I Own This Woman

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“Please take my shorts and underwear off.”

“Wipe me.”

“Bath me.”

“Touch me there”

These are the words she said to me. So yes, I can say that I own this woman. She is completely dependent upon me: for food, for clothing and I can honestly say she cannot even go to the bathroom without me! This total dependence has been my ticket to an introduction to love and sex. Let me tell you my story about my first time.

In High School, I was the stereotypical skinny, glasses wearing nerdy lad. I was easily overlooked by the 100% of the opposite sex. Needless to say, I had no sexual experiences. I didn’t even date. The only kisses I received were pecks on the cheek from my mom or my Aunts.

My mother told me that all this would change as I grew older. These High School girls were too immature and one dimensional. I would go to college. Get a great job and be successful and then get married. She’ll never know how right she was about the joys I would find with a mature, older woman.

I was accepted into a prestigious Eastern college. Given the chance to avoid spending another dreary summer being ridiculed in my little home town, I leapt at the chance to join a summer astronomy program at the college. The dorms were closed so I signed up for a boarding house outside of town run by a widow. This being the off season, I was her only tenant. I had a room on the second floor with a bathroom down the hall. My package included one meal a day, dinner at 6:00 p.m.

Mrs. Angel was a lady in her mid-forties. Her collar length brown hair was beginning to be joined by streaks of gray hair. She was attractive. Fit for her age. She liked to garden and cycle. Her husband had been killed 18 months ago by a drunk driver. The house was all that she had. She made an honest living renting it out to college boys. Mrs. Angel was alone except for a sister 2 towns over.

My first two weeks in town were uneventful. I was use to being on my own having had few friends in high school. My interaction with Mrs. Angel was minimal. We had dinner together nightly. I had never developed conversational skills, so the meals passed quickly and silently. Every morning I would bike into town for a day of scientific exploration and my evenings were filled with reading.

Who knew that Wednesday, July 12 would be the day that changed my life!

Mrs. Angel was outside washing windows. Having eating breakfast, I got on my bike to go to school. As I was pedaling off, her dog took offense to me. He began barking and growling and then chasing me. Mrs. Angel called to him to stop, but he was not to be deterred. He bit me on the ankle. This caused me to fall off my bike and into Mrs. Angel’s ladder. The ladder fell and Mrs. Angel did too. She reached out to break her fall and her hands went through a pane of glass.

Her screams filled the air. I shook the dog off my pants leg and went to her. Her hands and wrists were bleeding.

“I’m so sorry! The dog…Are you all right?” I asked.

“Go to the bathroom and get me a towel,” she ordered as she pulled glass fragments out of her hands and then attempted to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the cuts.

When I returned with the towels, she held her hands out for me to wrap them.

“This looks pretty bad,” I said.

“Can you drive me to the emergency room? My keys are on the nightstand in my bedroom.”

Again, I ran into the house. I got the keys and ran out to help her into the Volvo. Thank goodness it was an automatic. Following her direction, I got her to the hospital. I waited around as they worked on her. Three hours later, they wheeled her out. She was groggy from the pain medicine and both hands were wrapped up as if she was wearing white boxing gloves.

The nurse addressed me, “You’re the boy that brought her in aren’t you?”

I nodded.

“Can you take her home?”

Another nod.

“She is all right. The cuts were mostly superficial. She will be fine in 10-14 days.”

She handed me a bag. And some paper. The nurse turned to Mrs. Angel and said,

“Here are some antibiotics and pain medicine. These should tide you over until you can get the prescriptions filled. You are going to need some help.”

Mrs. Angel responded, “I’ll have my sister come over.”


An Antep Bayan Escort attendant wheeled Mrs. Angel outside as I went to get the car. He helped her into the back sit. As I drove her home, I looked into the rear view mirror and said, “I’m so sorry about all of this…”

She interrupted me saying, “I know. I know. This is not your fault. That damm dog…Thanks for your help.”

“Sure,” I said relieved that I wasn’t the villain in this story.

“When we get home, could you make me some tea,” and holding up her bandaged hands, “and call my sister for me? She is only an hour away. And if you could stay with me, I might need some help until she arrives…”

I nodded. I would have smiled and shouted with joy if I had known what was ahead of me!

I helped her to the kitchen table and started the tea.

“Can I fix you a sandwich or something?”

“Yes, Jeff. A sandwich would be nice. Would you mind calling my sister first?”

I picked up the kitchen phone and dialed the number as she called it out. When it began to ring I held it to her ear. Her hair had a hospital, antiseptic smell. She began speaking into the phone.

“Lindsey, I’ve hurt myself. Nothing drastic. I’ve cut my hands. I’m going to need some help. Please come over as soon as you can. Bye”

She pulled her head away from the phone and looked up at me. “She wasn’t in. I hope she gets my message soon.”

“I’ll stay with you until she does.”

