I Love Your Milk Ch. 03

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NOTE: Since a lot of people were turned-off by the infantilism and diaper play, I decided to change the second part of the story. Enjoy!


Final exams were OVER! I had practically skipped out of school with the other seniors. A bunch of us had gone to Denny’s over in Kingsland for some brunch, and then over to Matt Kitchens’ house for an impromptu party. It was at the party that I got Lucy Adams’ phone number. She had expressed an interest in hanging out during the summer. I was sure that if I played my cards right, I could at least get some goodbye sex before we both headed off to college.

As I neared my house, I saw a familiar car parked in my spot in the driveway. After parking by the sidewalk, I headed inside and found my mother and someone else in the kitchen. The visitor was a lovely woman in her late 40s with ebony hair. She was my mom’s good friend, Gretchen Bryce-Hughes.

“Hey, mom,” I said. “Hey, Gretchen.”

“Hello, sweetie,” my mother answered.

“Hullo, Lucas,” Gretchen said in that lovely British accent of hers.

“How was school?” Mom asked.

“Great,” I answered. “I feel good about my exams.”

“Your mum was telling me that you graduate next Friday. Congratulations!”


“Well, I’ll leave you two alone. I’m going to go upstairs and play some Play Station.”

“Try not to make too much noise,” my mother cautioned. “Baby Daniel is sleeping.”

“Got it.”

As I reached the second floor of my house, I grabbed at my crotch, trying to rein in the erection I had gotten from seeing Gretchen. I quickly got into my bedroom and yanked down both my pants and underwear. Though my cock throbbed with longing, I dare not masturbate until everyone in the house had gone to sleep.

Gretchen had given birth about five months ago, and, with her new baby came an increase in her bust. The responsibility of raising a child was wearing on her; before having the baby, she was a wine-swilling party animal. Now, she was stuck at home and forced into sobriety in order to be able to breastfeed her son.

A few months ago, my mom had sent me on an errand to bring her some food in order to ease her maternity woes. During that visit, she had intimated that due her son’s unwillingness to breastfeed on a regular basis, she had an overabundance of breast milk. One thing led to another, and I had been asked to help her pump. Soon, pumping led to her allowing me to suckle directly from her breasts. Then, during our next encounter, she’d given me a handjob, a titfuck, and a blowjob.

After that, I hadn’t seen her until today. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, as she was one of my mom’s closest friends. I was fine hiding out in my room until she left.

About an hour later, there was a knock at the door. My mom entered with a terse look on her face. I paused my game and waited for her to speak.

“Listen,” she began. “Gretchen is going to be staying in the downstairs guest room for a bit. She’s having a rough time.”

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I don’t want to say too much,” Mom sighed. “She and Pete had a fight, and she’s feeling vulnerable right now. All I need for you to do is make her feel welcome. It would also be nice if you could help her out with the baby from time to time.”

“Sure. Anything she needs.”

“Thanks, buddy.” Mom gave me a smile, but still remained in the room. I knew something else was coming.

“Dad just called to let me know that he wants to take me out to Corelli’s for dinner tonight.”

“That new Italian restaurant? I heard that it’s pricey.”

“He just sent me a text. He landed a huge account at work a few months ago, and his commission just came through so…”

I could see where this was going, so I beat her to the punch. “Don’t worry. You crazy kids go out and have fun. I’ll keep Gretchen and the baby company while you’re gone.” I got up and turned off my console and television.

“Thank you!” Mom said in a hushed voice. She gave me a quick hug and darted off to her room to get ready for her date.

About an hour later, my parents were heading out for their date. Mom had made a nice pot roast and some instant mashed potatoes for us while she was gone. Gretchen, baby Daniel and I sat down at the table to eat dinner together. She was thoroughly appreciative of the meal; since she’d had the baby, she had been eating mostly take-out food, so she rarely had a nice home-cooked meal. After that, the two of us went into the den to watch some television.

“That meal was amazing,” Gretchen said, cradling her stomach.

“It sure was,” I agreed.

“I bet you’ll miss your mum’s cooking when you go off to uni, huh?”

“Probably. Still, I know how to cook for myself.”

“I love a man who can cook: probably one of the reasons that I married Peter. When we were dating, he made me lots of fancy meals: steaks, lasagna, and French onion soup.”

“You’re making me hungry again,” I joked.

“We had a bit of a row, you know,” Gretchen said with a grim smile. “I’m sure your mum told you that.”

“Yeah,” I admitted.

