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Subject: Immigrant Chapter 13 This story is a sequel to the story, “Marooned” which is already on Nifty, and it is a work of fiction, and all the characters in it are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is incidental and unintended. The story involves the relationship between an adult and a minor and may involve scenes of a sexual nature. There is no outright sex and any sexual activity is of a gentle and loving nature (if you’re looking for pornography – look elsewhere) but none-the-less it may offend some people and, if you are one of those people, or if it is not legal for you to read such things, please read no further. To those who are still here please enjoy. If you wish to provide feedback I can be contacted at lfa4321jonah@outlook (note, there was an error in this address printed with some earlier chapters. This is the correct one) and please bear in mind that you don’t pay to read these stories, but it does cost Nifty money to provide them. Please consider donating to Nifty fty/donate.html Immigrant By Jonah Chapter 13 Well Monday was indeed a school day and I unwrapped myself from Luke in time to eat the breakfast that Simon had prepared. Luke himself joined me in the shower. No there wasn’t any funny business. This is Luke we’re talking about. Even had he been inclined that way, which I don’t believe he was, nobody was in that sort of mood. We all missed Jonah too much. I suppose I could have enquired what Simon and Ben got up to when they were in bed together, but I didn’t. To be honest they were both gay, and they were both mature enough to know their own minds. Any interference from me would be misplaced. Anyway, neither gave the impression of being promiscuous enough to do anything inappropriate. I don’t know whether they actually loved each other, but they certainly respected each other, which was enough. Breakfast was followed by packing Peter and Luke off to school and loading Simon and Ben into the car. I dropped Ben, complete with the Professor’s letter, at Monica’s and Simon at the surgery. I arrived to find Glenys supervising a fullish waiting room. “Rob, can you go through to see Phil?” she said as soon as she saw me. I wandered down to Phil’s consulting room, knocked and entered. Phil was talking to a chap of about thirty with very little hair on top of his head but plenty about his cheek, jowls, chin and upper lip. His bushy eyebrows were the same golden colour as the rest of his topiary and they crowned a pair of blue eyes that made him look younger at first sight. “Ah Rob, come in. This is Brian Chase, he’s our consultant psychiatrist. Brian, Rob Rankine” “It’s guid to meet ye Rob,” said Brian in clear Glaswegian tones. “Brian will be doing the psychiatric assessment on Justin Dorridge for us. You’ve got Justin at eleven, and Brian would like to sit in if you’ve no objection. ” “I’ve certainly no objection, but is Mrs. Storey going to be co-operative?” “She’s a probationary foster parent, so she doesn’t have a choice,” replied Phil. “If she kicks up a fuss, Jenny Fuller will overrule her.” “Fair enough!” I said. “Good, well if you’d like to take Brian to your consulting room, he’d like to look at Justin’s case notes before eleven. meanwhile I’d better see some patients.” “Most certainly, come into the parlour Brian,” I said, leading the way. Brian and I spent some time discussing Justin’s notes and at half ten I took him to the kitchen for a tea break. escort Phil had just finished his break so we made ourselves comfortable. We returned to my room and I pressed the button. Mrs. Storey and Justin appeared after a minute. Come in Mrs. Storey,” I said. “Hello again Justin. This is doctor Chase, who is a consultant psychiatrist. He is going to do the psychiatric assessment on Justin that should have been done before he was placed with you. In view of his nightmares I think it’s important that we get it done. Before we do, I need to check that the physical damage is healing as it ought to. Justin, would you prefer your foster mum to leave before we examine you down there?” The boy nodded. “Would you mind Mrs. Storey? It won’t take long.” There was a knock on the door and Phil walked in. “Ah Joanne – I hoped I could catch you. I just need to have a word if you’ll come into my office.” They both left. Justin dropped his trousers and pants to the floor. I checked his penis, testes and anus. There was no new damage, which was something, but his anus was still not a lot healed. “OK, Justin,” I’m going to prescribe some tablets which I want you to take one of each morning with a meal. Keep taking