I Dream of My Doctor 1

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I Dream of My Doctor 1Part 1I suppose we should start at the beginning. You know- the usual background stuff. I am a pansexual male who just turned 40. I am in generally good health and fit enough. No, I don’t have a six pack or anything like that, but I generally keep myself in decent shape. I have been pansexual pretty much my entire life, although I only called it bisexual when I was younger. However, pan now seems to be the “in word” for my preferences. I am married to a woman and have been for over twenty years. She knows about my sexual proclivities and is generally accepting of them. She accepts the gay porn and my extensive toy collection and has even pegged me with a strap- on a number of times. Recently, I have been experimenting with how wide I can get my hole and fantasizing about getting fisted. To this end, I have even bought a couple of hand shaped toys and large plugs so I can stretch myself out. I highly doubted I would ever be fisted for real, but hey, a man can dream. That brings me to my visit to the doctor’s office.It was just going to be my annual physical. No big deal, right? But the day of my appointment, my regular doctor had an emergency that he had to attend to. His office assistant gave me two options- either reschedule my appointment or keep it, just with another doctor at the office. Since I had already left work for the appointment, I didn’t want to have to waste more of my sick time by rescheduling, so I opted to see another physician. She put me in with the newest doctor in the group, Dr. Wayne. When I arrived, it was the usual routine, fill out paperwork about my medical history and that of my family. As I was the last patient of the day, the waiting room was empty. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was led into the exam room by his nurse, who got the usual height, weight, medication list, drew some blood for lab work- again, the normal stuff. As she left the room, she assured me that the doctor would be “right with me.” And that is when things changed from the same old, same old to something entirely different from the standard physical. I heard a knock on the door and Dr. Wayne walked in. He looked to be a few years older than me with auburn hair and beard which were both starting to gray in areas, his face reminiscent of Russel Crowe’s from “Gladiator.” He was about my height, but appeared to be in even better physical condition than me. I couldn’t help but notice his muscular arms as they jutted out from under the short sleeves of his scrub top. But the most striking feature of the man was his eyes. They were a deep, deep blue color and kind looking. The lines around them showed that he smiled more than frowned. I almost got lost looking into them. He introduced himself in a friendly, deep voice. He had the kind of personality where you had no other option but to like him immediately. We chatted a bit about general topics- the weather and such, as he listened to my heart and lungs. When he touched me, I couldn’t help but notice that his hands were quite warm as opposed to the normal frozen feeling you get from most other physician’s hands. I was grateful for that when he asked me to stand and drop my pants for the requisite hernia check. I didn’t even notice that he failed to put on gloves until I felt his soft, warm skin touching my balls. The thought of his flesh upon mine made my cock twitch. He juggled my buddies around, feeling each one, making me start to rise a bit.“Just checking for any signs of testicular cancer,” he assured me. “Sorry I forgot to tell you.”“No problem. Go ahead,” I replied. He did. He kept feeling them, rolling them around between his fingers and generally playing with them for over a minute. By the time he told me to cough, my cock was completely rigid. I looked down to see my hard cock bobbing in his face. He was looking straight at it.“Sorry. Guess I got a little excited from your cancer check,” I said. He smiled and said,“No big deal. It’s not the first erection I’ve ever had in my face before.” At first I assumed he was saying that other men had the same reaction to the exam that I did. But then, his tone of voice suggested something else entirely. I began to wonder if he was telling me slyly that he was gay and I secretly hoped that he was. Not that I thought I had any chance of hooking up with him, but at least I could jack off to that thought sometime. When he was done juggling my boys, he “accidentally” gave my hard prick a little backhanded stroke that made it jump. He stood up and took my chart in his hand. I bent over to pick up my pants when he told me to wait a moment.“I notice on your chart that your father and grandfather both have a history of prostate cancer,” he said.