I Won Pt. 02

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I neglected to mention a few things in the first part of this story. First, as I mention before, on my way to South Florida, I stopped in Atlanta and hired an Attorney. His name is Rick, and he has agreed to handle all of my Legal and Financial affairs (any lawsuits against me, obtaining any/all credit card accounts I ask for, payment of all my bills, etc, along with any other work I ask him to perform).

Shortly after I met them, I had had Rick check out Sonya and Doug so I knew a few things that I haven’t mentioned until now. First off, Doug had been a Computer Support Analyst, working for a contractor to the Dade County School District on a large expansion project up until about 4 months ago. Because the project involved a lot of money ($2 billion), it became what is known as a ‘political football’. The Construction Management company’s contract was not renewed because the County wanted to satisfy some of their many critics by having their ‘in-house’ Construction Management Department handle it. He was still looking for work, but hadn’t found anything suitable yet.

Sonya, too, had been out of work for a couple of months because she had been an Animal Handler/Trainer at a now closed, unsuccessful tourist ‘trap’ just off I-95, north of Miami. She hadn’t been getting paid much, but still…

Between the two negative happenings, they had been ‘on the ropes’, which explained why they had sold just about everythng they had. After all, they did want to eat and put gas in their car so they could try to get work.

As I have related before, when they first moved in I was given, and gladly accepted, the opportunity to make love to Sonya after she watched me suck off her husband, Doug.

A few weeks later, while watching them make love, I realized that almost every other time they made love, Sonya seemed to try to encourage Doug to continue after he had cum. When I asked her about it the next evening, she said that she loved the feel of Doug cumming inside her, and she usually had an orgasm from the feeling of his cock slowly getting smaller as it got softer and the head slid past a short area inside of her. While she couldn’t tell us exactly where that space was, and Doug couldn’t find it with his fingers, but, although he tried really hard, it was definitely there. She also told us that sometimes she wished he would get hard again so he could do it all again.

I told them that I had been involved in three-somes a number of times, and explained that we had already done one ‘type’ of that when I had sucked Doug off, then made love to Sonya. They were intrigued with that, and started to try to figure out all the variations that could be done with three people.

When I told them that I had always enjoyed “sloppy seconds”, they immediately wanted to know Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort what that is. So I explained. Sonya’s eyes got big and she and Doug looked at each other and smiled wide. They simultaneously started “Would you”, before they started laughing. Finally, Sonya asked if I would be willing to do that with them. I agreed enthusiastically, saying that I would on one condition. That was that I would be the one to make love to Sonya first so Doug could learn what I really enjoyed by being second.

Since they wanted to start right away, we all stood up to go into the bedroom. Before they could move, though, I stepped in front of Sonya, wrapped my arms around her and started kissing her passionately. Although surprised, she responded within a few seconds, meeting my passion with her own. For the next few minutes (who really can tell in that situation) dueling tongues were all that mattered in my world, and I’m sure in Sonya’s as well. Eventually, we broke apart, ready to start down what was a new and different road for her and Doug.

Once in the bedroom and on the bed, we kissed again. After that, I kissed and ‘lip nibbled’ on her neck, them moved to her nipples, alternating between them until they were ‘standing tall’ and Sonya was beginning to moan softly. I continued kissing and nibbling down her body until I got to her pubic area and crawled between her legs. I kissed and licked the hollow at the top of both widely spread legs until she started trying to move her hips so that her pussy was in front of my mouth, not those hollows. Being a real ‘pushover’, I gave in easily and licked down one very tasty, fleshy lip and back up the other. I knew she was enjoying what I was doing because she kept alternating between gasping and panting.

I moved my mouth over the top of her pussy and sucked on it until I felt the little nub of her click rise up to meet my teasing tongue. Then I slid that tongue down the center of those moist, parting lips until I got to that still closed hole. Moving my tongue side-to-side, I gradually moved back up to the top where I teased her clit a little more.

By this time, things were going from moist to downright wet. Thoroughly enjoying the taste, I continued to slide my tongue up and down that valley between those opening lips, sometimes moving it straight up and down, sometimes side to side. As I did, I again watched her stomach muscles letting me know I was doing the right thing. Sonya was moaning a bit louder when suddenly an orgasm took hold of her and she bucked under my lips as she softly screamed and grabbed my head, pushing it firmly onto her pussy. I noted the spot where my tongue was at that second so I could, hopefully, make use of it a little later.

