I licked her ass like a dog

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I licked her ass like a dogI am a woman trying to think like a man. I have written one story and now my second attempt, an Interview with the world famous film director Jane X. I am sure you will recognize her, but her tastes in sex are weird, she is a dominant and uses men as live fuck things, so read on and see how my friends weird sexual tastes, are inspired from a female male point of view.As usual, any comments if you so wish, can be made at the end of your reading, and I really will be inspired if you can actually get one off reading this. Licking Jane’s asshole like a dog’Jane, you’re as pissed as a newt, you sure you wanna go ahead with this interview’?When I said that, my heart sank a little, I loved interviewing celebrities, especially when the’re drunk, they are at the best of times, self opinionated and outrageous, and on occasions, calling you in the morning after the interview, with outrageous offers not to print, or begging for an edit.She had Hollywood at her feet a number of years back, her movie broke all sorts of records but some of the hidden secrets, with two of the main characters, ‘We should have released them’, she complains with a hint of irony, ‘then David might have come second’, she picked her glass up and drained it.My heart sang as the red liquor disappeared, ‘Go on Jane get it down you’, my cock was twitching, I have a fetish about strong women, I fantasize about dominating them, they have this mysterious power over millions, a sexual power, they know it and its comes out beautifully in their directing, especially their sex scenes.She sat down again and crossed her legs, flashing a pair of stocking tops as she did so, ‘Pretend you never saw that’, she slurred slightly, ‘Too late’, I thought as my cock stirred, we were alone in her sumptuous suite and she was loosening up nicely.’Do you mind if I use the John’?She looked at me, her mind was thinking, was she thinking about my cock, perhaps, and then she waved me away, pointing to where it was in this huge bedroom, ‘Lift the fucking lid, I dont want to put my bare ass on your piss’.Strong personality, no wonder she is famous and successful, her movies all had strong sexual overtones, sex from a woman’s point of view, not gratuitous, more sensual and gutsy, the way a woman wants to be fucked, paw and in the open, the contrast between warm soft yielding flesh, against a rugged background, man dominating woman, ‘Putting the seed in while rubbing her face in the dirt’, not mine but her quote, I wondered if she was wet, I wanted her so bad.I came out back from the toilet and reached into my bag of tricks, taking out a mini video camera and placing it where she sat, she was on the phone so I took the opportunity, it’s always nice to have a hidden backup, a still of her can be worth a lot of money, especially if she flashes her crack again, you never know with these strong women, they have kinky tastes with sex.’Sorry about that, business, always fucking business’. She sat down again and caught me looking at her legs again, ‘I am beginning to think you should have had a wank in there’, the blood drained from my face, caught looking, but I was relieved when she broke into a fit of laughter, ‘Relax, I am only fucking with you’, and as I relaxed she surreptitiously added, ‘did you wash your dick’?I swallowed hard, I could feel my Adams apple swell and my face redden, she studied me as I went through these bodily reactions, ‘Relax, I only said it because its better than wash your bloody hands’, I was really enjoying this and prayed my cam was recording.’Your new movie is more of an outdoor theme, like your last one, what’s the illegal bahis attraction’?’I use nature as the backdrop’, David used harsh metal, and restrictive irons, it’s in the sex scenes, and how far you are willing to go’.I looked confused, she liked that, she wanted me to think about it, to dwell on the sex, so I ventured deeper, ‘Can you elaborate’?She looked at me with one of those disdainful looks, a teacher and pupil look, ‘You saw his scene, the one at the car when she bends over, what struck you most’?I thought for just a second before answering, ‘The leg braces’.She smiled a smile of acknowledgement, she knew I would say that, ‘Give you a fucking hard-on’?I felt challenged momentarily, was she testing me with her dominance, ‘Actually it did’, I replied in a challenging way, trying hard to regain some male dominance, but she was way ahead of me, toying, ‘and millions of others’, she replied, this time crossing her legs deliberately, her black panties on show, she took another long drink, ‘Pour me another’ she said, holding the glass to me, and as I stood up she was looking through my crotch, with her piercing eyes, fuck I felt like a virgin being sized up for fun.I returned with the wine and stood towering over her, looking down on her