“Yes. My paternal grandfather actually died from it. You know how medicine was back then. When they found it, he was already into stage four and had metastasized illegal bahis to other parts of his body. There wasn’t really anything they could do.”“Well, I’m sure you know that it generally runs in families. And since you just turned forty, it probably best to have your prostate checked. Just to be safe.” It seemed reasonable enough to me, so I agreed. “Go ahead and turn around. Bend over the exam table and spread your cheeks. I’ll get the jelly so I can check you.” I did as he instructed and a few seconds later I heard the farting sound of lubrication jelly being squeezed out. Notice I said nothing about hearing the snap of a glove being put on? Neither did I, until he was already inside. I felt rather than saw Dr. Wayne standing behind me. He seemed to hover there for a few seconds, looking at me and my spread open butt cheeks that exposed my rectum to him. I felt his finger as it smeared a bit of the jelly onto my hole and the tickle of his finger finding its way inside of me. I felt almost disappointed that he only used one. That’s when I realized that I could feel the texture on his finger. It wasn’t smooth like a gloved hand should be. When he pressed down on my prostate, it caused a drop of precum to ooze out of the tip of my prick. I felt it drip out of my still hard cock. Then the doctor inserted a second finger. Since I’d been doing a lot of hole stretching lately, I was able to take it without complaint. He kept pressing down on my prostate, forcing more precum out of me. At this point, I still thought that this was all part of the exam and no big deal. It wasn’t until he worked a third finger in that I really began to wonder. He stopped checking my prostate and was now moving his fingers in and out of me, with the occasional twist. It felt good. No man had touched me like this in several years. My cock was now letting out a steady stream of clear fluid. Dr. Wayne used this to lubricate his hand when he reached around and started stroking my throbbing prick. I felt a fourth finger rubbing around the rim of my hole, as though he was considering whether to use it or not. “Put it in,” I whispered. I didn’t want his nurse hearing me and suspecting that anything untoward was happening in here. He listened to my request and worked his pinkie inside of me. The sensation made me moan in pleasure. “Yeah,” he said. “That looks hot.” A few seconds later, there was a knock on the door. I started to jump up so as to not get busted, but he put his hand on my lower back indicating that I shouldn’t move. “It’s locked,” he whispered.“Dr. Wayne?” his nurse called from outside the door. “I have to go and pick up my k**s from after school care. Are you going to be much longer?”“You can go ahead and take off,” he replied. “I’ll take care of checking him out. I don’t want you to be late again.”“Okay, thanks,” she said. “Is anyone else staying behind?” he asked.“No,” she said. “Everyone else has already left for the day.”“Okay, great,” he said. “Have a good night. See you tomorrow.”“Good night!” We waited until we heard the back door close before we started up again. “Now, then,” he said, “where were we?’ And with that, he renewed his assault on my hole.“Uhhh,” I grunted out in pleasure, glad that I could now fully vocalize it.“You are so open. Seems like you’ve done this before.”“No, I haven’t. No for real, anyway. Just with toys. This feels better,” I said. He let go of my prick and reached back for something. I heard the familiar sound of lubrication being squeezed out and felt him rubbing it over his hand. “How much can you take?” he asked.“I don’t know. I’ve taken my hand dildo a few times, but I think yours are bigger.”“Let’s try, anyway,” he said and resumed stroking my cock and drilling into my ass. Again, he was twisting his hand around inside of me, opening my hole up more and more. Then I felt his thumb pressing against my sphincter. I shivered with the anticipation. I forced my hole to relax and held my breath, waiting for what I hoped would be a pleasurable sensation. I felt his thumb work its way inside before he pressed hard against my backside forcing my hips up against the exam table. It left me with no room to run, should it start to hurt. I didn’t care. I was too excited thinking about how my most perverted fantasy to date was about to come true. He kept pushing and twisting, trying to work his entire hand inside of me.“That’s it,” he said. “Open it up. Relax your hole and let me get all of the way inside. Come on. Open up.” I could feel his hand slowly forcing its way inside of me. Each little bit was a struggle, but at least it was still going in and feeling awesome. He picked up his pace on jacking me off, probably to help relax me or to distract me from what was happening at my back door. It was working. He kept rubbing his thumb back and forth over my frenulum, making me twitch each time illegal bahis siteleri he did it. Based on the frictionless efforts of his hand, I was sure that my precum was running out of me fairly heavily by now. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more of his hand he gave it a quick, hard push and I felt it pop its way inside. I had never been so full before! It was such an exquisite sensation. My ring collapsed around his wrist and squeezed it tight. I had never thought I would ever be able to know what it was like to have an entire man’s hand inside of me, but now, here I was, being used as my physician’s hand puppet. Who would have thought? “There you go, boy. Yeah. Take that hand. That looks so hot. Feels good, doesn’t it?”“Yesss!!!” I hissed. “Fuck, yes!!!”Just when I thought that this couldn’t possibly feel any better, he started moving his hand around again, slowly twisting it around. Then I felt him start to pull back. If I thought going in felt good, going out felt even better. I could feel the skin attached to my hole begin to stretch backwards in his direction and knew that it was bulging out like so many of the porn stars in the films that I watched. It almost seemed as if my hole didn’t want to let him go. But he kept tugging at it and eventually my flesh couldn’t distend any further. And with a jolt, his hand was gone, leaving me feeling empty. But it was only for a moment, because it only took him a few seconds to apply some more lube and slide it right on back inside. This time it went in my faster and easier than before. He began to slide it in and out, removing it completely from my hole and twisting it as he did so. I was panting like a dog in heat and moaning like a porn star.“Oh, you like that, don’t you? You like having me slide my hand in and out of your ass, don’t you?”“Yes. Fuck, yes. Don’t stop. It feels so fucking good. Ah, yes. Feels fucking fantastic. AH!” That last part was when he stopped using an open hand to work me over, instead he had switched to a closed fist, making his hand thicker. “Oh, yeah. Fuck that’s hot. Take that fist. Take it.” He picked up his pace, no longer feeling the need to be gentle. I loved every moment of it. He suddenly stopped, put fingers from both of his hands inside of me and pulled my asshole open. I could feel cool air inside of me, indicating that I was stretched wide. He took the opportunity to blow inside of my gaping ass, tickling me. He released me and went back to work, jacking my cock and fist fucking my ass. I felt his hand open inside of me as he pushed hard, driving it in even further. His fingers touched me in a place I’d only hit a few times before.“Feel that, boy? That’s your pubo-rectal sling. It’s your second hole. Damn that’s tight. You’ve never opened that up before have you?” I shook my head no. “That’s too bad. Maybe next time. Feels good though, doesn’t it?”My only response was to groan. Where he was touching me was truly feeling good. He kept pushing at it, reaching his fingers in as far as they would go, tickling my innards. I couldn’t take it anymore. It just felt too fucking good. I cried out and started to shoot out my cum. He must have felt my dick pulsing in his hand, letting him know I was unloading. He pulled me by my cock so that my body twisted around in his direction and wrapped his lips around me, catching that last few squirts. Just when I was about finished, he yanked his closed fist out of me hard and fast, making me scream and forcing the very last remnants of my semen onto his tongue. I felt it when he swallowed.“Guess that means you liked that.” I just nodded, feeling weak in the knees. He let me go and helped me onto the exam table, turning me so that I was able to completely lay down. “Better?”“Yes, much. Thank you,” I said feebly. He turned and started digging in one of his drawers. He came around to the end of that table and started messing around with something down there. I had no idea what he was doing and really didn’t care. I closed my eyes and put my arm over my face, trying to recover while blocking out the bright ceiling lights at the same time. I felt his hands on my shins as he lifted them up. Then I felt cold metal touching my feet and calves. Then something was placed around my ankles. By the time I opened my eyes to look at what he was doing, he had already strapped me down to the stirrups on the table that they usually use for gynecological exams on women. My legs were held in place with the kind of tourniquet that they use to get blood samples. “What are you doing?” I asked, feeling a chill of fear run down my spine.