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Subject: Ice Cream Boy 9 Gay/Adult-youth WARNING: This story contains a fictional and graphic depiction of sex between a man and a boy. Please do not continue if you find this offensive. If you are underage or if this type of material is illegal where you live, you should not read further. Ice Cream Boy 9 Saturday morning I kept myself busy with errands and some cleaning, but all I could think of was that my boy Jason would be coming over. I was semi-hard all day. Jason didn’t know what I had in store but I was really hoping he would like it. About 1 I got all cleaned up, inside and out, in preparation for my lover. Just before 2 there was that knock on the door, my cock jumped. Jason was there with that big smile on that chubby face. I loved seeing this boy truly happy. Of course there was a passionate kiss as soon as he entered, then we went to sit on the couch. “I’m so excited about going to a baseball game Jeff, especially with you” he said. “Yes baby, its going to be fun, good weather and a sexy boy with me.” I said back. Now remember, we only talked about Baseball and school a little, right” I told/asked him. “I know Jeff, she will never suspect a thing” he said confidently. Then,, “So what’s the big surprise today?” “Lets get in the shower first and I’ll tell you after that.” I said while getting up to go to the shower. He followed behind me and we went through our now ritual of undressing each other, feeling and kissing each other, then getting into the shower. After I gave him a good washing, giving special attention to his hole and his cock as usual. Hearing him moan in that high voice when I put my finger in him is the most beautiful sound because I know he is loving it. Then it was his turn to wash me. He did the back and got to my ass, paused, and I told him, “Give me a good cleaning inside and out.” He soaped up a finger and slowly put it inside me like I did to him. I gave him a moan of pleasure and said “try 2 fingers”. He looked up at me with a slightly puzzled look, then soaped up and put another finger inside me. I groaned with pleasure again. “Oh shit Jason, that feels so good” I said. After a few minutes of playing with my hole, he moved around and did my front. He washed my cock so much I thought I was going to cum and had to tell him to stop. Boy was he horny today. After the shower we went to the bedroom, another passionate kiss, and he jumped onto the bed, on his back with his 4″ of boymeat hard as a rock. I lay next to him, I fiddle with his cock, played with his nipples which he loves, ran my hand all over his chubby belly, so soft and smooth, then i kiss him again, then said “Today Jason, it’s your turn to top me”. He looked puzzled again. I guess he never heard the term so I added “You are going to be inside me today Jason.” His eyes opened wide with surprise. “Really Jeff? I never even thought of that”. “Do you want to do it sexy boy?” I asked. “Sure do” he said with excitement in his voice. “Today you have to do what I do to you, give me a good licking, finger me some more, lube up and then slide that beautiful cock into me, I want you to be in me and cum in me.” He was shocked and took a minute to understand everything I said. With a little nervousness in his voice he softly said “ok”. I lay on my back, pulling my legs up. I want to see his face as he fucks for the first time. He got down between my legs, and surprisingly he sucked on my cock a little bit,, then he went down to lick my balls, which I love, and then I felt his hot breath on my hole. “Go ahead lover, its all clean” I said and pulled my legs up a little more. He tentatively licked at it once, then again, then he started to enjoy it and devoured my hole. Licking all over, trying to get a bit of tongue inside, just going wild over it. For me, having my ass eaten makes me ankara yeni escort wild and I started to moan and AAAHHHHH,, OOOOOHHHH. For a first time he was excellent, and best of all he seemed to like doing it. After a few minutes he seemed to be getting tired so I said, “give me a finger”. He moved back, sucked his finger to get it wet and slowly shoved it in me. He started to finger fuck me and I told him `Add another finger like in the shower”. He did it right away and I had 2 chubby boy fingers in me. I was moaning with pleasure, more than he had ever heard. After fingering me for a bit I said “Jason, now is the time, make love to me with your sexy boy cock”. I grabbed the lube from the drawer next to the bed, lubed up my hole and handed him the lube. He smeared it all over his cock and got into position. “Jeff, I can’t believe I’m going to make love to you like you do to me,” and he put his bone at the entrance to my hole. He pushed a little and it started to slide in. I was no way near as tight as him. He eases his cock into me and soon he was all the way inside. It did hurt a little but I knew that would go away soon. He started to slowly go in and out, his cock falling out a few times until he figured it all out. Before you know it he was pounding my hole faster and faster. I tried to tell him to slow down, he would for a