Gretchen sighed. “I told him that it would be great if Gaziantep Escort İlanları he could find a local job instead of one that keeps him away for months at a time. He got upset, of course, and told me that his job is fine because it makes us lots of money. But, I’m tired of him never being home and leaving me alone with a baby!”

“Maybe you could hire a nanny?”

“I dunno,” Gretchen said, rubbing her temples. “Maybe, I’m wrong to complain. Peter is a wonderful provider. Still, I don’t want Danny to grow up not seeing his father.”

“There’s still time to work things out.” I didn’t have much to give other than generic, feel-good advice like that.

“Thanks for listening. I’m sorry that you’re stuck home with me. I’m sure you’d rather be out with your friends right now.”

“In about 2 months I’ll be living in a dorm, so I’m enjoying being home as much as I can right now.”

Before Gretchen could respond, Baby Danny’s cries filled the room. Gretchen sighed as she carefully picked up her baby and began walking out of the room.

“I think someone’s ready for bed. Be back in a bit.”

I sat alone in the den, listening as the baby’s cries grew more distant as Gretchen walked over to the guest bedroom. About half an hour passed before she returned, visibly frustrated. She looked like she was about to break something.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“Yes!” Gretchen said her voice rife with annoyance. “That little monster still won’t nurse. I swear, I’m going to go to my lactation specialist and petrol-bomb her house! He was doing great until today! Grrrrr!”

I could see tears in her eyes, which I hoped would obscure Gretchen’s vision as I moved a couch cushion onto my lap. I felt like such a pervert for getting aroused while Gretchen related to me her breastfeeding woes. Hopefully, she would calm herself so that I could calm myself as well.

“I’ve had it, I swear,” she continued. “I’m going to put Danny on formula; I should have done it a long time ago. My tits are going crazy!”

That was the final straw.

Gretchen’s last sentence seemed to have set my entire body on fire. I got up from the couch, walked over to her, grabbed her body, and kissed her. Her resistance lasted only for a few seconds before she allowed my tongue into her mouth. After that, her tongue met mine, and we became a hot mass of lust. She was mine.

Unashamedly, I grabbed her ass, roughly taking a cheek with each hand. Her hands reciprocated, giving my backside some loving squeezes as we continued to kiss. I broke my face away from her and started kissing her neck.

“Ahhhh, yes. Oh, that feels so good,” she moaned.

Her hand went down to grasp the large tent in the front of my pants. I cried out as she squeezed my erection.

“I want it,” she told me. “Give it to me. Please, don’t make me beg.”

“Let’s go upstairs,” I breathed.

Immediately, the two of us sprinted up the stairs and into my bedroom. After closing and locking the bedroom door, I quickly yanked down my pants and boxers and threw off my shirt. I watched Gretchen hastily removed her pants, and I didn’t’ wait for permission before I pulled down her underwear, baring her hairy womanhood. Eagerly, I placed the flat of my hand against her pussy and began to rub it.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned as she unbuttoned her top. “I like it when you touch me there.”

“Yes,” I moaned. “Oh, you’re so wet.”

At last her shirt was off. I wanted to yank off that bra so badly, but it was a joy to see her reach behind her own back and take it off herself and let those huge udders fall out. Once she was naked, I gently guided her onto the bed with a kiss. Eagerly, she lie down on her back and spread her legs for me. Forsaking any further foreplay, I spread her open and entered her.

“Mmmmmmm!” Gretchen let out a stifled moan.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes,” she chuckled as her face grew flushed. “I came.”

“Already?” I smiled.

“It’s been so long, I’m sorry.” She covered her face with her hands and started to laugh. I couldn’t help but smile, momentarily forgetting that I was still inside of her.

“It’s okay now,” she said, spreading her arms wide. “Come here, love.”

I bent forward and lie atop her, my heart fluttering as she wrapped me in her arms and kissed me.

“Fuck me, Lucas. Fuck me good. Ohhhh!”

I steadily began to move my hips, rocking back and forth in a steady pace. I continued to kiss the horny older woman beneath me. Our lips touched each other’s face, neck, and ears. I felt such joy as her hot breath pelted my skin, and her fingers sifted through my hair. Meanwhile, my dick throbbed as it continued to probe the damp slit between Gretchen’s legs.

I moved my head downwards and took one of Gretchen’s stiff nipples into my mouth. She clutched my head and wailed as I suckled her. The milk needed little coaxing to enter my mouth.

“Yes! Oh, drink it all. Ohhh, I wish you didn’t have to go to college!”

I lifted my head from her teat. “I bet you’d love for me to move into your place and spend all my time sucking your tits, huh?”

