Who wouldn’t notice them in that tight t-shirt of hers that says “Kiss Me”? I’m sure everyone has been drooling and daydreaming while looking at her, because I felt my mouth water already. Her legs are long and a bit muscled, not as muscled as mine, but still they are really strong. I can see that because she’s wearing shorts that are above knee-height. She is a very sexy and at the same time very adorable girl. But I can bet a million dollars that she is straight. I grab both of her hands and pull her up. When she’s up I pick up her glasses and hand them to her. She puts them on and looks at me blushing.”I’m so sorry.” I say looking at her sexy blue eyes. “Fuck, she is so sexy” I think to myself.”No, I’m sorry I should’ve been more careful” she mumbles quietly and looks at the floor then at me.”I… Ok, how about to make up for this, we go out and have a cup of coffee? How does that iskenderun escort sound?” I speak full of confidence my eyes moving to her sexy tits once in a while and I’m hoping that she doesn’t notice that I’m checking her out. “Her voice is so fucking sexy” I think as I hear her speaking again.”Ok, that sounds great, but I… I don’t even know your name…” she looks a bit scared and confused.”Oh, I’m so sorry, where are my manners when I need them the most?” I laugh a little and so does she “She not only has a sexy voice, but sexy laugh too… mmm… what am I thinking? I just met her…” I mumble in my head. “I’m Alexandra, but Alex for short and I do actually prefer Alex.” I extend my hand and she grabs it with her hand too, she looks kind of shy. Her touch is electrifying and her skin is very smooth.”Allison… Allie for short…” she says quietly looking in my greyish green eyes. She smiles and even though I just met this sweet girl, her smile melts my heart.”Allison…” I repeat and she nods while I let go of her hand, I smile “Well, Allison it’s a pleasure to meet you… Oh, yeah, by the way when do you want to go with me to the cafe to have a cup of coffee?”She thinks for a moment “I’m just going to go for a jog and then we can meet up at the cafe, is that ok?”I nod and say “Yeah, it’s cool with me…” she smiles and I smile back while picking my back up. “Ok, so I will see you in an hour?” I ask.”Yes, an hour is great” she nods and starts walking away “See you in a bit, Alex”.”See you too, Allie” I smile to myself as I watch her walk away, I look at her ass for 5 seconds and she’s gone.I walk to my dorm room, finding it was easy. I get in and notice some bags on the right side of the room. “Yay” I say quietly “My roommate is here already, I wonder what kind of a****listic and heartless bitch she will be”. I drop my bag on the left side of the room where my bed is and start taking my clothes off. I walk naked to the bathroom. Switch the shower to cold and start to put soap on my body. As always I’m prepared to have a long shower. I want to have a shower before I go out and meet that sexily adorable girl named Allison. Just thinking of her sexy eyes, her perfect tits and heart melting smile makes me want to touch myself; I really want to touch myself and pleasure myself until I cum. As much as I want it, I still resist. In the middle of the shower I can’t resist anymore and move my hand across my boobs, rub them gently. Pinch my nipples and tease them a little escort iskenderun before moving my hand lower. Then I move my hand over my smooth stomach; I poke my stomach lightly feeling my six-pack. As I move my hand closer to my pussy I imagine that my hand is Allison’s and moan quietly; I lower my hand still thinking about Allison and then I rub my pussy gently, I moan quietly as I slip a finger in my pussy. I put my finger in my pussy then out and repeat that a few time before mumbling frustrated “Enough teasing”. I insert two fingers inside my pussy and move them in and out. I keep seeing Allison in my head over and over again as I finger myself. I use my other hand to pinch my nipples. I finger myself faster still with the image of Allison’s tits in my head. I can feel that I’m close and that soon I will cum (all thanks to Allie the sexy girl I bumped into). I finger myself a hard and fast, pinch my nipple and then I moan loudly as I cum. My legs tremble as I cum and I’m breathing heavily. When I calm down a bit, I stand and stare at the floor for a while with my hands on the wall. When I’m finished I switch off the shower and look at my water-proof watch. “Still got 30 minutes” I mumble quietly. I go out of the shower leaving my short brownish blonde hair wet. I don’t need to dry my hair, because it’s going to dry in this heat. I open my backpack still naked. I think for a second what to wear. Then I just take out a simple black t-shirt with no sleeves and matching black shorts. I take my favourite boxers that have a wet cat on them and on the boxers it shows in red writing “Warning, wet pussy!” I chuckle quietly to myself as I put them on. Then I put a simple black sports bra on and I put my t-shirt on too. After that I hear someone open the door. I feel my heart beating. “My roommate, finally I get to meet the bitch I will live here with for the next 3 years… Oh my God, I’m half naked, fuck” I think to myself and suddenly I’m angry at myself for being half-naked. “Oh my God” I hear someone squeal happily behind me. “I’m doomed…” I groan as I turn around and to my surprise see Allie standing in the door way. She’s sweaty and she looks so hot, but she seems to be happy to see me. “Wait… Allie? You… you are my roommate?” I look at her shocked and stammer nervously.”Why else would I be in this dorm room, silly?” she speaks with more confidence now, then she looks kind of sad and asks “Aren’t you happy, Alex? I know we hardly know each other, but aren’t you happy?”. iskenderun escort bayan “I hardly know her and she’s upset that I might not be happy about her being my roommate? Me? Upset? Seriously…? What the fuck? I fucking find this chick sexy of course I’m happy she’s my roommate…” I think and after thinking for awhile I clear my mind and answer her question.”Oh my God Allie, of course I’m fucking happy” I laugh and she laughs too. I look at her and smile, she smiles back at me. “She is so sweet…” I think and hear her speak.”Great, that’s good to hear from you Allie!” she comes in the dorm room and closes the door shut. She walks in the room and I can see her nipples poking through the material of her sweaty t-shirt, she has the most beautiful boobs I think I have ever seen. I can see her ass a bit and it’s so perfect and I really want to know if it’s just as soft as her hand is. Then she looks at me weirdly (which I don’t notice), but smiles and waves her hands in the air, I only then realise I’ve been staring at her.”So you enjoy to stare, Alex the little pervert?” she asks and puts her hand on her hip and looks at me, then I’m caught off guard and she laughs and jumps on me pushing me on my bed.”Yes… I mean no… Yes… No… I mean no…” I stammer and laugh shyly at the same time. I blush red and laugh under her, I act as if I don’t want her on top of me and try pushing her off, but I really love her warm and sweaty body on my body. She fights back and laughs.”So is it a no or a yes, because you were staring at me” she laughs, looks at me and gets off of me.”It’s a no, Allie…” I say serious, laugh a little to myself for not telling the truth. I get up from my bed, pick up my shorts and put them on. Then I stand and look at Allie.”Good, because this body is straight…” she says and I look at her shocked. “What?” I ask my voice breaking and tears in my eyes, I turn around and put my bag in my closet. “I said I’m straight Alex… What did you think?” I look at her and she looks at me too.”I thought you were straight and I was going to ask you to check if I was right or wrong… Well, now I know I’m right” I smile, but inside I’m crying and she smiles back, but she looks kind of worried.”Ok… Tomorrow is going to be fun right?” she asks as she’s taking her clothes off. She has a nice tan and I can’t help, but stare at her. “She’s straight. Why the fuck do I still want her?” I think and then I turn to make my bed. “Yeah, it’s going to be super fun with you around” I laugh as I hear her laugh too. I finish making my bed, turn around and stand there with my mouth open; I swear I felt like my jaw just dropped to the floor. Allison was standing in front of me fully naked. She looked so hot; I quickly turned around and waited for her to talk.

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