I That Hot Summer

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I That Hot SummerMy Mom and my Aunt and my cousin spent our summer mostly on Fire Island, New York in a town called Ocean Bay Park. Fire Island is a barrier island of Long Island south shore and really a wonderful place. It’s made up of various small towns, and there are no cars at all the only way to get here is by ferry boat, mostly from Bay Shore. We had a really nice house big eat in kitchen, living room and three bedrooms. The best was the back porch surrounded my swamp pines, which are the only thing that grew here and the porch had a nice big shower that we always used after swimming in the ocean to get sand and salt off your body.My Mom and Aunt they sleep together in the master bedroom and Sandy by cousin and I sleep together in another bedroom, every thing was just perfect and wonderful. Nudity in the house was common after an incident with Sandy and I were washing off the sand and salt in the outdoor shower after swimming in the ocean. We came back to the beach house and went to the shower and there was Mom and my Aunt nude sunbathing. Sandy and I look at each other and just Wow holy shit and went in the shower and we were talking about our Mom being nude and how sexy they look when all of a sudden my Mom come into the shower and said why don’t you girls take those swim suit off and shower naked and wash the suit thoughly while your in the shower. Mom got stern and just said WELL. So Sandy and I took the suite off and got naked, it was kind of a wonderful feeling been naked with Sandy, We both were developing breast nicely Sandy was a little bit ahead of me in size. We knew we have nice breast cause our Mom breast were simply beautiful. I remember telling Sandy gawd I have to pee so bad, she said just pee here I do it all the time, I said yeah I do to but not with someone is with me. I said I don’t care I got to go. I let out a stream of pee that hit Sandy legs. She just smiled and said nice shoot. I couldn’t believe what she did next she put her hand in my pee and brought it right in pussy. I though I die of pleasure. Sandy Geeeessss I don’t know what made me do that, but I like it, I said I did to we just hug each other warmly. As we finish the shower and walk out on the deck our Mom said come over here and they ask how we like being naked and with us as well we said we really like it fell wonderful with the warm ocean breeze on you body. They ask us if we mind doing when were alone and out on the deck. We kind of agreed that would be really wonderful, we really like being naked with our Moms. As the days and nights followed every thing was wonderful. We couldn’t wait to get back from the beach and get naked and take our shower together. Sandy and I would was each other backs of course we would go down to each other ass, which felt kind of nice. I wanted to do so I did wash Sandy breasts and I though she pass from pleasure, she just said O0000hhh Cindy yes. When she did me I knew what she meant. There were no roads in of the towns, nothing but boardwalks that went everywhere. Now and then would be a restaurant night Ocean Bay park had a few, but Ocean Bay had more and the best, so we walk the boardwalks to Ocean Bay for dinner now and them, that was great. One night I think our Moms had a little too much to drink cause on the way back they were holding hands and giggling and really kissing heavily. Sandy and I were holding hands and silently laughing with then. When we got back to the house it was getting late Sandy I said were going up to bed. That when we saw then in a verse kiss with tongues going and ass grabbing. We were getting undressed and Sandy said Cindy do you think our mother are in love. I said Sandy I think so, a lot. We got naked and got in to bed. Laying there thinking about this when out of the clear blue Sandy leaned over and said Cindy I love you and Kiss me rather strongly she part her lips a little and I put my tongue into her lips then halkalı escort I said Wow Sandy I love you too. We kissed again and I did it and Sandy put her tongue into my lips. Gawd my head was spinning and my pussy was tingling as well. Then we heard loud mooning, we got up and listened and it was coming from our Moms bedroom. We snuck in from the hall way and peak in what we saw was unreal there were our Moms having sex. First One Mom into another Mom’s pussy then they switch and I swear they were fingering each other asshole as well. Then they got on top of each other and were furiously lick each other pussy at the same time. I could help put to look in aura and I started to play with my pussy and I could see Sandy was doing the same. We saw they where relaxing and sitting and just kissing, so we snuck back to our room. We look at each other and said holy fucken shit our Mom are lesbians Wow neat. In the mean time we still rubbing our pussy we laid back and Sandy started rubbing my pussy and I stared rubbing hers then we start finger each other gawd I was going wild then I look at Sandy I kissed her but this time I ram by tongue into her mouth and she did the same. I look at her and start kissing and sucking her tits then I was down to her pussy and I just stared kissing and sucking, Sandy was going fucken wild mooning. Sandy jump up and