Ice Cream Orgasm

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Her first date with the sexy Ross was growing closer, and Sue was feeling more and more anxious about meeting the charming fella. After he had asked her out at the gym, they had been exchanging simmering looks for months. They always checked out each other’s perspiring bodies, and that particular day, they had chatted for the first time near the sit-up area. They soon found out that they were comfortable in each other’s company and their conversation flowed brilliantly.

Sue had always loved to work hard in the gym. She didn’t have a care in the world about how she looked to others. She loved to push herself to the limit, often taking up tough boxing sessions or skipping happily with her ipod for a full 30 minutes. Any intense exercise, as long as it didn’t involve the treadmill, crosstrainer or bicycle, satisfied her. After her workout, she knew that her scorching red face didn’t do her much justice, but after a shower, her skin toned looked bright, youthful and full of zest.

The butterflies were flying round in her tummy as she picked out her sexy but elegant outfit. She looked forward to his reaction as he saw her unique style for the first time. He beeped his horn and she locked up her house and sexily walked toward his car, showing confidence, though nervous inside.

She stepped into his expensive, horny devil red coloured convertible with confidence and a mysterious aura. He complimented her and couldn’t take his eyes off her curvaceous body. He had only ever seen her dressed in gym clothes, which showed off her lithe figure. To see her figure in tight clothing that accentuated her shape really made him wonder and brought a shiver of excitement to his thoughts. If first impressions did count, she had impressed him with her style. Their conversation flowed smoothy as he drove to the restaurant.

“Did you watch the fight last Saturday?”

“Who was that, I can’t remember, I think I know who you’re talking about though?”

“Klitschko and Johnson.”

“Oh yeah, yeah I did. Cracking fight. Round three, 2.48 seconds Johnson nearly knocked Klitschko out.”

“Shame it was so near the break. Those seconds are vital to give the body time to recover, any earlier and he’d have been out.”

“Klitschko scored on points didn’t he?”

“Yeah. That’s the way the game goes. I think sometimes boxers get cocky. They don’t try for the whole 12 rounds, I mean fuck those poor boxers who used to have to go the full 15 rounds, including my hero, Balboa, that’s got to be tiresome. Just think of the extra training to get those extra 9 minutes of energy. It can’t have been easy.”

“Nah everything seems to get easier, but who makes these decisions?”

“Anyway it’s a debate I really don’t want to get into tonight. I’ve asked you out because I want to get to know you. You sure work out hard at the gym, believe me I’ve been watching you for months.”

“Now you tell me?”

“Well you’ve never given me a chance to talk to you.”

“You could have talked to me any time.”

“How can I when you’ve got your bloody ipod in, blasting old skool at every opportunity. A guy can’t pull a girl away from her music love.”

“See what you mean. I am a little serious at the gym. Well thank fuck that my ipod battery ran out that day when you asked me out.”

“Yeah I’m glad too.”

They stepped out of his car and walked closely into the restaurant. They were taken to their table which had two groovy leather seats in the corner, and they seated themselves comfortably. She sat opposite him confidently and crossed her legs toward him, showing her self-assured body language. He too sat before her casually, his legs open and ready.

Their conversation turned to music and films and they were soon engulfed in conversation.

“So what was your favourite scene in The Departed Ross?”

“As one of my favourite films, I would have to say the sex scene between the undercover cop and the female psychologist. My God she had good legs.”

“Not as good as mine I hope,” Susie replied, giving him a cheeky wink and sexy smile.

“You always cover your legs at the gym, how am I ever going to see them in the flesh?”

“I don’t. I wear shorts too but you’re never around when I have them on.”

“What a shame. I bet you have hot legs?”

“They’re not bad I suppose.”

“You need more confidence chick. You’re so hot, well if I say so myself.”

Susie blushed and replied “I’m not bad I suppose, but thanks.”

He showed more of his elusive personality around her friendly and open approach. The smiles and seductive glances they could not stray from. She continued to watch his lips mouth words and she experienced herself growing more and more attracted to his charming manner. She thought him a happy, handsome and special guy and there was more intelligence in him than looks alone. He had the exact personality to go with his strong physique, and at no moment in the evening did he come across as arrogant or vain to her. She flirted kemalpaşa escort with him at every available moment and instantly knew he was picking up her signals.