“My turn,” he said. “I’m going to fuck that stretched out hole of yours.” I was about to protest on reflex, but caught myself, realizing that it had been too long since I’d had a real dick in me. And really, when might I have the chance to again? I could canlı bahis siteleri only have so many doctor’s appointments before people would suspect that something weird was going on. He dropped his pants and underwear, producing a nice 10 inch long, thick piece of meat that was so veiny it reminded me of a topographical map of the Himalayas I once saw. My mouth watered at the sight of it. Then he said what I was hoping he would say. “But first you’re going to suck on it and get it nice and wet. He moved around to the head of the table. I turned my head and opened my mouth without a moment’s hesitation. He slid his cock between his lips. I could taste the precum that his underwear had smeared all over the head. It was delicious. I let him slide all of the way to the back of my mouth, sucking it hard and massaging the bottom of it with my tongue.“Oh, yeah. That feels good. You like sucking cock, don’t you?”“Mmm-hmm,” I mumbled around his shaft. I was glad I had kept my fellatio skills up using my toys. It had been so long since a real one had been in my mouth, I might have forgotten how to do it, otherwise.He put his hands on the back of my head and held it there while he slid his prick in and out of my mouth, moaning as he did. He tried to get it into my throat, but with my head turned the way it was, I kept on gagging. I pushed back on his hips until his meat was out of my mouth.“Move around to the top,” I said, which he did. I shifted my body up on the table until my head was hanging over the side and opened up again. He got the hint and push his dick into my mouth again. He drove deep immediately and soon found his way into my throat. I had always found deep throating to be very easy for me. My gag reflex is almost non-existent. This was another skill I had kept up over the years, most recently using a 16 inch double ended dildo. It was made of a jelly material, so it was nice and flexible. I’ve never gotten all sixteen inches down, but have come close on many occasions- usually while flying high on poppers. The last time I measured, I had taken over a foot of it in my throat. But it wasn’t quite as thick as the piece of sausage now forcing its way in so it was still a bit of a challenge to do it. It took a little more than two minutes before I felt his balls tapping on my forehead.“Damn, boy. You’ve got a deep throat to match that ass of yours!” he exclaimed. I felt a blush of pride sweep over me. “Shit! I’ve got to stop before I shoot my load in your mouth instead of that nice ass.”With that, he pulled his prick out of the depths of my esophagus and walked down to where my feet were still strapped in the stirrups. He stepped up and pressed his fat cock against the opening. It encountered little resistance. He slid it all of the way in with one push until I heard his nut sack slap against my ass cheeks. We both cried out “Oh” at the same time. He wasted no time in being gentle. I mean, after all, he was just fucking my ass with his whole fist. His ten incher wasn’t much of a challenge after that. He pounded away at me without mercy, both of us grunting and moaning in our pleasure. I could feel his bulging veins as they sc****d against the walls of my ass. All I could think was that he was like a condom- ribbed for my pleasure. It took about ten minutes before he couldn’t hold back anymore. He leaned his body against mine and cried out as he shot his seed deep inside of my bowels. He pulled out once he recovered. I could still see it glistening with his juice, a drop of the stuff still drooling out of the tip.“Come here,” I demanded. “Let me clean it off for you.” He grinned and moved back to the head of the table. I took it in, not caring one iota that it had just been inside of my asshole. It tasted sweet and salty with his cum. I lapped and sucked at it greedily until there was not a drop left on it or in it. He moved back down to the foot of the table, presumably to release me from my bonds. Then he did something I didn’t expect- he leaned down and started licking his seed out of my hole. I bore down, letting out a cum laden fart. I felt his tongue slip inside of my hole, overjoyed at the feeling. When he had drank his fill, he stood back up, licking his chops like a dog. Then he released the straps and helped me up.“Great way to end a hard day,” he said with a smile as we started getting dressed. I whole-heartedly agreed. “You know, I have a group of friends that would love to meet you sometime, if you’re interested.”“Definitely,” I said.“Great. We’re meeting Friday night. We usually have lots of fun. Think you could join us?” “That’ll work. My wife does her ‘Girls Night Out’ on Fridays, leaving me home alone. I usually use that time to jack off and play with my toys. This will be better,” I said with a laugh.“Here, let me give you my address. It starts at seven o’clock, sharp.”“I’ll be there,” I said. I was about to walk out of the exam room when he grabbed me and kissed me, shoving his tongue in my mouth. I could taste his cum as we kissed deeply.“See you then,” he said as I walked away from the best damn doctor’s appointment of my life.

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