second, then got right back up to speed. I knew it wouldn’t last long so I reached up and started to play with his nipples. They were hard and he just went wild as I did it. Pinching and rubbing them made him crazy today. He fucked faster and harder. Not the most romantic fuck I’ve ever had but one I’ll never forget. He rammed into me faster and faster and within a few minutes his climax had arrived. He pushed into me as hard as he could and I felt his cum shooting in me. What a great feeling, my boy was breeding me and I was loving it. Once he finished cumming he stayed still for a bit, enjoying the feeling of being inside me, then slowly pulled out. He fell on to the bed next to me, I put my legs down feeling a little cum dripping out of me. We caught our breath and I asked “well, how did you like that?” He looked over at me and said “That was awesome, I can’t believe you let me do that.” “Why wouldn’t I Jason, I told you I want to give you all kinds of pleasure, and I think that gave you a lot” I said. “I can’t believe I just fucked you,” he paused, “I mean made love to you like that”. “I loved it Jason, it felt great to have you inside me. Not just a cock but your cock. I’ve never felt closer to someone” I told him. “I felt like we were so together” he said. “That’s what I was hoping for” I said, “I get that feeling from you when I’m on top and I wanted you to experience it too. I suppose you want to do it again?” I asked hoping for a yes. He thought for a minute and said “Yeah, I would like to do that more,” he paused, “but I think I like getting it more than giving it” Immediately I rolled on top of him, kissed him passionately, kissed down his chubby body, licking his nipples and belly button as I went down. I kissed his hardening cock, licked his balls, then went for his boy hole. Pushing his legs up I ate him wildly, tonguing his puckering hole making him moan again. “Jeff, put it in me now” he said, almost begging to take my cock. The great thing about teen boys is they can recover so fast. I lubed up his hole and my cock and slowly eased it into my 13 year old lover. He moaned in pleasure as my cock went in easier than it had before. I gave him some slow long dicking before I became too wild and started to bang him like he did to me, maybe not quite as rough. I knew no matter what I would cum fast this time after being fucked by him. It was a quickie really as I started to shoot my load deep into yenimahalle escort my boy within minutes. Both of us moaning and gasping for breath. After I calmed down a bit I pulled out slowly and lay next to him on the bed. We kissed, saying nothing, just basking in the warm glow of loving sex. After a bit he rolled on his side and looked at me. “Jeff” he was nervous about something, “Jeff, he paused, “I love you” he said and kissed me deeply. I put my arm around his neck, “Jason, I love you too” I said, and kissed him again. We lay there holding each other, in love. “I was scared to say that, but after today I had to” he said. I know Jason,”I said, “I’ve felt like that for a while too, but didn’t want to scare you or anything” He looked at me and smiled, “I’m glad we both said it, I really do love you Jeff” A few more kissed and we were back to normal now, taking about stuff like school and I asked him about Kyle, “So tell me more about Kyle, is he as cute as you?” “He’s not like me, he is shorter and very skinny,” “But is he cute” I asked A little hesitation and Jason said “Yes, he is cute. I wonder what he looks like naked? “Maybe when you go over there Monday you might find out” I said with lust in my voice. “How am I going to do that? He asked. “Don’t make the first move, just see what he says. If he talks about sex, jump right in, but obviously not tell him about us, just tell him you jerk off.” I told him. “If he asks what you think about, give him a smile and say “him”, and see how he reacts. IF its negative just say you were joking. Then pick a pretty girl in school and say you thought about her last night when you did. IF he reacts positively, just follow your instincts. Who know what will happen” I said. “OK” he said, `That makes sense. I hope I get to see him naked though” he added. “If you do, see if you can get a picture of his cock.” I said,,”Yes, Id like to see it.” We lay there a little longer then he poked me in the leg with his hard cock. “Hard again” I said, “Guess you need a blow job”? “Please” he begged. So I went down, licking his chubby body, nipples and boytits, then his belly button which always made him giggle, then to his cock. I licked it from bottom to top like a lollipop. Then I licked his balls which made him moan. Then back to his cock, giving him lots of tongue action on his head while I took it all the way in my mouth. I fondled his hairless balls while I sucked his hard boycock. He took a little longer than I expected, but I didn’t mind having his bone in my mouth. But soon he had his hands on my head and was filling my mouth with another load of his tasty cum. I could drink that all day. Once he relaxed we lay there in our usual sexual stupor. I leaned over and kissed him and we started to really get into