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Subject: I’m Sorry I Hit Your Car, Sir I parked and hurried up to the door, rang the doorbell, and waited. After a little wait, he opened the door. He was a little older but not too much, taller than me, graying hair, broad shoulders. I said, “I’m sorry I hit your car, sir. Just please don’t call my dad. I’d get in a lot of trouble.” He was a little upset and looked out past me to his car parked along the neighborhood road in front of his house. I followed him out to it to look. I showed him how there wasn’t even a scratch or anything on it, just that the side mirror was nudged. It’s so great that they make them so they’ll swivel instead of getting broken off. He seemed relieved, maybe a little annoyed. I followed him back to the house. “Well, now. I don’t think there’s anything to get upset about here. But maybe your dad should know anyway. I bet he’d go easy on you this time,” he said. I told him that he wouldn’t and basically begged him not to contact my dad. I said that I wanted to do the right thing and tell him and then I saw that it wasn’t even anything and just didn’t want to get into trouble with my dad. “What would your dad do?” “Well, it’s a little embarrassing… but I still get spanked.” He had a strange look on his face. He was surprised. I looked young but he was obviously not familiar with guys my age still getting spanked. We were inside, sitting. I just kept pleading and apologizing. He was slowly asking me questions. I confirmed that I don’t get grounded or lose car privileges or anything like that. I confirmed that if he decided to, that I’d give him the number to call my dad and that I’d be in for a spanking when I got home. I confirmed that it would be a for-real spanking. I begged him please. I asked him if there was anything else we could do instead, any other way. He slowly, cautiously started to answer that, “well, maybe you should get a spanking… one way or another.” Then his eyes came back to meet mine. I got what he was thinking and helped him along, “Well, maybe you could just do it instead?” I explained that I didn’t want my dad to be disappointed about something like this, even though it wasn’t really anything, right? Finally, we got to it. He was gonna take me down to his basement and give me a spanking, and that would be izmit escort the end of it. We walked down the steps to a furnished basement with old furniture. I could tell that he didn’t know how to get started. I went ahead and stood next to this chair and leaned over it. He looked at me standing there with my butt sticking out. He stepped over next to me and held his hand against my butt. Without saying anything, he gave me one hard smack. His finger made almost a knocking noise against the wallet in my back pocket. My khakis were fairly thin, but they still shielded the impact. “How was that?” he asked. I told him that I couldn’t really feel it that much. He asked if my dad usually spanks me with my pants on. I told him never. He thought for a second or two and then said, “…well, then, you should, take those, down, then…” “Yes, sir,” I responded and undid my belt, unbuttoned my button, unzipped my zipper, opened the flaps of fabric, and pushed everything down my legs into a wrap around my ankles. I got back into bent-over position and felt him observe how my socks towered up my legs above the khakis, how the bottom of my button-up shirt hung down around my waist and draped over the curve of my butt, with just a hint of my underwear beneath. He stepped back a step and then stepped closer, reaching out his hand to pull up the curtain of my shirt and rest it on my back, revealing my butt now in just underwear. I felt his hand again at its place, flat fingers and palm. It glided along the lower edge and then rose up against the firm mounds of muscle. pat, pat, he gave two little gentle pats on my ass. I leaned over, sticking it out, clenching it in advance of his swat. SMACK! came his hand with a swing. I felt it and winced. He pulled back again and SMAKKKKK!! The second one felt stronger. I bounced. “Is that what it feels like… when your, dad? does it?” he asked. I could tell that he wasn’t sure if he was doing it right but also wanted to talk about it as it was happening. I helped him know that he was doing it right, and through conversing about it after each hit landed, he started asking about my underwear. His fingernails clawed at the elastic ridges of the waistband, and the pads of his fingertips slip inside, one time sliding along the hidden skin. yahya kaptan escort He asked me if my dad ever had me take them down too or maybe he just took them down himself off of me. I said, “he decides. So now you can decide.” With me still in position, bent over his chair with my back not quite flat and the bottom of my shirt pulled up and folded over to expose my ass, he held the waistband of my underwear and slid it all down my legs and past my knees to the floor. I looked ahead but I felt him looking at what was now on display. Then I felt his hand rub around before striking. SLAP! CRACK! PAP! The noises now has a sting, and his hand now did too. I felt my skin jiggle with each meeting and start to blush. He mentioned that his hand started to sting already. I mentioned that sometimes my dad will give his hand a break and use something else. We talked about that as he rubbed my red cheeks. He said that maybe he’d try giving me his belt. I told him it was up to him. He undid his belt and slid it out, and his pants fell to his ankles. They must’ve been pretty loose. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside. He paused, standing next to me in a sweatshirt and some loose boxers that only reached midway down his thighs. “Is this okay?” he asked. I said it was up to him. He folded his belt over, and I heard the buckle jangle. He stepped up next to me and gave me a gentle swat with the flat, leather strap, just patting with it. Then he gave me a sting that shook through the air and snapped my skin. I stifled a moan between my lips, and he talked about the red rectangle that was already emerging on my rear end. His fingers examined it. He put the belt down and looked around the room. He grabbed a big remote control and held it, gently waving it behind me, never really smacking with it. Then he stopped, did something I couldn’t see behind me, and stood closer to me. Then I felt something stiff and smooth bang against my butt. It slid along, under the curve of my butt. As he patted me with it, he wasn’t swinging his arm like before, but was now rotating his hips to smack me with it. Then he stepped back, fumbling with his loose clothes. He told me to stand up, and when I did and faced him, I had my hands covering the front of me. gebze escort I was trying to cover the front of me, but there was no covering it, and I could tell that he could see it anyway. I was fully hard and had been for a while there. He stared. “I’m sorry, sir. Sometimes, it just happens.””Oh, well…. that’s alright. No need to try to hide it.” I think he had thought we were done but then we just stood there, facing each other. He asked if that was usually how it ended. I told him that sometimes my dad puts me in different positions for the last few spanks. He said that we should do that now too, and asked me to explain them. I said that sometimes I’d go over his lap. He sat down and adjusted his boxer shorts a little and waited for me. I explained the position as I draped myself over his lap and over the couch. My hardon was poking against his leg, and I asked if I could adjust it. I said sir. He let me move it so it wasn’t hurting me. He said he was getting warm, and I could see sweat stains under his armpits. He asked if it was alright if he took his shirt off. I told him it was up to him. He pulled it off, and I looked at his muscles and chest hair. Five more firm, slow slaps came down. As each did, I bucked against his leg. I felt my dick poking into him, and I thought I might also be feeling something poking my side. His hand stopped and rested on my ass, now confidently petting. He asked if that was it or maybe there was something else. I got up, stood in front of him. He was just in loose boxers. I leaned over his shoulder like I had leaned over his chair, and I stood there, waiting. I had to explain that he should reach around to spank me. As he did, and as each spank landed, I pushed against him. My hard dick poked him. It even slid into his armpit for a second on one. He held my body closer to him. As one firm SMACK! broke the air and bucked me into him, I came. With three firm jets and then a few more pulses, I shot all over his chest and shoulder. I leaned back and apologized. He looked at it. He said it was okay. “That’s alright son,” he said. “I think you’ve learned your lesson. Why don’t you pull your pants up and head out now? I’ve gotten something I need to do now.” I pulled up and just left him there, apologizing again and thanking him for agreeing to spank me. On the way out, I thought to myself how my plan worked, and how I couldn’t wait to tell my dad. Did you like this story? Have you read my others under Prolific Authors? Have you donated to Nifty? Email me about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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