I Can Make You Love Me Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: Feedback and comments are welcome and encouraged! All parties are over 18.


Lana Mishima checked her watch again. She had already been waiting half an hour in front of the airport baggage claim and she was beginning to wonder if Kelly might actually be mad at her. The tall Japanese girl looked at her phone but found no new messages. She should have left earlier. She should have known.

Lana and Kelly Pierce had been friends since they met in the army. They were an unusual pair to say the least. Lana was tall and at 6’2 she towered over most of her female friends and was often mistaken for a beautiful young man as opposed to a handsome young woman. She wore her hair short and wore masculine clothes. In contrast Kelly was barely 5’1 but she wore high heels to make it less obvious. She was curvier then her friend with ample assets from both the front and the back. The black girl wore her hair down to the middle of her back when straightened and to her shoulders when curly. They always garnered stares when they went out together and even more when Kelly was feeling flirtatious. They had taken the black and yellow song as a sort of theme. Lana considered Kelly her best friend as well as her lover and she assumed that Kelly felt the same.

Truth be told Lana considered Kelly so much more than just her friend, though without some act from Kelly to show she felt the same she would not have so much as hint that was how she felt. Though more and more often Kelly got angry over her late arrivals or her lack of a phone call or text Lana hoped that she was reading it correctly. She hoped that she had made the right choice.


Lana looked up and smiled as Kelly’s town car pulled up in front of her. The woman was Atlanta royalty and she often took advantage of the red carpet treatment. Kelly jumped out of the car surprising an old midwestern couple as she leaped into Lana’s arms. She planted her lips against the taller woman, hungrily kissing her. Lana wrapped her arms around Kelly, taking a firm grip of her ass which was very nearly bare as her dress rode up her back. They stayed embraced this way for a few seconds. The driver took Lana’s bag and put it in the trunk then waited by the car door, trying to hide his excitement at Kelly’s exposure.

Kelly pulled away from Lana’s mouth slowly and smiled.” Welcome back to hot ‘lanta.”

“That was quite a welcome. ” Lana said her voice husky with lust. Kelly shivered and pulled further away from the tall girl. She took Lana’s hand and pulled her into the car. “Nice to see you again George.”

“You too Miss Mishma.” The driver said closing the door behind his employer and her friend. He adjusted himself as he made the walk over to the driver’s side.

George slid into the driver’s seat and looked up into the rearview. Kelly was sitting with her legs open and Lana was nibbling on her collarbone while stroking her mound. George coughed.

“Where to ladies?” He said, watching as Lana slid the fabric of Kelly’s panties to the side and began rubbing against her hard clit.

“The Huntington, please George.” Lana said without looking at him. He certainly didn’t blame her.

Lana pulled down the front of Kelly’s dress, pushing the material down the smaller girl’s shoulder. Kelly moaned in anticipation enjoying the feeling of being possessed by her companion. Lana’s lips dipped from Kelly’s collarbone to her cinnamon brown nipples. Kelly moaned again as Lana’s tongue lashed her erect nubs and ran her fingers through her hair. Lana suckled and lashed at Kelly’s nipples forcefully. With her other hand she massaged Kelly’s clit as the darker woman’s hips rocked back and forth against her hand. Lana released Kelly’s now rosy nipple and dropped to her knees. She ripped the G-string from Kelly’s hips with a mischievous smile.

Before Kelly could protest, Lana’s lips devoured her clit eliciting a loud bahis firmaları “Fuck!”

George glanced up at the rearview and had trouble dragging his eyes away from the wanton picture of his boss with her legs on her lover’s shoulders, one hand in her lover’s hair and the other attacking her breast.

Lana lashed at Kelly’s clit and then dipped her long tongue into her pussy. She replaced it quickly with two fingers, pumping in and out of her lover while she attacked her clit again. Kelly’s breaths became shallow and she thrust her hips against Lana’s hand and then her entire body locked up as she ejaculated into Lana’s waiting mouth. Kelly moaned as Lana slowed her fingers and lapped up the cum that flowed from Kelly’s pussy.

“You…fucker…”Kelly managed as she tried to regain her composure. Lana ignored her, kissing the inside of her thighs and slowly sitting back. Her wet face was stretched into a wide smile. Kelly felt her clit jump again.

“Did I do something wrong?” Lana said. She pulled herself up on the seat next to her friend.

“You know the rule about my lingerie.” Kelly said. She leaned over and began licking her own juices from her lover’s face.

“I’ll buy you more. In fact I bought you a few things already.” Lana said. She moaned as Kelly nibbled on her lip and her hands slid into Lana’s jacket to rub against the fabric above her own erect nipples.

“Why don’t you let me get your weekend started and you can tell me all about what you brought. ” Kelly whispered. Lana considered the offer but she had other plans.

