Illicit Afternoon

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It had all started innocently enough. A simple text that stated, “Hey if I feel better I can come see you this week.”

After nearly four long years of wishing I could see her, the young lady was about to be in my presence again. What followed after her text was light hearted banter back and forth that was thinly veiled flirting leading to an albeit brief in depth description of what I wanted to do to her. It was the type of discussion we had teased each other with way back before I had stopped being her boss. (Now before you begin wondering about that, which will come in another chapter, the origins.)

The morning she was due to visit I was nervous, yes as much as I wanted this I swore it to never happen again after so many years of nothing besides a few phone calls and texts that sometimes ended raunchy but for the most part were pleading for a visit or just catching up on life. This adorable little beauty who was about 13 years younger than I had always held this special place in my heart. Yes, before you delve any deeper we are both also married to other people. (Gasp, shock.)

It was a rough morning as I said before; I rushed to finish picking up the house and getting my child off to school and then went and took a nice long hot shower. Following her progression through her morning via quick messaging and knowing she’d be headed my way shortly. I showered and scrubbed, shaving and making myself as presentable as possible.

I wondered as I stepped out of the shower whether or not I should even bother with boxers or just throw on shorts and a t-shirt. Opting for boxers for no other reason to contain the inevitable hard-on I was sure to have in a few minutes I threw on shorts and a t-shirt and headed out to the living room to play a few quick rounds of candy crush and calm my nerves, anything to get my mind of this raving little sexy minx that was about to arrive at my door. Funny enough our texts this morning had nothing to do with sex. It was like we were both scared to broach the subject, worried about jinxing the meeting.

As she texted to announce her arrival I casually, (ok bullshit, I ran down the stairs to the front door) headed down to greet her. Watching her walk up I felt my heart jump and my stomach knot up. Good lord could we go through with it again, open that box that we had seemingly nailed shut for so long.

“Hello beautiful,” I greeted her with as she opened the storm door.

“Hi,” she said softly with the sexy grin.

Stacy stepped in and quite contrary to what I had told her would happen right away I began a tour of the house my family had moved into and she had never visited yet. As we covered the downstairs the sexual tension and anticipation was so disturbingly thick. I knew I had to make the leap and as we started back towards the front of the house I grabbed her in the hallway.

“You knew this was coming,” I whispered to her as I hugged her tight and then grabbed the back of her head and kissed her deeply our tongues quickly finding one another. God she tasted good. Those czech amateurs porno soft lips, so sweet and full and just as hungry as mine.

Breaking the kiss I lead her through the rest of the home, after a few minutes we made it to the back portion of the upstairs where my bedroom. I looked at her sexy little frame. All of 5’4 inches tall and that light chestnut brown hair just recently chopped down to hang just below her shoulders. I continued my gaze down to her we’ll call them rather large 44DD breasts and her shapely thin waist and sexy ass. Good lord I wanted her and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to resist. I opened my bedroom door and showed her the room and as she turned to leave I grabbed her in the hallway and told her, “Fuck it, let’s go.”

Pulling Stacy in I lead her to the bed which she promptly hopped up on and I pushed her back and kissed those lips again. Now those of you that are wondering if there was guilt, I can honestly say NO! The only way I can reason this is the fact that Stacy and everything with her since I had known her at the tender age of 17 had simply been natural. Yes, there had been an affair with her, yes, I was moving right back into those waters but I had always had feelings for her. Now before you start thinking things started at 17 it wasn’t until she was late 18 possible early 19 that things had happened up until then she had just been a staff member working under me.

Stacy whimpered as I kissed her and her pulls and tugs told me she was eager. The way she grinded her tight little jeans covered kitty up at me only excited me more. I knew she wanted it, even verbally teased her about it and told her that I’d get there when I was ready. The kissing continued for several minutes and our hands wandered the entire time. When I sat up I looked deeply into her eyes.

“Aren’t you hot in that nasty sweatshirt?” I asked.

Even as she was removing it she had glint in her eyes of that playful naughtiness. “I’ve been cold all morning and I’m still cold.”

As that sweatshirt came off the reveal of the large ta-tas came into play and I kissed her and the tops of those glorious globes as she continued her whimpers and kisses. As I lifted up she pulled down the straps to her tank top and then each bra strap freeing the blessed breasts for my feasting. I lavished each with kisses knowing she had missed this contact when we had played before and I had once told her if I ever got to them again I’d make sure she knew I loved them.

Cupping each breast I teased the nipples with my fingers as I continued kissing her and working my way around her neck and down to each nipple. Even as I played she was antsy for more and she pulled off her jeans revealing her lightly stubble covered pussy. Mostly bear with that minimal stubble she looked delicious and I quickly stripped and then leaned down to devour her. My tongue finding her clit and my fingers sliding into her wet center. This girl was drenched before I even slid a finger in. Damn she was sexy and wanted me was czech bitch porno all I could think at the time.

