I Dream of Muscle Jeannie Pt. 01

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Part 1

Dave was cleaning up his modest little apartment when he came across the curious box his Grandpa gave him a long time ago.

He was always interested in the windowed box with the bottle inside. He always had so many questions that neither he or his Grandpa really could answer. All he knew was he was just drawn to the ornate design on the bottle inside.

He was also drawn to what could be inside the bottle. Is it some ancient medicine, or a secret potion? Why was it inside the decorative box? His Grandpa was always amused with his fascination and gave it to him as a gift when he turned 21.

Dave was 30 now and kept the box on his shelf as decoration ever since. He would take it down from time to time so he could study it.

After looking at it for a couple minutes he got his fill and was getting up to put it back on his shelf. Dave wasn’t typically a clumsy guy but everyone has their moments. When he was standing up his elbow hit the box and sent it tumbling to the ground where it broke sending glass everywhere.

Looking down at the mess Dave quickly got the broom and dustpan so he could get all the glass cleaned up. He set the busted box on the table so he could inspect the damage.

One of the corners was banged up pretty bad, but the little bottle inside looked like it was safe. The mount holding it gave way a little bit so the bottle was now sitting askew.

Dave reached in and was able to easily lift the bottle out of the mount. Deep down inside he always wanted to see and feel the bottle and now he was actually holding it in his hand.

It was the size of a perfume bottle with a small crystal ball on the top that looked like the cap. He fiddled with the ball carefully and was able to turn it so that he was able to take it off.

As soon as he removed the top the bottle started to glow and white smoke rose out of the bottle. He quickly set it down as the smoke kept streaming out. It wasn’t typical smoke like he had ever seen. It seemed thick like you could almost grab it, and looked like it was forming into a shape.

To his surprise the shape of the smoke looked like it was forming into a person. After a couple more minutes the smoke gave off a blinding flash and there was a beautiful girl standing before him.

Dave stood there shocked as this beautiful woman stood smiling before him. He couldn’t place her ethnicity but she looked very similar to Jessica Alba. She was average height with olive color skin, black hair, and sparkling light green eyes.

She was wearing a small lacy crop top and harem like she was straight out of the 60’s sitcom about a genie in a bottle. Her body looked like a perfect 10 with a small flat waist and full perky breasts that looked to be C or D cup.

“You are much cuter than my last Master.” She declared.

Dave just stood there still shocked that a beautiful girl was standing before him. He was even more shocked that she was talking to him.

“My name is Jeannie, happy to meet you Master.” She said as she bowed before him.

“My name is Dave.” He responded not knowing what else to say.

Dave looked around the room expecting to see a camera and a bunch of people laughing at him. Instead all he saw was the beautiful girl standing in front of him.

“You look so adorable when you are confused, Master. Allow me to explain why I am here.” Jeannie said.

“The person who opens this bottle will be my Master, and my only purpose is to make them happy.” She said simply.

“How is that possible, it looked like you came out of that bottle.” Dave asked.

“I did come out of that bottle, I am a Genie.” She said simply.

“That’s crazy, this can’t be real. I must be hallucinating or something. Is this one of those hidden camera shows.” Dave exclaimed.

He started going through his apartment from room to room looking for any sign that this is some sort of practical joke. Jeannie just stood there patiently waiting for him to return.

Dave came back and looked Jeannie up and down. He was a shy guy by nature, so he really had no idea how to react. Under normal circumstances he would have no idea how to interact with such a beautiful girl.

“I know this is a lot to take in, all my Masters have similar responses when they first meet me.”

“Other Masters?” Dave asked. “So you have had other Masters?”

“Oh yes, I have had many Masters. I believe it has been a long time since my last Master.”

“How long exactly?” Dave asked.

“It has been over 70 years.” Jeannie answered.

Dave’s mouth fell open as he looked at Jeannie. She couldn’t have looked more than 25 years old.

“So you have lived in that bottle Kartal Escort for over 70 years?” Dave asked with a tone of skepticism.

“It’s more like a hibernation Master, I don’t really experience time like you do.” She said.

That statement gave Dave even more questions. He was still not ready to believe that she came out of the bottle and still thought this was some kind of trick. Her statement that she doesn’t experience things like he does also was interesting, was she even human he thought to himself.

“Who was your last Master?” Dave asked.

“Oh Master, you are asking so many questions. Why don’t you just let me show you what I do best, maybe then you will understand.”

She said that in a very sexual way and stepped closer to Dave. She reached out and grabbed his hands pulling him into her personal space. She had an indescribable sweet smell that Dave instantly was drawn to.

She put his hands around her waist and rubbed his back in an intimate way.

“See…you can feel I am real.” She said.

Dave’s heart was racing and he was helpless to her advances. She leaned in and started kissing his neck with a hunger he had never felt before.

He was still too scared to do anything as he stood frozen. She took one of his hands from her waist and placed it on her breast. She moaned with pleasure as he took the cue and started to explore on his own.

Her boobs felt amazing, they were firm and more than a handful. Her lacy fabric was thin and he could feel her hard nipples through the material.

