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Tony called me and asked me to come over and drink some cold beer. He also wanted me to bring the beer. I didn’t really feel like it but I said yes anyway. He had just gone through a divorce and wasn’t handling it too well. I had been divorced nearly two years and knew what he was going through. Besides, I didn’t get out much since the divorce and I didn’t want to become a hermit. I stopped at the store and picked up two cases of beer and all the required food that went along with it.

He lived in a new subdivision not too far away from me, so it didn’t take long to get there. I liked driving through his area because during the summer you could usually see some nice women out washing their cars and mowing the lawns. However, lately, I hadn’t been that interested in looking. Maybe I had seen enough of them. I pulled up in Tony’s driveway and saw him talking to his neighbor. She had a little, black one-piece bathing suit on. She sure did look good, standing there with water still dripping off her. That just reminded me that I hadn’t had sex in such a long time it was pitiful. I guess she had just gotten out of the pool. I saw her smile and turn around to leave before I could get out of the car. Tony came over to help me carry the beer and I asked him what was going on, with his neighbor, but he didn’t answer.

We went in the house and it was so clean I had to ask him if he had a maid come in. He laughed and said no and that he would give me his secret on cleaning later. He put the beer in the refrigerator and brought one into the den for both of us. Turning the TV on he handed me a beer and sat down in the chair across from me. Nobody said much until after we both had drank four beers. I hadn’t had anything to eat all day so I was feeling the beer, already. However, it was already starting to get dark so I didn’t worry about eating. The movie was almost over. It wasn’t a bad movie. At least it had Jamie Leigh Curtis running around in a leotard the entire movie. This again reminded me of my no sex predicament.

Like I said we didn’t talk too much until the beer had pretty much hit us both and the movie was over. After the movie, Tony said he was hungry, too. So we made some sandwiches and went back to the den to eat. He said he had another movie he wanted me to watch. Warning me that it was a different kind of movie as he put it in the VCR. I didn’t pay too much attention to him because the sandwiches tasted so good, and I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Before he put the movie all the way in the VCR he stopped and said he had to go to the bathroom first. So I wolfed down the rest of my sandwich İstanbul Escort and beer, got another beer out of the refrigerator, and sat back down just as he came back into the den. It was dark in the den by then but I could see that he had changed to sweat pants and an old bulky sweatshirt. I saw, when he sat down, that he also had on black socks, which made him look nerdy. However, before I could say anything he curled his legs up underneath him and I couldn’t see his feet anymore.

I could tell by the music on the tape when the VCR started that this was going to be one of those hokey low budget X-rated movies. And it was. The movie featured two lesbians that were always dressed in tights and leotards when they did have clothes on. It was supposed to be taking place in some kind of a dance studio. There were men dressed in tights trying to learn to do some kind of modern dance steps. Nevertheless, it seemed like every time they would try to learn a step they would end up having sex with the women and eventually with each other. Usually that kind of sex doesn’t appeal to me but it had been so long since I had sex I found myself getting excited. That plus the six or so whiskey and cokes that Tony had made for me on top of all the beer had really made me horny and drunk. By the time the movie was over I didn’t know if I would be able to get of the love seat much less drive home.

Tony picked up the remote and started rewinding the tape. I got up to use the bathroom. I was bouncing off the walls all the way but I finally made it. I heard Tony say he was going to watch the movie again. I yelled back that was fine with me. Although I was pretty drunk I noticed I still had an erection so I must have like the movie. When I came back to the living room it was so dark I bumped into where he was sitting. I felt around trying to figure out where I was and I touched Tony’s leg. His leg felt so smooth for the sweat pants he had been wearing, but I didn’t think anything about it, then. Between the darkness and me being drunk I decided I would be better off if I just sat down next to him on the couch.

After I sat down he finally turned the VCR back on and there was at least enough light from the TV to see where I was. Only when Tony put both his legs up on the couch did I notice that he didn’t have sweat pants on anymore, he had a pair of black tights on. I didn’t dare say anything and neither did Tony. However, I couldn’t take my eyes off his legs. For some reason, I wanted to reach out and touch the tights, but for the moment, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I tried to see if he had anything else Anadolu Yakası Escort on under his shirt but it was too dark to see. I finally managed to get up and get some more drinks. I made myself two and sat back down on the couch next to him.