Now I’ll admit as I leaned over her I had hoped she’d take me into her mouth and suck but Stacy is one of those, when I’m in the mood I’ll suck you until you can’t stand it but if I’m not in the mood I’m not doing it at all type girls. In reality I think she really hadn’t given thought to it. I didn’t ask and she was receiving pleasure as her hips rocked up against my tongue and mouth and to be honest it didn’t bother me. Seduce her mind, make her cum and she’ll come back for more was the thought in my head. I admit it was also just too damn good licking and tasting her to stop and mention her sucking on me.

I had lost a little of the raging hard-on I had but she quickly stroked me as I swung around her body and fit myself between those legs. She pulled my cock towards her wet center and then I felt it. That warm, wet, tight sucking sensation inside of her tight little pussy. Drawing me in deeper and deeper. Wanting me to take her and make her realize that six years without this was way too long. Four years without seeing each other at all was also way entirely way too long.

“Stacy damn you feel good,” I whimpered as I pushed the length of my shaft into her.

“MMM so do you,” she replied thrusting her hips up to meet me.

Long deep strokes, she took all 7 and ½ or 8 inches, (nope never measured) inside and damn if it didn’t feel as good as I remembered. Hell, I’d say even better as I slid in and out. Licking and nibbling on her nipples, kissing her, feeling her hands caress my back and ass as she pulled me deeper.

“God, I’ve missed this,” she growled as I sped up the pace fucking her hard for about thirty seconds, watching her face flush and contort in orgasm as I slowed to a near stop and began building up again. Now in hindsight I did this too many times over the next hour as we lay there slowly kissing. Not daring to say the words that both of us thought I’m sure at the time.

Yes, I had really wanted to tell her I loved and missed her, but she knew. I also know she felt the same way as she continued to beg for more. Arching, thrusting, and meeting my every stroke with her own. By now sweat was pouring off of us and it had been nearly an hour of slow sex sprinkled with furious pounding, legs lifted, fucking her hard until she came again.

She smiled throughout and we paused just enough to have light chat and banter as we teased each other. I did ask at one point.

“Stacy, when I cum where do you want in you or on you or somewhere specific?”

“Oh Rob, on me I guess, I’m scared of getting pregnant with another child.”

“Honey,” I said grinning at her, “You know I had my stuff fixed a long time ago no chance of that with me.”

“I know I just worry but,” yeah I cut her off with a kiss. If she wanted me to pull out and cum on her I was fine with that.

About ten minutes later, and yes even I was amazed at my own stamina, I asked again czech casting porno and she grinned up at me and instructed me to cum inside her.

Lifting her legs to bring her knees to my chest I began to pound that tight little pussy hard, long hard, deep and fast strokes knowing she was riding another orgasm as I neared my own.

“You do know we can switch and you can be on top right? Or you do know I’m going to bend you over before we are done and I’m going to hit that from behind right?”

Stacy just continued gazing at me with half shut eyes as I thrust deeply inside her. I slid back out and flipped her over and leaned in. In doing so I nudged that cute little backdoor and had to fight the urge to push as she reaches back and guides me into her kitty again. I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit as she neared another orgasm and her moans were loud as I grabbed her hips and fucked her with all I had.

Like I stated earlier all that edging and furious fucking had just kept me on edge and I knew that I was either going to have to pound her hard or give in soon and call it a day. We had been furiously fucking for over an hour and she felt so damn good I just didn’t want to stop.

“Oh my god I’m not going to be able to walk later,” Stacy cooed, fluffing my ego to a huge bonus level.

“Are you complaining dear?” I asked nearly stopping completely.

“No just fuck me Rob.” She begged.

Grabbing her hips again I leaned over her and fucked her as deep and as hard as I could from behind for about two minutes until she was whimpering and panting and sweat rolled off us both. I finally gave up on achieving the spurting but in truth I had an orgasm myself without spurting. Yes, guys, that can be done if you can control yourself. Trust me this was all about her and enjoying the tryst than shooting a load of cum into her.

I pulled away and leaned over her kissing her. We just basked in that afterglow for a moment before she said she really had to go.

As we dressed I stayed hard, wanting to throw her back down and go again, but I kept myself in check. I led her to the bathroom to pee and then waited on after I dressed myself.

As soon as she walked out of the bathroom I kissed her again and ran my hands over Stacy’s supple body. “You know I’d love to go again right?” I asked her.

“Rob,” she replied, “I’d love it too but, I’m already so sore I can barely walk, I have to go meet Shelly for lunch and oh my god thank you, it’s been too long since I had just really good, dirty, sweaty sex.”

I sat on the couch pulling her down straddling me and talked to her between kisses. While I really wanted to start another round it would be better to let her get out of the house and to her lunch date so no one suspected anything.

I kissed her again and told her, “Stacy, you know since you didn’t get that load of cum this time you’ll have to come back and try again.”

“You can count on that baby.” She whispered in reply.

As I walked her out I couldn’t believe I had just had the greatest sex in probably the last five years of my life just moments ago. I wasn’t eager to let her go but damn watching her walk away and noticing the gentle gait in her step, knowing she was indeed sore from getting thoroughly fucked by me, put a huge grin on my face.

To Be Continued…

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