I’m an Exhibitionist…Deal with it! (Part F

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I’m an Exhibitionist…Deal with it! (Part FI’m an Exhibitionist…Deal with it! (Part Five)All morning hubby had been asking me what I intended to do with the guys.Would I fuck them all separately or would I take them all on at once. He was relishing our new lifestyle choice and clearly took great sexual satisfaction from my recent unfaithful activities. He enjoyed guys fucking me as much as I enjoyed them fucking me. He knew how much I loved cock and how much I loved to see or feel a cock empty its sticky white load. He knew I loved the taste and smell of cock and that I loved licking my own cum off a cock. I told him that every cock there would be inside me at least once, in the hole of their choice.He was excited beyond belief at what I was about to do and had now settled into an agitated state of sexual frenzy. If he was like this before I went, he would probably have an aneurism when I returned regaling the events and hopefully showing him photographs and videos.I assured him that I would call him later this evening to say goodnight but I might also leave the phone on and he could hear me being fucked if he’d like that.He just grinned and nodded.I’d packed a bag last night just before going to bed, inside of which I’d placed a few pairs of fishnet stockings, my see through negligee robe, my newly acquired Red leather thigh length boots, a pair of spike heeled black shoes, my wet look Black Basque, some flavoured condoms, some electronic buzzing cock rings, a huge black latex cock with a suction base, a few vibrators, some fresh wipes, my make-up and perfume, some towels, two bottles of baby oil and some anal lube.I was wearing my good old ½ cup PVC bra with matching high waisted garter belt. On my legs I wore a pair of sheer black seamed stockings. Accompanying them I’d chosen a stylish pair of black spike heeled ankle boots. My black Lycra opera gloves adorned my arms and my new shiny black pop stud thong covered my still tan lined pussy. The thong popped at the tiny triangle that covered my mound, allowing me to slide the thong from the back to the front and then reveal my cunt!Hubby suggested I wear the white dress I wore in Tenerife when I first encountered the guys, saying it would spark some very sexy memories plus all the black underwear would show through and look incredibly slutty. Hubby was right. It did show off my body curves and it would give the guys an indication of what was about to come! Helping me into the dress, he smoothed the clinging material lovingly over every curve.“How is your pussy feeling after Fridays antics?” He enquired“It feels like it needs a good workout!” I smiled sexily.“Well you know these guys better than me. And I remember that it wasn’t your pussy that got the cock action that night!” He teased“Don’t worry! I’ve packed some anal lube just in case it’s needed!” I comforted him.“Needed? You’re going to be surrounded by five hard cocks and you only have three working holes. Of course it’s going to be needed!” he laughedI gave him a soft kiss, brushing my lips across his open mouth, as I softly rolled my tongue along his teeth and tongue. He placed his hands on my pierced nipples, manipulating them over the shiny clingy material of the white dress. My mouth covered his as I began to moan from the sexual pleasure his touch was delivering.Breaking free from the kiss I said“You’ll get me too horny and then I’ll have to stay here and fuck you!”“No you have to go and see the guys they’ll be waiting for you!”I picked up my cell phone and gave Scott a ring.Scott’s phone answered almost immediately.“Becky? Is that you?” he answered nervously.“Hi Scott I’m just ringing to tell you I’m on my way and should be there in about 20 minutes!”“Thank fuck for that! I thought you were ringing to cancel!” He blurted“No chance! I need to see my holiday Romeos again and catch up!”“Well you’ll be pleased to know they’re all here but we also have another guest here our friend Jeff. We hope that’s ok?” He queried“Of course it’s ok. Make sure you place a few chairs in a semi circle and make sure there is a chair for me! As soon as I arrive I think we should get started!”“Don’t you want a couple of drinks first and a bit of a chat with the guys?”“OK that sounds fine by me but I’ll be standing around half naked, so I think it only fair that you guys should be revealing a bit of flesh!” I teased.