In College Next Morning

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I try to write descriptions of what happened in my life. Sometimes the action comes early, sometimes it takes a while. Your feedback is always appreciated. The characters are real, the situations really happened, and I try to stay true to the moment if not the exact words. I have a bad habit of mixing tenses so if you find this jarring, you should stop reading.

You should read the first part of this story if you want to understand what’s going on but this one starts with me and two naked college girls waking up in my apartment. Perhaps that’s enough back-story for you.


The light through the curtains woke me to the strange feeling of a warm, obviously female, body stretched out beside me. I felt that warm post-coital glow you have when the sex was particularly good the night before. Kathy didn’t seem to have moved much as her head was still on my shoulder with an arm across my chest. Turned on her right side, she had her left leg across mine holding me down. I didn’t mind. It felt good to have a sleeping partner after months apart from anyone.

Coughing from the floor announced Jane’s awakening from the drunken stupor of last night. I couldn’t see her yet but heard her stretching and moaning. I bet she has a bad headache this morning after the sweet punch she drank.

Kathy stirred at the noises and looked up at me with some confusion. She said last night she’d never had the chance to sleep beside a lover before. Her smile spread across her wakening face and she leaned up to plant a soft kiss on my lips.

“Good morning, lover,” she said quietly.

“Good morning, yourself,” I replied. She gently stretched out under the light sheet covering us before curling back against me.

“Oww,” she complained. “My thighs hurt. You wouldn’t know why, would you?”

I chuckled at her playful complaint. “No idea,” I replied. “You spent most of the time on your back as I recall.”

She giggled and poked my side in mock anger.

“It was you, you abused me,” she accused.

My cock expanded at the feel of her body but I also felt some compelling bladder pressure.

“Can we decide my fate AFTER I get to the bathroom?” I ask. “My bladder is talking to me right now.”

Jane’s head appears above the level of the bed. Her eyes are squinting at the light and dried drool coats her face. She has the sleeping bag pulled up around her neck and bare arms hold it up.

“Are you always this noisy?” she complained, but with a smile. Looking inside the bag she asks, “Um … anyone know where my clothes might be? I need that potty too.”

Kathy laughed at her predicament and answered, “After you danced on the table you did a striptease and said you didn’t need them anymore.” Jane looked a little shaken at the information.

“Striptease? At the party? Oh God!” she hid her face and shook her head in denial. “No, no. Tell me it isn’t so,” she pleaded.

We laughed at her which just made the bathroom trip more important.

“I’ll find you something but I have to go first,” I said. “Gimmee a minute.”

I pulled the sheet back off me and scooted to the end of the bed before standing and heading down the short hall to the bathroom. Thankfully it was just a couple of steps before I could relieve myself even with morning wood in the way.

“Well that’s a nice way to wake up,” I heard Jane say. “Naked guys running around have to beat an alarm clock any day.” The girls giggled together.

“Does that mean you’re naked too?” Jane inquired. “I won’t feel so bad if this is a general condition and not just me this morning.”

“Yes, Jane. I’m naked too,” Kathy admitted. I quickly finished and washed my hands before returning to the front room. Kathy was sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing sleep from her eyes. Both the girls turned to watch me enter the room.

“Ooo, even nicer view,” Jane said as my morning erection preceded my arrival. “Is that for me? I think I need aspirin first, at least,” she finished with a scowl, rubbing at her temples.

Kathy jumped up with a “me next” and disappeared into the bathroom. Jane looked perplexed and said,

“I seem to have lost track of a few hours. Did we … um …?”

“Bang like bunnies on the coffee table at the party?” I suggested.

She nodded. “Yeah, something like that. If we did, I hope you got a video because I seem to have a blank.”

Kathy came back motioning at the bathroom.

“Your turn, Jane, and then we’ll fill you in on all the sordid details of your escapades,” Kathy said. “I think I got most of the names from your gang-bang,” Kathy teased. I reached back and grabbed a robe hanging to one side and offered it to Jane. She waved it off saying,

“Too late for that it seems. Give me a hand, please.” She reached out and I helped her unfold her body until her petit form stood at her full 5’4″. Even with the hangover drool she was a stunning sight.

“I still have panties,” she exclaimed, looking down. “That doesn’t seem fair somehow. Be back!” as she went back to the bathroom.

Kathy moved to hold me escort mecidiyeköy against her nakedness and looked down. “Is he always that eager or are you looking for something this morning,” she asked. “I need a shower first, okay.” She gave my cock a friendly squeeze.

