I invited Them, I Learned

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I believe that as long as people all agree on the sexual acts committed they should do so with the people they want. I do not see gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners as doing anything wrong. Therefore one should be warned before reading any of my stories that gay/bi or straight sex with multiple partners can occur. If you are offended by any of this? Stop reading now.


“Yeah but why invite them here?” I asked as I was picking up our dining plates. We had just gotten home from a long day shopping for I don’t know what and had just finished our evening meal.

“We never have company over!” Sophia, my wife of eighteen months, yelled from out the kitchen. Which was a lie, sometimes my sister and her daughter would visit but those weren’t “company” Sophia claimed.

“I know but why them? Why not some other couple?” As I entered the kitchen I smiled as I looked at Sophia. She was doing a little dance and her blond hair swayed around. She looked at me with her big blue eyes and smiled back. Her four month belly betrayed her pregnancy.

“Oh come on! Don’t tell me your still not on about that incident in the sauna you mentioned?” “What was that like fourteen months ago?” She shrugged. “You never even really told me what happened.”

The incident she mentioned had been about me and my cousin visiting a sauna. He had sprung it on me and I had agreed to go. Some sort of male bonding thing. And you see he isn’t even the type of person I would want to bond with.

But I was raised to keep family spirit alive and while I don’t hate the guy he’s just not the sort one would want to spend time with. For every thing he agreed with he disagreed with two others.

He’s the type of guy to first talk seriously and then makes a bad joke about it afterwards. He’s also a big womanizer while I’m the white collar nine to five guy.

We hang around with them on family parties but by the end of the night, when drinks had been flowing my cousin would start getting a little frisky. Sophia always brushed him off and he would make a joke about it so I thought it best to let things slide.

His wife, Leah was the dumber type or at least she pretended to be when you talked to her.

Putting one and one together I kind of figured she would know more about her husbands and his adulteress ways then she let on.

And you had to know to look out for snide remarks. Every now and then she would let one rip that you would know how to look out for to see it. I often mentioned it to Sophia but she never believed me.

She and Leah got along though. So that made it easier for me to stand him. Sophia knew I would never betray her trust. And I guess she liked the attention Alton gave her now and then. He was a good looking guy, an eternal tan from being a quarter Greek and that suave casual aura about him. He liked girls and girls liked him. It had always been like that.

I trusted Sophia though. And I knew she wasn’t his type even though she never admitted! She would just smile and bite her lip. She had a very dry humour to go with her angelic looks. One of the things I love about her.

“I like hanging with Leah, you know that. And you laugh at Alton as well!” She pointed a finger at me.

“He is funny yes.” “But I never said he wasn’t.” I walked up to her and kissed her.

“Well tonight you won’t have to worry about him going on and on about how many women he has slept with.” She raised her hands and shrugged. “Tonight with Leah there he won’t say a word. He never does.”

“Yeah but what will we talk about? Seriously.”

“Wuhu hello?” She pointed to her belly.

“Exciting!” I said rolling my eyebrows.

“For me!” She smiled. “Would you mind finishing the dishes hun?” She pouted.

“I bought some new pregnancy cloths I wanted to show Leah.” She looked down and a small laugh appeared on her mouth.

“and show Alton…” I added.

Grinning now she looked up and kissed me. I just smiled. I wasn’t really the jealous type.

I kissed her back and she walked out towards the bathroom.

After about an hour the doorbell rang and I stood up to open it. When I did I finally saw Sophia appear. I was a little shocked as she was wearing nothing but some silk long loose fitting night cloth. I just shook my head and tried to stay out of “female stuff” as my wife calls it.

Sure enough opening the door there stood my cousin Alton and his wife Leah. She was just about as tall as me and he was slightly taller. His hair was combed back smooth and he was wearing a loos fitting suit. He had undone the top buttons and some dark haired skin was visible. She was wearing a low cut top with her ample bosom visible. Beneath that she was wearing a tight fitting skin pants. Her big bug eyes stood out from under her big bush of red curly hair. She wasn’t unattractive but she also didn’t really appeal. I and Sophia often discussed why those two would get together. Or rather why Alton chose her.

