I Just Don’t Know . . . Ch. 05

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The first four chapters can be found in the ‘Lesbian Sex’ category. Reading them first will certainly help explain a lot. Thanks go out to my friend C. who suggested the central idea for this chapter.

I decided I needed to come clean.

It was all just too much what I was carrying inside, hiding from my husband and now Caroline, my lover. The complication that was Charlotte had me experiencing sleepless nights and just waiting for the shoe to drop. I felt like I was going to have a break down.

So, I started with Caroline. I related to her what had happened with Charlotte – the whole episode. Her reaction really didn’t surprise me. She was a bit upset that we had been ‘outed’ but Charlotte’s confrontational insistence that I introduce her to sex with a woman got her attention in a hurry. Caroline wanted all the sordid details and I could tell that she was extremely turned on by it all. I half expected her to suggest a threesome a.s.a.p.

Caroline got a lot more serious when I told her I wanted to tell my husband. “Emily, that would be a terrible mistake. You have no idea how he’ll react. For all you know, he might explode, demand a divorce, try to get custody of your daughter. This is a huge deal and you need to reconsider. Not to mention that I don’t want my husband to know. So please think twice.” She looked on the verge of tears which shocked me because Caroline was always so in control and self-possessed.

“I’ll think about it,” I answered. “But I’m hoping I can come up with a way to tell him that would be safe, maybe imply rather than admit to anything. I don’t know . . .”

She looked at me and then seemed to go deep into thought. She snapped out of it and said, “Maybe you need to involve Charlotte in this. Perhaps the three of us could find a way to soothe your conscience.”

So, the next day found the three of us sitting at my kitchen table. Charlotte was a bit uncomfortable at first to learn that I had told Caroline about our encounter but Caroline’s easy manner soon had her calmed down. We then told her about my angst over the situation and Charlotte agreed with Caroline that disclosure had the potential for disaster for all three of us. We were a sorry group sitting there without any easy solution in mind. It was Charlotte who came up with an idea.

“How about we have a get together – the three couples. Instead of you breaking it to Richard alone, Em, maybe there’s a way to bring it up in a giggly, light-hearted way. See how the guys would react to it without saying that we’d done anything. Like, we could refer back to Peter Willis’s comment about a lesbian President and see if we can get them to admit that they think women with women is a hot thing or something.”

Caroline smiled and interjected, “Yeah, Peter and his comment. That’s what blew our cover in the first place. But you may be on to something, Charlotte. At least we’ll get an inkling of where Richard’s head is at and David and Will, too. We could even have a signal where if any of us thinks it’s not working, we drop it.”

“Yeah, abort! Abort! Code Red!” I said with a laugh. “We’ll have an elaborate series of hand signals.”

“Actually,” Caroline answered, “I’m serious. We’ll be able to tell if somebody’s sending out negative signs and again I’ll remind you just how potentially serious this is. So no joke.”

We brainstormed for a moment and decided to go with Caroline’s rather out-there suggestion of ‘Costa Rica’ as our Abort Word.

“Okay. How’s this Saturday night for everybody? My house will be fine,” offered Charlotte. We both agreed and our conversation over coffee took on a much more relaxed air.

* * *

Charlotte welcomed us on Saturday night at 7:00 and we repaired to their wonderfully comfortable family room. The six of us sat chatting about any number of subjects over drinks and snacks. We women had decided to take it easy drinks-wise as we wanted to be in control of both the situation and our wits. We were quite happy to see all three of our husbands had no desire to take it easy. They were all putting away Scotch with regularity. My husband Richard and Charlotte’s David had known each other for years as Charlotte and I had been bridesmaids in our weddings. The two guys occasionally played golf together and had a solid, although not best of friends, relationship. Caroline’s husband Will fit easily in the group conversation. He was very outgoing and charming and I sensed that both of the other two men in the room were very happy to be in his company.

After a while, we decided to play a card game that Will suggested. He and his fraternity brothers had made it up and it was easy to learn and great fun. The women were pitted against the men and there was loads of bluffing and crazy twists. We were all roaring with laughter as the two teams threw insults at each other, insisting that they had the upper hand. Fueled by all the Scotch, the men gave as good as they got. I was happy that they were ‘happy’ because it played into my hoped-for ‘reveal’. The girls against the boys situation offered beyoğlu escort a good opportunity for us to bring up the subject of the evening. At that point, Caroline took the lead.

