I Was Just A Sex Slave…7

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I Was Just A Sex Slave…7Bruce and his uncle was taking turns ramming their penis in and out of my bung hole. I held on to the seat of the kitchen chair as each of them would try to rem as hard as he could all the while laughing and joking as to who would knock me over.When Bruce grabbed my hips and slammed deep into m and grind his hips as he unloaded I was relieved. His uncle soon replaced him and slid effortless into my aching stretched bung hole.Whimpering and whining I could only think of the week end is over and I’m going home. Bruce uncle erupted in my bung hole and flooded me with his copious amounts of sperm. As soon as he had finished, he pulled his old semi hard penis from my gaping bung and told me ”…get dressed, I got to get your dumb ass home…’As I walked into my house, my folks were in the living room and inquired ‘…how was the weekend…’ I tried to act as normally as possible as I hurried up the stairs.I made my way to my room and quickly undressed and put my robed around me. I entered the bath room and started the shower as I felt the mingled amounts of their mixed sperm stream down my inner thighs.My bung canlı kaçak iddaa hole was swollen and aching, all day Monday I could barely sat down. Tuesday came and went and no word from anyone, I thought that I was home free till I got home and my folks told me ‘…Charlie called and wants you to stop at the store and get two large blue boards for your project…’I knew that Charlie didn’t want those things but he did want me. I made my way to his home and found him sitting on the porch as I walked up. Charlie smiled at me and got up and opened the door saying ‘…we have nearly three hours to get busy, I’m gonna hit that ass today and Wednesday, Daniel wants you Thursday and all three of us will have you Friday…’I walked past Charlie, he slammed the door and led me to the basement rooms. Charlie told me ‘…I know Bruce and his uncle fucked you crazy this weekend, so don’t act like you don’t know what to do, get put of those clothes and on the bed…’I did as told and watched Charlie as he undressed. His enormously huge man hood waved in front of him like a threatening tool. Charlie’s penis was massive, at least canlı kaçak bahis ten inches long and five to six inches in girth. I shuddered as I thought of him entering my still sore bung hole.As Charlie climbed on the bed I made an offer ‘…Charlie, let me suck you off, I promise I’ll try to swallow every drop…’ Charlie smiled at me wickedly saying ‘…what makes you think you ain’t gonna do that any way. Hey, you spent the week end with Bruce and his uncle, I’m gonna fuck you like I want to and you gonna be happy with it. Now start sucking my dick, you make good suggestions…’I stretched my mouth as wide as I could and enveloped his gigantically huge penile glans, trying my best not to puke. Charlie rest his hand on my head as I tried to suck him eagerly hoping he would cum and I would not have to let him enter me.Charlie pulled his penis from my sucking lips saying ‘…alright enough of that now, get on your back,I’m gonna ride that boi pussy like I want…’I groaned ‘…please Charlie, my butt is still so sore. i don’t think I can take any more…’ Charlie smiled at me saying ‘…that’s just how I want you. I bahis siteleri canlı want you moaning like the little bitch you are. The more I enjoy it the better it will be for you…’I turned to my stomach pulling the two pillows to my face as Charlie spread lubricant between my buttocks. Charlie climbed on my back and slid his enormous penile glans up and down the crack of my buttocks.As soon as his penile glans touched my aching bung hole Charlie pressed his shaft into my opening. I cried out in pain as Charlie slowly but steadily pressed his entire length of man hood into my rectum.My toes was spread wide as were my fingers as Charlie slid his rock hard shaft back and forth in my bung. I was so tender that with each movement of his elongated shaft, I whined and whimpered like a bitch in heat. Charlie was surely enjoying his self as he worked masterly back and forth.Once he was satisfied that his entire length was buried deep in my rectum, Charlie started to grind his hips into me. I grunted and groaned as Charlie worked his massive tool around my insides.Charlie started to hunch purposely back and forth till he stiffen deep in my bowels and I felt his penis erupt torrents of his sperm into my bowels.Charlie collapsed down on my back kissing my ears and neck saying ‘…yeah, baby, you are such a good fuck take my jazz, take my jazz I want you pregnant bitch…’I Was Just A Sex Slave…7

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