The three of us sat down in the kitchen area over looking şişli escort the living room. We had been looking for apartment space. I asked if Alton and Leah wanted some coffee and they both said yes. As I making it I heard Sophia’s voice, which had walked in from the bedroom. Looking back slightly nervous I was pleasantly surprised that she had donned a bathrobe.

Hearing the small talk over the coffee maker a small glimmer of hope arose, perhaps this could be a fun night after all.

When I walked back in Alton immediately started talking to me about some new venue he had been involved with. He always went on with his venues. Sophia and Leah immediately started in on the baby.

After talking for around an hour, with the drinks switched to some beers, a wine and a water, our two on two conversations started to dry out. Sure enough it was Alton that broke the awkward pause.

“So about that baby!” He waved his arms around a lot when he talked. Sophia and Leah smiled at the sudden display of clown in him.

“Yeah!” “Pfff and to think it will just get bigger in the coming months!” Sophia smiled blowing her bangs from her forehead. Her smile lighting up her face.

“Ooh please! Don’t get me started about Alton and pregnancy.” She laughed and waved her hand away.

“Ha ha ha!” Alton laughed a bit to loud. He clapped his hands together.

“Go ahead and stand up Sophia” My wife stood up. I hated when Leah would tell Sophia what to do. It happened a lot more then Sophia realized too. But she would never believe me.

We had a six person dining table and I and the girls had been occupying the right side. Now that Sophia was standing however and all attention had turned her way, Alton had shifted two seats to his left, so he was much closer to Sophia and Leah. I had to shift my view to see clearly thanks to Leah’s hair being in the way.

When she noticed she made one of her clever retorts.

“Ooh… so you want to see too? You see it every day.” And with that she looked me up and down and snubbed me. But the way she did it she within a split second would add a big smile and say “Joke!” and you just could not get mad at that.

“Why not sit behind Alton?” She half whispered as Sophia and Alton were discussing something. I smiled and stood up. Walking around the table Alton had bend forward a bit, all smiles as he eyed her swollen belly.

“Look at him! If it was for him I’d be like that all the time!” She grinned and pointed at Alton who just raised his eyebrows and grinned and continued to stare.

“Hah! Really?” Sophia asked coyly.

“Oh please when I was pregnant with our little Peg he wanted to mount me six times a day!”

Alton turned to me grinning “I just can’t help myself with a big pregnant belly.” Nodding I smiled back.

“How’s it been with you two?” Leah put her hand on Sophia’s arm.

Just before I could speak up Alton interjected thankfully.

“Leah, damn it! You can’t ask people something like that.” Alton looked with an annoyed look at Leah.

“Well if their too prude to talk about something like that. But its healthy the doctor’s say.” She nodded in earnest.

“No! No were not too prude!” Sophia always felt uncertain people would treat her differently because of her slightly better upbringing. “It’s just that… well… David…” She didn’t look at me. Sophia always was a little too frank. This was something else she tended to do when Leah was around.

Neither of our guests looked at me. The conversation started up again as Alton made a well placed joke. We all talked about lighter things and before we knew it an hour had passed by.

“Should we take it to the living room and get a bit more comfortable?” Sophia asked as I returned from the kitchen with the last of the beers.

We all gathered up our glasses and phones and proceeded to the living area.

We had placed two comfort chairs on the right side of the room and a three seat sofa on the other. With a small foot seat chair in the centre. In the middle there was a small see through glass table. But with Sophia being pregnant it took us longer to get there and by the time everyone was sitting down. Alton, Leah and Sophia were sitting on the sofa and I found my self in the corner, sitting down in the chair.

As I realised I was drunker then I had thought, Alton toasted on the soon to be parents. He made some jokes about it being a boy like his father or a knock out like his mother and we all politely laughed.

“Sophia can I be honest?” Alton said sincere.

“Of course you can Alton.”

“Let me just say you look beautiful with a big round belly.” “Absolutely stunning.”

He turned to me and said “I hope you’re alright with that man, me saying that. It’s just the god’s honest truth. Look at her, she radiates man!” He pointed at her face. She was looking down and smiling her face flushed with the compliments.

“Your breasts have gone up like what? Two cups?” Leah added to the flattering. “Alton always says how beautiful beşiktaş escort your breasts look!”

Sophia smiled broadly but shook her head. “Only about cup and a half. Almost a D now.”

By now everyone was watching her bosom that was still well covered by the silk bathrobe.

