I Ended Up Wanting My Boy to Fuck Me

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I Ended Up Wanting My Boy to Fuck MeI don’t know where to begin; it was such a shock when my son’s computer just buzzed in to action when I was dusting around it; I know I should not have started to read what was on the screen but seeing the title My Mother Caught Me http://xhamster.com/user/nckboy/posts/56763.htmlI was a little curious. It was about a mother catching her 37-year-old son playing with himself at the computer. She was not angry but more intrigued at seeing the porn on the net and his cock. She blackmailed her son for sex but he was more than willing to participate. It just did not seem right, I thought.I looked back at Tom’s history and found some more similar stories and began reading them too. I never knew sons had so much lust for their mom’s, all wanting to catch them naked or have sex with them. It did not matter if they were old or fat, all they wanted was to have mom’s love.That night in bed, I was thinking about the stories and wondered if my son had thoughts like that towards his mom. The stories prayed on my mind all night and by the next morning, I was wishing Tom would go to school soon so I could look at his computer again. The more I read the more fixated I became, realising some mom’s were wanting their son‘s to fuck them. There was a story from a women called,More Than Just A New Years Kiss From My Son. http://xhamster.com/user/nckboy/posts/253375.htmlNow that was erotic, I somewhat started to feel envious of her rather than be disgusted, thinking a mother should not do that with her son, but I can now see how it happens unexpectedly.My sons is the same age but I just can not get to grips about letting him do that to me, even though it has been sometime since having sex. I am a bit like the mom’s in the stories that I have read so far or what my son has picked out and read.I’m nearly forty, a little on the plump side with big 38e size tits. I have had some male friends after Tom was born but nothing serious in the last four years, no make that nine years. Nine years without sex from a man, where did that time go? just as well I have my toys to satisfy me.I decide to say nothing to Tom at the moment but over the next couple of weeks I often took a sneaky look at his computer and found lots of new mother and son stories, This one especially close to my heart Single Mother Encouraged by Her Sonhttp://xhamster.com/user/nckboy/posts/69115.htmlIt is strange how many women are in the same boat looking after a baby by their selves and my eyes were opened up to what teenage boys get up to in this story. Not sure if Tom has been through my knicker drawer but it is a learning curve for boys to find out more.When I finished reading, I noticed on his desktop a new folder titled wallpaper and open it. We went shopping for wallpaper the other week and he took photos of me holding the rolls up on his phone to view later, he must have got around to downloading them off his phone so I could see them.It turned in to a bit of fun with me giving a cheesy pose and smile while holding the paper and he kept asking for me to stretch my arms higher up. Now I see why, some of the photos don’t even have any wallpaper on them; some are just of me and especially my big heaving breasts.My cotton check shirt stretched tight over my breasts and glimpses of a black lacy bra where the buttons are straining apart. Christ, it gets worse as the photos go on, my nipples are sticking out like two fat swollen thumbs and I was totally unaware they ever get to that size.He even took some of my legs and my big chubby calves bulging over my black boots and I will never wear that denim skirt again. Somehow he manager to take a photo with my leg outside the split of my skirt showing a fair bit of stocking leg while I posed with the wallpaper.I should be fuming mad with Tom for taking pictures of me like that but strangely I am not, maybe’s with reading all these stories I am more tolerant. In fact, seeing myself posing I am feeling a little excited and flattered to think I am worth taking a photo of. In bed that night all I think about is the photos and some of the stories where boys wank off to their mom’s photos, will Tom be doing that now as I lie here thinking about it?. Now I’m becoming one of these mom’s feeling sorry for there son. Why does he not have a girlfriend? He might not like girls, but he took photos of my tits so he must like women. Has he been led on and teased from a girl because he has a big cock like in the last story, Christ what am I thinking, don’t think about his cock.For the next two days, my mind is in a flap thinking this and that and finally against better judgement I want to find out once and for all. I take another look at his computer and there is a few more stories to read, mom and son’s stories again but when I click on Mature taboo mom on bed it sets a video playing She is very sexy looking, very similar to what I used to look like before I put