I hung up the phone and grabbed the whistling tea kettle. I made the tea and then made us lunch. After a quiet lunch she said,

“I’d like to lie down in my room.”


“Uhh, I’m going to need to make a stop before that.”

I stood like a stone not understanding what she meant. She held up her hands and with a look of desperation said,

“I’m going to need a little assistance in the bathroom.”

I blushed profusely and nodded again.

I followed her to the bathroom. She stood in front of the toilet and turned to face me. “Please pull my shorts and underwear down.”

God! How many nights had I dreamt about a women saying those words to me!

I knelt in front of her. My inexperienced hands fumbled with the snap. I pulled her shorts down. Her dark pubic hair was visible through the white panties. And they were only inches from my face! Nervously, I looked up at her.

She nodded and gave me an embarrassed and understanding smile.

With both hands I grabbed the sides of her panties, I tugged on them sliding and rolling them down to her knees. I stared for the first time at a live women’s bush. My face turned red. My ears felt warm as I stood and turned away. I closed the door silently as she sat down.

I waited in the hall re-living what had just happen. In my mind’s eye I could still see the mass of brown curls. The same shade as her head. They formed an inverted triangle below her white stomach and in between her creamy smooth thighs. My lewd thoughts were interrupted by her call.

“Jeff, thank you for the privacy, you can come in now.”

I enter the room with my eyes on the floor. She was sitting on the toilet.

“I need you to wipe me.”

“Ahh, okay.” I walk to toilet paper roll and grabbed a few sheets. I folded them and knelt beside her. She spread her legs and looked away. I’m sure she felt my woody pressing against her leg. I could see wet strands of pubic hair. I patted at them. Beneath the fur I could feel her grooved vagina.

“Umm, can you get more tissues and wipe me from front to back.”

I nodded and did so. I’ve never been so close to a non-relative female before. My boner strained at my pants as with a wad of paper I wiped her. I can feel her soft lips move and give slightly in response to my pressure.

“Good. Can you get more and wipe my bottom?” She closed her legs and leaned over as she slide forward on the seat.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I think we can be on a first name basis now. Call me Carrie.”

“Yes ma’am…Carrie”

I took more tissue and reached down. I felt her soft rump. Not far enough I realized. I reached further and contacted her pussy again.

“It’s okay. You can start there.”

I did. I followed the groove. It stopped. I continued. I felt another soft spot and wiped there.

“That’s it,” she re-assures me.

I repeated the process a couple of times. She nodded. I flushed the toilet and went to the sink to wash my hands. Carrie started to cry softly.

“Look at me. I’m such a mess. I’ve got blood all over my clothes. And I am asking a perfect stranger to wipe my ass.” More tears.

“Carrie, I don’t mind. I feel responsible. I hit the ladder. Here let me get you dressed and I’ll call your sister again.”

“It’s not your fault. That damm dog caused the whole accident. Look I’m dirty and I’m half undressed, would you run me a bath? I would feel much better if I were clean.”


While I was waiting for the tub to fill, I went to call her sister again. As I reached for the phone, it rang. It was Lindsey. I brought the phone to Carrie and held it to her ear.

“Yes. I’m all right. My dog caused me to fall off the ladder and I cut my hands. Aside from not being able to use them, I’m fine. How soon can you be here? ….You’re in Italy!

Her sister went on to explain that her boyfriend had surprised her with a romantic trip to Venice and Rome. They had left two days ago and she wasn’t scheduled to be back for another 10 days. Carrie told her not to cut short her trip. She would manage. After she explained this to me I said,

“I don’t mind helping you out.”

She looked at my hard-on and said, “I can see that you’re coping pretty well so far.”

Then she looked me in the eye and said, “You are not a bad looking kid just shy. You probably spend too much time studying. I’m guessing you haven’t had much luck with the girls. Have you ever had a girlfriend?”

I blushed and pushing my glasses up my nose, shook my head “no”.

“Jeff, I am in a fix. I don’t make much renting out this house. That trip to the hospital is going to cost me a bundle. My sister isn’t going to be able to help me. Why don’t we use this situation to our mutual benefit. I need some assistance and cannot afford to have a maid or nurse come in and help me. You could use an education in women. You’ve probably all ready seen and touched more in five minutes than you have in your whole life. There’s more to come, if you take care of me.”

Sweat was beading on my forehead, but I recognized the deal of a lifetime. I stuck out my right hand and said, “You’ve got a deal!”

She waved her bandaged hand at me. I stood there beaming while she had a wry smile on her face. Then she said,

“Great. The tub’s getting full. Go get some rubber bands and plastic bags. You can cover my bandages and then undress and bath me.”

I was out the door in a flash. I returned to turn off the water and bag her hands. Then I had the pleasure of unbuttoning my first blouse. My hands were shaking as I undid the buttons. I pulled the shirt off to reveal a lacy white bra. Her tits filled the cups. Tan breast meat showed above the white cotton. She turned around. My gaze lowered as I admired here shapely butt.