After I finished my drinks, I started to ask him what was going on. I turned to look at him and saw that he was already looking at me. Finally, he started talking. Tony asked me not to think he was a queer or anything like that until he finished telling me everything. He was so drunk his speech was slurred and it was difficult to follow what he was saying. He admitted his wife had divorced him because he liked to wear women’s clothes. “Just pantyhose, tights and leotards,” he said, “nothing else. His wife had caught him working out one afternoon dressed in tights and she could never get over that or even understand why he did it. She told him he would have to either stop wearing the clothes or she would leave. He told her he didn’t want to stop, so she left. By the time he finished telling me his story he was crying.

I was so drunk I didn’t know what to say. I asked him how long he had this fetish and he said as long as he could remember he had liked to wear tights. He really didn’t know why except that they made him feel good when he put them on. I had always liked to see women wearing tights and leotards and there is nothing better than seeing a women with a pair of pantyhose on, but what I said next even shocked me. I told him that if it made him feel so good maybe I would try it. I thought that maybe me having said that it would just make him feel better. However, before I knew what was happening Tony jumped up off the couch, went to his bedroom, came back out, and threw something in my lap. I could barely see what it was, in the dark living room, but I could tell it was a pair of tights and leotard.

He told me if I was too shy to change in front of him to go in the bathroom and change. I just looked up at him standing there. I noticed that he had taken off his shirt and finally saw that he did have a leotard on. Strangely enough, he looked good standing there dressed like that. I really didn’t know what to do but with all the alcohol I had to drink, I couldn’t think of anything that would stop me from putting the tights on. So off I went to the bathroom to change into what he had given me. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, after I had changed, I’ll have to admit I was excited by the way I looked wearing the tights and leotards. Moreover, Tony was right, they were so tight they felt great. I longer I had them on the more of an Kartal Escort erection I got.

Thank goodness the light was still off when I walked back into the living room. Tony was still sitting on the couch and sat down next to him. When I sat down the leotard pulled tight on my crotch and I felt like I was going to have an orgasm, so I couldn’t move until that intense feeling left. We both must have looked like fools, that night, sitting there on the couch dressed in black leotards and tights.

The rest of the night we just sat there and drank a few more drinks. I don’t know how we did it but we managed to drink a lot more. Tony and I just talked the rest of the night. He told me about how he had first found out he liked to wear the clothing we had on. The more we sat there and talked the more comfortable I felt and by the time we went to bed I knew I was hooked on wearing the same thing, too. I still didn’t know what to think about myself but I’d worry about that later.

I must have fallen asleep on the couch before Tony did because I woke up the next morning still on the couch with a blanket over me. I knew immediately that I was going to have a bad, bad hangover. My head was pounding, so I tried to get up and get some aspirin. I sat up on the couch and as I swung my feet to the floor, I saw my feet sticking out from under the blanket. I tried to remember when I had put black socks on. Then it all came back to me. I was still wearing the tights and leotards. My head hurt so bad I couldn’t wait so I tried to not make any noise and sneak in the kitchen. As I walked into the kitchen I looked down at myself in the tights and to my surprise I still felt good about putting them on. I still can’t tell anyone why but they just feel good.

I took the aspirin, turned to go back to the couch, and was startled to see Tony standing there. Yes, he was still wearing his tights and leotard, also. We both just stood there and looked at each other for a few seconds until he asked me if I was still sure I didn’t think he was a queer. I just stood there looking down at myself then up at him and just laughed. I walked past him and sat down on the couch. He said he was going to take a shower. “Me too,” I said. The last thing he said before he went into his bedroom was for me to not be in any hurry to leave today. I told him I wouldn’t. I didn’t want him to know but I still felt silly dressed like I was but it really felt good and I didn’t want to take them off.

We both finished our showers and I decided as I was drying off, looking at the tights, that I would put them back on. I only hoped Tony would do the same thing. He did. The rest of the day we just sat around in our tights and leotards and talked. We didn’t touch each other nor do anything else. Maybe that would come later. Nevertheless, for then, it was just enough to sit around and feel good. And we did feel good. Black is my color.

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