“See you when you get here. Drive safely!” Then Scott hung up. The background noise told me that the guys were in good spirits, maybe a little raucous but in good spirits nonetheless. I said my goodbyes to hubby and gathered up my bags. Placing them in the car I then drove short the journey over to Scott’s.As I pulled up in the car parking space he advised I looked up at the building. It was a four storey building and each apartment looked huge from out here. Every floor had a Balcony type patio for entertaining and relaxing. The windows were floor to ceiling and where the balconies were it was as though the whole wall was glass.If I was dancing in that room and the d****s were open I would be on display to anyone passing. This gave me a little tingle in my pussy. I walked up to the lobby door and pressed Scott’s bell. The intercom door opened and I entered the lobby. Scott’s flat was on the top floor, the penthouse. As I walked toward the elevator, the doors opened and Scott bounced out. Putting his arms around my waist he picked me up off my feet and placed his lips on mine. I returned his kiss with just a hint of tongue and wrapped my stocking clad legs around his waist. A place my legs had visited previously when he fucked my ass in Tenerife. Kissing him deeply, moans began to emanate from my throat as my sexual arousal began.My stomach was doing flips with sexual excitement as Scott placed me back on terra firma.Guiding me into the lift he carried my bags and pressed the button for the 4th floor. The elevator was mirrored floor to ceiling so I fixed my hair and straightened my long PVC trench coat. Scott said “It’s great to see you again the guys are gonna flip!”“What will they do when they see this?” I said opening my coat and giving him a glimpse of everything beneath. My white clingy dress was totally transparent as the black shiny underwear beneath revealed itself through the gossamer material. Looking at my reflection I could see that my pink nipples were standing too attention and poking the thin garment.“Fucking hell!” he sighed “I thought you were horny as fuck in Tenerife, but this is another planet!” he exclaimed “So you’re a real life Stripper?”“And proud of it!” I enthused“Looking like you do, you should definitely be proud of it!”The lift reached the 4th floor as the doors began to open. I closed my coat and Scott carried my bags out of the lift and into his apartment. The guys were all waiting in the lounge area having a drink and watching some porno of Blonde girl with big tits, wearing a Waspie and sucking a group of guy’s cocks. Art imitating life I thought!The guys heard my high heels click on the wooden floor and turned in unison“Becky!” was the rousing cheer as they all came over to greet me.Each guy gave me a big and a kiss on the cheek. For what was about to unfold I thought this was most chivalrous and very noble. Cheekily all the guys had a name tag which was a reference to our night in Tenerife when no one’s name was mentioned. This hadn’t occurred to me and it dawned on me just how much of a slut I was that night, being fingered, sucking cock, having my pussy licked, photographed, finger blasted and fucked up the ass without knowing the name of any of my sexual partners. This turned me on tremendously. I noticed the new guy Jeff. He was about 6 feet tall with short brown hair. He was quite buff wearing a white shirt unbuttoned to hairless chest. He was wearing combat trousers with flip flops shoes. He was quite handsome in a roguish sort of way and had the sexiest smile with a cute dimple. I went up to Jeff, shook his hand as he leant in to kiss my cheek and I whispered in his ear.“I’ve not had the pleasure of you yet?” smiling I moved away from him and asked Scott where I could put my bags.Scott took my hand and escorted me to his bedroom. Opening the door he nodded for me to enter. The bedroom was large with three white walls. The fourth wall was a floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobe. The floor was a beautiful natural wood which my heels clicked noisily on. There was a 42” flat screen TV on the wall facing the bed which just so happened to be a king sized four poster. There were just a couple of black and white photographs’ of New York City adorning the walls. The en suite bathroom was more of a wet room tiled in a white marble design.“Put your bags anywhere you want as only you and I will be coming in here!”“Thanks babe!” I smiled “I bet that casino siteleri bed has seen some action?” I teased“Hopefully it will get a lot more action if you’re staying?” he enquiredI walked over to him slowly; placing my right gloved hand on his swollen crotch I began to massage his cock through his loose fitting trousers. Brushing my lips against his, I slowly swirled my tongue on his. Breaking away I looked him in the eye and said.“When these guys leave, I’m all yours tonight and I mean all night. Let me freshen up and then I’ll put on some stockings and garters for you and you can fuck me all night. Every hole is yours tonight. Now I’ll hang up my coat and we’ll get this party started!”I removed my PVC Mac revealing my sexual apparel. Scott’s eyes were on beanstalks.“When I start my dance there is a small bag there” I said pointing to the Black toiletries bag “I’ll need to put that under my chair before I start as it has some of my creams and props in which I’ll be using during my striptease!” Scott picked up the bag and said “I’ll take it now, let’s get through the lounge and get you a couple of drinks!”