on a few extra pounds, mainly on my tits, tummy and thighs. She seems to love sucking her son’s cock and very helpful when he tries to line his cock up with her big hairy fanny. She looks so caring as she teaches her son how to fuck a woman.I watch it three times from start to finish and wonder if my Tom hopes his mom would do the same for him. It has given me a new take on mom and son’s and my body has new feeling after watching that video, so much so I lay on his bed, legs up in the air and apart. My skirt drops to my waist with my stocking on full show as I pretended my son is fucking me.There’s only one thing for it because this is starting to drive my crazy, I’ll ask Tom if he wants to go wallpaper shopping again. I dressed the same as before, even though I said I would never wear that denim skirt again and maybes a tighter bra to make my tits squash out over the top.The best bit will be me having no knickers on, just a wide suspender belt holding my motherly tummy in and black stocking as usually, I hate tight. I might not be brave enough to show him that bit, we’ll see on the day. The weekend arrived and Tom was more than happy to come along, even asking if he can take more photos of the paper. I was excited but scared at the same time, what if I have miss read his thought and I make a fool of myself but it is too late to back out now seeing I am standing with a roll of wallpaper in my hands being photographed.He encourages me to stretch and I know why now and I try my hardest to stick my chest out as much as I can. I glance down and there is my nipples erect, all I need now is my stocking clad leg to be on show.The fun is over to soon as a fam ily starts to view the wallpaper section and I need to think fast.“Let go and look at the lawnmowers,” I said“Mam it’s autumn, no one buys a lawnmower this time of year”“Well let see if there is anything on offer”I follow behind him to the garden section quietly rolling the waist of my skirt up to shorten the length and now I can see my knees above my black knee length high heel boots. I also flick open the highest fastened button on my shirt and pull it open to reveal a little of my black bra.“What about this one” I ask“Not sure” he says without turning around“Take a photo of this one”“Mam, they are lawnmowers” “Go on take a picture, I’ll pose with it,” I say“Ok then”His face lit up as he turned around and saw me bending over the handle with what must have been most of my black lace bra and tits spilling out of it on show. He looked extremely happy and sank down on to his bursa escort knees to take more photos.“What about this one” I asked as I parted my legs making my stocking covered thigh pop out of the slit then bent down as to pull the starter cord. I was starting to get butterflies with the excitement.“I like the colour of this one” I said, stood up straight and lifted my foot on to the engine while my skirt slipped further up my stocking leg. I looked down and there was my suspender on full show attached to a lacy patterned stocking top.He froze for a second or two looking straight between my legs then started to take more pictures and I just knew the pictures had little chance of having a lawnmower in them.“Right that will do, lets go home,” I saidAs we walked to the exit, I fastened my button up on my shirt and straightened it but left the skirt rolled up around my waist while still showing my knees.While Tom went around to the other side of the car, I give one last hitch up of my skirt as I got in to the car. I had slightly too much on show but what the hell, I could see him looking down at my legs as we set off for home.Once on to a straight road I reached across for his hand, give it a quick squeeze then pulled it on to my stocking clad leg. There was no hesitation or rejection to my offer he went along with what his mom was doing.I shuffled in the seat parting my clutch pedal leg and slipped his hand on to my soft bare bit of leg squeezing out from my stocking top. I could feel his fingers softly rubbing and massaging my leg and I knew then he was not repulsed by my action.I lifted my hand away and on to his leg and got the shock of my life as I felt the bulge growing down his trouser leg. It felt so big and getting bigger and harder by the second.His investigating finger rubbed across my lips and then I realised how wet I had became. I wasn’t the only one getting arouse as a warm damp patch started to form under my hand; I just hope he can hold on.We arrived home still with his hand on my hairy fanny, I stopped the car and we looked at each other, not a word was spoken as we parted and hurried in to the house. Standing in the hall with my skirt around the tops of my stockings, he came close and kissed me, just a quick one at first, maybes to sense my response.I pulled him back on to my mouth and our mouths opened wide as our tongues entwined and danced with one and other. I felt his hand sliding up my stocking leg and moved to give him easy access to my hairy fanny.His finger slipped in to me