“Have you taken a bra off before?”

“No,” I said as my teeth chattered. I tugged on the straps not seeing a release mechanism.

“Little hooks hold it together. Grab the elastic horizontal band near the center and pull it inwards to release the pressure and you’ll see the two metal hooks holding it together,” she said with a bemused chuckle.

I felt as if I had solved the riddle of the pyramids. The straps can apart. She turned again to face me as I removed the straps from her shoulder. The brassiere fell forward to reveal her creamy, white breasts. At the tip of her boobs, the skin changed texture and color. Her tits were topped off by two inch circles of brown flesh which came up in the center to form a hardened nipple almost a ½” high.

Her right hand which had been at her side, brushed the front of my pants. I felt as if a bolt of electricity had run through me. She got in the tub.

“Get a wash cloth and put some of liquid soap on it.” She immersed herself in the tub and stood facing away from me. As water ran down her she said,

“You can start with my back.”

I started on her shoulders and worked my way down. I caressed her back and followed here narrowing waist down to the top of her butt. I got on my knees. I felt as if I was worshipping at the altar of a goddess. However, this experience transcended lustful looks; it included my senses of smell and touch.

I rubbed her buttocks. They were soft and fleshy. She bent over at the waist the way only females can do. This gave me better access to…everything. . I separated her cheeks and ran the cloth between them. I could see and feel the asshole that I had wiped earlier. Beyond that I found silky, dark hair and her cunt. As my cloth touch that area. I exploded.

“Uhh…Ugh..” Incomprehensible noises spontanously came out of my throat. My whole body spasmed as I came filling my underwear with sperm.

She giggled, “I was wondering how long you would last. It looks like you need a bath now too. Go ahead and take off you clothes and join me.”

I went from being flushed, embarrassed and frankly out of breathe to naked and in the tub in an instance.

“Clean yourself,” she said as she inspected my hardware. Erect my penis was 5 ½” long and a little thicker than a roll of quarters. But I felt like a he-man when she said,

“You have a nice cock. When you learn to control yourself, you will make some lady a happy woman.”

I cleaned away the gooey mess and was again star stuck at my circumstances. I was naked in a tub with a naked woman!

I got a clean washcloth and more soap. She looked spectacular and she was smiling at me. Her breasts cried out to me. They were white and tan orbs trimmed out with brown erect nipples. I later learned that they were a “B” cups. Below, her nether region was garnished with brown hair. The thought that I would soon be exploring that area was enough to begin giving me a second erection.

I started washing her arms all the while staring at her tits. I loved the way any movement what so ever caused them to jiggle. They looked so incredibly suckable. I washed her face and neck. She had kind brown eyes. Her face had a few line and was very soft.

By the time I was ready to work on her boobs my erection was at full staff.

“My boobs are not that dirty,” she said. But on seeing the look of utter disappointment in my face she added, “I know you want to touch them. Put the cloth down and just use you hands.”

They were marvelous. Complete softness and cool to the touch. I mauled them. I pushed them from side to side and up and down. Then I played with the nipples. I stroked them. Poke them and pulled on them until her laughter brought me back to reality.

“All right! All right. That’s enough….for now. Remember you have more work to do.”

Yes indeed. I went down on one knee and she spread her legs again.

“Start with my feet,” she commanded.

I did them and then her calves. Followed by her knees and then her thighs. Her thighs were ever so soft. Now, my eyes were on the prize. I rubbed her stomach and lower belly and the triangle of dark hair. My dick was so hard it was twitching. I reached between her legs and rubbed.

“Gently,” she says, “put the cloth away.” Her breathing was labored.

“Go ahead and stroke that big dick of yours while you rub my pussy.”

I put my left hand on her vagina. I could feel the heat. I rubbed her from stem to stern. The more I rubbed the easier it became. She was wet and getting slicker. I put a finger inside her, slide it around and pushed it in and out. I withdrew it and used my right hand to scoop out some of her juice. I put that lubricated hand on my cock.

I stroked myself while I stare at her pussy and feel her up with my left hand. I had two fingers in her and rested my thumb on her furry triangle.

“Slide your thumb down,” she instructed me. “Touch me there.”

I felt a bump just inside her slit and massaged it. Later I would learn that this was her clitoris. In no time, I exploded again.

The next nine days were more of the same. I fed, dressed, wiped and bathed her. I reveled in the softness, the beauty and the allure of her body. We laughed; we sucked and masturbated each other to countless orgasms. On the fourth day, I fucked her. I was a virgin no more!

That summer my confidence soared as I learned lessons about life and love. Carrie recovered fully. No doubt due to my diligent care. Her hands healed and so did her heart. She stopped grieving for her husband and decided to live again. She sold the boarding house and moved in with her sister to start her life anew. I never saw her again. But for one summer, I owned her and she owned me.

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