When my tongue got to the bottom of that chasm, I found that her hole was open, waiting for some internal stimulation. I licked around the inside edge of that hole, which caused Sonya to whimper like she wanted me to do something different, something more direct. So I kissed her pussy one last time before lifting my face back and inserting my center two fingers, pumping gently with them, slowly spreading them a little wider with each in/out movement. When there was sufficient room, I added my index finger and started rotating all three with each stroke. By this time, Sonya was alternating between moaning, panting, and saying she wanted my cock.

I was ready! My cock was as hard as it ever gets, and sticking out to its full length. I slid my body up over hers until my cock hit and rubbed against her waiting pussy. I felt Doug’s fingers push against it, encouraging it to enter Sonya’s ‘love tunnel’, so I raised my hips enough that Doug could push it in. Even though Sonya and I were kissing again, our tongues tangling around each other, Sonya still moaned happily. I started slowly, sliding my cock all the way in, then out until I felt the cool air on the head, then I would reverse.

Sonya wanted it to move in and out faster, so she started moving her hips up and down at a more rapid pace. We matched each other’s movements for a few minutes or maybe hours, who could tell, who really cared. Suddenly, I could feel the pressure building at the base of my organ, and pushed it into her as far as I could and held it there. Sonya knew what was going to happen, and pushed her hips hard up against mine. Doug also quickly figured out what was to shortly happen and reached between my legs and gently grabbed my balls.

That was all it took before my cock ‘let loose’ and began pumping my cum deep inside Sonya. She felt it, and let us all know it by softly screaming and tightening her arms around me. Doug did his part, too, by stroking my balls at just the right time for the ‘second stringers’ to stream into Sonya’s pussy. Again, Sonya screamed softly as she felt me pumping more into her. As my cock started to soften and shrink, she tightened her muscles around it, trying to make it hard again, but it wasn’t going to happen. Just as my cock slid out, Sonya suddenly had another orgasm, screaming happily as her body trembled with delight.

I rolled off of her so Doug could jump ‘into position’ between her legs. Like he did for me, I quickly got up on my knees and turned. As he raised his hips I gently grabbed his cock and guided it into Sonya’s tightly closed hole. As he pushed in, he passionately kissed his wife, and she responded so that their tongues were quickly dueling.

When he started to thrust his cock in and out of her, they ‘broke’ their kiss so she could moan and Doug could groan with pleasure. It really wasn’t but a few minutes before Doug suddenly slammed his cock as deeply into Sonya as he could get, and she pushed her hips up to meet him. Knowing what was coming next, I gently grabbed Doug’s balls and softly stroked the sack they are in.

Sonya and Doug seemed to cum simultaneously, with Doug groaning loudly and the tones of Sonya’s screams going straight up into ‘silent level’. I found it interesting to see that when I looked up at them, they had collapsed together and were kissing again. You could see their love for one another enveloping them.

For the first night since they moved in, I left them asleep on the bed in the spare bedroom, and I went to sleep in my bed. I was so relaxed and tired, I don’t even remember my head reaching the pillow.

The next morning, after complaining about leaving them, they both answered my question of ‘Did you guys enjoy it?’ enthusiastically. Doug told us that it felt like Sonya was wetter than ever, but sticky at the same time. He loved the feeling of moving in and out with my cum providing additional lubrication. Sonya also said she liked it a lot because it somehow magnified Doug’s movements, yet, at the same time, she felt him moving more “clearly” than ever. She also said she loved feeling the different ways Doug and I made love, although she couldn’t describe exactly what she meant or felt. They both felt we should do that again, and more often after that.

Sonya hesitantly said that she felt more fulfilled after making love to two men, one right after the other. When Doug looked surprised, and a little dismayed, she hugged him and kissed him deeply, then explained that she was even more in love with him than ever before. She didn’t know why, but that was how she felt, and asked if I thought it was a contradiction of some sort.

I said that I thought it was normal, and that not all women are the same, not all women are ‘made’ for monogamy, just like most men are not ‘made’ that way. I explained that I had seen many women who enjoyed having multiple partners in one love-making ‘session’, and their husbands encouraged them because they knew and accepted that part of their wife’s personality and ‘make-up’. It was just ‘part of her’. The women that I had known were deeply in love with their husbands, and always went home with them.

On the other side of their relationship, the husbands that I knew all enjoyed watching their wives get pleasure while making love with other men. Most of them very much enjoyed ‘sloppy seconds, or thirds, or even fourths’. Most, if not all, of those couples liked the fact that the wife was multiorgasmic, meaning that she could have many orgasms. They had found that the more men they enjoyed during any given session, the more orgasms they had. And, I added, the husbands usually wanted to be the last one to make love to her.

Stay tuned as I relate how our lives changed next, in part 3.

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