with ease and he started to finger fuck me slowly and I started to moan softly. He broke contact with our mouths and kisses his way down on to my tits, I want it that badly I rip my shirt open exposing my bulging black bra to him.He sucks my nipples through the lacy bra one at a time while his finger slowly slips in and out of my fanny bringing new excitement to me. He makes his way further down kissing my suspender belt then pulls his finger out of me.I felt his hands pulling my denim skirt up and he sunk down on to his knees, he kissed my chubby leg from my knee up until I felt his tongue flick against my fanny. I was rendered powerless and fell against the hall wall.Where did he learn this stuff I wonder quickly before his tongue invades my fanny properly and all I want was him to keep doing it. I use both hands to pull him tight in to me and I could feel his tongue flicking back and forth in and out from where he came from.My whole body buzzes with new energy and excitement and I started to gently thrust my fanny in to his face with such delight“Arrrrrrrrr yes Tom”I started to moan then pant, I was taking by surprise how easy my son was giving me an orgasm“Shhhhhhhhittttttttt Tom”I was that worked up it took no time at all; I stood there shuddering while holding on to his head. His tongue lapped away inside my pussy as wave after wave of pleasure filled my fanny.I lay resting against the hall wall breathless as my son clambered off his knees kissing up my tummy and tits and now inches from my mouth. I pulled him hard against my mouth tasting my love on his lips all sweet and sticky.His hand slipped up over my suspender belt then cupped around my breast, his finger and thumb finding my even more erect nipple through my lace bra and started to rub it gently. I slipped my hand between us feeing the outline of his hard cock then started to pull his zip down.He was wearing cargo pants and it was easy for my hand to slip inside them. There was only his boxers between my hand and his cock and as I pushed further down I felt his warm balls hanging down outside each leg of his boxers. I give them a gentle massage then followed his cock down his leg, it was big and hard and his end smooth and slippery with pre cum. We kissed with more meaning and I was desperate to see his cock.I pulled my hand out of his zip and pulled away from his mouth, his smile started to drop as I pulled his hand off my bra covered tits“Let go to my bedroom” I said as his face lit back upTaking his hand, I ran up the stairs as fast as I could in high heels boot and in to my bedroom. We stood there looking at each other then I began to pull his tee shirt up over his head before undoing his cargo pants and let them drop to the floor.I started on myself and slip my shirt down off my shoulders like some seductive striptease show. Tom finally seeing my big pale breasts spilling over my size too small lacy bra. Next was the job of unrolling the waist of my skirt before I could unfasten it then let it slip to the floor. I totally forgot I was knickerless and stood in front of my son with my hairy bush on full display with my wide suspenders framing it like some master piece picture, easily seen many times over in the row of mirrored wardrobe doors in the bedroom.Tom reached out, feeling his mom’s black lacy suspender belt and followed the suspenders down to the lacy stocking tops before his other hand felt the pale flesh spilling and hanging over her stockings.“I’m not very nice to look at Tom, I’m fat” I said“Mom you are beautiful especially your legs, I don‘t think you are fat”His hand followed the suspender back up and on to my bra“Should I take it off for you Tom?”“Can I do it please” “Cause you can”He stood in front with his arms stretch around me and I was counting each hook being unhooked on my bra. He stepped back holding both ends and I held out my arms for him to take the bra off me. I stood motionless wondering what he was thinking of my saggy tits.“Ar mom they are beautiful” he said retching out and softly touching my naked breast like he’d never touched one before.He was soft and gentle and inquisitive, taking the weight of one in his hand to weigh it“Is this your first time touching a breast Tom”“This size, yes, can I kiss them” Tom said“Yes Tom that would be nice”I lifted one up so the nipples was sticking straight out and Tom kissed it lightly then sucked on it. I pulled his head in to my chest softly rubbing his hair. Down stairs the mood was wild and rampant, I was desperate to see his cock but things have changed up here, Tom‘s seeing new things and I am quit happy to go along at his pace. I bent down and kissed his head, he seemed totally besotted in sucking on his mom’s breasts.I felt his hand come back on to my stocking leg again, fingering my stocking top then the bare leg afterwards. Like some hussy I parted my legs and I felt his fingers brush through the dense mass of hair, he was more intrigued with my bursa escort bayan hair this time exploring the full hairy triangle