“Hold on a second I’ll need you to help me first!” I said turning round so I had my back to him. I bent over arching my back as dress rode up over my butt cheeks. Pulling my thong to one side I displayed by tight puckered ring to him. Handing him the tube I said“Put some of this anal lube inside me would you lover?”Scott took the tube from my hand and smearing a dollop on his finger, he slid the greased digit straight inside my ass. I moaned softly as he worked the lube into my asshole getting as deep as his finger would reach. Removing his finger he said “I can’t wait to fuck you!”“You and me both and remember when these all leave I’m all yours! C’mon let’s get out there!”We walked into the lounge to a loud cheer and wolf whistles as the guys applauded my sexy slut stripper look. There was a long mirror in Scott’s hallway and where I was standing I could see my reflection. The black lingerie peering through the white skin tight dress looked outrageously slutty. The guy with the huge cock, who now I knew was called Josh came over and smiled.“Becky that dress has never looked sexier and I can’t wait to see it laying on the floor!” he grinned.Pulling me closer to him by my narrow waist, he kissed me slowly then handed me a glass of champagne. Sipping the champagne I whispered in his ear“When the dress does come off, later on I’m going to try that cock on for size, and this time I think it will slide in my pussy! I hope you don’t get stage fright!” I giggledHe held my hand and placed on his monster which had grown to full size beneath his tracksuit bottoms. “Mmmm!” I purred holding his hard cock through the thin material “Once a few of the guys have lubricated me we’ll give this b**st a try shall we? I think we may even see if it fits in my ass!”“Looking forward to it already!” he smirked. Scott came over next with Eddie. Eddie was the first guy who asked me to dance and was the first one to finger my pussy. Eddie was also wearing tracksuit bottoms with a white T-shirt.His body looked every bit as good as I remembered. “Have a few drinks more then we’ll get started shall we?” said Eddie“Eddie I’m here to get naked with you guys and go a lot further than we did in Tenerife. You don’t need to get me tipsy; I’m wet already thinking of enjoying what you guys have to offer, I just hope you like the show?”Scott and Eddie both smiled.“Whenever you want to get started then honey?”“Get the seats in a semi circle, put some sexy music on and I’ll get started!”Scott and Eddie told all of the guys to get their chairs in a half circle as the show was about to commence. Eddie went over to the music system and put some very sexy music on while Scott placed my bag of tricks beneath my chair. Scott looked at the guys and introduced me to my audience“Gentleman I give you the hottest and best piece of ass ever, the incredible sexy Becky!”The guys gave me a round of applause as I dance my way into the middle of the room. Facing the guys I smiled then blew them all a kiss as I made my way over to the chair. With my back to my captive audience I leant against the chair with both gloved hands holding the back of it. Arching my back I pushed my ass in the air and slowly parted my legs. My dress slowly rode up over my ass cheeks revealing my thin leather look thong separating my ass cheeks. My legs were about three feet apart as I turned my head to look over my shoulder. All eyes were on the thin strip of material concealing my pussy and ass.“Fuck that’s bringing back sweet memories!” one the guys ushered“Hell yeah!” I pantedPlacing my ass on the edge of the seat I straddled the chair and began to twerk my ass like some gangsta rap slut. My leather look thong slid into my pussy crack revealing my hairless fleshy pussylips to the guys.“Yeah! Fucking sweet memories” said another voice.“For me too!” I pantedI went to position myself just off the chair slightly when I noticed that the d****s were open and as it was broad daylight, anyone could look in and see this PVC clad slut tormenting a group guys.My pussy juices obviously liked this scenario and I continued my dance. I lifted myself from the chair and spun round to face my audience. My dress had rode up above my thong covered pussy, showing how tight the flimsy garment had stretched and clung to my mound revealing my shaved camel toe. Four of the guys had their iPhones out recording my dance and I noticed directly behind them a video camera on a tripod with the record light twinkling.I nodded my approval to the guys and said“Nice work fellas! Remember I’d like a copy too!” I smiled“Consider it done!” said Scott as he pressed a remote control and the image from the camera was displayed on the 50 inch wall mounted flat screen TV.Moving over to Jeff my newest victim I slid my shiny stockinged legs either side of his and slowly gyrated my way to his crotch. To reach his crotch my dress had worked its way further up and was now way above my butt cheeks. Jeff placed his hands on my curvy taut butt cheeks and began to knead them gently. I slid my thong covered opening slowly back and forth over Jeff’s very impressive bulge. Blowing softly in his ear I told him to hold the hem of my dress and lift it over my head. Jeff obeyed willingly .grabbing the hem with both hands he began to smooth the dress up my body. Raising my arms in the air the white sheath slid off my body to the applause of the guys. Gyrating on Jeff’s lap I offered my pierced nipple to his mouth. He expertly nibbled my right nipple and rubbed the left one with his right thumb and fore finger. I placed my right gloved hand under his chin and tilted his head up to meet mine. My lips brushed his lips as we began a long lingering tongue kiss. My gyrations were still in action as he kissed and tongued my mouth, holding my breasts and tweaking my erect nipples. My cunt was fizzing with excitement now and the room had got quieter. The mood had changed now from fun and frivolous to an outright hardcore sex mood. I stood up from Jeff and made my way to Eddie’s seat. I turned my back to Eddie and rested my ass on his lap. Eddie was sitting in possession of a full blown erect as I rotated my hips in a figure of eight movement, feeling his cock separate my ass cheeks. The thong had now ridden inside my pussy and was causing sensational friction feelings on my puckered ring. I placed a gloved hand on my tight covered mound and rubbed the thin wet look material as I placed my head into Eddies shoulder. Turning my face up to his, I offered my mouth to Eddie.He kissed my lips softly as he nibbled my lower lip. I took his hand and placed it on the wet look material covering my hairless mound. His other hand massaged my bare breasts as I continued with our soft kiss. As his hand gently rubbed the material into my shaved pussy I broke our kiss and whispered to him to snap the two front poppers on the wet look thong. Eddie pulled the material a little toward my pussy as the tension in the poppers released them from the clasps. The thin strip of material flopped forward revealing my shaved cunt. All of the guys in unison leaned forward to view my exposed slit. Eddies fingers were grazing my slit gently as his index finger forced its way between my pussylips. I opened my legs wide whilst sitting on Eddies lap as his finger wormed its way inside my tight hole. Nibbling his neck I whispered to him to finger fuck my pussy. All of the guys heard this and roared their approval. One of them, obviously over excited bellowed.“Yeah Eddie finger fuck the slut!”I pushed my pussy down on to Eddies searching finger as a second finger joined in. Eddies two fingered twiddled with my pussy walls send waves of ecstasy through canlı casino my pussy. I asked Eddie to put his other hand down there and hold my pussy open. Eddies hand joined the antics as two more of his fingers joined in. Holding my cunt open for me I opened my legs high and wide. My cunt and asshole were on view to my select audience, plus if anyone was looking in through the windows they would have caught the view also. With my sex holes on view I asked if one of the guys would lick my cunt. Leaning back and kissing Eddie, I felt someone’s hot breath on my pussylips; the slithering wet warm tongue snaked its way inside my hole.Lapping at my pussy like a cat with cream, the expert tongue wriggled inside my pussy divinely. My orgasm was approaching rapidly as I rode the face of my assailant. Rubbing my shaved pussy in to the face of my cunnilingual conquest, I began to breathe heavily as the orgasm took over my being. My labia lover was rubbing the flat of his tongue powerfully on my clitoris. Two of his fingers slid inside my well lubed pussy as he hooked his fingers forward, reaching the spongy flesh of my Gspot. Pressing his fingers onto the flesh he began to move them at great speed. I sat up rapidly, looking down at my pussy, as his hand moved like a blur. A huge orgasmic sensation was building. My legs were wide open as were my eyes as I looked around the room to see all eyes on my pussy. I went to thrust at his fingers but the orgasmic sensations were turning my legs to jelly. A huge tingling sensation grew inside my pussy and continued to gain momentum. His fingers were working me over, giving me orgasm after orgasm in a continuous stream. His thumb rested on my clitoris, and then the sexual fireworks within my pussy exploded. A gushing stream of clear liquid ejaculated from my pussy, then a second plume followed by a third and final deluge. I could hear myself panting “Oh Fuck yessss!” followed by a long throaty moan.The guys all cheered as my cum slithered down the arm of my labia lover. I looked him in the eye with my own eyes half closed in orgasmic delight and whispered“Thanks Dan!” I should have known who it was. Dan was the guy who finger blasted me on the crowded Dance floor and took a few photos afterwards. It was pleasing to know he hadn’t lost any of his deft fingering skills, but how much of that kind of orgasmic intensity my pussy could handle was debatable. I wanted to enjoy all of these guys and I most certainly wanted them to enjoy me and my body and all it had to offer. Every hole would be available today for their pleasure and obviously mine, so the finger blasting would need to be limited.Dan’s fingers were still