them until they are all gone. You can pull your trousers up and take a seat.” He did that and Brian took over. “Justin, Doctor Rankine says you have been having nightmares. Can you tell me about them?” It was a good ten minutes before a very worried looking Mrs. Storey knocked on the door and came in. By that time Brian had made good progress with his report. I was surprised to learn that he had already done assessments on two of Justin’s brothers. Mrs. Storey however already knew that, because Phil had told her at the request of Jenny Fuller. All the other patients were straightforward by comparison and I was ready to wind up when Simon appeared. He didn’t see me immediately and headed straight for the kitchen. I sat down next to Glenys and looked up the draft for tomorrow’s diary sheet. Simon looked surprised when he returned with a cup of tea for himself and one for Glenys. “Sorry Rob,” he said. “I’d have made you one if I’d known. Have this one and I’ll make myself another.” “No it’s alright mate,” I told him. “I’ll go and get myself one. Glenys doesn’t like doctors messing up her paperwork anyway.” I did so and the three of us supped our tea until Phil joined us. “Is that it then Rob?” he said cheerfully. “Unless you’re swamped out and want me to see some of your patients,” I told him. “No, I’m done till the evening lot start arriving,” he told me. “You’d best get that young man home before Alice comes out and has him making tea for the rest of us.” “Was that a hint,” said Simon rising. “No it wasn’t,” said Phil. ” Finish your tea Simon, then Rob can have an early night.” For once we were back at the flat before Susan arrived with the rest of the clan. Monica arrived with Ben shortly afterwards. “I’m glad you’re here Rob,” she said. “It save’s me having to wait for you. Jonah’s sat up in bed officially now. The registrar says it won’t damage his pelvis and we don’t want him to develop bed sores. He should be out of bed for a bit tomorrow.” “Good,” I told her, “I was hoping he would be. Is that bruising going down any?” “I really couldn’t say, because I didn’t see what it was like before. He say’s you should read that though.” She handed me the air mail letter. I sat down and began to read. New Haven, Yale izmit escort bayan University 05/25/19 Dear Jonah I hope this finds you well. It was good to see you over Easter. It had been far too long. I recently heard news of another old pupil who has been in the news. The newspapers here, and I suspect there, have been full of the exploits of an Australian doctor called Rob Rankine, who was marooned after an air crash. He has been picked up by the Royal Navy and together with another survivor, an eleven year old boy, transported to the UK. As you know, I majored in history and, in days gone by, transportation was always regarded as a punishment, so I don’t know what Rob and his friend have done. I do know however, that they are now stranded in a strange country where they don’t know anybody. I’m seriously thinking of visiting the UK myself to see if I can help but, in the meantime is it possible that you can check to see that they are alright. Rob is a good friend and a very clever young man, whom I’m pretty sure you will like. The FCO, or Australia House may well help you to locate them. If they are unwilling, I can only suggest that you ask to speak to Sir Frank Tregarten at the FCO and mention my name. I hope that you can help with this, and need hardly say that you will have my undying grattitude. Yours Prof. E. S. Alves. I blinked. I looked away for a moment. I looked back and it still read the same. “Have you read this?” I asked Monica. “Young man, what do you take me for?” she said. I handed the letter back to her to read. She read it and handed it back again. “Well?” I said. “It only says what I already knew. People who deserve to have friends, usually have them.” “I’m going to have to write to the Professor,” I said. “If only to prevent him from having a wasted journey.” “As you wish Rob,” she replied, “but I don’t think he’d consider it wasted.” “Maybe not,” I said, ” but I think I’d like to write to him anyway.” Monica left in company with Susan and her two boys, so I set about arranging dinner – corned beef hash for five. Homework was next on the agenda. Even Ben had some. I was struggling with simple equations, I’m glad Simon hasn’t got as far as quadratics yet. Ben’s English Language was much easier. Peter and Luke had a social studies project to work on. The Professor would be at home with that. There was a ring of the doorbell and Simon went to answer it. He returned with two police officers, one uniformed and one in