“Shit David you must be all over that?” Alton smiled broadly. Leah was raising her eyebrows as if she somehow knew the answer. Sophia just looked out the window of our three stories apartment as the sun was setting down.

“This may seem strange but could Alton feel your belly Sophia?” Leah asked looking at Sophia. She turned to me and spoke “Or is Davidy too jealous?”

I just stared perplexed at her.

“Wh.. n… wel..” I didn’t know how to respond. I wasn’t the jealous type but then I didn’t feel happy about my cousin feeling up my pregnant wife.

“Su…re sure he can feel…” I guessed. It felt weird being asked the question. Over the months people have walked up to us, people close and felt her belly but they either did it or didn’t they never discussed it.

“Huh. Well you’re not as uptight as I thought Davidy.” Leah smiled. She was mocking me again. Neither Alton nor Sophia noticed it however.

“Well go on, take off your bathrobe…” Leah pointed at the belt and smiled.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I had thought it would be just to feel her belly with his hand on her robe, not her skin!

But before I could say anything Sophia had answered and the bathrobe came off.

She stood before us in a small, barely crotch concealing silk boxers that barely concealed her round butt, but the top was cut so that it almost revealed her nipples yet did the amazing job of covering the biggest part of her swollen breasts. Her four months belly stood out from the petite but rounded figure.

I felt my dick grow hard as the sudden display before me. It had been months since I had seen Sophia in anything like that. Suddenly I felt proud of her. And I also felt my face go red at the reality of Sophia being this displayed before my cousin, a guy I hardly trusted.

Alton was beaming now. But the look in his eyes suddenly had some fire behind them. He ogled my wife’s assets a little too much.

Leah was looking at me with an angry gaze. I felt myself flinch a little at her attention. Sophia bended down to sit, careful not to spill from her top.

Alton slowly reached over and placed his hand on Sophia’s belly. As he did I saw her jilt a little at the touch. He smiled that cheeky grin at her and she relaxed.

“Ooh my… that feeeels so good!” He just shook his head in disbelieve.

“Oooh I remember how it turned you on touching me when I was pregnant!” Leah shook her head matter of fact, like what she had just said wasn’t something private.

“I just like the roundness of it you know? Sophia has enough curves as it is, but seeing you like this well…” He talked back and forth to me and her like he was telling a story. Sophia was nodding her head up and down, gobbling it all up. Leah only seemed to spur on her husbands excitement.

“Pssst!” Leah mimicked like she was whispering, when in fact she was clearly audible.

She wanted my attention but I felt like I had to keep watching Alton and Sophia.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her hand move, and as I watched my head turned her way and I felt my eye sockets bulge out of my head. She had actually reached over and through the thin material of Alton’s training suit had taken hold of his dick. Now that she had taken hold of the still soft looking member the sheer size of it flashed back into my mind. I knew he was hung. I had seen it for myself in the sauna…

I quickly looked over and saw that Sophia was still talking to Alton and not paying attention.

I cringed as I heard Leah say “Glad to see old habits die hard!” She smiled and gave me a wink. Alton must have known what was going on, but he too seemed to engross by Sophia that he hadn’t noticed. She nodded at it and said “And this isn’t even hard!” she made it seem like it was an in joke. She just kept holding it as she smiled at me.

I was at a lose for words at this point.

“Sophia?” Leah called out.

“What Leah?” Sophia answered bending over a little giving Alton a more throughout look at my wife’s breasts. He paid no attention to look away.

“Look!” Leah nodded at Alton’s crotch, where her small hand was holding a hardening cock.

“Oh my god!” Sophia cringed, two small specks of red appearing next to her nose. I had never seen her that red. She put a hand on her chest to steady her breathing.

“Oh man! Leah… come on…” Alton just threw his head back in embarrassment. He grinned to make light of the situation.

“Did… did I do that?” Sophia said as she drew some blond hairs back behind her ear. She barely dared to look up to Alton and was blinking more rapidly now, something she did if she got nervous.

“Well … yeah.” He shrugged. He still had his hand on her stomach and his big brown fingers taksim escort contrasted with her pale white skin.

“I’m so sorry!” Sophia laughed. “How will you sleep tonight?” She slapped him in the chest. When her hand landed it landed a little on his left leg and she let it rest there. It seemed nonchalant but from the angle you could see she had to use her muscles to keep it in that position.