it, so much passion from such a young boy. He pulled away and got serious “Jeff, I really meant what I said, I love you”. “Jason”, I replied, “I know, I can feel it, and I love you too. You have made me so happy I can’t even begin to explain” I said. We kissed more and groped more. Surprisingly it was getting late, he had to be home by 7 “When you get home tell your mom you saw me today just don’t tell her you fucked me” which made him giggle, I love it when he laughs, “Tell here I’ll be ready to go at 1 and that she should call me.” We said our long good byes, lots of kissing and hugging. Then before he left, he grabbed my face forcing me to look right in his eyes and said it again “I love you Jeff”. Without a second , , I said “I love you too Jason”. We kissed again, both of us tearing up a little. Such romance and emotion, almost sickening, but not to us. About an hour later I got a call from Melinda. “Jason says he saw you today and you want to go at 1” “Right” I told her, “I’ll yozgat escort pick you up at 1.” “Is there anything I should bring” she asked politely “No” just bring yourself and some sunglasses.” I said. “OK’, She said, see you at 1.” A short time later I got a text from Jason, totally excited about going to the game. I told him I would be at his place at 1 and he texted back “I LOVE YOU”. I replied the same way . The next day I got to their place just before 1. Jason met me at the door and mouthed “Love you” when he opened it, then in his regular voice he said “Come in.” I said hello to Melinda as she gathered up her pocketbook and phone. “You are really nice to do this for us Jeff.” She said. “No problem” I replied, “I love going to games and I know it will be a big deal for Jason”. WE got to the park, I went to the food stand and ordered for everyone. Melina wanted to pay but I told her “Today is on me”. She thanked me again and we went to our seats in the third row behind the dugout. “Wow” Jason said, “These are great seats”. He was bouncing around so excited to be at his first ballgame. After the pre-game ceremonies the game stated. Jason was between me and his mom which gave me a chance to touch our legs together, so nice. I whispered to Jason “around the 4th inning you say you need to go to the bathroom so I can talk to your mom alone, ok” He whispered back “ok”. Halfway through the 4th inning he announced he had to go pee. I pointed him to the bathroom and he was gone. Melinda spoke up right away “Jeff, I’ve haven’t seen him this happy in a long time, I can’t thank you enough for bringing us to the game” “My pleasure Melinda “I said. “I see him once in a while when I get home from work, he is always very polite and we chat for a few minutes. I like him a lot, he is a really nice kid” I said. “Thank you,” said Melinda. “I worry about him not having a dad around” she paused, “you both seem to get along, would you mind checking up on him some days after school” “Of course I will, in fact, you can tell him to come over to my place and we can hang out there until you are home. `I told her. “Jeff, that would be great, are you sure its not a bother?” she asked. “No bother at all. I get home around 4 and really don’t do anything so I would love the company. ` Whenever you want him to come over just let me know.” I said. This worked out better than I could have imagined. Soon Jason was back and his mom told him what we talked about. He was obviously excited about it but played it cool. “I could do that I guess “he said pretending to be unhappy that he would have a babysitter. We watched more of the game and then Melinda said she needed to go to the bathroom. Once she was gone Jason exploded. “How did you get her to ask you to babysit me?” “I didn’t ask, she did.” I told him. “She thinks you need a man in your life and she sees that we get along well. “I need my man in my ass” he whispered to me. “Oh Jason, you are the horniest boy alive, and I’m so glad you are mine” I whispered back. WE watched the rest of the game. After I went to the team store and got Jason a team hat. Melinda wanted to pay and I reminded her “Its on me today”. WE got home quickly. “I had a great time Jeff, and I know Jason loved it” she said “Thank you so much”. Jason chimed in “It was awesome, I want to go again!” I put my arm around Jason giving him a little hug and said “We can go again for sure”. With that they went back to their place, of course Jason looked over his shoulder at me and blew me a kiss. I did the same to him. Soon there was a text. “Mom likes you a lot” he said. “I cant believe you are going to be my babysitter” “You can call it that if you want, but I think its more than just sitting,,hehe.” I replied. Jeff, I love you” he typed. “And I love you too Jason, You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” We said goodnight. I was almost bouncing off the walls with happiness. Enjoying the feedback as this is my first Nifty story. Any ideas, critique, inspiration would greatly be appreciated. ail Remember to donate to Nifty to keep this incredible fty/donate.html

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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