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Subject: I woke Up 80 I Woke Up 80 by M.P. Arsent Copyright to this story remain strictly that of the author. No other publication or use of this story is allowed without the consent of the author. This story contains male on male sexual content both implied and explicit. If this offends you please do not continue. All characters and implied situations are strictly those of the author and are not based on any real life events or characters. If you are under 18 years of age please exit this story now. I welcome all responses to my stories. Please make sure that you list the name of the story in the email line. If your email is to alert me of misspelled words or improper punctuation or grammar save your time because it will be deleted. I hope you enjoy my vivid imagination. Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job. “And I’m just as happy that you didn’t. Now what are we doing for supper?” “Let’s go off campus tonight. How about the asian buffet place?” “Yeah we haven’t been there in a while. We inviting anybodyelse?” “I think not if we can get away with it.” “Ok. Shall we change or just go?” “Let’s just go. I want to get in early as we have an all day practice tomorrow.” “Damn the whole day?” “10 am until 5 at least.” “Guess that gives me an opputunity to get ahead on things. Your car or mine?” “Yours,the police still have mine for whatever reason. Something I’ll have to check on Monday I guess.” “Hey they’re a 24 hour service. We can check tonight.” “They maybe a 24 hour service love but anybody who is likely able to tell us anything will be gone by this time.” “Yeah I suppose. So right after class come Monday?” “Yeah I guess.” I dropped my stuff off at my room and headed over the Cochran parking lot. Karl was just approaching his car and going to open the door. “Karl! Have you forgotten already? Check the damn car first.” “Are you still on that kick? Larry is in jail for crying out loud.” “And that means he can’t make a phone call or write a letter? You were the one who told me not to put anything past him. Check out the damn car,please?” Karl looked at me for a second and then proceeded to start checking out the car. “I don’t see anything out of place love. No puddles of liquid,no flashing lights that might be a bomb, no wires that shouldn’t be there.” “Thank you. I don’t know who said it but just bacause I’m paranoid doesn’t mean somebody isn’t after me.” “Yeah I hear you love and you’re right I did tell you not to erdemli escort put anything past Larry.” We got in the car and were quickly off campus and to the mall and into the restaurant. The food was good an hot and we were done and headed back for campus in a little over an hour. We each headed for our rooms after our good night kiss. I found a big red heart on my door. So now the choice was to either hit the dayroom or the frat. It was a Friday night and I wasn’t about to make that error again,not with an all day practice tomorrow. So it was down to the dayroom and a bit of whaever they had on the tv. Aiden and Gordon were on their way by when they saw me sitting there. I waved and Aiden pulled Gordon down to whisper in his ear. For some reason that put me on alert. “Dennis,will you come with us for a second?” “Why don’t I like the sounds of that? Ok.” We ended up going into Aidens room. They both had a rather impish grin on their faces. “What have you two got on your demented little minds tonight?” “Weeeeeell, we both know that you won’t give it up to either of us individually. We were wondering if you might give it up to both of us at the same time?” “Shit Aiden you’re hardly in any shape for a three way or anything else for that matter.” “You’d be surprised what you can accomplish if you try Den.” “Have you two been….intimate yet?” “We have been,last night for the first time.” “Well it is an intriguing idea,but I’ve got an all day practice tomorrow. I was just looking to get some sleep tonight.” “We saw the heart on your door,so that ain’t happening for a while yet. Please Den? You know how much I’ve wanted to see what holding you would be like.” “Gordon, I know but are you sure you want to go about it this way?” “Is there any other way to do it given your stand on the subject?” It was an honest question and I had to think about it for a few seconds. “Ok,but any one of the three of us can call a stop at anytime no hard feelings about it ok?” “Deal” “Done and done.” I shook my head and started to remove my shirt. Both guys were watching me even as I was watching them,even if Aiden did need a little help. We were soon enough standing there naked. Gordon looked at me and moved towards me. I opened my arms to him and he pressed himself against me as his arms went around me. He looked up into my eyes and then stretched out to kiss me. Aiden moved in to join us and we opened up our embrace to recieve him. Aiden being more experientced at this tarsus escort would cup my balls and stroked me as he kissed me. I found him and stroked him with one hand as the other went to Gordons hardened