many times.He certainly knew about finger fucking and well practiced but lost with the fuller figure mature body. If he was happy playing I was going to do the same, feeling for his cock once more. It was making his boxers stick straight out and I wrapped my hand around it.I couldn’t hold on any longer and shuffled backwards toward the bed, pulling Tom by the cock as I did. Sitting down now, his cock was level with my face and I started to take down his boxers, pulling them out over his big hard manhood.It was like the time at Christmas, you know what you are getting but unwrapping it has that extra air of excitement. He just stood there, still as anything with his big red bulbous end glistening with his pre cum.I let his boxers drop then was unsure what to do next, do I ask him if I can touch it? or kiss it?. I looked up and our eyes meet then kissed my fingers and placed then on his cock end.“I bet you have never had one of these Tom” I said while taking hold of my tits and wrapping them around his cock.“Come in a little close” I askedI looked down at his mighty cock with my tits slipping up and down“Is that Nice?“Arrr mom”“Go on Tom, push it in and out of me”I started to see him thrust back and forth and held my tits still“Ar mom”I stuck my tongue out, it missed the first couple of times but he soon got the message and started to thrust with longer strokes through my tits.I lifted my tits towards my face and opened my mouth, taking his bulbous end inside“Arr mom”He did it again and again and I started to close my mouth around each new thrust.“Mom, mom”Letting go of my tits I grabbed his cock with one hand and the other grabbed his arse and pulled him in to me, taking more of his cock inside my mouth“Moooooooooommmmmmmmmmm” he cried outThat first squirt was turbo powered as was the next few, his cock bucked and twitched in my mouth signalling another new load of hot creamy cum. I started to slid back and forth up to my hand drawing each new load in to my waiting mouth.I looked up with his cock still in my mouth flicking my tongue over and around his cock end, the smile was to die for from him. He slowly withdrew as I lowered my hand from his arse and before I knew he was kissing me, kissing me with more passion than any one else had. His tongue was cleaning his love from my lips and I fell back on to the bed with him over me. We shuffled and manoeuvred about on to the bed without our lip parting. Tom was now between my parted legs and I was still wearing my high heel boots while his soft cock dangled over my fanny.Tom realised what position we were finally in and started to kiss down in to my neck then down over my sagging splayed apart tits which nearly retched to the bed. I lay there moaning softy as he kissed over my wide frilly suspender belt, pulling on a suspender with his teeth.He kissed further down to the start of his mom’s dense hairy triangle, kissing all the way around the perimeter of naked skin. I started to raise and part my stocking clad legs and held on to his head with my hands.I was letting my son see the most intimate part of his mom and I felt fully open to him. When he licked his tongue up my fat juicy lips I just about exploded with sheer delight.I don’t know what came over me but the next thing I did was to spread my fat juicy fanny lips apart with my fingers, showing him where my clit was and started to twiddle with it with my middle finger.He looked on in amazement at his mothers swollen button as I started to moan and move about on the bed.“Lick me there Tom”His tongue flicked against my finger then my clit as I remover my hand“Suck it please”Tom did as I asked of him while I reapplied pressure back on to his head, I have came used to just twiddling my clit for sexually pleasure these last nine years and know that it works wonders for me.He sucked on it like another nipple, pulling and tugging on it, something that hasn’t been done in a long time. The sheer excitement was working wonders for me as I gyrated his head between my stocking legs.I started lifting myself in to his face in a rolling wave motion“Arrrrr yessssssssss Tom” His tongue flicked many times over my clit, bringing new heightened sexually desire“Tommmmmmmm” I cried out as my orgasm arrivedI pulled his head tight against my fanny while I give little grunts as each new wave of pleasure filled me. I finally relaxed in to the soft pillow and let Tom lift his head from between my legs.He looked up at me“Mom your thing is massive”“Thank you Tom, not sure if that is a compliment or not” I said“I’ve never see one before, just felt them, but they were only small” He lowered his head and started to kiss my cubby legs just below where my fanny hair ends and his hand was feeling up and down my stocking. I just lay there giving him encouragement and little soft moans.I was lost in my own world, feeling all the little kisses raining down on me, kissing his way down my stockings and back up. He touched my fanny again, more inquisitive this time by feeling up and down my wet lips. His soft touch was working wonders for me, prolonging the sexually experience a teenage son can give to his mom. I looked down and his head lifted from my motherly tummy, smiled then kissed some more up to my breasts.He pushed my tits together then watched as each one wobbled back down the side of me then feasted on each nipple. He was now over me on his arms looking down in to my eyes then kissed me, I held him firmly against my lips.