“I Should Have Known It Was a Sat Up….&quot

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“I Should Have Known It Was a Sat Up….&quotBare with me as I tell you this…Miranda, is her name, she was new to the neighbor hood by two years. We all had watched her grow and blossom into such a lovely young voluptuous young lady. No she wasn’t fat or heavy, but she was very well built, She stood 5’7” tall, and about 165lbs, eyes and a smile, with perfect natural teeth, that would melt a mans heart.We knew each other and ofttimes intermingled with each other in the neighborhood, by that I mean she lives on my block and when there was a party on the block she would ask me to either walk her to the party or walk her home.Sometimes I thought she used me just to keep other guys away from her, even when the guys would hurl hurtful comments at me she would take my hand and say ‘…pay them no mind, they’re just jealous…’ we would laugh and walk off arm in arm.I guess Miranda was 6-teen or 7-teen when one such party was going on. I was passing by the house when she called out to me ‘…David, David wait up man, where you going with your best friend. Don’t just walk off…’ I stopped and waited till she caught up, she took my hand and asked ‘…you not going to stop and have a dance with your girl or nothing…’ I quietly replied ‘…they didn’t invite me and I didn’t feel like making a scene…’Miranda looked at me and cooed ‘…aaaawwww baby don’t feel like that, how long it’s been since you’ve had a good fuck..’ She must to have seen the disgust that swept over my face for she quickly responded ‘…come on now you know what I mean, when was the last time you was with a real girl…no that’s not how I meant it…’I looked at her and forced a smile and said ‘…yeah I know, don’t worry about me, you go on back to the party and have some fun…’ She didn’t leave but made this suggestion ‘…look my folks aren’t coming home tonight. I’ve got the house to my self, I promised that I wouldn’t do anything to make them upset with me. You know I want have any boys over or things like that. But they know you and trust us together so they wouldn’t be upset to find out that you came over and we watched a movie together like we used to years ago…’I looked at her and quipped ‘…yeah, David the queer is find just no real men…’ As we walked she continued to argue with me about not being there when she needed me and that she didn’t believe all the rumors she had heard and even if they were true she still trusted me to be her best friend…Yeah I was worn down to the point that I agreed to to go to her place and watch a movie. Once we got inside Miranda made like the good host. She popped pop corn and made sandwiches and even rustled up a couple of beers for us to sip on. This was a side of her that I had not seen and was put off guard by her actions.We were in the living room watching an old black and white horror classic, during one of the commercial breaks Miranda said ‘…lets turn off all the lights and watch this in the dark. I bet it’s scary as hell in the dark…’ So I agreed and she went around cutting off all the lights.Still it wasn’t all that dark, Miranda told me ‘…grab the sandwiches, I’ll get the popcorn and beer, we’re going to my room. It get’s really dark there and we can close the door so we can’t see what’s in the hall…’Once in Miranda room I started to feel uncomfortable, I sat in the chair by the door and she had to come over and actually pull me and chair closer to her bed that she was laying across. Two commercials later Miranda got off the bed and standing behind me, removed her clothes all except her bra and panties.She walked around in front of me during the break and stood with her hands on her hips. I was flabbergasted. Miranda was cute enough fully dressed with just her bra and panties she şişli escort took my breath away. Her legs were ever so shapely and her hips well defined and breast that was as perky as any porn model.Before I could react, Miranda had straddled my thighs and was sitting on them, her arms around my neck smiling at me ever so seductively. She said to me ‘…now David, don’t you think this is better than some old dull party with all those self important people around…’I tried to push her off saying ‘…maybe I should go before your folks get home…’ Miranda smiled saying ‘…I told you they won’t be back till tomorrow some times. By then we will have been through and they won’t know what happened…’Miranda felt my penis grow as well as I did and she knew she had me at her will when she begin to dry hunch my trapped penis. She pulled me to her perky breast and whispered to me ‘…your damn zipper is hurting my little clit, you need to get out of them things and get like me…’She stood up and started to pull my t-shirt over my head, I stopped her and stood up and dropped my jeans and kicked off my tennis. Miranda stepped back watching me by the light of the TV set, once I was free of my jeans and had folded them over the chair Miranda stepped closer to me and grabbed my penis in her