civvies. Tom Lake was the one in the suit and Jack Boone was the other. “Evening Rob, Evening boys,” said Tom. “I was going to ask you to pop down to West End Central Rob, but Bob Drage said you’d be baby-sitting, so I got Jack to fetch me down here. Forensics have been busy and I thought you’d like to see the outcome.” I held out my wrists and he laughed. “Don’t tempt me Rob. I’d throw away the key,” he said. He fished in his pocket and produced a small plastic bag. It contained a flattened lead pellet. “This is what gave him lead poisoning,” he said, “and you can see that the armour did its job. But the screen only flattened the bit that hit it – the front of the bullet. Any markings on the back are untouched and the striker on his pistol has left distinctive marks on the shell which forensic collected from the bank. The shell definitely came from the pistol that you had your foot on, but more importantly, it definitely fits this bullet. We can’t izmit sınırsız escort make the case that you handled the pistol because you didn’t. He fired it and nobody else has.” “You’re going the long way about saying that you’re not going to arrest me,” I said. “That’s right,” he replied. “we’re not going to do that. In fact we’re going to drink the tea that that young man is making, though I usually drink coffee if he doesn’t mind, then we’ll be out of your hair.” “With milk?” Simon asked. “Yes please,” said the inspector. “You’ve definitely been brought up properly you have. Oh….” That was in response to the look on Sergeant Boone’s face. “Simon is it?” he said. “Sir..” said Simon. “And you must be Peter.” “Yes Sir,” said Peter. The inspector nodded to himself then said, “I’m really pleased to meet both of you. I knew your father. He was in uniform when I was in traffic. He was a man whom everybody respected because he always respected everybody else. Even crims have said, he arrested them because it was his job, but he never, in all his life, failed to treat anybody with respect, and he earned the respect of everybody who knew him. If you boys grow up like that, and I’m sure you will, people will be proud to know you.” Simon handed him his coffee and the tea to Sergeant Boone. “How’s your case going Inspector?” I asked. “It’s always easier to nail a gang,” he said, “because you can play them against each other. A lone criminal can keep you chasing one phoney story after another for ever if he likes. You just have to wait for him to get tired of it, but if you have a gang in custody, they can’t have any secrets from you, because none of them knows what the others are telling you. We’d got confessions from two of them by the end of the next day, and the driver can try to hold out if he likes, but we don’t even need his confession because the others will stitch him up to try to save their own skins. We certainly don’t need your statements, though it will be better if their defense doesn’t know that we don’t want to produce them. They come up at the Old Bailey tomorrow morning so that should be a result.” Well the inspector’s promise to be out of our hair proved to be hollow. He was off duty and in no hurry to go anywhere. Jack was carrying a two way radio and said that he was contactable if needed, so they both joined me in partnering the boys at Monopoly. Simon said he didn’t need a partner, but that was before he discovered the inspector’s flair for the game. It was quite late, and several teas and coffees later, before the two officers departed. There was only really time to get the boys showered and into bed. As usual Luke climbed in with me. When I say as usual, there are two variations on this. The first is when Luke asks if he can sleep with me and I say yes. The second is when either he doesn’t ask, or I say No. In that instance he will go to bed in his own bed but will be in mine by midnight – often without my knowing he is there until much later. One of these nights I will try saying no after midnight, just to see how long it takes him. On this occasion I could see no point in saying no – as indeed there wasn’t. “Goodnight Luke.” TO BE CONTINUED. If you’ve enjoyed this story you’d probably enjoy other stories by the same author, also on Adult/Youth. “Marooned”, “Letter from America”, ” Stranger on a train” and “The Boston Tea Party” are all by this author, as is, “The Pen-Pals” (on Young Friends). You would also probably like “A Neglected Boy” by Jacob Lion. Pictures of some of the characters in this story can be found on Jacob’s bly/jonah-stories.html My thanks go to Jacob for his generosity and hard work in making this available.

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