inside my pussy as he gently stroked and soothed my vaginal walls.The squelching of my pussy could be heard all around the room. Still all eyes were on my pussy with the two fingers gently fucking it!I smiled at the guys and made a sort of giggling moaning sound. Leaning my head back I put my arms around Eddie’s neck and pulled his face closer to mine and began to tongue his mouth.Dan removed his fingers from my pussy and stood up beside me. His cock was at eye level and I turned from Kissing Eddie to licking Dan’s cock as slowly and as sluttily as possible. I slid off Eddies lap slowly with Dan’s cock still in my mouth. My thong flopped onto the wooden floor with the metal poppers making a clanging sound. Kneeling in front of Dan I place one hand on his shaft and the other tickled his balls gently. I felt my legs being encouraged to part more as the tip of Scott’s cock slid inside my pussy. Scott slid the length in slowly as the heat from his cock delighted the walls of my pussy, Taking Dan’s cock out of my mouth for a second; I turned to Scott smiling and said in my best sultry tone.“Fuck me good lover, but no one comes inside me!”Scott winked and smiled and continued thrusting his glorious cock in my cunt.Putting Dan’s cock back between my lips I began to perform a sensual blowjob for my captive audience. Slobbering all over Dan’s impressive cock, I held the shaft as my full lips began working his cock and the room. Scott was really giving my pussy a nice slow sensual fuck and from the sound of Dan’s breathing he would be unloading very soon. I had a little plan which I chose to share with all my victims.“No one is to come inside me! Someone get a brandy glass and every guy is to come in that, then later I’ll drink it!”“Fucking Hell!!!” I have no clue who said this only that it was more than one voiceDan began to shake sporadically as he informed he was about to come. Eddie passed me the brandy glass and I placed it under the rim of Dan’s bulbous cock end. A glorious arc of hot sticky spunk splashed into the wide brimmed glass. Three shuddering spasms of Dan’s cream completed the act as I took his wilting cock into my mouth and willingly cleaned his weapon. The glass was now holding one full complement of spunk. Four more to go, then I can enjoy a testosterone cocktail. Placing the glass on the leather bound coffee table I enjoyed the sensations of Scott fucking me. Scott said he was going to cum but wanted to cum in my mouth.I turned my body to get Scott’s cock in my mouth as I gave him a sensational blow job just as his cum erupted in my mouth. Not spilling a drop I collected every spurt then brought the Brandy glass to my lips and let every drop spill into the glass. The guys cheered in unison.As I removed the glass from my lips, placing the glass on the coffee table, I asked Scott to pass me my little bag of tricks. Scott handed me the small bag as I unzipped it and pulled out an eight inch long life like vibrator.I rested my shoulders and back on the coffee table as I perched on my high heels, opening my legs wide displaying my pussy to my audience. I licked my lips seductively with just the hint of a smile and slowly pushed the vibrator in to my pussy. Pushing myself further on to the coffee I raised my legs in the air and opened them wide holding my ankles. I squeezed my pelvic floor muscles as the vibrator slowly slid out of my pussy. I then tensed my pelvic floor muscles and reversed the process as the vibrator slid back inside my pussy as though something was sucking it inwards. The guys roared their approval at my little party trick, so I repeated the act about six times. Eddie picked me up with the vibrator still inside me. He positioned me in a reverse cow girl role and slid his cock up my ass as I leant back into his chest. He held my legs toward my breasts and asked me to do my trick again. I clenched my pelvic floor muscles to make the vibrator move in and out. The sensations this was causing inside my ass, had Eddie exclaiming “Oh my fucking god! Her ass is so tight!” I turned the vibrator on full as the vibrations pulsed through my pussy walls and oscillated inside my ass. Eddie said he would cum if this kept up, so I gyrated my hips with the vibrator jammed in my pussy and Eddies cock thrust up my ass, sending him blissfully over the edge.I asked Scott to pass the Brandy glass as I took Eddies cock from my ass and let his com splash on my bald pussy and taut stomach. Eddie kindly left a remarkable delivery of wonderful cum which I scooped off my flesh and let drip into the Brandy glass. Three down three to go!Removing the vibrator I licked the length for effect and placed it back in my back. I took out a couple of fresh wipes and gave my ass and pussy a quick clean, throwing the wipes over to the other side of the lounge. Jeff now came toward me lifting from the coffee table; sitting himself in his chair, he guided me to straddle his thighs as I lowered myself onto his impressive cock. As his cock slid inside my pussy he cupped my breast as I lowered my mouth over his. Swapping