I Am the Night

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“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing here Harold.” Jessica said standing in front of the mirror and putting the final touches on her make up. “You’re not nearly as clever as you like to think you are.”

“Whatever do you mean my dear wife?” Harold called back from the bedroom. He was sitting on the edge of their bed furiously putting a few final details on to an email before sending it out. He was already dressed in a sharp grey suit a fedora resting on a chair beside him.

“Don’t play stupid with me, there’s only one reason why you would be taking me to a play and I’m telling you right now that it won’t work.” Jessica called back. At the same time she adjusted her dress making certain her cleavage was generously displayed. “Just because you’ve finally decided you’ll take me out on the town does not mean you’re getting any!”

Harold rolled his eyes and hit send. “You know it’s not fair I have to work so hard to get laid. After all that talk your mother used to give about I better by the cow before I get the milk?”

“If you compare me to a cow you’ll never get any milk again as long as you live.” Jessica teased.

“Sorry. I’ll be good.” Harold replied.

Jessica stepped out of the bathroom. “So how do I look?” She posed against the doorway in her slinky black dress that came down just beneath her knees and clung to her like a second skin. The neck plunged down low enough to put her breasts on display and pearl necklace she wore only drew more attention to them.

“Amazing.” Harold wasn’t lying at all. He’d been married for twenty five years and she still looked very bit as amazing to him as she did when he met her college.

“You know, you don’t have to take me to a play.” Jessica purred stalking across the bedroom her strappy heels clicking as she walked. “We can stay in tonight.” She put one hand against his chest.

“Don’t we’ll be late.” It took a lot of willpower to keep from throwing her on the bed right then and there.

“Well that’s not how you make a woman feel wanted.” Jessica pouted, then her eyes wandered down lower on her husband to a very distinct growing bulge in his pants. “But that’ll do.” She reached down with one hand grabbing his cock through his slack and ran the other through his hair. “Really we don’t have to go out.”

“I already bought the tickets and hired the babysitter.”

Jessica smirked. “Okay fine.” She kept gliding her hand over his temples. She didn’t tell him but she had always a thing for men a grey streak around the temples. It made them look rich and powerful and that coupled with the suit was difficult to ignore. “You can make me wait.”

Harold smiled and took a deep breath inhaling her sweet vanilla scent. “Oh god you wore the perfume.”

“Oh, did I? I forgot.” She raised up on tiptoe baring her neck to him.

“Stop it.”

“Make me.” Jessica breathed in response. Harold grabbed his wife by the shoulders and was dipping his head toward her when the door bell rang. “Saved by the bell.”

“And thank God, we’re going to be late if we don’t get the hell out of here.” Harold said slowly pulling away from his wife after inhaling one final waft of her scent.

Harold arrived at the front door and shook his head. Kris hadn’t even bothered to get up from the couch yet. “Hello, you must be Barbara , I’ve heard so much about you.”

The woman standing at the door couldn’t possibly have been any older than his son Kris and the only reason she looked that old was the way she dressed and the look on her face of mild boredom. “Yes. I am she.” The woman extended her hand.

Harold took the moment to look her over, she didn’t really look like her online photo. The dull orange sweater she wore just past her waist did a fabulous job of concealing her figure. The wide rimmed glasses did a similar job with her cute face but it was really the bun she had her red hair pulled back into that did the most to change a cute face into a stern one.

Harold took her hand. “Well you shouldn’t really have much to do. You’re not really so much a baby sitter as you are a house sitter. The last time I left him alone him and his friends ruined an expensive rug.” Harold intentionally raised his voice at the end so his good for nothing son could hear him.

Kris heard him but his entire reaction was limited to glancing up for a moment from his video game at his father and the girl then immediately returning to it. Harold had given up trying to figure out what it was Kris found so entrancing about his Nintendo Playstation 360 U years ago. A man his age should have been out hitting the town, getting drunk or sneaking girls into his room. The only woman Harold had ever seen Kris spend more than two minutes with was his science partner in tenth grade. If it weren’t for the ridiculous amounts of Bostancı Escort porn (lots of it cartoon and comic) he found in his sons room and the crusty socks he would have sworn his son was gay.

