I let his shoot between my legs

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I let his shoot between my legsI could see his reflection in the window as I looked out. It was after five and the Winter skies had darkened sufficiently to afford me an image as clear as that, if he had been doing it in front of a mirror. He had a long cock and I could see it was circumcised, my eyes remained fixed on his, ‘Bell-End’, the delicious knobbly bit, you like to chew on, when giving a guy ‘Head’.I could feel my heart race as the bus sped through the darkened neighborhood, he really was taking a chance, he must have been really horny, to get it out and try to get one off.As much as he was feeling the thrill of masturbating on a bus, next to a girl he has never met, taking a chance and possibly praying, that she might be up for it, I mean some girls are up for it, but then again, some would scream their amasya escort heads off, and he would be in a whole load of shit.I look again at his reflection, Hmmmmmm, rock hard now, and I note he is staring right at me, it’s a nice warm feeling knowing you are being desired and visualized as a sexual object.I turn to look around me and stop and look directly at him, then down at his erection. He stops wanking, suddenly confronted mid act, unsure of my reaction, but he is OK, I have no intention of screaming, I want to see him ‘Shoot’, so I look left and back, we are alone, so I look back and down, and he smiles and starts wanking, and I relax and watch, studying him as he pounds on his meat.His breathing changes, his breathing quickens, he is close now, perhaps my acceptance of his jacking off in my presence escort amasya is helping, so I swing my legs out into the aisle, and raise my skirt and open my legs.He responds and turns to face me, puts a hand on my knee, and shoots a stream of warm semen between my open legs, landing on my bare flesh and cotton panties, then a second and third spurt, all hitting home and landing between my legs.I stand up, letting my dress fall back into place, covering his seminal ejaculations, hiding it from the prying eyes of other passengers as I descend the stairs and get off the bus.I walk hurriedly until the bus starts up then passes me, and as it does, I look up to where I sat, and I see him looking down at me. He waves and I raise my hand, if anything but to show that there is no hard feeling on my part, I amasya escort bayan even manage a smile. As I walk I can feel his semen start running down my legs, so I dove into an alley, and wipe myself, not clean. but more massage, I rub it into my soft inner thigh flesh, until it is absorbed, then I feel my panties, and how the cotton has absorbed its share, and slipping my hand inside, I feel the wet semen on my vagina.It found my home, made connection with my sacred opening, even my clitoris felt nice, of course I was aroused with everything that happened, that’s why I was hard, but to feel his semen on my ‘Little man in his boat’, really thrilled me, I just hoped my mother would not see the stain on my panties when I put them in the wash.Such are the trials and tribulations of a girl, especially one aged thirteen, I cant wait to get older to be able to enjoy a cock as it should be, but until then, I shall just continue to enjoy the flashers and satisfy my lust as a voyeur, not to mention licking my fingers like a naughty schoolgirl, licking a cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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