turn me over and got down to my pussy and started kissing and sucking as I did the same to her, I was even playing with her asshole. We kept this up until all of a sudden we were both cumming and mooning pretty loudly. We both sat up and said Wow that was fucking assume, as we kiss very wet tongue to tongue. I guess we were making to much noise because unbeknown to us our Moms were looking in on us. When all of a sudden they walk in and sat down on the bed with us. My Mom said Ok girls were the hell did you learn to do that much girl on girl sexual loving. When we told them from watching you two a little while ago and that we had gotten really sexual aroused and we just want each other the same way. They got up on the bed Sandy Mom next to me and my Mom next to Sandy and my Mom said do you girls mine if we join in with you two sexpots, Sandy and I said Wow gosh Mom not at all. Sandy Mom Lin snuggled next to me and started kissing me then sexual before I knew it my tongue was in her mouth as far as it would go and she return it with her tongue in my mouth, her hand were all over my body rubbing my tits belly and pussy I was in the throws of passion as my hands went for Lins full beautiful tits, gawd I though Wow what tits, I wanted to so badly and I final did I was rubbing and figuring her pussy, gawd it was so wet and I love every minute of it. I look over at my Mom and Sandy they were doing pretty much the same. For some reason, don’t ask me why, when I saw my Mom and Sandy sexually I though gosh I want my Mom too. Before I knew it Lin was down at my pussy gawd when she stated licking and really tonguen my pussy I was a passionate wreck, I was shaking all over. The next thing I knew Lin had rolled me over so my face was right in her pretty wet pussy and so was my tongue, gawd she tasted so good. What she did next was unreal she stuck her finger right up my asshole, gawd did that ever good for some reason, so I return the favor and stuck my finger in her wet pussy and then ram it up her s\asshole, I could hear Lin mooning as we both tongue the pussy with the finger going in and out. I knew I was about to cumm but before I knew it Lin was cumming like crazy and I was sucking it all into my mouth, right then and there I knew I was cumming too and I could fell Lin was sucking it all into her mouth, Wow what beautiful site this must be wish I had a picture of it, I do cause I’ll never, never forget it.Well we all sat up I rolled over to Mom as did Sandy to her Mom I leaned over to Mom and kiss her with our tongues rolling into each other, istanbul escort I look up at Mom and said gawd Mom I really love you Mom smiled at me and said honey I really love you too. Sandy said gawd I could really go for a swim in the ocean, Mom said why not it’s a full moon out to night let put our suite on and go for a swim, then Sandy Mom said yes skinny dipping. We put your suits on and walk to the ocean, there was not a sole around so we took our suit of and we all went in. I was so excited about swimming nude next to Mom feeling her beautiful tist and warm pussy Mom held me close to her and was touch me all over all of a sudden I said Mom I got to pee real bad, Mom said I do too, go pee right here. I could stop I just let go I knew it was going all over Mom. Mom smiled and Wow honey I can feel all your warm piss so wonderful. Then mom let go and I could feel all of her warm piss all over me. I look at mom and said Gosh mom that was wonderful. We kiss a long passionate dirty kiss but it was a pure Mom Daughter loving kiss. I could see Sandy and her Mom were in throws of passionate kissing and what ever else. Mom and I got out and laided down on our towels just hold hands look up at the moon. I though what a wonderful Mom, Aunt and cousin I have gawd how I love then all so much, I’m a happy gal.Finally the two sexpots get out of the ocean and lay down with us for a while. While we were laying down a couple walking my I guess recognized Mom and Lin they held over Tammy Linda, Tammy and Lin held over Jim, Sue yeah they walk over and Sue said I guess you gays are shinny dipping Huh. Mom said yes and this is our daughter Cindy and Sandy we said hi Sue said to you mine if we join you for s quick naked swim, Mom said no problem well as the got undressed Sue had a body to die for, but holy shit when Jim was naked, Sandy and I look at each other it was the first cock we had ever seen even in the moon light you could tell it was huge. Mom said we better get back to the house it must be getting late, just then Sue and Jim come out of the ocean and that cock was not soft any more. As we were leaving Lin reach over and stroke Jim’s cock; and said use this wisely Sue pop in and said Oh he well right how. As we left Sandy and I could see Sue holding his cock in her mouth, Wow holy shit we both said. Back at the house we all took a quick shower together, it is big outdoor shower all hop in and wash each other off and our Moms were teasing use about the size off Jims cock and would we like to see it up close some day, Sandy and I really didn’t know what to say, we both kind of said Gee Mom don’t know. We head to bed, As Sandy and I laid there we were talking about Jims cock and how does a cock of that size fit into our pussys anyway and gawd what does it feel