I think my son is gay

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I think my son is gay”Christopher, are you gay?” came the voice from the doorway.The eightteen-year-old sat silently on his bed, too shocked to answer the question his father was asking. He could feel his face starting to blush.”Answer me, son, are you gay? Or maybe you’re just curious? I’m not mad, I just want to know.”Stuart Sloan was not angry at his son. To the contrary, he was rather aroused by the idea that his sonmight be a faggot who would let a man shove his penis up his tight little ass. Like many paranoid parents in contemporary America, he regularly checked his k**’s internet browser history to see what sites he visited, and had recently discovered that Christopher had downloaded some porn from a site called “Big Dicked Dudes.””Um, I don’t know, Dad,” the boy answered meekly.”I know you have been looking at some inappropriate pictures on the internet, Christopher,” Stuart said calmly, “the computer keeps a record of the sites you visit.” Like every savvy teenager of the cyber age, Christopher knew this, but this time he had simply forgotten to erase his tracks like he normally did.”Yeah, I guess I am a little curious, Dad,” the boy admitted.”Well, that’s only natural, son. Many boys are curious about having sex with other boys and men. Tell me, have you had sex with anyone, a boy or a girl?””No, Dad.””An older man, perhaps? Maybe one of your teachers?” He was particularly thinking of his English teacher, Mr. Morris, whom he had noticed tended to look at the boys in his charge rather too intensely.”No, Dad, no one, honest!”Stuart was somewhat skeptical, as he remembered the sexual hi-jinks he had been up to when he was Christopher’s age. “What about Matthew?” he asked, referring to Christopher’s best friend.A pause followed before Christopher answered.”Well, Matthew and I have jerked off together a few times, but that’s all, I swear.”Matthew was damn cute and who had virtually lived at the Sloans’ house the previous summer. The Sloans had a pool, and they spent most of the summer frolicking in it. Stuart enjoyed sitting on the deck beside the pool watching them in their innocent yet vaguely homoerotic play. The two made quite a stunning pair. Matthew’s dark hair contrasted nicely with Christopher’s blond locks, and each one had a rock hard ass that could make a Greek god do a double-take. Stuart had decided then and there to fuck one or both of the nubile young lads if he got kaçak bahis the chance.It looked like Lady Luck was now dealing him some winning cards.”Did you touch Matthew’s penis?” Stuart asked his son.”No, Dad.””Did he touch yours?””No, Dad, nothing like that happened. We just jerked off together, talking about girls and stuff.”Stuart interrogated his son further. “Were you thinking about the girls or looking at Matthew?””Um, looking at the girls, I mean thinking about them.””Are you sure?” his father pressed him.”I guess I was looking at him, I mean he was right there and all. I don’t know if I’m gay, Dad, I just don’t know. I like Matthew an awful lot.”Stuart’s cock was throbbing in his pants as he conjured up the image of the two horny teenagers beating their meat together, quite probably on the same bed his son was now sitting on.”I know you do, Christopher. But sometimes a teenager your age will have a crush on a friend, but it’s just a temporary phase,” his father explained, “though of course some boys do turn out to be gay.”An awkward silence hung in the room.”Well, Christopher, there is one way to know for sure.””What’s that, Dad?” the youth asked in earnest.As an answer, Stuart issued a command to his son. “Go to the bathroom and get the jar of vaseline,” he ordered.While he knew what vaseline could be used for, Christopher did not understand his father’s request.”Why, Dad?””Just go get it and bring it back. Don’t make me ask you again.”The confused teen got up and went down the hall. He returned a minute later, carrying the jar of petroleum jelly tightly tucked under his arm. He walked into the room and nearly dropped the jar, however, when he saw that his father was standing there fully naked and sporting a massive erection.”What are you doing Dad?” he asked in disbelief.”Well the one way to find out for sure if you’re a queer is to have you get fucked up the ass to see if you like it. So I’m gonna help you find out.”Christopher was astonished, but his young cock hardened in an instant.”But you’re my dad!” he protested.”Yeah, which makes it perfect. I only want what’s best for you, and I’ll be gentle and loving. I will love you whether you turn out to be gay or not. This way you get to find out if you’re gay, and I get my rocks off. Dads have needs too, you know.””I don’t know, Dad, it’s kind of weird.””Yeah it is, but life can be weird sometimes. Now do you want to take bets10 giriş your clothes off yourself, or do you want me to rip them off of you? I’m gonna fuck you one way or