“Not now baby. Just relax. We’ll be at the Huntington soon.” Lana said. She pulled Kelly into her lap and kissed her softly. Kelly leaned against Lana’s chest and closed her eyes.

It was another fifteen minutes before they arrived at the Huntington, a boutique hotel where they had spent many a night wrapped in each others arms. Kelly reached into her bag and handed Lana some hand wipes as they both straightened the clothes. George jumped out the car, being quick to adjust himself before opening the car door. Lana stepped out first and then helped Kelly behind her. She pulled the back of her dress down with a gentle squeeze as they went inside.

They were greeted by a tall blonde man. He looked Kelly up and down with an appreciative look. Lana raised an eyebrow.

“Welcome to the Huntington” The blonde said.

“Thank you. Reservation for Mishima.” Lana said handing him her ID and a VIP card.

The blonde looked over the reservation and then handed Lana her items back. “Welcome back Ms. Mishima. I see you’ve upgraded your reservation online to the Penthouse suite. Is that still correct?”

“You got us the penthouse?” Kelly said squeezing Lana’s arm.

“It’s a special occasion.” Lana said. “Yes, that’s still correct.”

“What kind of special occasion?” Kelly asked, wrinkling her forehead.

“Did you need help with your bags today?” The blonde asked. His eyes were on Kelly as she jumped up and down jiggling her large breasts.

“34E.” Lana said. The blonde looked at her and blushed. Lana smiled. “Want a better look?”

Before he could answer, Lana pushed the smaller girl against the counter and pulled down the front of her dress. The blonde’s eyes bugged out of his head as he stared at Kelly’s beautiful natural orbs. Kelly smiled brightly at him. Lana pulled the material back up but began to massage her friend’s breasts.

“Awesome.” The blonde said his eyes unable to look away.

“Can you have someone bring my bag up? The driver has it.” Lana said squeezing Kelly’s nipples and causing her to moan.

“Yyyyes.” The blonde said. He reached below the counter to adjust himself.

“Also I think I have a package that should be waiting for me.” Lana said never stopping her relentless attack of Kelly’s breasts. The small woman was grinding her hips against her companion. The blonde kaçak iddaa reluctantly turned back to his computer. “Careful please you’ll get your juices all over the front of my pants.”

“Not my problem, you ripped my panties.” Kelly said still grinding.

“They weren’t covering much to begin with.” Lana said. She turned the brunette around and slipped her hand between her legs. “Did you even notice what I’m wearing?”

“Hunny, I clocked that cock from the second I saw you waiting for me.” Kelly said, reaching for the dildo that bulged from Lana’s suit.

“I…uh…we…have your package.” The blonde said. Lana and Kelly returned their attention to him. Though Lana never removed her fingers from the well of Kelly’s pussy.

“Excellent. Can you have that brought up as well?” Lana said with a smile. “Anything else sweetheart?”

“Champagne?” Kelly said pushing herself against Lana’s fingers.

“And Champagne. I think that will do it.” Lana said. She pulled her fingers free and held her juice covered hand out to the blonde. He leaned close and smelled her hand before handing her the key card. “Have a lovely day.”

“And you.” He said.

Lana wrapped an arm around Kelly’s waist and pulled her to the elevator. Once the door was closed behind them she pulled her close, softly kissing her lips and cheeks.

“I’m sorry. That was rude.” Lana whispered into Kelly’s eyelashes.

“What’s gotten into you? You’re not generally apologetic for publicly humiliating me.” Kelly said. She leaned against Lana’s chest, listening to her heart beat.

“I know. I’m sorry for that too. I…I wish I didn’t feel the need to show out.” Lana said.

“Me too.” Kelly whispered. Lana lifted her face and kissed her gently.

“I’m going to work on it. I promise.” Lana said.

The elevator stopped and they stepped out onto their floor. Lana opened the door and let Kelly go first. Kelly whistled at the large suite with a beautiful view of the Atlanta skyline. She moved into the bedroom where there was a large California king-sized four poster bed. The bathroom housed a large Jacuzzi tub and glass shower. Kelly came back into the main living space and hugged Lana tightly.

“It’s beautiful. What’s this special occasion?” Kelly said.

“I’ll tell you on Sunday at dinner.” Lana said.

“Sunday! What am I supposed to do till then?” Kelly said pouting her lips. Lana lifted her up and Kelly wrapped her legs around her body.

“I can think of a few things.” Lana said. Kelly giggled as their lips met and they kissed passionately.

Lana walked them into the bedroom, kicking the door closed behind her. She carried her companion to the bed and gently laid her on her back.

“Take your dress off or I’ll cut it off.” She said her voice full of hunger and lust.