Now that Dave was getting more into it, she suddenly stopped kissing him and took a step back. Slowly and very sexually she started removing her clothes so that she was now standing before him completely naked.

She had an incredible body, like a swimsuit model. She was curvy with a small waist, but had healthy strong legs and arms. She stood there proud as Dave took in every amazing detail.

After giving him a couple minutes to enjoy the sight, she moved in again, this time giving him a passionate kiss on the lips. At the same time she started pulling off his clothes. He assisted and they were both totally naked in no time.

“Wow Master, I am glad to see I am having the desired effect.” She said holding onto his rock hard erection.

She was stroking his cock with one hand and it felt amazing. She was a true master as she manipulated him perfectly. It was almost like she had lubrication on her hand as his cock glided smoothly in her grip.

She made her way down kissing him along the way until she was on her knees kissing him all around his cock while she was still stroking him.

As he looked down, enjoying the view of this beautiful woman all over him, he couldn’t help but notice how his dick looked much bigger than normal. He was an average size guy and his cock was no exception. But looking now, he thought he looked huge, which got him more excited.

His cock felt incredibly hard, in fact, he had never remembered feeling this hard before. As he looked down his balls also looked twice the size they normally were.

She was licking up and down the length of his cock before she started sucking on the end. Before he knew it she was taking his full length all the way down to his balls. It felt incredible and looked even more impressive.

He has had limited experience getting a blow job but he never imagined it could feel this good. It felt like she was clamped down on him, but he couldn’t feel her teeth at all. It felt smooth and soft as she drove up and down his entire length.

She didn’t choke or gag, but actually looked like she was really enjoying it. Dave just relaxed and let the sensations wash over him. The few times he had a blow job from his ex girlfriends he never felt like he could climax. Jeannie was a whole different story, it felt so good he felt like he had to hold on.

Waves of pleasure washed over him and he felt like he was floating out of his body. His head was spinning and his legs felt numb. He had no idea how he was standing but it seemed like Jeannie had her arms hooked under his legs and was supporting his weight.

It felt like she was sucking the life out of him as her head was bobbing at a furious pace. He couldn’t hold on anymore and screamed out with the most amazing orgasm he had ever felt.

The orgasm was pulsing through him as he gushed what seemed like an endless amount of cum. Dave pumped out 5 or 6 times with what felt like a good amount of cum each time. He couldn’t tell because Jeannie had his cock all the way down her throat sucking down every drop.

He was still light headed but could tell now that Jeannie Tuzla Escort was indeed holding up most of his weight. How strong was she Dave thought to himself. She softly let him down and guided him to the couch where he collapsed from euphoria.

He didn’t know why he felt so exhausted but that was hands down the best sexual experience he had ever had.

“Now do you understand Master?” Jeannie asked him.

He just nodded his head not knowing what else to say. No words could describe what he was feeling.

He no longer thought he was on a secret camera show that was playing a prank on him. But is it possible that a sex crazed beautiful woman came out of a bottle to have endless sex with him.

Jeannie was kneeling down next to the couch laying across his chest. She was lovingly playing with his hair as his thoughts raced.

He thought again about how amazing her blow job was and how big his orgasm was. He reached down to inspect his package remembering how big he looked while she was sucking him.

To his surprise his balls still felt much larger. He sat up so he could get a better view causing Jeannie to sit up as well with a look of alarm on her face.

“Is something wrong Master?” She asked.

Dave looked down to see that his average size balls now looked huge. They were the size of an apple or orange. His dick was flaccid now, but it still looked bigger than when he was usually erect.

“Jeannie!!! Something is wrong, my package has grown!” Dave exclaimed.

Jeannie just giggled sweetly like Dave was an adorable child.

“Nothing is wrong Master. I just made your balls bigger so you could cum more. It makes your orgasm more enjoyable. Since they are so big I thought I should make your dick longer too so everything stays in proportion. Is that okay Master?” She asked with big innocent eyes.

“That’s amazing, I am just shocked. Is it permanent?” He asked.

“It is for now, unless you want me to change it back?”

“No, it’s great, I just can’t believe it. I am so huge now.” He said with a bit of cockiness.

“Oh good, I was hoping you would like it Master.” She said.

Dave couldn’t stop admiring how big he looked. His cock was getting erect again as he got excited from checking himself out.

Now he could see the full length of his new cock. Again, he couldn’t believe how hard it felt as it stood straight up looking huge. It was easily a couple inches longer than he used to be.

“It looks like Master is ready for round 2.” Jeannie said.

As much as the prospect of going another round with Jeannie sounded like paradise, all of a sudden he had one burning question.

“Wait, if you can make changes to me, can you do the same with yourself?” Dave asked.

Jeannie got a mischievous smile on her face.

“I can look however you want, Master.”

The way Jeannie looked right now was amazing, he would be lucky to have a woman that looked this beautiful. But Dave always had a passion for muscular women that far outweighed any of his other desires.

He can always remember back to that first time he saw a female bodybuilder, his life was changed forever.

He happened to be flipping through the channels when he came across the 1997 Ms. Olympia being broadcast on ESPN. He was young then, but the women on that stage blew his impressionable mind.