another, Christopher. It’ll be easier on you if you cooperate.”The teen noted a vaguely threatening look on his father’s face that he had never seen before. He doubted that his dad was really motivated by a desire to help his son discover his true sexual orientation, but he knew that the man meant business. He nervously pulled the t-shirt over his head and began to fumble with his belt. “Turn around,” his father ordered, “I want to see your ass first, and pull your pants down slowly.”Christopher blushed but complied with his father’s lewd order. He turned so his back was towards his father, then unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled his jeans down below his knees. He left his boxers in place.Stuart enjoyed the sight of his son standing there with his jeans down and his firm ass straining against the plaid fabric of his boxers.”Now take your shorts down, slowly.”Christopher obediently pulled down his boxers, and Stuart whistled when he saw his boy’s bare ass come in to view.”Now I’m going to enjoy fucking that!” he shouted obscenely.Christopher was still struggling to understand what was going on.”Are you gay, Dad?” he asked, turning his head towards the increasingly excited man.”No, Christopher, I’m not gay, but I do like to fuck a tight ass. And I’ve been noticing your ass for quite a while.”Stuart also wanted to see how his son was doing in the dick department, so he ordered Christopher to turn around. The k** did so, revealing a prick that had grown to full staff.”Well you just might be gay after all,” he said when he saw the erection. “You have a nice-looking cock.You’re growing up to be quite a stud.” Stuart observed Christopher’s penis further. It was rather skinny but nearly five inches long, and was a slightly darker shade than the rest of the k**’s skin. A thin band of pubic hair ran horizontally above its base and a pair of balls in a hairless scrotum hung underneath.But this moment was not about Christopher’s cock, as pretty as it might be.”Get on the bed, on your hands and knees,” Stuart ordered, “I’m gonna do it doggy-style, the way real fags like it.””But, Dad, I dunno about…””Get the fuck up on the bed and stick your ass out, Christopher,” the man interrupted. “Don’t make me ask mobilbahis you again.” Christopher shuddered and complied with the lewd order. His father was a strong, muscular man and Christopher did not want to incur his wrath.”Now that’s a sight for sore eyes,” Stuart sighed as he looked at the butt thrust out towards him, ready for his taking. He opened up the jar of vaseline and dug out a big glob of goo, which he promptly spread over his seven-and-one-half-inch cock. He then placed his penis against his son’s sphincter and pushed into the forbidden object of his lust. He stopped when just his head was inside, his head swooning from the heat and tightness of his son’s virginal ass.”Oh, Dad, it hurts! Take it out!””Shush, it’ll hurt at first, but it’ll get better. Just hang on,” was Stuart’s response, who then added “here comes some more” before pressing his assault further.”Owww!” Christopher screamed.”Fuck, that’s nice,” Stuart grunted. Man and son were each caught in their own worlds of pleasure and pain, respectively. The sensations spreading over Stuart’s penis were so delightful that he could not wait any longer, so he plunged the rest of his massive meat into his son with one forceful thrust of his hips. Christopher wailed, but Stuart ignored him. He wiggled his dick from side to side inside the teens tight ass, then began a slow in-and-out fucking rhythm. He pulled his rod nearly all the way out of Christopher’s butt, then slid it back into his asshole. This went on for several minutes. In, out, in, out. Gradually Christopher’s cries subsided and Stuart’s pumping increased its tempo.”Come on Christopher, give me your ass! Give me your tight ass!”Christopher didn’t respond to his father’s latest lewd command, he was just waiting for the reaming to end. He didn’t really like what was happening, although he realized that it had ceased to hurt.”Come on Christopher, shove your ass back on me, give it to me,” his father repeated, slapping his son hard on his right ass cheek.With his ass stung by the sudden spanking, Christopher started to back up on his father’s cock as the man fucked him.”Yeah, that’s it. That feels so good. I’m gonna cum. Gonna fucking cum up your ass. Your fag ass. Here it comes, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Stuart bellowed as he ejaculated inside his son. Stuart collapsed on top of Christopher and father and son lay without speaking a word for several minutes.”So, are you a fag?” Stuart asked, breaking the silence.”I don’t know. It hurt at first, but it stopped. But it still didn’t feel good.””Well then, we’ll have to try again tomorrow to be sure,” Stuart answered as he got up from the bed and left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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