saliva with our tongues he twisted my pierced nipples gently but enough to bring them to full attention. I placed my hands around his neck and continued our passionate kiss as we fucked each other. As I slowly rode his cock, enjoying the girth and length, moans were emanating from my throat, detailing how much pleasure the guys were giving me.I felt the tip of a cock bang at my puckered ring. In an instant a cock was inside my ass and I was experiencing my first double penetration with real cocks.This was Derek fucking my ass just as he’d done in Tenerife when he took me and my ass beside the smoking area outside the nightclub. Derek’s cock was the smallest of the group thankfully, as they way he was ploughing it into my ass would have been too much if it were bigger, but at this length it worked fine I was enjoying a very pleasurable anal orgasm when Jeff said he was about to cum. I couldn’t get off Jeff’s cock as Derek was attempting to tear me a new asshole in an enjoyable way. There was nothing left for it but to let both guys unload kaçak casino inside me. Derek was holding my PVC clad waist as he emptied first. Eddie was standing closest to me so I asked him to pass the brandy glass. As Jeff emptied his seed deep inside me, I drank the contents of the glass in one gulp, to the loud cheers of the gang. Strangely the sperm cocktail tasted quite pleasant as it slithered down my throat. Derek removed his cock from my ass first as little trickles of seed oozed out of my ring. Jeff’s cock slid out as the remnants of his delivery began to flow out with his cock. I stood in the middle of the room with a fresh cleaning the spunk from my ass and then from my pussy.Asking Scott if he could pour some brandy in the sperm cocktail glass, I looked over at Josh and said “Give me a few minutes to freshen up then you and I will give these guys a show!”Scott handed me the glass of Brandy with just a hint of jism. Downing the contents in one I told Josh to come over here and give me that enormous length. Josh removed his T-shirt over his head as I sat on the coffee table. Placing my gloved hands on the waist band, I slowly slid his tracksuit bottoms down, revealing his enormous cock to the crowd. His huge cock sprung upwards toward his stomach.I placed my gloved right hand at the base and my gloved left hand began to fondle his huge dangling balls.Smiling at the guys, I slowly licked the entire length of his cock, licking his balls in the process.Closing my eyes, I swirled my tongue around the huge bulbous head, sliding his foreskin back and forth as I tasted the wonderful length of meat.Josh began to moan as he held my head and encouraged me to take as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I sucked his cock in this fashion for about five minutes, and if I had continued then Josh would have probably blown my head clean off judging by the weight of his balls.I looked Josh in the eyes as I sucked him, gently nibbling and licking the end and said“Fuck me now!”Josh sat on his chair as I got up from the coffee table and made my way over to Josh to get my cunt stretched and impaled by this wonderful specimen.Placing a high heeled boot either side of Josh legs, I held my pussy open and placed the tip of his cock in my pussy. The sensations I experienced in Tenerife repeated themselves.My pussy juices flowed down the length of his stiff elongated shaft. My pussy was greasing this cock up so it could enter me and fuck me senseless.I placed my hands on Josh’s neck, brushing my lips over his, with my hot panting breath, whispering to him to fuck me. I slowly and deliberately I slid down the length of his cock until every inch was inside me.Tears were rolling down my cheeks from the hot searing pain of his huge cock and the most delicious erotic sensations from his huge cock. I remained still for a brief moment with the cock inside me to the hilt to allow myself to familiarize myself with this monster. The feeling of fullness can never satisfactorily be described. The sensations were making me feel faint they were so bewildering.Josh lifted me up still impaled on his cock and laid me down on the coffee table.I was able to open my legs wider giving me a brief respite from the pain and more chance to enjoy the pleasure. My legs were high and wide as I held my ankles.Josh slid almost the entire length of his cock out of my pussy then very slowly slid the entire length back in. He repeated this action and I could hear the guys saying how stretched my cunt was and that my pussylips being dragged out and pushed in.This sensation was giving me the most wonderful trembling mini orgasms.The tingling and fizzing of my pussy overloaded and I begged Josh to fuck me.Josh gave me his length with more speed as my pussy gripped his phenomenal cock.Holding my tits the sexual burning drove through my entire body and it was if my entire being was erogenous. My orgasm was the most intense I’ve ever experienced. Fluids burst from my pussy as the greatest cock in history fucked me with abandon.Josh said he was coming and I begged him