“So do I,” I replied.

Looking down I answered her question, “That’s pretty normal but you certainly help things along.”

She giggled. “Flatterer, but I’ll let you get away with it today.”

Jane came back up front with us sans panties to ask, “What’s he getting today? Do I get a vote? Anyone have some aspirin? Why are we being so noisy?”

We laughed at her running conversation. “I have aspirin,” I said. “And some orange juice, and ice. But I’m making some coffee, too.”

I look at the two naked and fit young women keeping me company in the morning light. One had been a delightfully responsive lover mere hours ago and the other tried to be one, too. I’ve had days that started much worse.

Kathy had very obvious evidence of some wild sex scattered about her body and I still reeked of her natural perfume. We needed showers just to be polite.

“If you two want to get showers I’ll rustle up some drinks and medications, okay?” I offered. Jane motioned for Kathy to take the first go and she disappeared to sounds of the shower running.

Jane moved closer and gave me a hug, pressing her warm breasts against me.

“Looks like you two watched out for me last night,” she said.

“Thank you. I hope I wasn’t too much trouble.” I hugged her back.

“You’re welcome. I think the punch ambushed you,” I told her.

“I remember some of it,” she replied. “Sorry I passed out before anything really fun happen between us. Looks like Kathy beat me to you.”

I thought about that before replying. “We had a great time but she just broke up with Stan last night.” I wasn’t going to make assumptions about her intentions.

“Don’t be dense, Michael. She’s been chasing you for weeks,” Jane said. I blinked.

I’d been getting glasses and drinks out while we chatted and the coffee was starting to smell like breakfast. Kathy reappeared with towels around her body and hair looking freshly scrubbed.

“I didn’t use all the water,” she said.

“I don’t mind waiting if you want to freshen up,” I told Jane. I offered her the robe again. “You’re welcome to use this if you want.”

She accepted my offering and disappeared into the shower. Kathy took the orange juice and leaned back against the counter top.

“I used your toothpaste. Hope you don’t mind,” she said.

“I told you last night to make yourself at home,” I reminded her. “Do you want the other robe or something else to wear?”

“I’ll take the robe,” Kathy replied, “and some coffee. It smells delicious today.”

I left her with refreshments and stripped the bed. I remade it with clean sheets while Kathy stood watching me.

“A guy who actually makes a bed. You’re full of surprises, aren’t you,” she observed.

“Oldest of three boys and in the military. I’ve picked up some skills,” I admitted. I lit a couple of fresh candles to sweeten the air.

“Okay, stinky,” Jane announced, returning in the robe and toweling her red hair. “I left you a couple of teaspoons of hot water so it’s your turn.”

I knew that tank. I’d have to be quick to get a third shower this quickly. The girls started rummaging around in the kitchen.

“You have any food around here?” Kathy asked.

I pointed at the corner pantry and the refrigerator. “There should be enough breakfast stuff for us, at least,” I offered.

They shooed me off towards the shower and I took the hint. By turning the water on and off I managed to find enough hot water not to hurt myself with a cold shower. When I emerged with a clean body the girls had food cooked and waiting on plates that we took into the main room. The bed was the only place off the floor for us all to sit. I grabbed a pair of running shorts to wear and we sat tailor fashion.

When we finished I gathered the plates from the girls and piled them into the sink for later. With fresh drinks we all gathered up on the bed to sip coffee. I felt great. I was clean, fed, relaxed, and had some wonderful scenery to watch as bits of girl kept peeking from inside their robes.

“Okay, kids. Now I want to hear the whole story of our debauchery from last night. Spare me no details as I’m really curious how we all three ended up here naked. Especially since it seems you’ve beaten me to his bed.” Jane looked at us expectantly and I looked at Kathy for guidance.

“Um … well …,” Kathy started. “You got drunk really fast. Do you remember that?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, Mike.” Jane leaned over to give me a kiss in apology.

“But you two seemed to be making a great connection before you passed out,” Kathy continued.

“That’s good,” Jane said. “So how was it you got to do the entertaining? And what happened with Stan?”

“Stan blew it,” I said. “After we got you here, he showed merter escort up and seemed to be checking up on Kathy.”

Kathy nodded.

“She unloaded on him so hard if he’s smart he’s still running,” I finished with a smile.

