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I Owned JennaI Owned JennaBy: Londebaaz Chohan I remember very vividly; it was a not a very cold November so far. School had set a dance in the small gymnasium room attached to the main Gym hall. School Principal knew, I did not much like the loud blaring music at such affairs but still he put me in charge to monitor and make sure, this event went on and ended without an incident. I came in on time as the musicians and the DJ were getting ready to set up their instruments, checking all the connections, apparatuses and making sure the volume levels to suit the small section of the hall. Most music they were auditing sounded nice but deafening loud dance beats. My office was in a building that was at a distance plus I was supposed to be here and not sitting in my room, I was looking for some place to sit with a little calm if not quiet all together and it was not easy. Fucking dances are not like they used to be in old days. Today, girls come merely half dressed in their tops, cut too low to exhibit their boobs and skirts cut way too high to show their ass curves every time they only bent a little giving the boys a nice show. Talk of the boys who mostly, if not faggots in real life; looked to be faggots for sure but of course doing all that was possible to show their big, almost adult sized cocks and the bulging balls in their extremely tight jeans and or Lycra like sports pants. This was an old designed gymnasium. The seating for this section was in the balcony above and the excess to stairways was at each end with the doors that were usually left locked unless some event like today was to be and attendees were supposed to be using the stairs. The stairs went up to the upper floors for more seating during the basketball, wrestling and badminton matches held in the larger gym hall. It was relatively easy and convenient to keep a track of students and the area was quiet but they were also found to smoke often in the stair wells. I thought to go in with an idea to use the area for some peace. If anyone asked; I could always tell that I was there to check on the students.As I used my key to go in, I heard a muffled sound of giggling coming from the stairs area a few steps before the landing made to turn for the next flight up. It was surely a blind corner and nothing was visible but the whispering could easy tell me that it was a boy and a girl there.“Stop it, Jerry”. I could hear bahis siteleri her voice and I could easily recognize, it was Jenna’s voice. She was a student in my computer science class and if she was talking to Jerome Richards; Jerry was my student in Math class. I had seen them walking hand in hand in the corridors of the class room and also kissing off and on when they felt they were not being observed by many. Both were seniors and expected to graduate from the school in couple of months and looked quite matured in their looks as compared to some of their classmates in general. I remember to blow a whistle on more than one occasions to separate them apart in the class hallways from an all open show of affection to one another.I heard Jerry, very clearly, “Come on honey; you can feel, how hard you have made me. Just a quick blowjob and we can go back to our friends”.“Not a chance”. Came the answer from Jenna. “I do not want my makeup to be messed and everyone knowing what we had done”. “It feels so good, you stroking me honey and I know, you are horny too. See, how hard your nipples are as your body is excreting the hormones in the blood. I am not asking for a fucking but just a quick blowjob for the relief of mutual tension”. Jerry almost put his foot down.The conversation stopped and there was a decently loud sound heard of Jenna moaning. “It surely feels good, when you suck on my tits”. She was heard saying to Jerry and Jerry also groaned in response. By now my curiosity had taken over the best of me and instead of getting to my whistle or making some other noise of sort, alerting them; I rather wanted to see, what was going on. Hoping to see young Jenna’s naked breasts and or much more of her skin was really exciting me. She was nicely built for a High School senior with much larger tits and pointed tip nipples showing time to time through her bra and the blouse in my class. She mostly wore low cut tops and was proud to show her well-developed boobs, bending over the desk for a reason or none. Mother fucking bitch was surely a tease.I quietly turned to stay by the wall to make sure, they could not see me but I had the perfect view. Jenna was almost laying back on the rails. Her eyes were closed tight and her top was drawn all the way below her shoulders. Her skirt was so small and pulled up to show the tiniest piece of shit, called panties and even that little fabric canlı bahis siteleri piece was not in its place to cover her pussy and showed even