I Told Her!

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Being a roving security officer I see some odd things. I have seen interesting types of vehicles in the parking lot, odd choices in clothes and strange people. Sometimes the people aren’t odd but what they are doing is.

This past Saturday evening around ten o’clock I was patrolling my parking lots as usual when a man flagged me down to let me know about a person asking for money in the parking lot next door. He gave me a description of the beggar and I knew who it was. I had chased her of the lot the before. She was a young blond, maybe 20-25. She was fairly small, maybe 5’1″ and around 90 pounds or so and very cute and very mouthy. I told the man thank you for letting me know and went to find the mouthy little shit. After cruising the parking lot for awhile I saw her walking by the pet store on the edge of the property. I rolled up alongside her and told her to stop.

“Fuck you, rent-a-cop!” and kept walking.

Now I’m pretty laid back about my job, but I hate being called that! I pulled up a little bit and got out of the car and got right in front of her so she either had to go around me or stop. I gotta say the little bitch was brave. She got right up to me and stared up into my face (I stand 6’1″).

“What you gonna do you wanna be cop?”

I just slapped her across the face and she had a look of total shock in her eyes.

“I told you last time to stay off this property or you would regret it!”

“You hit me! I’m gonna sue your ass!”

I just spun her around and shoved her against the patrol car and told her “Shut up if you know what’s good for you.” I grabbed her arms and put the cuffs on her and put her in the back seat. Now my shift was officially over but I decided to take care of this girl once and for all! I drove back behind the stores where it’s nice and dark. I parked the car and pulled her out and shoved her towards the wall. She had been sniffling and crying in the back seat while I drove here but now she was looking Escort bayan scared.

“Ok let’s talk about this you little shit!”

“I’m sorry! I won’t come around here anymore, please just let me go!”

“Well that’s what we are going to talk about. What are you offering for the money you’re getting?”

“What you mean, man? I’m just trying to get back home.”

“Don’t bullshit me girl. I know how this shit works.” I started moving closer to her and she had nowhere to go.

“Ok, Ok. I’m asking $20 for a blow job and $50 for a fuck.”

“Good girl. This is what’s gonna happen! I’m gonna do whatever I want to you and you’re gonna let me do it. If you don’t I’m gonna call the cops and tell them I caught you trying to solicit on the property. They will haul your tight little ass to jail!”

“That isn’t fair man that will be the third time for me!”

“That’s too bad sweet cheeks, it’s gonna happen here or in jail. You know how it is down there.” I spun her around again and took off the cuffs. “Why don’t we start by seeing what’s under those clothes?”

She just glared at me and started taking of her jacket. As she pulled down the zipper I noticed a lot of skin showing. Here it’s about 60 degrees and this girl is only wearing a cut off wife beater t-shirt! She drops the jacket on the ground and starts to take off her jeans. All I see is skin, no panties at all! Then she kicks her shoes off and steps out of her pants, pulls the shirt over her head and just stares at me. She has small b sized tits with rock hard nipples sticking out almost a half inch. Her pussy is totally bare and I can barely see her cunt lips.

“God dam girl, you are under selling yourself! Most guys would pay a lot more then 50 to fuck that lil body!”

She kind of blushes and says “Thanks. But I haven’t been doing this very long.”

“What do you mean by that? I thought you were just another hooker.”

“Well I haven’t been making any money Bayan Escort begging so I thought I would try this today.”

“So, how old are you then?”

“I just turned 18 last month”

“Nice! I like young stuff!” I walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back and started kissing her hard, sticking my tongue in her mouth. I guess she was more into this then I thought because she was kissing me back just as hard, moaning into my mouth. I let my hands wander, starting at her waist and moved up to her pert lil tits. I grabbed her right nipple and started pinching and twisting it and she kind of slumped down and squealed into my mouth. She was breathing really fast and I felt her digging her nails into my shoulders. I pulled away from her lips and she was just panting as I pulled on her nipples.

“So lil girl likes a lil pain with her pleasure?”

“Oh, god that feels so good! It’s never felt like that before,” she moaned.

I ran my left hand down across her stomach and right down to her pussy. She was dripping wet. I ran my finger into her wet pussy and stroked her clit and she came all over my hand. She grabbed on to my shoulders just in time to stop herself from falling. “OH, MY GOD!!! IM COMING!!!”

“Shit you are one sensitive girl!”

She just looked up into my eyes with lust and pushed me back to the car. “Get them pants off! I need your cock now!” I undid my belt as she was tearing at my shirt. When she had my clothes off she pushed me back into the back seat and grabbed my 7″dick and started licking the pre cum off of it moaning.

I told her “keep that up and you’ll get a face full!”

“Maybe that’s what I want daddy. I like rubbing cum on my body. It feels so good.” She started sucking me in to her throat humming and running her tongue around the bottom of my dick. I grabbed her head and started to thrust up into her, fucking her mouth. She gagged a little but I didn’t stop. Just as Escort I was ready to cum I let loose of her head and she pulled back and gulped down some air and moved her face up a little to line up with my dick as I started to cum. My cum shot up and hit her right in the chin and then on her neck as she moved up further, she dragged her tasty tits across my pulsing dick as the last few spurts coated her chest. She sat up and started rubbing the cum on her neck and tits all over her chest, then she scooped up the rest from her face and ran her fingers into her mouth making happy slurping sounds.

“Yummy, that’s good stuff!”

“Damm, that’s hot! You are very good at that!”

“Thank you, daddy.”

“Why are you calling me that?”

“Well you kinda remind me of mine and I don’t know your name, so….”

“Ok, kind of odd, but it works for me.” As we are making small talk I’m rubbing her butt and she has my dick in her hand working me out to another hard on.

“Is that for me, daddy?”

“Of course it is. Now put it where it belongs!” She wiggles her but back til I’m against her ass and she lifts up and lines me up to her hot pussy. I try to push up but she just slowly settles down on to me. Her pussy feels so warm and snug around my dick like we were made for each other. She sits up, her head not even hitting to roof of the car she’s so small. I reach up and start rubbing her breast as she starts to grind on me, rubbing her clit against my crotch.

“Oh, daddy that feels SO good!”

“Yeah, baby it does,” as I start to squeeze her nipples she starts to squeal and raise up and drop back down on my dick. I pull up my knees and start to thrust up into her as she slams back down.

She throws her head back and screams “Make me cum daddy, cum in my pussy daddy, I wanna feel you cum!”

About the time she starts to quake and shiver in her orgasm I feel my balls tighten up and the cum rushes up my dick and I grunt and say “Here it comes baby!”

She flops down on my chest, panting. She whispers in my ear “Thank you, daddy”

“Any time baby girl.”

“Does that mean you will punish me next time I come over here?” She says with an evil little smile on her face.

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