“YES!” Gretchen roared. “That’s what I want. Keep me company while my stupid husband makes that fucking money.”

She grabbed my hand and stared me dead in the eye as she sucked my index finger. The sight was enough to send jolts of arousal running up my spine. I had unleashed a monster.

“I’m still thirsty,” I told her.

“Good.” She grabbed her left breast with both hands, pointed the nipple to her face, and stuck out her tongue. My cock throbbed with joy as I watched Gretchen squeeze her own milk out into her mouth. “Come here and suck this one.”

I readily obeyed. Gretchen moaned as she breastfed me, wrapping her legs around my body as I continued to fuck her. The amazing sex made me lose all notion of time, but it felt like it took me a good 10 minutes to relieve her tits of their milk.

“Ohhhh, I’m so full of your milk,” I moaned.

“Good,” Gretchen purred. “Want me to suck your dick?”


I pulled out of Gretchen’s sopping wet hole and sat on the side of the bed. She rapidly got out of the bed and knelt before me. Eagerly, she took me into her mouth whilst caressing my thighs and testicles.

“Ohhhhh! I’m not gonna last long.”

“It’s all right, Lucas. Cum for me. I want you to cum all over my fucking face.”

I gripped the sheets as I desperately tried to defy her. Gretchen began to pump my cock with her hand while sucking on my nuts. I could feel her breasts still dripping milk onto my toes. A few minutes later, I roared as I shot three loads all over Gretchen’s beautiful, blushing face.

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned as she wiped the cum off with her fingers and licked them.

“Oh, such a good lad.”

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a while,” I panted.

“Sorry that it took so long,” Gretchen said. “Still, I tried my best to be a good wife to my husband.”

“You sure did. He has no idea what he’s missing.”

She got up and started gathering her clothes. “We should get dressed. We don’t know when your parents will be back.

As she stepped back into her panties, I got off of the bed and pressed my body to her back. I reached forward and fondled her tits, eliciting a few moans from her. My half-erect cock was drumming against her ass.

“I want more of you,” I breathed into her ear. “I want your milk.”

“Later, I promise. I don’t want your parents catching us shagging.”

Reluctantly, I put my clothes back on and we headed back downstairs, watching television in silence and in separate seats. Mom and Dad got home around 10 PM. After we all enjoyed some time together, all of us went to bed. As I lay in my bed, I savored the lingering scent of the woman downstairs and the sex we had enjoyed mere hours ago. I wanted so badly to creep into her room and share her bed.

The next day, Gretchen decided to go home after breakfast. Mom and Dad noted her cheery disposition as she told us that she intended to call her husband and make peace with him. As she walked outside with her baby, I tried my best to act casual as I bade them farewell.

The next couple of days, I tried my best to keep my mind off of Gretchen, though, deep down, I couldn’t wait for our next meeting. Thankfully, my graduation commencement during that next week kept me busy. Also, I went to a few post-graduation parties, which landed me a few one-night stands.

My patience was rewarded at last. Early one morning, I got a text message from Gretchen that simply read, “Thirsty?” I replied in the affirmative and told her that I was on my way over. When I had parked inside of her driveway, I leapt out and walked quickly to her front door, already hard as a rock. I rang the doorbell, and, after a few minutes, I was face-to-face with a robed Gretchen Bryce-Hughes. She smiled and allowed me to enter the house before closing the door and locking it.

“You sure got here fast,” she remarked.

“Of course,” I told her. “I’ve been dying to see you again. Please tell me the baby is asleep.”

“Actually, Peter took him to go visit his parents. Follow me; I have a surprise for you.”

I followed her, expecting us to go up to her bedroom, but instead she led me to another room on the ground floor. She opened the door and bade me to enter. Looking inside, I saw that all of the furniture had been pushed against wall, save for a tiny stool. Also, for some reason, the floor was covered with large plastic tarp that was covered with straw. I looked at her with confusion.

“You don’t get it?” she asked. “Maybe this will help.”

She undid the belt of her robe and let it fall to the floor. My eyes went wide at what she had concealed underneath. She was wearing thigh-high stockings, elbow gloves, panties, and a bra, all of them patterned with the colors of a Holstein cow.

“Get on in there,” she told me. “I need a milking.”

I quickly entered, and as soon as she closed the door, I was already getting undressed. She made things better by donning a headband with a pair of cow ears on it. I stood there naked, my cock hard as a telephone pole. She tossed me a straw hat and I sat down on the stool. I watched the older woman drop to her knees and crawl on all fours over to me.

