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I fucked a young boy next to my husband when he waOne August evening, about two years ago, the husband, after returning home, said that his client (husband is a lawyer) is organizing a large party in his Masurian estate and that he also invites us. Although this client was strongly associated with the mafia, he also had connections in finance and journalism, so the meeting promised to be interesting.Before leaving, my husband joked that in the new place he would want to make love to me for a long time, so I spent Thursday and Friday at massages and at the beautician. Then I diligently depilated what I needed to do especially carefully depilating the pussy area, leaving only a narrow strip of light red soft hair.On Saturday morning we went to the lake. After a few hours in traffic jams we arrived at the place. It was a large house on the shore of the lake. In front of the house was a large meadow with a barbecue and a bar full of alcohol prepared and then the path went down to the beaches.Because it was a warm afternoon, I changed into a costume and went to sunbathe a bit on the beach. Despite my 55 years I am slim and shapely. Small breasts, which in the youth were the subject of certain complexes, now become an asset, because they do not hang down to the navel and in their bra you can see their round outline. Similarly, hips and thighs do not scare with folds, but rather invite you to touch.On the beach I lay down on a deck chair and fell asleep for a while. A touch of a hand woke me up. I opened my eyes and saw a young man watching my body. Excuse me, madam, but you can’t sleep in the sun. It may cause burns. I smiled at him, thanked him and got up. We talked for a while and I saw him assess me with his eyes, look at my breasts and look down below my hips. I must admit that the visible interest of the young man clearly excited me and hard little nipples began to come out through the bra of the costume.The young man smiled at the sight and I got confused and, apologizing to him, went upstairs.In the evening it began to get crowded. When we went down to the patio there was already a host, sportily dressed kaçak iddaa 70 years old with several friends. He jokingly introduced me to his colleagues: The gentlemen are the wife of my “Parrot” and therefore probably a beautiful “parrot”. We all laughed but I saw that my husband was not particularly delighted with such a performance, From further performances I learned that one of the men was a supplier of oil in the area, another, who spoke with a Russian accent, was a representative of a private Russian bank and the others were local businessmen.After a while, the Russian and the oilman took my husband to the bar, where they took care of bottles of Russian vodka and drinks. In turn, I was occupied by local entrepreneurs. Honestly speaking, talking to them rather embarrassed me. Typical small-town bonzos, small, fat, under-shaven, were not the company I dreamed about on Saturday night. After a few drinks, the gentlemen became vulgar and their jokes about what they wanted to do with me could not be repeated. I took the first opportunity to break free from their company. Then the boy I was talking to on the beach approached me. He introduced himself; I’m Filip. It’s nice that you broke off these mafios, “he said. Mafiosi? I asked. So famous local gangsters. Well I broke up well. For the rest of the evening I walked through the meadow in a nice conversation with my boyfriend. As I learned, he was a journalist, he used to work for Polsat and now he writes in a local newspaper sponsored by the host.We drank good drinks and the night lit up the stars. From time to time, I watched what my husband was doing, but he was still drinking clean vodka while discussing some businesses. After his behavior, I saw that he had already drunk too much. I approached him and suggested that we go to the room. He thought for a moment and nodded – good. I’m already falling, gentlemen. Come to sleep my wife. Saying goodbye, we went to the room. The husband undressed and put him to bed. Remembering his plans, I quickly undressed and slipped next to him. Piotr hugged me, put his hand on my chest and before I touched his member I heard kaçak bahis a snoring calm. Strongly disappointed I got up, put on a dress without underwear and decided to go to the lake for a moment.As soon as I left the building I saw Filip. He stood and looked towards my windows. I waved and he quickly approached me. It’s nice that you are, I said, we will go to the lakes. Leaving the buzz and music behind us, we went down to the water, stars in the sky and in the water, the sound of the wind, tuned romantically. After a while, however, I felt a breath of cold. Filip noticed this and drew me to him. Hug it will be warmer. I hugged. Silent. After a while I felt his fingers stroking my back and the other hand was looking for my breast. I breathed deeply, afraid to startle the young boy.It was charming, Night, lake, young handsome man and his interest in me. I sat for a long time and gave in to the caresses passively. Philip, encouraged by my inertia, became bolder. A hand slid under the dress and embraced my bare chest. I have cup size B so it fits his hand just right. I was excited by the boy’s closeness and his hand sensed my excitement, as he slightly pinched my nipple and played with an already hard button. From his chest, feeling my accelerated breath, he moved his hand lower and across the belly to the hill of Venera. I felt his fingers stroking my belt and then looking for the already moist slits. Before I could think, his fingers parted the petals of my vulva, brushed the clitoral nut, and sharply slid into the swollen pussy. My sigh broke the strained silence. I moaned with pleasure, feeling the walls of the pussy being massaged with strong well-groomed male fingers. For a few minutes moaning, I allowed myself to do a fingering. After some time I realized that after all we are among my husband’s clients and friends and that here I can’t rather let strangers fuck.Suddenly I got to my feet. Filip staggered sitting and his hand was torn out from between my thighs. What happened he asked? “I am married, I can be your mother come on.” Saying this, I headed towards home. The front lawn was empty. The grill illegal bahis was empty, rubbish was falling on the grass. I walked quickly past drunken guys and undressed girls. I entered the house and heard quick steps behind me. Before I opened the door, Filip got to me, turned me around and started kissing passionately, I felt dizzy. His strong hands massaged my back and pressed my breasts to his chest so that I felt tense muscles and a fast beating heart. I gave in to passion and began to kiss. After a while, my lips widened my strong tongue, which I began to suck passionately.Lost in hugs we lost the sense of time. Suddenly, through the pulse of blood, I heard footsteps in the corridor. I quickly opened the door, slipped out of Filip’s embrace and entered the room. But before I closed the door behind me. filip burst inside, turned me back and pushed me against the wall. Breathless, leaning against the plaster with half-naked breasts, I had no way to defend myself. I could feel his chest on my back, strong hands kneading them on his chest, and between his buttocks his masculinity in his pants. I didn’t want to make noise, because my husband was quietly snoring from the neighboring bed. After a few moments, Filip let go of my right breast, I felt him unfasten the fly and then I felt that my buttocks are already pressed not by the material, but by a strong pulsating member. I sighed deeply and Filip pushed my thighs and pressed a member between the delicate thighs. Both on my pussy and clitoris, I felt a hard, hot rod, so exciting. I plugged my bottom and parted my thighs slightly to facilitate his movement and then Filip pushed me onto the bed, falling, I turned and took on his strong body. I was biting my hot head so as not to scream as his throbbing member sank into my wet, hot pussy.For several minutes I enjoyed this sliding massage until the moment when the spasm of pleasure embraced my whole body, I felt a strong sperm ejaculation on Filip. A wonderful feeling of hot slam hitting the tense walls of the pussy and then the pleasure of taking it inside, I felt his semen penetrate my whole body, spilling into my guts, proving the attractiveness of my femininity.I lay under him for a moment, feeling his masculinity sagging and sliding out of my pussy. When he came off me, I sighed and wanted to get out of bed.

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