“Arrrrrrr no Tom” I said loudly as his cock penetrated my fanny “We can’t, I’m not protected, sorry love, I would love to let you Tom”“Mom I have a condom if that what you mean”“Yes Tom that’s what I mean” I saidHe climbed off me and I noticed his big erect cock bouncing as he got off the bed and went to his trousers. Fishing in his wallet, he fetched out the small flat packet“Mom I don’t really know what to do with this”“Come here love,” I said while sitting upright and turning to get my legs over the side of the bed.Tom walked in between my wide apart legs, his cock still looking magnificent and sticking straight out in front of him. He handed me the packet and I ripped it open.“Tom have you done this before” I asked“No”“How did you know how to use your finger on my when we were downstairs”“This girl at school showed me and my mates what she liked and let us try on her”“Did you learn how to use you tongue on her as well?”“Ye, she told me what to do, was I doing it right”“Perfect Tom, now watch how I put this on”I never ever thought I would be putting a condom on to my son so he could fuck me but here I was slipping it up his hard manhood. He looked comical with it waving around in front of him with its empty sperm bag.I got laid back on to the bed, raised and parted my legs and held out my hands as my son on his knees shuffle between them. “Come down and kiss me”He kissed me but I could feel him prodding his thing against me without any success“Relax Tom”“Ok Mom”I fished between us feeling for his cock“Pull back a little,” I askedHe rose on to his arms and I could see him watching as I rubbed his cock up and down my sloppy slit“Gentle Tom”I grunted louder than I wanted too but that first push of his cock spread my fanny wide apart“Yes Tom” I said giving him encouragement in case I had scared him with my early grunt.I could hear him moan as he pushed in to me, first escort bursa time in side a woman and it just happened to be his mom.He pushed and pulled in and out of me with little idea until he came out to far; he was miles off the mark and lifted higher to see if he could watch where he was prodding.Like some desperate slut I lifted my legs up in to the air, causing my fanny to be more on top, even I could see the top of my slit as he hit the right spot.I grunted again as his cock entered me with force and speed and he give little thrusts deep inside me not wanting to accidentally come back out again. I moved under him adjusting and customising my fanny for his big cock.I pulled him down on top as he kept hammering away at my fanny and kissed him, he was full of smiles and happiness.“That’s lovely love,” I saidI held on to his arse and started to make it move in a circler motion on each thrust“Arrrrrr yeessssssss Tom”He started to get the idea and his strokes were getting longer, giving his mom much more pleasure“Arrrrrrrr Tom” I moaned many times overHe buried his head in to my necks and started to increase his thrusting, then he sucked on my neck, I was in no fit state to stop him and moaned even louder.“Arrrrr Tom fuck me Tom,” I cried outI felt him give one mighty thrust then his teeth bit in to my neck, I pulled him in tight and came, then let out a big moan as my inside clamped around his coming cock in spasms.I lay there breathing fast holding my son tight in to me feeling his hot breath on my neck. I could feel his heart beat and I bet he could feel mine as well thumping twenty to the dozen. I lowered my legs back down on to the bed, getting a heel stuck in the duvet cover and making a hole.He eventual lifted from my neck with an unsure worried expression on his face, did he think he had gone too far? I smiled up at him“Are you alright Tom?”“I think so, did I do it right?“Perfect Tom” I said knowing men always want praising after having sex, but this time I did mean it.Tom lifted off and I felt the withdrawal of his cock, relieved when I saw the end full with his cum. I reached out and pulled it off his softening cock “Tom, Would you like to do it again?”