breasts, she had undone a couple of buttons on the top of her blouse, and her perfume and warmth made me giddy, somehow you felt that sex was immanent, I was starting to like this virgin feeling.She took the glass then my hand, ‘You have soft hands’, she purred, ‘I like that in a man’, she teased, then as she let my hand go, she deliberately let it brush against my cock, her raised finger tracing the outline, I could see her tongue moisten her lips, ‘What are you, eight inches’?She looked at me challengingly, ‘I’m not sure’, I replied, she saw my discomforture, ‘relax’, she continued, ‘I’m not going to fuck you’, my heart sank.’Crash had all the elements of a male dominated idea of sex’, she continued, as I got back into me seat, ‘she was restrained, wearing the sexist clothing, ripe for the taking, she was not fucked, she was ****d’.My mouth fell open, I began to see what it was she was getting at, ‘The leg braces were her immobilization, a substitute for men holding her legs open, the contrasts of hard against soft, the look on her face’, I was babbling on, until she raised one finger and I stopped.’The look on her face’. Her statement hung in the air, I waited, and I was not surprised, she encircled her index finger into a circle with her thumb, and inserted the other inside them, she was demonstrating a fucking motion, and I liked what she was doing.’You mean they were doing it on set’?’Artistic Freedom’. I sat wide eyed at this revelation, now I really prayed my video camera was still recording.’The public’s perception of the main characters in the movie is a far cry from ours, to us they are mere pawns in our story, yes they are talented, but their bodies betray them, they want to fuck each other, like in a cheap porn movie, no Oh!s and Ah!s, just a more artistic fuck, still a fuck, that’s what we strive for her facial contortions, and you only get that with a cock inside you, working its magic’.She got up and went over to a large case and undid the locking mechanism, inside there were many smaller cases, ‘This Hi8 shit are the off-cuts that were removed to protect, leaving just enough to leave the public with, ‘Did they, or Didn’t they’. I stood looking at the wealth of fuck scenes lying inside the case. ‘Did you shoot these’?She nodded as she hung over the case, her small hands gripping the edges, her white knuckles evident to her youwin güvenilir mi tight grip, it was then I could see her eyes were closed and her pubis was pressing against the small table which had a knobbly beaded edge, she was openly moving against it, deriving sexual vibes, if I could see through her clothes I could visualize her clitoris moving up and down as she drew herself across the knobbly serrations, she was humping it in her drunken state, seemingly oblivious to my presence.I sat for as long as I could, it was too much to bare, a horny woman needed a fuck, she was begging for it, had been all night long, and the a****l in me rose, as did my cock, I wanted her and was determined to posses her, in this moment of heat, she was gagging for it, and my cock wanted to be inside her.I moved behind her and pressed against her, she was breathing heavily and as I pressed myself against her buttocks, she moaned, a deep sigh escaped from her open mouth, fuck I had never experienced a woman so in heat.I was pressing home my intention, my cock was running the length of her ass crack, being nurtured between her feminine cheeks, I needed to free him and get her dress up, to feel the flesh on flesh, my cock inside Jane’s bum cheeks, so I dropped my hands onto her waist and massaged the soft cotton material, feeling her undergarments as if she was not wearing one.No words, she was silent for the moaning, her hips were gyrating and on the tables knobbly edge, her bum cheeks teasing my erection, even through the layers of clothing, it was proving too much, so I reached down and took hold of the hem of her dress and eased it up.My heart was pounding as never before, as the hem rose to reveal the pleasures under its covering, her panties, the garter belt and the stockings.She was bending low across the table, some of her energy was now directed behind her, the backs of my hands brushed against her buttocks as I felt in between us to undo my pants.’Oh! God’, she moaned as my naked stiff cock pressed against her. ‘Oh! fuck’, went through my head, as the heat from her bared buttocks accommodated my cock, I began a humping motion, my hands gripping her slim waist, I was going to cum, this was too much, and as I looked down at my manhood enjoying her buttocks, I could see she was clenching and unflinching her taut buttocks.I closed my eyes, I was on the edge of my ultimate conquest, and what’s more, recording my final dominance, I would seed her ass on cam, at least they could never take that from me.Her voice interjected, interrupting my train of male dominance, my Walter Mitty Don Juan scene, ‘Don’t