Jane laughed at Kathy’s slightly embarrassed expression. “Good for you, girl, I told you he wasn’t mature enough for you,” Jane said.

“I know. I fell for his eyes,” Kathy admitted.

“So after you ran him off, you attacked Michael while I snored and drooled on the floor, is that it? That wasn’t our agreement,” Jane protested.

We laughed at what was a strikingly accurate summation of the evening. It hadn’t been quite that cold-blooded … or had it? It sounded like these two had planned an ambush of me before showing up.

“Agreement?” I asked.

“I told you,” Kathy nudged my leg. “I agreed to help her get you out of the house for the evening.”

“That one, okay.” I knew about that.

Jane leaned back and sipped her coffee. “So now what,” she asked.

Kathy looked confused. “What do you mean?” she asked Jane.

“I mean, is he yours now or do I get another shot with him or are we going to share? That’s what I mean,” Jane finished with a wicked grin.

“Oh, you’re just terrible,” Kathy protested with a smile and a blush.

I tried to say something but got hushed by them both.

“Hush, Mike. We’ll let you know how your day is going to turn out after we finish negotiating,” Jane said patting my leg.

“Share?” Kathy asked.

“Yes, like do we take turns or try him out together? Or are you going to be stingy and keep him to yourself? ” Jane announced.

“Um,” Kathy looked surprised and nonplussed at where the conversation had gone.

Jane kept talking, “Let me point out that if you DID decide NOT to share I might just be compelled to mention how you screamed that your mother would have to WAIT for HER turn with Mike last night,” Jane finished with a big grin.

Kathy hid her face with her hands before exclaiming, “You heard that? I thought you were passed out!”

Jane laughed at her gently, prying her hands away from the red face Kathy tried to hide.

“Just teasing … just teasing. Yes, I was mostly passed out but I remember hearing a couple of people having really loud fun. I just couldn’t get it together enough to play, too.”

Jane looked sad. “Hey, if you don’t want to share that’s okay but you are fun to tease,” she ended with a smile.

Kathy hit her gently in retaliation. “Bitch,” she said. “I will find a way to pay you back for that, I promise.”

She stuck out her hand in agreement to Jane, “Share.” Jane smiled and they solemnly shook hands on their deal before turning to look at me.

“Are you okay with this deal, Michael?” Kathy asked with a smile.

“You’re sharing me?” and they both nodded in agreement.

“Okay,” I agreed. “So, is it like Monday, Wednesday, Friday for one and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, for the other and I get Sundays off? Who is which?”

The both hit me at my suggestion.

“Now that’s out of the way I can get rid of this,” Jane said standing up and pulling the robe off. She’d looked good last night in the dim lights but she almost glows ginger in the daylight. She had large full breasts heavy on her slender frame. Her torso was shorter than Kathy’s and her hips swelled quickly. She was a natural red-head with soft matching curls barely concealing her sex and freckles covered her from head to toe.

“Who wants more coffee?” Jane asked reaching for cups, her breasts swaying out as she leaned forward. I handed mine over without comment as did Kathy adding murmured thanks. Kathy elbows me for obviously watching Jane’s breasts move.

Jane disappeared to the kitchen while Kathy looked at me with an impish grin. She rose up to sit on my lap facing me, kneeling on the bed. She leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips.

“I think you’ll be a very tired man by the end of today,” she teased, tousling my hair. Her robe gaped open to reveal her smaller but firm breasts capped with smallish areola. I slid my hands inside to caress smooth skin and felt her muscles moving under my hands.

Jane came back to see us together on the bed.

“Hey,” she objected. “That’s my seat first today, girlfriend. I call dibs!”

Kathy laughed at her complaint and swung herself off my lap with a show of leg. Stepping back she also undid the robe and dropped it on the chair. She stepped beside Jane to wrap an arm around her waist.

“We’ll work out the details as we go,” she suggested giving the shorter girl a hug. Jane responded with her own arm and they stood there almost posing for me side by side. Kathy looked down at the much shorter girl with an envious smile.

“I wish I had your tits,” she said with longing at Jane’s heavy breasts.

“I wish I had your legs,” Jane retorted. “I get backaches from the girls and a permanent crick in my neck from looking up at everyone. No one looks at my face – even my Pastor looks down.”

“If you two aksaray escort are finished fishing for compliments, I’ll say you are both gorgeous,” I offered quite truthfully.

“You’re just saying that so you’ll get laid,” Jane riposted. We all laughed at her accusations.