the fur around her engorged looking cunt. Only one of her breasts was visible while the other was all hidden behind Jerry’s head. It was not hard to imagine what he was up to as Jenna’s moans told the whole story. Jenna was also busy; her hand was wrapped around his stiff length and moving steadily up and down his thick cock from tip to the wide base. She was applying pressure under the helmet every time she reached to his cock head and Jerry was also fucking her fist by moving his hips back and forth keeping up with the rhythm of her massaging his cock and spreading the pre cum to shine his healthy looking shaft and cock head.Once again Jerry raised his head requesting her to suck him off. “Honey I am close and it won’t take you more than 2 minutes to make me cum if you suck me off. Kindly baby”.“No dear”. Jenna refused once again. “Just relax and concentrate. I shall make you cum this way soon”. She sat up slightly and her hand got to move faster and Jerry got her tits sucking act done more rapidly. Jerry’s free hand found its way to her mound and started massaging her there and soon her meant to cover pussy fabric got disappeared showing me the swollen pussy lips in true pink color. Jerry’s agile fingers were plenty quick to slide the fabric away from Jenna’s cunt to a side to get an open view of her puss for the first time. Although I was at a reasonable distance but I could see the moisture exuding from her cunt hole. Jerry folded 2 of his fingers and in one swift motion to entered her. Jenna suddenly stopped moving her hand on his long and hard organ and duly raised her hips to welcome his incoming fingers. Her louder breathing was reaching my ears in response to his fingers moving in and out of her. She tried to resume stroking him but soon first her head rose high with sensations produced in her pussy and she looked oddly around. I quickly had to pull myself back a little so that she could not see me. Then she pushed her hips higher to give Travis an easy excess in her pussy. Travis responded and added a third finger in her cunt making her writhing hips to cajole against his hand and sighing out loud. Soon her hips shuddered as her orgasm started building in her fast and she started crying, “Oh Yes, oh my God”. Now canlı bahis her hips came off the stairs and her total body weight was on her feet as she stood almost straight up and looking again to the side where I was. I could swear, she wanted to say something but her orgasm did not allow the words to form. Travis kept finger fucking her and soon I could see her juices dripping out of her on to the stairs and railing and her head moving out of control while her eyes scanned all around. I had to rapidly move further back almost hitting the door behind me but I think, it did not produce much noise. Getting attentive to myself made me not only realize how hard my cock was by now but also at the verge for ejaculating my balls brew. I did not remember when I unbuttoned and took my cock out but masturbated all along. From my vantage point now, I could see Jenna’s hands rubbing his cock, much more clearly. This was enough for me to go over the cliff and shoot out. As I painted the wall on my side, I could clearly see Travis squirting all over the stairs and some on Jenna’s forehead and hair too. He was yelling all the obscenities in his vocabulary as he emptied his balls.I literally had to squeeze myself in the corner of the landing as I heard the quick shuffling and rustling sounds of Jenna and Jerry getting to their clothes and putting them on. Jenna was calling him a pig and being unyielding, asking him to arrange some paper towel to wipe his cum off her hair and face. I had no time to think what to do as I heard Jerry’s steps coming down accept to stop breathing and squeeze further deep in the corner.Thankfully, he was in such a hurry and panic that he did not notice me as he did not look sideways. I was stunned once again to find my cock still dangling out of the front of my jeans and dripping also. I knew, the door would be locked as Jerry returned and he will have to knock and get her down to open it. It was best for time me to escape as well. I did not take more than a moment to push back my limping cock in the jeans opening and walked to step out.“Hi Mr. C”. I could see Jenna bending over the railing of the staircase; as I turned my neck to see. “I am sure, you enjoyed the show. I had seen you earlier and knew, you were there all the time. I shall be very happy to give you a go to own me if you be kind and not report it”. I smiled cheek to cheek for receiving such a sweet offer and slipped through the door back into the dance hall but not before listening her say, “See you in your office, after the school hours, tomorrow sir”. The end. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Nov.24/ 2019.

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