you fucking come like this’.I stopped humping her cheeks, caught again, fucking hell this woman is so perceptive, one step ahead of me every time.’Pull my fucking knickers to the side or take them off’, she ordered me. My knees felt week, and as my hands slipped under the tight elastic, she told me to stop again.’Use your teeth’, she certainly knew he stuff and I bent my knees and took the soft elastic into my mouth and pulled down of it.My nose was getting wet in her pussy, I could smell the strong odor of her crotch, her pussy and ass, my cock was rigid, her odors spurned me on, I needed to be inside her, and then, suddenly the elastic flowed down her thighs, all the way down to her knees where they dropped to her ankles, ‘Lick it’, she screamed, as my mouth passed her swollen cunt.I licked as she twisted, ‘Stick your fucking tongue inside’, and like a puppy dog I licked and licked, she was getting off like this and I wanted some of the action, and said as much.She was sympathetic perabet to my needs, ‘I need this before I fuck’, Wow this was raw shit coming from a woman of standing, this was how the other half fucked, and even if my tongue was her bio dildo, how could I refuse such a sweet smelling crotch, so I licked with more gusto than previously.’Lick my asshole’, and I did fully for five minutes, ‘now put your tongue inside it’, she continued, so I pocked hard, and could feel her pink crinkled asshole squeeze my tongue, as she bucked to a mind blowing orgasm, collapsing across the open suitcase with its hundreds of Hi8 Videos.She stood up, her tiny knickers still at her ankles, she looked like a wreck. ‘I need a fucking drink after that’, that was when she noticed my erection sticking out in front of me.’Follow me’, she said and I did as she requested, shuffling like a fucking penguin with my pants at my ankle.I stopped momentarily to free at least on leg, but she stopped me, ‘No I like that, dont take them off’.So I shuffled after her, as she discarded her remaining clothes, like a strip tease artist, and soon she was only in stockings and garter belt, ‘I will have a drink then we can do it on the bed’, I nodded my enthusiasm for the idea, right now I just wanted to seed her and blackmail her dominant ass, I would make this bitch fuck my grandfather, once my tape was retrieved, I watched as her pert all swung from side to side as she walked in front of me back to the original chairs where it all started.I went to mine but again she had to control the situation with her dominance, ‘Stand beside me’, and I did, then she looked up at me, then my hard cock, ‘Keep wanking it’, and pointing to the glass with her red wine in it, ‘you cum in there, I will drink it, that’s a promise’.’Yes I could do that’, I thought, so while she sat with her leg over the arm of the seat where she sat, I pumped my cock like a demented school k**, determined to shoot a big load into the glass and watch her drink it, that would really put her in my domain on film.I was again on the edge, close to cumming, when the room door opened and a huge black guy walked in.He came straight across to Jane and bent down, for her to whisper something into his ear. I was in total shock, so much so I still had my cock in my hand, as he stood up and smiled at me, I honestly though he was going to bugger me right there and then for her viewing pleasure.Instead he walked across to where my hidden camera was and picked it up. My heart sank, caught again, and he opened it and took out the Hi8 video, ‘Put it with the rest of the bums’, she said casually, and took another draw from the unseeded glass, a wry smile on her face.He tossed the video into the case with all the other Hi8 tapes, the sudden realization that all my macho dreams were now with all the other bums, as she said it, caused a sudden deflation of both my ego and erection.’Thanks for the licking k**’. She sounded like Bogart in Casablanca, and as if to make matters worse, the black guy had a hard-on twice my girth and length.’You need to excuse me now I have some serious fucking to get through, thanks for cleaning my crotch, he does not like the taste of a woman who has not washed down there for a few days’.I felt like crying, the smells and the tastes I had ignored in my desperation, I was an ass wipe for a darkies cock.I got ready to leave, minus my camera, she kept it as a lesson to me for trying to be smart, ‘By the way, look around you’, and as I did she pointed out her cameras, that had recorded my humiliation.’Want to read about tonight in glowing flowing text, drool over me as a goddess, anything less, then the world will see you as I just did’, and at that I was sent packing.Somehow I think I blew my chances, needless to say, I lurk in a suitcase with the hundreds of other ass lickers, who once thought they had something she wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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