“Can I”“I don’t see why not, have you any more condoms?” I asked“Only that one” he said “Does that mean we can’t” he asked dejected looking“If we hurry we might get some before the supermarket closes at four”We rushed off the bed looking for our clothes; the old denim skirt was easy to put on while tom put his cargo pants on and shirt. I didn’t have time for a bra and hurriedly put my shirt back on while running down the stairs, realising to late that some of the buttons had came off when I ripped it open. I’ll hold it together while in the shop I thought.In to the car and off we went, not even having time to look in the mirror. At the supermarket car park I took one quick glance at myself in the mirror, I was some state, hair bedraggled like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards, face red with sweet and I big purple bruise on my neck.No time to sort thing out as I sent Tom for a pizza while I looked for condoms and picked a box of 12 thin extra sensitive one up as she shop announced it was closing.I was now at the till holding my shirt together with my tits hanging down and nipples all excited, handing over the item. She looked long and hard at me but when Tom came running asking if I have the condoms and will this pizza do for tea, she give me one dirty long staring look as to say what a slut you are, you are old enough to be his mother, if only she knew.Tom took liberties on the drive home by cupping my tit in his hand; little did he know how much it was exciting me especially when I felt he was rock hard again in his trousers. It was another quick run back in to the house and I pinned him up against the shut front door, kissing him like some mad woman while feeling his lovely hard cock. I ripped the carrier bag from his hand and fished inside for the condoms, throwing the pizza down on the hall table as I dragged him up the stairs and back in to my bedroom.We lost our shirts on the way through the door and now Tom was taking his cargo pants off while I bite at the blasted cellophane wrapped around the condom box. I eventual gain entry and pull the tiny packet out while his cock was throbbing in front of me waiting for its cover.I slipped it on his cock, pulled up my skirt too above my waist and quickly got on to the bed on all fours with my legs dangling over the side. Slipping my fingers between my legs, I splayed my fanny lips apart hoping he would get the message.His cock rubbed against my finger and I knew it would not be long before I had my son back inside me. I felt it rub up and down my crack then I pushed back on to him, slipping it in until our bodies were touching and I let out a big long moan.I felt his hands grab my waist and his cock start to withdraw slowly but not very much before it was coming back in to me. He wasn’t well practised so I started to thrust back and forth on his cock then my tits started to sway back and forth too, dangling just millimetres off the bed.I started to moan and move my head and caught a fleeting glimpse of us in the mirror wardrobe doors. I looked again and he was looking at our reflection three times over then our eyes meet, I smiled and I could have swore his cock grew bigger inside me at the moment.His cock started to penetrate deeper while we looked at each other and I could see my tits swinging wildly now.“You like watching mommy’s big tits” I askedHe nodded“Do you want to make then swing some more?”He nodded again“Grab tight a hold of my waist and pull me on to your cock” I said “”Arrrrr that’s it Tom use all the length of your cock inside me”My tits were swinging with great force then that noise of slapping of body’s started; all I could do was moan out aloud.“Go on fuck me Tom, harder” I beggedHis cock found new depths of his mom’s fanny“Yesssssssssssss Tom”His cock felt extra hard and I could feel his veins swelling against my insides“Make mommy come Tom”Tom banged his cock in hard a few more times then froze inside me, I knew he had came when his cock swelled inside me but that first twitching and pulsing of his manhood was enough to set my orgasm in to motion. We were welded together and I could feel each new load coming up his shaft by the swell of his cock each time, then my fanny muscles took over, drawing his young seed out and in to the cum sack. I screamed out in delight at the pleasure I was getting, heightened even more knowing it was my son giving it to me.I lay there panting like a dog watching in the mirrors as the sack of pure white cum hung down from his cock end as he pulled out of his mom. Relived, I sank my head on to the bed while waiting for him to join me, still with my arse in the air.Something flicked across my now well-used fanny lips then his tongue darted inside me. His hands came around to the front of my legs and held us together as he greedily and noisily licked at my love hole.He started flicking and sucking on my clit and gentle tugging at my fat lips, exciting his mom to new delights. Another wave of pleasure was unstoppable from inside me and I let out a long pleasurable moan.Tom gentle licked at his mom’s love until there was no more then came and lay on the bed. I turned on to my side looking at the wonderful grin on his face then felt for the condom around his cock to pull it off and kissed him. His lips were sweet and juicy from my love and he kissed with passion as well for a few minutes “Can we have our pizza now mom” Tom asked“Yes we need to keep your strength up now” I said and kissed him quickly before getting up off the bed.The End

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