My ears burned as I watched Gretchen squirm and moan in front of me, her face only centimeters from my crotch. I eagerly undid her bra as if I were opening a present. After throwing the bra across the room, I reached beneath the buxom woman and started pinching her stiff nipples. Almost instantly the milk began to course, making my fingers wet as it sprayed onto the ground.

“Too bad I don’t have a bucket,” I remarked.

“There’s no bucket big enough for these tits.”

“It’s okay, I guess. I bet you’ve got enough in here for two buckets.”

“Mmmmm. You know it. Let me milk you now.”

I watched as she took me into her mouth. I bit my lip as she quietly lowed while sucking my cock. It was becoming difficult to focus on milking her as I felt her nostrils blowing hot air into my loins.

“Yessss,” I moaned. “Oh, you’re such a good cow.”

She took my dick out of her mouth and rubbed her cheek against it. “This is what I want, my sweet farmer: to be milked…to feed…and to breed.”

It was that last part of her statement that caused me to grab her face with both hands and give her a long kiss. As we swapped spit, I felt her hand grab my penis and start to stroke it. My hands left her face and returned to her chest, where I gave her teats loving squeezes.

“You’re great on your knees,” I breathed into her ear. “But you’re much better on your back.”

We both rolled backwards onto the floor, where Gretchen pulled down her panties and spread her legs for me. I wasted no time in using my fingers to part the lips of her womanhood and slide my cock inside of her. My heart soared with joy as I vigorously began to pump myself in and out of Gretchen.

“Yesssss,” she said as she wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled my ear.

“Ohhh, that’s right, farmer…use me…get all you can out of this mad horny cow.”

She stuck the tip of her tongue into my ear canal, sending shivers of joy up my spine. I quickly turned my head so that I could meet her tongue with my own. We lewdly dueled with our tongues out in the open air. I stopped and let out a pained whimper. When I stopped my thrusting as well, Gretchen looked at me with concern.

“What’s wrong, love?”

“I’m sorry,” I panted. “I’m not going to last much longer.”

“You poor dear. You getting tired already?”

“Not at all, but I’m definitely going to cum soon.”

If I weren’t so overwhelmed with one baby, I’d definitely let you creampie me.”


“In my defense, it might be the sex talking,” she chuckled. “Come on, where do you want to finish? My face? My mouth?”

“How about…in the back?”

“Not happening.”

“Meh, it was worth a try,” I shrugged. “How about I give you a pearl necklace?”

“Sure, sweetie.”

I swiftly climbed off of her and went back to sitting on the stool. Gretchen got up and knelt before me before plopping her tasty chest right on my lap. Using her hands, she gently sandwiched my prick between her tits and started to move them up and down.

Not only did this make my body feel amazing, but just the sight my cock disappearing within the deep cleavage of Gretchen Bryce-Hughes brought me an unparalleled source of joy. The fact that my mother’s friend was on her knees and pleasuring my cock with the same breasts she used to feed her child was driving me wild. This had been the second titfuck that I had received from her, and it felt just as good as the first time.

My heart was pounding as I tried not to think about the geyser of cum that was building up from within my manhood. I silently grunted as I tried to will my penile muscles to hold out as much as possible. Inevitably, I surrendered to the lust and sprayed my spooge all over Gretchen’s chest.

“Ahhhh!” I cried, as my dick throbbed and dribbled feebly. “Holy fuck!”

Gretchen’s eyes were closed, and she seemed to be in ecstasy. She was moaning and rubbing my cum into her chest like it was massage oil. I said nothing, admiring her as she rode the waves of pleasure moving throughout her body. At last, she opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. I said nothing, my mind still focused on having more of her.

“Well,” she said, getting to her feet. “I could really use a shower.”

“Yeah, me, too,” I said in agreement.

“Not looking forward to cleaning all this mess, though.”

I looked around the room, which now reeked of straw, milk, sweat, and cum. Even though our roleplay had cast Gretchen as the cow and myself as the farmer, it seemed as though we had both acted like animals.

“I could get dressed and clean this up while you hit the shower,” I offered.

“Nah, it’ll keep for a while,” Gretchen said. “We barely use this room. Come on, let’s go upstairs.”

After I turned around to start towards the door, Gretchen delivered a hard, playful slap to my rump which made my dick twitch with arousal. We got upstairs and entered the master bedroom. Gretchen quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes and the two of us enjoyed a nice sensual shower together. By the time she turned off the water, I felt like I was almost ready for round two, which would surely take place in the comfort of her king-sized bed. We exited the shower, dried our bodies and went into the bedroom.

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