I saw Leah notice me watching that.

“Oh don’t worry! I’ll reap the benefits tonight!” Leah chuckled drunkenly as she put down her wine.

“You bet your ass you will!” Alton boomed out, laughing he added “But you better believe I will be thinking of Sophia!” Leah just laughed and Sophia blushed some more.

After that things seemed to slow down… no one knew what to say. Alton finally took charge when he pronounced he needed to pee. And with my wife arousing him this much he would need my help. Leah added that “Thanks to his ugly head it will die spontaneously!”

“Nonsense I have seen my cousin in much worse conditions then this!” He laughed as he slapped me on the shoulder. His erect dick tented in his pants.

I walked along and we reached the small bathroom he insisted I enter first. I felt unsure how to proceed but Alton did it for me when he just dropped his pants. His big fat brown cock stood erect from his crotch. You could tell that at the moment the shear weight of the meat was holding it down but I knew Alton had the muscle to erect it like a flag pole.

It felt a little embarrassing to pull out my own, erect, cock.

Alton looked down and laughed.

“Damn cougars of ours eh?” He stared at me as he slowly stroked his dick.

“I’m glad it’s the two of us man. We got each other’s back right?”

“Yea… Yeah man of course!” I mumbled being unease with such a topic.

“Sophia… damn… how you ever score with such a girl man?” “Look at her out there.”

Alton’s cock hadn’t been completely erect so he was the first to pee. I looked down and saw that big swollen brown dick hanging there. It was hard not to be impressed by it.


“David look at me.” He asked again. “Look at me.” I looked up at his face. “Do you like my dick David?”

I didn’t know how to react… my own dick was damn near exploding.

“Look cous'” “this isn’t the first time I have seen your dick get hard watching me.”

I felt my face get red, I couldn’t deny it.

“I have always watched out for you right?”

“Yea… yeah…” I stammered, it was true though; he had been there for me when I had needed him.

“Alright then… now what ever happens, remember that we are family. And we would never harm one another right?”

“Yeah right” I shook my head.

“Well then relax man. You and me are going to get stoned, Leah has her wine and Sophia can enjoy the company of two such fine gentlemen alright?”

I perked up a little when he had mentioned getting stoned. It had been so long. And it had always put my mind at ease.

“Ok, well I’m going back to the girls, you pee, and we will have a good time ok?” He raised his eyebrows to emphasize his point.

I just nodded.

When I had somewhat calmed again, I returned to the living room to find only Sophia and Alton there, sitting together on the sofa. The glass table had been placed at the far side of the room however.

“… so we might as well, it’s too late to drive back now anyway, and since you two are going to do some blow…” Leah walked out of the kitchen holding in one hand a wine glass and in the other the bottle.

“Honey I remembered! This is a sleeping sofa!” Sophia gleamed as she looked up at me. She was having a genuine good time.

“He would rather have his lust crazed cousin against a tree!” Leah mockingly stated.

“What? No of course you are welcome here to stay!” I replied too quickly.

“Great man thanks.” “Good to know family has your back.” Alton winked at me.

Within seconds Leah had gotten Alton and Sophia on their feet and had rolled out the bed. It was a fairly comfortable bed I remembered. But now that it was rolled out it covered half the room and the only room left to sit was the chair.

“I’m going to get into something more comfortable now…” Leah said as she looked at me.

I was unsure how to respond and I guess I waited to long to answer.

“DavidY!” She yelped. She startled me a little to be honest. From the bed I heard Alton say something to the same effect.

“Well geez! What does that pervert want to watch a married woman undress?” She asked pointing an angry finger my way.

“Davidy could you please go to the bedroom so Leah can change into her night gown?” He shrugged “she is a little shy.”

As I walked out I heard Sophia yell that I should get some sheets as well. I sighed but figured I might as well. When I got back I asked if Leah was ready but she just yelled some more. After about 10 more minutes I heard Alton say “You can come in now David”.

Walking in Leah had changed and what I saw shocked me. Before me stood this semi attractive redhead, in tight fitting bra and g-string in matching lion print. Had she worn some leather boots she could have been a dominatrix. Her white, freckled skin actuated her red hair.

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