He quickly grabbed a VHS tape and recorded the show on the VCR. He would watch that tape hundreds of times and fantasize about being able to see these women in real life.

That was the beginning of his obsession. Knowing women so amazing could exist out there, he would seek it out anywhere he could find it. The only other recording he managed to get on VHS was the 2000 Ms. Olympia.

Sadly, female bodybuilding never really got mainstream, so finding women who took it up as a lifestyle was very rare. In all his life he never really ran into a woman that would be classified as a female bodybuilder.

It never stopped him from dreaming one day he could experience what it would be like to be with a bodybuilder. His ultimate fantasy would be to worship her muscles while she flexed for him.

“If I said a person, could you look just like them?” He asked.

“Absolutely Master, who is your ultimate fantasy?” She asked.

There was one woman beyond all others that left the biggest impact on Dave. Still to this day he would daydream about this one competitor from his grainy, bad quality VHS tape of the 1997 Ms. Olympia. As amazing as she was in the 1997 Ms. O, he really thought her best shape was in the 1998 competition.

“Can you look like Kim Chizevsky, from the 1998 Ms. Olympia?”

He Anadolu Yakası Escort didn’t even need to think about it. That image of Kim lived in his memory and to him has always been the most amazing female bodybuilder.

There was a flash that blinded Dave for a minute. As his eyes came into focus he was no longer looking at the petite curvy figure of Jeannie, but the massive 5′ 8″ 160 pound muscular figure of Kim Chizevsky.

It was the exact vision Dave had in his mind for the past 15 years, except now she was right in front of him in the flesh. It was like she was plucked right off the Ms. Olympia stage and placed in his living room.

She was incredibly lean with her signature massive musculature. She was wearing her black posing suit and was all greased up with oil. Her makeup was all done and her blonde hair was styled so it was up out of the way.

Dave wasn’t prepared for just how big she was. He was tall, but standing next to a woman that was this muscular made him feel small.

She raised her arms and hit a double bicep pose and Dave’s heart leapt out of his chest. The size of her biceps was unbelievable and the split down the middle made them look even bigger.

“Jeannie? Is that still you?” Dave asked.

It sounded funny, but it felt weird to have the real looking Kim standing before him. It almost felt wrong, like he was crossing a boundary.

“It’s still me Master.” Jeannie answered.

“Do you mind looking the same? I think Kim is beautiful but I would feel more comfortable if I was talking to you.” Dave asked.

Understanding what Dave was asking, the face of Kim transformed into the familiar face and hair of Jeannie. Dave felt completely comfortable now, it was amazing since it hadn’t been very long since he first met Jeannie.

“Come Master, worship my body.” She said, reading his mind.

Without hesitation he came forward putting his hands on her biceps feeling their size and hardness. It felt wonderful. He always worried that if he ever got the opportunity to feel a female bodybuilder’s muscles, that it wouldn’t live up to his dreams. He was wrong, it actually surpassed his dreams, it felt more amazing then he could ever imagine.

She straightened and curled her arms to relax the bicep and let it grow under his grip. It was so exciting to feel her biceps harden.

After a good amount of time feeling every detail of her biceps, Dave eventually turned his attention to the rest of her body. It was all equally impressive.

She moved from one pose to another and Dave would feel every part of her body. Her back was immense with incredible development. Every muscle was visible and prominent.

The pictures and videos Dave had seen of Kim did not do her justice. Her body was way more impressive in person. He couldn’t believe how ripped she was. Her triceps were really striated, as well as her legs and chest.

Jeannie grabbed on to Dave’s cock as they faced each other and started stroking him vigorously. He was extremely grateful because her body was getting him so aroused he needed a release.

He was thoroughly enjoying worshiping her traps and chest as his hands guided along her massive shoulders to her arms. He could feel the muscles dancing under her skin as she fondled his dick. What an amazing sensation, he thought to himself, which added to the whole experience.

He could feel himself losing control. He had been at such a high level of arousal as he worshiped her body for the last hour, that it took no time for Jeannie to bring him to another orgasm.

She went to her knees quickly and enveloped his cock with her mouth. The feeling was instantly better and Dave immediately released into Jeannie’s mouth which she sucked down like a pro.

Just like last time, Dave ejaculated more cum than he ever had in his life. The waves of pleasure came over and over as he spurted big loads down her throat.

Jeannie felt like a statue as he braced himself on her massive shoulders while he thrusted his huge cock in her mouth. Dave didn’t hold back from ramming his dick hard into her mouth and she handled it with no problem.

Dave was finally coming down from his orgasm and threw himself on his couch. He was exhausted and happy as he looked up and Jeannie who was standing there looking like a muscular goddess. He thought he could stare at her all day.

“That was amazing Master. Who should I be next time?” She asked.

Dave’s mind was swimming, the possibilities were endless. He had a fetish for muscular women, but he also loved women with huge boobs. Maybe he could combine some of his favorite women together.

Jeannie joined him on the couch and he casually ran his hand along her muscular abs. She was curled up next to him rubbing his hair again. Dave felt so content and safe.

“You are amazing Jeannie.” Dave stated simply.

“I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of fun together.” Jeannie answered.

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