As David shuffled the deck, Caroline mentioned a movie that she had recently rented. It starred the beautiful Penelope Cruz and Caroline made it clear what she thought of her. “I find her incredibly exciting. She just radiates sensuality, you know?”

“Oh yes,” replied Charlotte. “She really is gorgeous. I love her lips, her eyes . . .” All of this was true, but it was all planned in advance. None of the guys pitched in with their thoughts so I took the floor.

“Mmm . . . and a body to kill for. Can you imagine what she must be like in bed? So Latin, and smoky, and . . .”

“Geez, listen to the three of you,” interjected Richard, finally taking the bait. “It sounds like you all want to make love to this woman.”

Caroline smiled and purred, “I can think of worse things.” She upped the ante. “Tell me, Richard, haven’t you ever found a man sexually exciting? I mean, come on . . . George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Paul Newman, Cary Grant. You don’t find them arousing in the least?”

“I admire them as actors. And, sure, they’re attractive but, I’ve never looked at them, or any male actor I can think of and thought, ‘Gee, how I’d love to lock lips with him’.”

Will and David nodded and chuckled in amused agreement while we three women shook our heads negatively.

“Well, that’s sad,” said Charlotte. “I guess none of you are very secure in your masculinity.”

Her husband answered as he dealt. “It’s not that, Charlotte. It’s just different for men. I can understand women finding another woman’s look appealing and provocative to the point where she might consider . . . you know, what a sexual encounter might feel like. But men . . .” He paused and gathered his thoughts. “Those of us who aren’t gay, I think we look on men being with men as reserved for . . . the less masculine of our gender.” David was really trying to voice his feelings without a bit of irony or jest.

“So, all gay men are . . . forgive me . . . fruits, in your opinion?” Caroline asked. “Don’t you follow the same stereotypes with women? You know, flannel shirts and Doc Martens and builds like linebackers?”

“This brings us back to Peter’s crack at my party. When men think of lesbians in their fantasies, none of them look like that. They all look like Victoria’s Secret models,” I said. Everyone laughed but no one denied it. Since the cards for the next hand had been dealt, we suspended the conversation and concentrated on trying to trounce the opposition.

We girls won another hand (the liquor-addled brains of the men seemed to be taking a toll on their acumen) and Charlotte started shuffling. David went right back to where we had left off. “Okay, we’ll admit it. Lesbians turn us on. But, I’m curious. Does the idea of two guys making out get your juices flowing? Would you enjoy watching two male superstar actors kissing or . . . the other stuff?” David was adorable. He couldn’t bring himself to refer to acts that he thought icky by name. Icky, that is, when a man was doing it to a man.

“I think it would be hot,” answered Caroline. “Yes, I’d love to watch the kissing and the other stuff.

“Me, too,” added Charlotte.

The eyes of the group were all upon me so I nodded my agreement and said, “Oh, yes. Big, handsome, masculine men making out. That would be quite the turn on.”

Richard looked at me as if I had just denounced mom, baseball, and apple pie. “Really? I’ve never heard this before. You’d get a kick out of watching a couple of guys go at it?”

“A couple . . . or three. Three gorgeous men. Oh, yes.”

Caroline’s ears perked up. “Hey, now there’s an idea. We’ve been playing this silly game without any stakes on the table. I propose a wager. If you win, we girls will put on a show of lesbian erotica for you. You can just sit back and enjoy while we get all cozy with each other.”

“I’m afraid to ask,” said Will. “But what if you win?”

Caroline took her time for dramatic effect. Her mouth betrayed a hint of a smile and she finally suggested, “Then, we would watch you guys kiss each other and . . . the other stuff. Namely, we would watch you give each other oral sex.”

“In your dreams!” roared Richard. “Sweetie, that just ain’t gonna happen!” His answer was echoed by his teammates.

“You know, darling,” I said, “I really find your disgust interesting. I don’t think I’m betraying any great secret when I state that I know you absolutely love being on the receiving end of fellatio. But the thought of a man doing it to you, for you, really bothers you. You really think you could tell the difference?”

“Yes, of course I could. A woman’s mouth is a woman’s mouth. It would be an entirely different feeling.” Richard nodded for emphasis and looked to his fellows for support. Their response seemed just a wee bit tepid.