Kelly sat up and pulled the dress over her head. Lana smiled to see the brunette’s breasts heaving unencumbered. Lana carefully removed her jacket, vest and shirt to reveal her small bare breasts. Kelly sighed happily and began twisting her own nipples. Lana removed her pants slowly, revealing her ten inch flesh colored dildo and her black leather harness. As more and more of the dildo became visible Kelly moved one of her hands to her pussy, pushing two fingers inside herself with anticipation.

When Lana’s pants reached her ankles she set them neatly with her other items and then returned to the bed. She climbed on top of Kelly, allowing the dildo to rest on her stomach while she kissed her softly on her forehead, then her eyes, nose and finally her lips. Lana pushed the girl’s hands free of her pussy and moved down to her breasts, she licked and sucked her nipple. Kelly moaned and whimpered eager to feel her lovers cock inside of her.

“Tell me what you want.” Lana whispered.

“I want you to fuck me. Please Lana. I’m begging you to fuck me baby.” Kelly said, fidgeting beneath Lana’s kaçak bahis body, trying to align her pussy with the tip of the dildo.

“Do you want me to be gentle…and slow…” Lana asked blowing on Kelly’s nipples.

“Please Lan, please fuck me.” Kelly groaned.

“You have to tell me how you want it.” Lana teased.

“You know fuck, you know how I want it.”

“Say it. How would you like to be fucked?” Lana said. She dragged her fingers down Kelly’s breasts.

“Hard. Dear god. Fuck the shit out of me. Please Lan!” Kelly said desperation thick in her voice.

” Oh is that what you want?” Lana said with a smile.

Lana moved her hips until her cock was lined up with Kelly’s wet pussy. She slowly ran it up and down the girl’s slit causing a whimper from her companion. With no warning she thrust the full length of her cock into the other woman’s pussy. Kelly gasped as Lana aggressively pumped in and out of Kelly who began a slow progression of expletives. Lana slammed her hips hard into Kelly’s pelvis, slapping her clit. As Kelly’s moans and grunts became louder, Lana pulled out of her.

“Please don’t stop. Please, please, please.” Kelly said.

Lana grabbed Kelly’s ankle and pulled her to the end of the bed before slamming back inside of her pussy. She reached down through Kelly’s legged and slapped one of her large tits eliciting more pleasurable moans from her lover.

“Oh fuck…yes god. Please hit me again, please!” Kelly said. Lana obliged her slapping her other breast and then two more times on each breast. “Oh my god. Fuck Lan, I’m cumming don’t stop don’t stop.”

With a sadistic smile Lana pulled out and stepped away from her lover just before Kelly could complete her release. Kelly sat up and screamed in frustration. She crawled up the bed and grabbed a pillow, throwing it at Lana’s head.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” Lana said, catching the pillow in midair.

“You’re an asshole.” Kelly said sticking her tongue out.

“I just had this thought. We’re in this beautiful penthouse suite, we have that amazing balcony out there. Why shouldn’t everyone get to hear you?”

Kelly’s eyes brightened and she crawled off the bed and into Lana’s arms. Lana kissed her softly then led her out to the balcony. Lana sat down on a loveseat and spread her legs, pulling Kelly backwards onto her cock.

“Why don’t you go for a ride?” Lana said as Kelly lowered herself.

Kelly pulled herself up so her feet rested on the loveseat. She lifted herself up and then dropped herself hard onto the cock. She picked up speed and momentum as she began fucking herself again on the cock. She grunted and groaned as she worked herself closer to an orgasm. Lana watched with tender affection as her lover’s ass bounced in front of her face. As Kelly’s speed increased Lana began slapping her ass harder and harder eliciting pained shrieks of pleasure from the smaller woman.

“Yes…god…yes…fuck.. Jesus…oh my god Lan! Fuck! I’m gunna…I’m gunna.” Kelly screamed as her pussy produced a flood of cum into Lana’s lap. Kelly’s entire body locked up, and she fell back into Lana’s waiting arms as she twitched and rocked.

As her body slowly relaxed Kelly felt Lana’s warm lips on her neck. She pulled herself slowly off the plastic cock and trembled against her lover’s warm body. Lana lifted her lover into her arm and carried her back into the suite. She lay her on the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. She turned the hot water on and removed the strap-on, ignoring the fire that was burning between her legs.

Lana collected Kelly and slipped her into the warm bath water. Kelly moaned with pleasure as Lana massaged her feet, calves, thighs and shoulders. She kept her eyes closed and tried to remember when she had felt this good.

“Are you hungry?” Lana asked.

“Yes.” Kelly croaked without opening her eyes.

“Let’s get you into bed and I’ll order us something to eat.” Lana said, pulling her lover from the bath and drying her off.

As Kelly lay beneath the covers of the big bed she wondered what kind of fun tomorrow would bring.

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