Naturally, throughout the night, they moved closer toward one another. He could read her body language like a professional could. Their hands almost brushed each other, which sent shivers down her spine, arousing her relaxed but engorged clitoris. Their faces almost touched as they browsed the menus. They called the waiter over and ordered their food and a glass of wine for her. She enjoyed her first drink and sunk it down fast to ease her nerves, which she hid well. She flirted her whole body toward him while watching his handsome face, his lips she desperately wanted to kiss, and his interesting ‘about me’ dialogue made her moist between her legs.

She glanced at him and smiled, stroking over her hair and neck seductively. Ross couldn’t take his eyes off her red, pouty lips and elegant neck which he was ready to kiss softly. Their meal arrived and she ate her meal sexily in front of him, very unlike her since she normally wolfed food down due to her fast metabolism, but that night she ate her meal carefully in front of him.

A couple of hours had already passed by and there hadn’t been a silent moment between them. He paid for the meal as a gentleman would, then drove her home. On the way home, in her tipsy state she thought about inviting him in. She didn’t want to appear too eager toward him but her merry state gave her that extra confidence to make the first move on him. “Would you like to see my place Ross?” she asked him directly as he pulled up her drive.

“Sure. It’ll have to be quick though because I told my mate I would be at his place at 11.00 pm.”

She glanced at her watch and saw that it was only 10.10 pm. They didn’t have long but she had a plan of action of her own to buy her more time with him. She opened her door and they stepped in from the chilly air. He stood near her door as she closed it and their faces grew closer. That evening their attraction had grown and the moment to kiss had finally arrived. Their lusty looks were taking over and their animal attraction was ready to unleash.

His pupils stared at hers and they shared their first kiss. Their lips brushed one another softly and his tongue penetrated her mouth with urgent, sexual hunger. He showed such passionate force in his kiss. Their kiss grew more wet, longing and erotic and her only thought was to have penetrative, hard sex with him. His kiss could make her think of nothing else.

She stripped him naked and ran her hands all over his muscular body. His touch drove out her breathy moans and she couldn’t control herself; she just had to confess her sexual desire for him. “Ross you are making me very horny. I can’t let you leave tonight. I want you right now.”

“Oh really. How much?”

“This much,” as she started to unbutton his belt to reach down into his trouser leg for his crotch.

He listened carefully to her erotic words talking pure filth to him and he broke away gently from their kiss. He didn’t want to leave her, especially when his erection was as hard as it was. “Come on cocky girl, let’s find out how wet you really are.”

He pinned her against the wall, stared into her eyes and teased a hand between her legs. Her sexual juices lubricated his hand instantly, saturating him and he loved the warm sensation.

She looked down at his crotch, catching it twitch with eager delight. He gave her the reply that she needed. “You’re a very naughty girl. You enticed me here with your wickedly sexual charm and now I have experienced your river of lubrication, you’re right, I can’t leave you. Your juices are ready to fall onto my tongue. I want you bad, sexy.”

“Now that’s what I wanted to hear. Say you want me Ross, tell me how much you want me right now?”

“Girl, I want your sex bad. Your scent is driving me insane.”

She reached into his trousers for his hardness and let it escape. She brushed her fingers over his pre-cum flowing tip and made him quiver a moan. As soon as she touched his throb for the first time his body shook. He stood before her, half naked and they closed their eyes and tried to reach their destination: the bedroom.

Their hands groped one another and they struggled to stop their sexual frustration, the fire in their genitals causing them pain. Finally, they reached the bed, fell onto it hard and stripped one another with fiery instinct. She had to admire his body as he lay in front of her; every inch of him screamed all man with his muscular, toned physique.

Her body was equally hot: curvaceous and tanned. He took a second to glance over her feminine curves before his mind took over and he started to caress his hands and tongue over her figure. He pushed her onto the bed and his rampant licks moisturised her shins, causing her body to turn goose pimply. His hungry licking action caused a shiver konak escort to race up her spine and aroused her nipples into hard peaks. Her breasts were firm to his touch and he loved their perfect size for his large, masculine hands. He kissed them ever so gently to tease every bone in her body. His lips were soon between her legs, hungrily lapping up her saturation.