like in your pussy anyway, gawd do we have questions.Everything went along as normal until one bad rainy day, no beach and nothing to do except watch television. As usual we all naked and our Moms were on the couch kind of fooling around, Sandy and I were on the floor with her head on my lap and I was fooling around with her breast, I love her breast. We knew what they were up to, but all of a sudden our Moms yelled for us to come up to there bedroom. As we walk in they motioned for us to lay next to them, which was always nice. Mom started kissing me real sexual and I did the same to her, her hands were on my breast and in my pussy. I though I was going to have orgasm as I finger Mom pussy. Both Mom and Lin stop and reach behind their pillows and brought out two these huge dildos, Sandy I both said what hell are those, Mom explain that there dildo and they simulate a man cock in your pussys with that they both slid the dildos up there pussys as Sandy and I look closely I said holy Geeeessss Mom it all the way up your pussy. Then I put my hand down to Mom pussy and felt her pussy and the dildo. Mom said here let me beylikdüzü escort show you with that they both start taking the dildo in and out of their pussy slowly at first then faster. Mom honey kiss me dirty and play with my tits, Gawd I was kissing mom badly sucking on her tits and looking at the dildo going in and out of Moms pussy Wow holy fuck, my pussy was get soaking wet. Then both Moms started screaming gawd I’m going to cumm, then Oh gawd I‘m cumming. Mom lay back but keep the dildo in her pussy just going in and out real slow. I kiss Mom real heavy with tongue and said Wow Mom that was unreal. As Mom took the dildo out of her pussy and brought it to our tongues we both lick the wet dildo, yes that was Moms pussy juices. Mom said are you two girls ready to try our dildos Sandy and I look at each other and nodded our heads and said gosh yes. Mom said we help you two for the first time cause theses are big dildo for your pussys. So the Moms put some lube on the dildos and said layback and spread your legs. As Mom put that dildo to my pussy I though Oh Wow but as she started go in further I though Oh My Gawd. Mom ask if was Ok with it I said it hurts a little bit but don’t stop Mom I want to see what it feels like. Mom only had it part way in when she gave a little push and I said Ouch Mom said that was your hymen I broke then she started going in and out slowly while playing with my clitoris. Mom ash me how does that feel honey, I said tight but it really feels good honest Mom don’t stop I want to feel all of it cumm like you did. I look over at Sandy gawd she looks like she was in heaven while playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples. Mom put the dildo in as far as it could go I gawd Mom that feels so good and with that Mom started going in and out real fast. I started screaming Oh My Gawd Mom Don’t Stop, as was Sandy too. I thought how fucken wonderful I feel and my pussy felt like it was about to do something. As Mom was playing with my clit and sucking my nipples, I knew what was about to happen I was going to really cumm. I screamed Mom I’m Cumming and gawd did I ever it was the longest cumm I ever had. Mom slowed down the paste on my pussy. Mom said how was it honey as she kissed me I threw my arms around her and kiss her as dirty as I could and said Mom that was pure wonderful I never came so heavy and long like that, Mom gawd I love you so much. Mom took the dildo out of my pussy and we both lick it and licking each other tongue, Mom said gawd honey you taste so good. Mom said your good honey and so I’m happy for you two girls, Lin and I have a few more things to show you two, don’t we Lin. Lin said Oh my gawd do we ever. First Tammy I think we need a cocktail. As the Moms went to the little bar in the living room for a drink, Sandy jump over to me and kiss me so hard with her tongue going almost down my throat. We laided on the bed rolling over and over on each other saying how great that was, we stop and I said Sandy we just got FUCK. That night the only thing Sandy and I did was kiss as dirty as we could and eat, kiss and suck each other pussy till we were to tired and fell asleep in each other arms. Some evening as we going to be Mom would come in to our bedroom and tell Sandy your Mom want to see you. Mom would lay down next to me and we be touch and kissing every were, I couldn’t believe it one time we were what Mom call the 69 position and she was really licking my pussy when all of a sudden she was sticking her tongue down my asshole, gawd what a wonderful feeling that was I yelled out Wow Mom YES, she knew I like it. Well one night I decided to try it on Sandy, why I like it I just don’t know, Well She was on top of me and we really going at licking our pussy feverously and was rubbing her asshole with my finger, I knew she like that cause she was squirming around like crazy, then I lick her asshole and then slid my tongue in as far as it would go. All I heard was Cindy Oh my gawd Wow that’s wonderful, Do that again Cindy. Sandy rolled us on our side and she did it to me, gawd was that ever dirty but wonderful, there we were licking each other pussy and asshole Wow.

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