member. The moan that escaped him the first time I took him in hand was a wonderous sound. Aiden wasn’t able to kneel on the floor with his casts on so I slipped to the floor and then took both of them in turn into my mouth. Gordon whimpered a bit and Aiden gave a rather satisfied sigh. I didn’t bring either one of them to cumming. I worked my way back up their bodies and Gordon looked at me and then he slid down on took each of us in turn. It turned out that Gordon had a very talented mouth for someone so new to gay sex. He did’t bring either on of us to cumming either. When he worked is way back up to us,Aiden just gave us both a rather pleading look. I smiled at him and moved him to his bed and sat him down. It was close enough that he was able to take us each. He was just as talented as Gordon. When Aiden was done he just kind of looked at us. “How do we want to finish each other off?” Gordon got a bit of a panicked look to him. “I… I don’t think I’m quite ready to take it up my ass yet.” “Well you know how bad I’ve wanted to fuck you Dennis,so maybe if you mount me while I suck Aiden off and then you can fuck me?” “Could we….well let me suck Den off while you suck me off while Den mounts you?” We ended up moving to the floor where Gordon and I moved into a “69” and Aiden took me from behind while laying on is good side. It wasn’t long before I could feel Gordons body start to tighten up and he was shooting his sweet load down my throat and moaning the whole time. Even though he was done he only stopped working for cock for a few seconds before he went right back to work. I warned him before I started to cum,but he stayed right on my cock and swallowed every bit of me. Aiden was still at work behind me grunting with each thrust of his cock into me and finally I felt him tremble as he finally started shooting his load into me. We got cleaned up as best we could and were dressed once again. “So was it what you guys expected?” “Better.” “Yeah.” Aiden agreed. “Then it is something to remember and we never have to do that again.” “Doesn’t mean we can’t once I get these casts off.” “Yeah well you’ve got another month at least before that happens. So just promise me you guys won’t try and get too kinky until they are off.” “No promises Denny,but akdeniz escort we will be damned careful.” I looked at my phone as there was a text message waiting for me. My room was clear. At that point Aidens roomie came walking in. “Damn smells like a whore house in here!” “Hmm must be Aidens casts starting to ripen. I’m told it’s one of those things that comes and goes.” “Well I don’t know from casts. Never broken anything.” “Gordon, am I going to see you for jogging in the morning?” “Yeah I’ll be there.” “Ok then see you guys later.” I went back to my room and the smell in there wasn’t much better than it had been in Aidens room. I opened a window a little and then fired up the computer. I worked my way through the responses and ended up with another 17 reservations,bringing the total to 144. It wouldn’t be to much longer before I had to go to three buses. Well so be it. I started this thing so I was obligated to see it through. Not long after 11pm came and I got my usual text from Karl and sent mine back to him. It seemed in far to short a time that 5:45 was there. I rolled out of bed and slipped my jogging stuff on and headed out the door. Gordon was just ducking into his room and was shortly back out again ready to hit the road. We went out and Karl joined us as we went past his dorm. It was pretty quiet this morning as Gordon had one of those cat who ate the canary grins on his face. I wasn’t about to ask. Karl on the other hand was as inquisitive as ever. “So what’s the shit eating grin for Gordon?” “Sorry Karl, priviledged information.” “Well I don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes. You and Aiden finally got it on didn’t you?” Gordon turned the most gorgeous shade of red,and it wasn’t from the running. He just gave me a quick look and kept right on jogging without a word. “Well damn that must have been dfficult.” “I will neither confirm nor deny.” “Hey it was going to happen sooner or later Gordon. I hope it was worth the wait.” Gordon once again kept his mouth shut and kept on jogging. “Fine have it your way. Just be good to one another and don’t force things more than you already have.” We finished our laps and headed in for our showers and breakfast. While we were showering by ourselves on this Saturday morning,Gordon turned to me. “I really wanted to thank you for last night Den. It was something very special for me.” “You’re welcome Gordon and I appreciate your discretion with Karl. I don’t think he would get upset about it,but I’m not going to push my luck.” “Yeah I hear you.” We quickly finished showering and went down to breakfast. I still had a couple of hours to kill before the practice started. I went back to my room and checked the email again. Another 10 had responded over night. More and more it looked like I was heading for three buses.

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