to come on my face.Josh removed his enormous cock and a forceful delivery of thick hot cum splashed all over my face. The second spurt carried just as much liquid then the third spasmed as the intensity tailed off.Cameras were flashing everywhere as my cum covered face was photographed from every angle.Josh received a round of applause and lots of pats on the back.I told the guys I would freshen up and be back in five.I went in to the bathroom and wiped the copious amounts of sperm from my face. Giving my teeth a brush I straightened my hair and make-up and returned to the lounge.The guys were wonderful all complimenting me on such a sexy performance and all agreeing that they would have to book me again in the not too distant future.We had been enjoying our sexual antics and totally lost track of time. It was almost 8.30 so all of the guys gave me a goodnight kiss and said they looked forward to my return.Eventually it was just me and Scott left.I said to him “C’mon lets both get a nice refreshing shower, then we can have a relaxing drink then I’m all yours to play with!”Scott was already naked and helped me out of my PVC lingerie. Both naked we climbed into the huge shower and soaped each other’s bodies, kissing and frolicking, we spent a good thirty minutes cleaning ourselves.I told Scott to wait in the lounge as I had a little surprise for him and only him, but to bring the video camera in the bedroom when I called him.I went in to his bedroom, took my black Basque and fishnet stockings out of my bag along with the thigh length Red Soft leather boots. I pulled out the Rabbit vibrator, the anal lube and my own camera.I put the Basque on and fastened the stockings to the garter straps.Putting my feet inside the red boots I pulled the zip all the way up my inner thigh.My Vibrator, anal lube and camera went on the bedside table along with my iPhone.“Scott come in now!” I holleredScott came in and gave a loud wolf whistle.Placing the camera six feet from the side of the bed, he plugged it into the electrical socket and turned it on to record. Standing kissing each other, my garter straps broke free from the stockings.Scott smiled and said“It looks sluttier and well fucked that way!”Kneeling on the bed I told Scott to get behind and put his cock in my pussy.As Scott slid his length in my pussy I grabbed my iPhone and said“I promised my husband I would do this for him!” I said as Scott slid his cock in and out of my pussy.Dialling the number, my husband’s cell phone answered instantly.“Hi honey it’s me as promised!” I said huskily“Hi babe you sound very sexy. Did it go well?” he quizzed“Much better than I thought it could having all of those cocks for me. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home in the morning. There are some photos and a DVD so you’ll see it all!”“Wow! Are you still fucking then?” “There’s just me and Scott left. I’m lying face down on Scott’s four poster bed wearing my tight Basque, fishnets stockings and the new red thigh length boots. My tits have spilled out of the cups and my garter straps have all worked loose. I look quite the slut as Scott is fucking me slowly from behind and it feels divine honey. My pussy, ass and mouth have been well fucked today. Scott is playing with my pierced tits now as he buries his length in me. I’m going to cum again do you want to hear it!” I teased“Fucking hell of course I do!” Hubby snarled“Get your cock in your hand and wank to the sound of Scott fucking me? Once I’ve cum I’m going to get him to fuck my ass. Should I send you a couple of photos honey?” I teased“Yes send me some pics of him fucking you!”“Shall I send some of me sucking Scott’s cock? Should I send some with his cum on my face, some with his cock in my pussy and ass?” I tormentedScott already had his iPhone in his hand as he took pics of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. He then slid his cock up my ass and took a few more. Hubby could hear me moaning and encouraging Scott to fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, cum on my face I then pushed the envelope and said the following to Scott“I love you fucking me Scott, your cock is so much bigger and better than my husband’s!” I heard my husband empty his load at my final act of cuckold. My orgasm was intense as Scott took his cock out of my ass and fucked my pussy wildly. Scott also was about to unload as he knelt before me holding his hard cock. His jism flew across my face landing on my cheeks and nose. The second surge I caught in my mouth and let it trickle onto my lips. Scott took a couple of snaps of this event and then sent them straight to my phone.I told hubby “I’m hanging up now as I have a few pics to send!” I hung up gigglingI immediately sent the photographs’ to hubby’s cell phone and awaited a text.Hubby sent a text saying “Thank you xxxxx”I put my phone on the bedside table and put Scott’s cock to my lips and whispered before placing his cock in my mouth“Let’s just make love slowly all night! Tonight I’m all yours”

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