left hand and squeezed it tightly.She smiled at me and said ‘…see, I knew you liked girls, you just didn’t know how to show them…’ Miranda lead me to the side of her bed and sat down on the edge, she smiled at me and pulled my underwear down freeing my enlarged male member. Miranda squealed and said ‘…oooohhhhweeee, this dick wants some attention really bad don’t it…’I looked at her and started to reach for my underwear when Miranda suddenly pulled my penis to her lips and kissed it slipping her lips over my penile head till her lips rested against my penile ridge. My knee almost buckled as I thought about the most beautiful girl in the hood was sucking my penis.My male member was throbbing ecstatically in anticipation of what was to come. Miranda pulled away from my penis and slid further back on the bed and whispered seductively ‘…come on David, come on and get this pussy…’She swiftly removed her panties and slipped out of her bra and tossed both across the room and laid back spreading her silky copper toned legs apart. I crawled up between her calves and thighs as she slightly raised them raising her love box up offering her jewel box of sex to me.I stopped just short of her cunt and stupidly said ‘…I don’t have any rubbers…’ Miranda smiled and said ‘…don’t worry silly, I’m on the pill…’ She gripped my throbbing shaft and guided my penile head to her wet wet opening and took a deep breath as my penile head slipped effortless into her love box.Miranda and I both moaned at the same time as more of my penile shaft entered deep into her warm sensuous channel. Miranda slipped her arms under my arms and pulled me close to her fantastic body and we both begin to grind and hunch each other like wild a****ls. I was so close to cumming when the door flew open and the lights came on.It took me a couple of tries to break away from Miranda and as I started to spin away two powerful hands jerked me off the bed to the floor. My upper body and face struck the floor almost knocking the wind from me. I twisted around to to see a guy I knew by the street name hulk, his real name was Gary W.He looked at me in a menacingly evil way and snapped ‘…just what the hell you think you be doing to my woman…’ I looked up terrified at first I thought it was Miranda Father, but as I focused I could see it was Hulk. I tried to scurry away only to have hulk snatch me back and ask Miranda ‘…you Okay, we still good…we still mecidiyeköy escort good…’I didn’t know what he was talking about, I couldn’t see Miranda and my ears were still ringing as I tried to reach for my underwear only to have Hulk kick them away. I slithered away from the foot of hulk back to a corner by the TV. Hulk glared over at me and begin his vicious rant.’…So you think you can slip away with my girl and I don’t know it. A fuck boy at that, hell he gets more dick than you do and you want me to think you want to fuck him and not me. I’ll show you what a fuck boy is good for…’I had pulled my knees up to protect myself as Hulk walked over to me and snatched me up by the arm. Just as I reached my knees Hulk slapped me across the face so hard the he burst my lips, I fell back to the floor.Confused, angered and humiliated I tried to get up, Hulk slapped me again so hard that I went to the floor and this time I stayed there whimpering from the pain and shock. I heard Miranda say something that sounded like ‘..don’t hurt him, just do what you said you was gonna do…’Hulk stood over me threateningly saying ‘…I’m gonna teach you a lesson in fucking that you’ll never ever forget. After today you’ll be my bitch too…’ Hulk reached down and lifted me to my knees saying ‘…stop your fucking catawailing and get up on your fucking knees….”…You think you can sneak in here and fuck my girl, what you think she is and fuck boy lover. That’s what you think she is…a fuck boy lover…’ I couldn’t see Miranda except that she had the sheets entwined around her naked body, at least what I could see around the Hulk.Hulk slapped me up side the head again and said ‘…bitch you gonna show Miranda here how to suck a mans dick…now ask me to let you suck my dick…ask me bitch…’ Too embarrassed or scared I couldn’t manage to say a word. Hulk grabbed me by the chin and slapped me twice as hard as he could and bellowed again ‘…BEG ME TO LET YOU SUCK MY DICK BITCH…BEG ME…’I was just about to succumb when I heard Miranda say ‘…Gary, don’t hit him again he’ll do it for me, he’ll do it for me, just don’t hurt US…’ It sounded odd to hear her say “Us” so distinctly but it made it’s mark.Hulk said to me ‘…so what’s it gonna be you gonna do it or do I start on her…’ My mind went racing as I thought of what he meant, then he said it again ‘…beg me to let you suck my dick…’ I whimpered resentfully ‘…let me suck your dick…’ Hulk slapped me again so hard I went rolling across the floor to just below the TV.Hulk growled ‘…I wanna hear you beg me not whine and do it proper like boy…’ tears flowing freely down my cheeks, slobbering I asked again ‘…let me suck your dick…please’ ‘…please what bitch…’ ‘…please sir…’ I added.Hulk grumbled ‘…do it all over and all together or else I’ll start on Miranda…’ Again I lowered my head sobering I said ‘…please let me suck your dick, please sir…’ ‘…Get on your knees and crawl over here like the bitch dog you are and be quick about it…’I got up on my hands and knees and started to crawl across the floor to where Hulk was standing. I raised up with my head lowered hulk said to me ‘…take my dick out and suck it bitch…’ I fumbled with his zipper as my hand brushed against his bulge I could feel his man hood throb just beneath the cloth.I had to raise my head to see why I could not undo his zipper and as I did so I thought I caught a glimpse of Miranda face and was a twinkle in her eyes. Hulk bopped me up side the head again saying ‘…what’s taking you so long, get my dick in your fucking mouth now…’I manage to get his zipper down and fished out his throbbing male member, his size was massive. Hulk was close to esenyurt escort twelve inches long, four fingers across with a girth that was impressive. Hulk brought me back to the task I was to perform by reminding me ‘…suck my dick or Miranda get’s hurt…’I kissed the head of his massive tool and felt it violently twitch in my fingers, Hulk took hold of the back of my head and pulled me to his crotch, his rubbery stiff penis parting my lips and slipping into my oral cavity. Involuntarily a slight moan left my lips as I closed them around the considerable tube of throbbing man meat.I slid my hand close around Hulks shaft and could barely grip it’s immense girth, his penile glans filled my mouth to extreme. With each throb it seemed that it took on more girth, Hulk unexpectedly pulled back freeing his mammoth male member from my sucking lips with an obscene smacking sound. Suddenly I heard Miranda cry out ‘…make him eat my pussy, make him eat my pussy…’Hulk took hold of my ear and pulled me over to the bed, Miranda threw off the sheets and slid to the edge of the bed and took hold of my head and pulled me to her very wet cunt and begin to hunch fiercely as she twisted my head around her crotch.During this time Hulk undressed and was standing to one side of us when Miranda said ‘…fuck him in the as while he suck my pussy, fuck him baby. Fuck him good, let me see your dick in is ass…’ It was then that I thought seriously that I had been set up.Miranda slid back up on the bed till she had the pillows beneath her head and shoulders giving her a reclined position to watch the activities. Hulk lifted me up and dropped me between Miranda thighs and crawled up between my feet and legs pushing them aside.I started to protest when Miranda pulled my head and face to her very wet sex box saying ‘…shit suck this pussy good, so good that my baby can fuck your face up into my snatch…’ Hulk spit between my buttocks and slid his substantial penile glans across my puckering anal opening.A couple of more passes and Hulk poised his prodigious phallus head against my tiny anus, I tried to free my face from Miranda aromatic cunny only to feel my outer sphincter muscle ring begin to open and stretch to accommodate the massive tool that demanded entry. Miranda raised up enough to see Hulks male member enter my straining bung and hear my weak babbling protest. Once Hulks formidable head entered my anal canal and my anal sphincter muscle ring slipped over his staggering penile ridge I was pinned between Miranda pussy and Hulks massive male member..The two of them was enjoying their selves at my expense, Miranda told Hulk ‘…turning him over baby, turn him over. I wanna see you fuck him like a bitch, fuck him like you fuck me. With his legs up in the air. I’m gonna sit on his face and make him swallow all my cunt juices…’They tossed me to my back, Miranda squatted over my face and pulled my feet till they were locked under her arm pits. With my bung exposed to Hulks wishes I could do little save struggle against them. My bung all ready stretched opened and slick with our combined juices, Hulk had no problem entering me a second time. This time was more painful then the first and Hulk wasted no time in sinking his fuck tool all the way in.Miranda rode my face as Hulk slid back and forth into my neither region, It felt as if they had me in such a position for hours. In reality it could not have been more the forty minutes before Hulk burst loose and filled my rectum with his baby batter and Miranda held him in her arms as she flooded my mouth with her juices.Once finished Miranda looked at me as I laid there panting for air and said to Hulk ‘…damn David was such a good friend, now we done fucked that up. He’s gonna tell everybody what we did…’ Hulk looked at her and said, as he wiped his tool across my lips. ‘…No David don’t tell what people do to him I told you how I found out. David’s not gonna tell shit and one day we’ll do this again, only that time David will be more cooperative…’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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