“I think Richard’s probably right,” stated David while Will just looked on silently.

“Hmmm sarıyer escort . . . forget my original wager,” said Caroline. “I think we have a new challenge on the floor. Richard, exactly how convinced are you in what you just said?”

“Totally. But I don’t think I like where you’re going here.”

“Well, if you’re so sure, you shouldn’t be at all hesitant because I’ve got an offer you really shouldn’t want to refuse. Here it is. I propose a blindfolded taste test.” Caroline was creating this on the fly because neither Charlotte nor I had discussed this with her or anticipated it at all. “Richard, we blindfold you. Everyone here will take turns on your wonderful manhood and you will have to identify who gave you the greatest pleasure. Of course, that will be a woman, according to what you say you can do. Now, whether you’re right or wrong, you will then return the favor to the person you’ve chosen. So, if it is a woman, you will have the opportunity to taste one of these three beautiful women’s . . . ahem . . . pussies. But if it is a man, you will have to administer oral sex on him until he is fully satisfied.”

There was an instant of silence before the room exploded with noise. David was exclaiming that under no circumstances would he take part. Charlotte and I were laughing and calling Caroline crazy. But again, Will seemed less involved in the protests.

“Will,” David finally said, “Your wife’s insane, really. Is she always like this?” He was laughing as he said it but he really did seem shocked by Caroline’s suggestion.

“My wife never ceases to amaze me, David, but this one really does take the cake.” He then turned to Richard, smiled, and shocked all of us with, “So, what do you say, big guy? Care to put my mouth where your money is?”

I could only speak for myself, but I know I was flabbergasted. Will appeared to be willing to take part in this contest and seemed more than happy to watch the settling of the bet. My shock only increased when my husband looked at him and replied, “I know I could do it. I know I could tell. Yeah, I’m in if everybody else is.”

“Sorry, love,” I interjected. “Not me. I’ll be the referee. We’ll need someone to keep track of the contestants and their order.”

Caroline nodded. “You’re right, Emily. You can keep track of the proceedings and you can physically support the . . . um . . . equipment. It would be a giveaway if we all put our hands on it. What about it, Charlotte, David? Are you in? Remember, Richard’ll be blindfolded and won’t know who’s who.”

Little Charlotte looked at her husband and very quietly mouthed the words, “It could be fun.”

David looked at his wife and then the whole group. “I’ve never. I mean, I’ve never even thought of this. God, we really must be plastered!” He laughed and finally made up his mind. “What the hell. In.”

And so, shockingly, the contest was on. Caroline acted as organizer as we prepared for the challenge explaining exactly what would happen as though she had been anticipating this her whole life. We all headed to David and Charlotte’s bedroom except for Richard who decided he wanted to freshen up in the bathroom. A nice clean penis for the contestants to suck on. When he came into the bedroom, Richard had removed all his clothing, right down to his socks, and was wearing a terrycloth robe that David had provided. I blindfolded my husband using a small towel and two of David’s neckties. When I was finished, there was no way that Richard could possibly see. Caroline then handed out four playing cards – an ace, a two, a three, and a four to determine the order of participation. We were just about ready to go.

“All right, Richard,” announced the self-appointed Commissioner. “This is the last time you’ll be hearing from me. After this the only voice you’ll hear will be Emily’s. Emily will announce the number of the contestant and they will begin to give you oral pleasuring. Emily will support your cock (Caroline’s choice of word. I find it really vulgar but that’s just me.) while the sucking takes place. She will also announce when it’s time for a new player. I think 30 seconds a round sounds good. We’ll keep going as long as Emily decides or until nature takes its course. Okay, Richard?”

Richard, sitting upright with his legs hanging off the side of the bed, nodded and said, “Bring it on. I’m ready.” I reached over and untied the terry belt that surrounded the robe and moved the robe off Richard’s shoulders. His body came into view and, I can proudly say, it was a beautiful sight. Richard is tall and lean and has always maintained an active life featuring lots of physical exercise. There were no rolls of fat around his middle and his skin was clear and naturally tanned. His penis when first revealed was quite small but I knew it would become really impressive in no time. I figured he must’ve used ice cold water on it as a last stage of preparation in the bathroom. Shrinkage, you know? I put two pillows on the bed and gently guided his head down to them. His legs were bent at the knee and those knees were right at maslak escort the edge of the mattress meaning his feet were almost reaching the floor. I stood up and took hold of his knees and spread them, wide enough that someone could take position between Richard’s legs.