“Speaking of which,” Kathy said, “have you got a long shirt I can wear to get home, Michael?”

“You’re leaving?” Jane asked, surprised.

“Well, I had him last night. I thought you’d want some time with him today,” Kathy answered. “Aren’t we sharing?”

Jane chewed at the inside of her mouth a bit before answering.

“Yes, sure, we’re sharing. But I remember doing half the work of getting him warmed up last night. I think you should return the favor before disappearing,” she said with a ‘so there’ look on her face.

Kathy blinked and stood silent.

“Work?” I asked and was ignored by the girls having a silent conversation with their eyes.

“Michael, why don’t you go wash dishes or something for a few minutes,” Jane suggested. “Let us have some girl time.”

I shrugged and replied, “Okay.”

I retreated to the kitchen and attacked the small mess we had made with breakfast. I heard the murmur of their voices interspersed with giggles and my bed squeaked as they sat down. It wasn’t long before I was finished and Kathy called to me.

“We’re done, Michael. You can come back now,” she called.

Walking back in I saw both sitting on my bed. They had pulled the robes over their backs but the fronts gaped open to reveal most of their breasts.

Kathy started by asking, “Are we stopping you from other plans today?”

I shook my head. “No, I replied. “I don’t work again until Monday after class.”

“I have to work tomorrow night,” Kathy said.

“You know me,” Jane added. “Spoiled little rich girl so all I have is class Monday.”

Although she made comments like that Jane was far from acting like the stereotype she called. She had a sharp mind and was generous with buying meals for friends without being ostentatious about it.

Down the road I heard the church bells chime noon. We had slept late and had a late breakfast according to the world.

Kathy patted the bed in an invitation to sit down with them. I sat.

We sat looking at each other until Jane suddenly started laughing. I looked at her questioningly.

“Aren’t you going to ask us what our decision was, Michael?” Jane asked.

“Um … I figured you two would tell me when I need to know,” I replied with a smile. “Apparently I am considered ‘work’,” I added.

Kathy giggled and hit my knee.

“If you guys weren’t so hard to seduce you wouldn’t be, ‘work’,” Jane explained with a straight face. “We girls have to spend all that time on foreplay JUST to get you in the mood and then you leave us for another girl JUST because we pass out. I mean … really!”

Kathy was silently giggling at Jane’s outrageous story but she used a serious face to scold me for my indiscretions of the previous night.

“So, should I apologize?” I asked. “Promise not to do it again? Is there a forfeit involved?”

“Oh, I like the idea of a forfeit,” Jane said with enthusiasm.

“What shall it be … what shall it be …” she tapped a tooth with her finger in apparent thought.

“I know!” she exclaimed excitedly. “A tongue lashing, he must perform a good tongue lashing as punishment, right Kathy?”

Kathy nodded in agreement.

“Wait, “I interjected. “You’re supposed to get a tongue lashing, not give one for penalties.”

Jane looked at Kathy in mock disgust. “I thought you had him trained. Why is he arguing with his punishment,” she scolded Kathy.

“We’ll have to give him a test instead,” Kathy said. “Let’s see if he can guess what our agreement was. Everyone off the bed!”

We all jumped up and Kathy pulled the top sheet and coverlet down so all that was left was the bottom sheet. She dropped her robe and motioned for Jane to do the same.

Kathy lay down along the bed pulling Jane beside her. They lay side by side in their naked glory smiling at me. Kathy raised her arms above her head and Jane was quick to follow.

Kathy said, “Okay, here’s your test, Michael. We know what we agreed but it’s up to you to guess what we agreed. You must decide which of us to touch. If you choose wrong, you’ll still get to have whoever you chose but that’s all you’ll get this weekend.”

Jane followed her logic and then nodded in agreement.

They raised their legs together and lay there giggling, completely exposed to me. Neither gave me a hint as to the outcome of their conversation as I contemplated the choices before me. Kathy’s taut, athletic body and smaller breasts or Jane’s more voluptuous build with large breasts? Do I choose the girl I had last night or the one I tried to have last night? I knew how delicious Kathy tasted; would Jane be equally tasty?

What a choice to have to make! If I choose Kathy will Jane see that as a rejection? But if I chose Jane will Kathy be offended I didn’t want seconds?

Moving to the end of the bed I stood looking at the two willing girls in front of me. I could see hints of arousal as their outer lips glistened with moisture between their legs. In unison they both started flexing their hips at me in invitation.

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