The more he licked her scent, the more he grew attracted to her flavour. His tongue circled her pulsating clitoris and forced a loud, pleasurable moan from between her shapely lips. He pushed a finger into her wet slit to feel her river and he couldn’t believe the delight after only a few minutes of foreplay. His finger reached her g-spot and he pressed it firmly while she moaned against his ear, tickling it a little. “Wow! You’re extremely wet Susie. It turns me on so much.”

“Shut up and kiss me now Ross?” she insisted and he moved his tongue, full of her love juices, towards her pouting lips and kissed her hard.

“I can taste myself on your lips and I’m delicious.”

“Fuck me you horny bitch. You’re turning me harder,” and he didn’t tell a lie as he pushed his hard girth next to her warm, inviting sex. He shared her juicy delight in an erotic, long and growing kiss and started to experience even more attraction to her spontaneous spark. He had never been to bed with a girl who had tasted her own sex before. In his eyes, she was a special girl, a spontaneous girl with a wild, fiery sex drive.

Their bodies lay side by side and he brushed his fingers, saturated with her juices, against her throbbing clit and massaged her toward orgasm. He pushed another finger into her damp hole and pressed firmly against her g-spot.

“Oh yes, stroke me there sexy. That’s my sensitive spot. Masturbate me harder now?”

“You’re so incredibly wet. I can’t wait to fuck you?”

“Really? You might have to wait for that.”

“That’s just mean. I’m stroking you toward orgasm and you’re not going to relieve me as soon as you’ve cum?”

“That’s right. I’m a cheeky chimp me, not a monkey sign for nothing. I don’t want to talk right now, just kiss me and bring me to orgasm, I’m so close.”

He kissed her tasty, full of her sexual lubrication lips and his instinct sensed her orgasm building up, from her breathy moans that she whispered beside his ear, turning him harder. He built up her pressure and took her to that frustrating peak where only an orgasm could relax her body. She bit gently on his lip and gripped his penis tight with her hand, rubbing it up and down insanely hard, displaying to him her peak of tension. She loved the gentle flickers of his fingers over her peaking clit, and whether tongue or fingers, she loved a guy to stroke her to orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I’m cuming Ross, keep it there,” she screamed as his finger pressure increased, his lips gently licked against her sensitive ear, and he forced her orgasm out, causing her orgasm to ripple out. Ten seconds later her body had relaxed itself and she whispered a confident “your turn sexy,” which brought a cheeky smile to his face.

A pink glow spread across her chest after her bodily contractions and he knew she wasn’t an orgasm faker.. She let out a satisfied sigh and smiled at him. “Now you are going to get the orgasm of your life,” she insisted as his face lit up and the excited look on it told her to go overboard with her teasing foreplay.

She tied his hands together with a silk scarf and placed a dark blindfold on him. She brushed her lips over his body, down his Adam’s apple and hairy chest. Her continuous kiss moved down his muscled arms and toned abdominals, toward his sensitive hips. She knew she had approached a sensitive spot from his groaning moans and that his member was desperate for her tongue action. She teased her mouth over his tip and watched it twitch for every second of patience.

Her lips kissed and teased over his shaft and he jerked with uncontrollable movement. Her tongue slowly circled his testicles and she started to suck on them gently, causing his body to shake a little. His quiet feedback was enthusiastic, and she glanced at his cock for what seemed like a long ten seconds inside his mind, then licked around his twitching member again.

She let his throb enter her mouth and he let out heaving sigh as his penile tip met with her warm, wet mouth. Teasing her fingers around his base, and her tongue around his tip, she thrust his member deeply down her throat. She built up his sensations until he was almost at the peak of climax, and then frustratingly stopped to drive him crazy. She left him a quivering wreck for a few minutes and returned with a cold surprise up her sleeve: a carton of ice cream.

He couldn’t see the big grin that was upon her face as she dug her hand into the creamy delight. He didn’t know what her next move would entail. He could only hear her silence, frustrating him further. The waiting and anticipation made him crave kuşadası escort her body. He was growing more and more desperate to release his sexual frustration into a climax. She pulled her fingers out of the creamy delight and smothered his erection with the cold sensation.