“All right, Contestant Number One,” I stated with a quivering voice, “please come forward.” I scanned the room and saw four faces that gave off a variety of emotions. Excitement, trepidation, bemusement – this was crazy. We all knew it but we had all signed on. Funny, this had started as a plan to allow me to reveal the secret encounters that I had had with the two women in the room but had somehow morphed into orgy-like behavior that none of us (at least to my knowledge) had ever engaged in. Now, the moment was at hand and no one appeared ready to blow any whistle – except for Richard’s.

The first contestant slowly moved to the foot of the bed. I put my hand at the base of Richard’s penis and the top of it, in its very much flaccid state, barely showed above my fingers. The contestant moved in and gave a soft kiss to its tip and gently surrounded it with wide-open mouth that tightened and fitted itself to the still small target. A few sucking motions and Richard’s penis began its inevitable extension. By the time the first contestant had finished the 30 second segment, Richard had grown to a respectable length. He also was stirring beside me, showing that he was enjoying the tactile nature of what he was experiencing. I caressed him, nuzzling his neck with butterfly kisses.

At my direction, Contestant Two came forward. I now had a base that was easy to grasp. The second player took no time, diving right in and going down to where my fingers supported Richard. My husband was fighting it, I could tell, but his hips showed a surrender to what was happening. He was meeting the slurping pulls on his penis with an involuntary rhythmic response. By the time contestant two finished, there had been a dramatic increase in the size of his member. This was the penis I loved and knew so well. Upright, long, moderately thick, and red with increased blood flow. Watching Caroline and Charlotte, I knew they had to be impressed.

This was all having quite an effect on me as well. I felt my nipples rubbing against the front of my blouse right through my bra. I needed some relief so I unbuttoned two buttons halfway down the front and inserted my free hand. I heard a moan escape my lips as I moved my hand inside the cup of the bra. Finding the nipple, I tweaked it, almost sobbing at the pain/ecstasy combination it yielded. I continued playing with myself, all the while watching the next contestant work on my husband’s throbbing penis.

Contestant Three took a gentle and erotic approach, licking along the underside and applying lips just above the helmet before sliding down slowly and loosely before tightening the lip grip for the return upward motion. Contestant Four, though, upped the attack with powerful, tight sucking motions that had Richard’s breaths coming in short, staccato bursts. He was getting close, I knew it. So was I. I took a moment to force my available hand down through the waistband of my slacks, into my panties and on down through my damp pubic hair. For just a moment, I buried my middle finger in my sopping slit. Oh dear God, I thought, have I ever been this worked up?

Those just watching and waiting their turns were mesmerized by what they were witnessing. I saw Charlotte put her arm around Caroline at one point and whisper something in her ear. Caroline responded by taking Charlotte’s chin in her hand and kissing her full on the mouth. David saw this happen and didn’t seem bothered by it. In fact, he looked like a very contented man with a very large bulge under his khakis. For my part, I held my grip on Richard’s penis, also cupping his balls at times while occasionally bending down to kiss his cheek and stroke his hair while encouraging him to, “Just enjoy yourself, darling.”

The second round went quickly as it was obvious things were coming . . . um . . . to a head. Number One: gentle and artistic. Number Two: powerful, faster. Number Three: smooth but insistent, and bringing Richard to the very edge. I could tell he was on the verge of coming but he left no doubt by announcing it. “Oh, God, I’m really close,” he panted. Number Four: just time to move in, surround Richard’s penis for one last downward thrust before Richard again cried out, “Oh, Jesus, now! Now!” Contestant Four made the decision to release lips from penis just in time and Richard’s cum flew in a long arc up over his trunk, just about reaching his nipples. I held on for a moment but then released him and watched with everyone else as what seemed like a stunning amount of release took place. My dear husband’s chest was coated with his cum and finally he took a deep breath and released a long, contented, “Whewwwwwww.” I leaned down and kissed Richard tenderly and whispered, “You are so handsome. That was amazing, love.” With that, I removed the blindfold. Richard’s eyes adjusted to the light as the four players all joined in a round of applause. Charlotte came forward with some dampened towels which she handed to me and Richard for some much-needed clean up. The time for Richard’s decision was at hand.

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