“Holy shit, that’s cold Suse.”

“Well it should be, I’ve just taken it out of the freezer.”

“Describe? What flavour is it? Does it make you want to suck my throb right here and now?”

“Oh there’s no need for you to ask that question, I’m going to fulfil your desire. The build up is fun.”

“It sure is. I like it, it’s making me damn hard. I really want to push my ice cream covered knob into your warm snatch. God, that would feel so good.”

“You’ll have to wait for that,” as she smothered more of the cold sensation onto his stiff rock.

His growing erection twitched, and the fact that he couldn’t touch himself was something he had never experienced before, causing his member to throb constantly.

She could see from the growth of his penis that the ice cream aroused him. She began to masturbate his penis with the cold, chocolate flavoured dessert and the effect turned him very stiff. He loved the new experience. No-one had ever covered his throb with food before. It was an experience he wouldn’t forget in a hurry, she was confident of that.

“I am going to fuck you so hard later,” he moaned and she placed more tasty chocolate on his stiff rock, fed her creamy fingers into his mouth and pushed his ice cream soaked erection deeply into her throat.

“I know. I can’t wait, it’s going to be great, but you’ll have to wait just a little while longer.”

“You horny bitch. You’re going to get it so hard.”

“I love you talking dirty. You really want me don’t you?”

“Fuck yes.”

He loved the hot and cold sensations of the cream and the heat of her mouth against his member. It gave him an urgent reason to orgasm and he wanted to watch her doing the dirty deed but his eyes were blinded.

The thought of not being able to touch her soft skin, or watch her driving his delicate member to orgasm, drove him nuts. She had carried him to the brink of orgasm several times, but it was only she who had the power to release his ejaculation. He didn’t know when she would let him climax, but the revelation was giving his member an ache that could only be relieved through a powerful orgasm. He required only a few more seconds of her tongue and sucking action but whenever he was near, the mischievous minx started the teasing licks all over again. Wow. She’s really giving me a night to remember he thought to himself. Never had he experienced such arousal in his whole life. She dipped her hands once more into the melted delight and massaged the cool, syrupy texture over his testicles. Her tongue circled gently around each ball, popping them one at a time into her warm mouth. She sucked on them eagerly but tender, then harder and forced his orgasm to the depths of desperation. She had continued her teasing ice cream orgasm action for well over an hour. She knew he was ready for release and she was ready to taste his cum.

She covered his cock once more to enrage him further and teased her finger over his slimy tip. He slipped easily into her mouth and panted at the pleasure as she built up the teasing sucks until he groaned hard and fast, masturbating his shaft in rhythm. “My balls are going to explode. I have to cum now,” he moaned aloud.

Her finger pressure against his g-spot, and her tongue encircling his whole length was pushing him closer to orgasm. She pushed harder against his perineum and his body was unable to take any more of her pressure as his ejaculate shot out fast into her mouth and the endorphins gently saturated his body from the long wait.

He lay on the bed, unable to move his arms and calmly insisted, “Release me now, you naughty girl.”

“Will I be able to handle your frustration?”

“You’re going to have to. Now come here you sexy bitch and release me?”

She unfastened the knotted scarf and he pulled off the blindfold to glance over her feminine curves. He sighed at his release and smiled at her with a content look in his eyes. Within moments her thrilling body was between his hands and she gave herself to him. She let him tease and caress her body all over. His wild ice cream orgasm had enraged his penis, and his only thought, while she had been masturbating and teasing him to orgasm, was how badly he wanted to fuck her.

He tied her hands up, placed her face firmly against the pillow and teased his lips across the nape of her neck to excite her spine. She moaned when she felt her ejaculation fall onto his hand. “Fuck me and lick my neck up and down now! Drive me crazy for you,” she told him.

“Is that your weakness?”

“I love it. Don’t make me ask you again?”

“Why, what are you going to do to me?”

“Well let’s just say that your orgasm wait was fairly long. If you don’t carry out my orders, the wait will be even longer next time.”

“Fuck that. Even if I wanted to tease you for hours and hours, I do not have the patience in me to even try it. Your sexy ass and toned back are just itching for my tongue aren’t they?”

“Oh yes. Kiss me up and down now and make me wetter?”

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