“Okay. You already told me all this over the phone. No friends, no drinking, he’s not allowed to leave the house, you’ll be back by one.” The young woman leaned in conspiratorially and waggled her eyebrows. “Unless you happen to get a little lucky, then you’ll be back when you get back.” Barbara cleared her throat and stood back up straight. “The emergency numbers are on the fridge and in the phone and on the contact list saved on my iPhone.” She pulled out her phone and scrolled through the list holding it up for him to see. “There is money for pizza on the island. Did I miss anything Mr. Keppler?”

“I think that’s everything I told you over the phone. There’s a pool and a spa outback, the controls are on the outside of the gazebo. You want to be careful with the door though, it catches and Kris can’t hear anything in the house so you could get locked out for the night if your not careful.” This time Kris’s response was limited to the slightest tilt of his head.

“Is that the babysitter?” Jessica asked as she descended the stairs. In the few minutes that she’d been away from Harold she’d put on a pair of long dangling ear rings. “Hello dear, I’m so sorry you’re stuck here with our son. You probably have lots of things you’d rather be doing tonight.”

“Not at all Mrs. Keppler.” Barbara stepped slightly to the side revealing a rolling suitcase behind her. “I brought my study materials, it’s almost impossible to get any studying done in my house. Noisy room mates, lots of drinking, you know the usual. Speaking of I had to be dropped off here and everybody’s probably gonna be too hammered to pick me up in the morning.” Barbara smiled nervously. “I can take a cab I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

“Oh nonsense, Harold will drive you home when we get back young lady.” Jessica said curling herself around Harold’s arm and kissing him on the cheek. “Though you might have to wait until I’m finished with him.”

Harold immediately blushed. “Not in front of the baby sitter.”

“Please, I know people hire babysitters and it’s so they can get away from their children.” Barbara leaned to one side to get a better look at the back of Kris’s head. “Though usually they’re a lot younger, but still interested in video games so I should be able to handle this.” She smiled and grabbed her suitcase squeezing in past the couple. “So go on, if anything comes up you know my cell phone number and I know yours, I know your in a play so if it’s really important I’ll text you three times in a row but anything else can wait until intermission, either in the show or whatever else your up to.” She grinned and nodded knowingly.

“Oh you!” Jessica exclaimed.

“Okay, that sounds great but we’ve really got to be going if we want to get there in time!” Harold said pulling his wife out the door.

“Good, go, hurry up.” Barbara started shooing the two out chasing them halfway down the walkway. She stood there shouting random encouraging things until the taillights disappeared around the corner. “Well it’s time to go to work and see what I’m working with.”

Kris took an unprecedented six seconds to look up from the screen to look at the open door. She didn’t look half bad from behind, a little mousy in that sweater but still kinda cute like the dorky girl from Scooby Doo. As soon as she started coming back into the house Kris turned his attention back to the game silently cursing that he’d been spotted while watching the house sitter.

“I’m gonna go change and get a drink should I get you something?”

“Yeah, yeah whatever.” Kris replied not even bothering to look over his shoulder. He was still busy evading the armed guards chasing his character through the dark warehouse. She was out of the room when he took a half second to think. “Did she just offer me a drink? Whatever.”

A few minutes later he heard her walking back into the room. “Are you going to play that all night?” Barbara asked. “Or are you going to turn it off?”

“Why would I do that? I’m way too old for a babysitter. You’re just here to keep me from burning down the house so why don’t you order a pizza, call up your boyfriend or whatever and I promise I won’t play with matches. That sound like a deal to you Hil-” Kris went silent and dropped the controller when he looked over his shoulder at her.

Hillary had changed from her frumpy sweater and skirt into a dark blue spandex cat suit with a yellow bat stretched across her breasts. Bright yellow gloves reached just up to her elbows and boods ended just shy of her knees along. The finished the costume with a ape and cowl that let her red Anadolu Yakası Escort hair hang out. “I heard you were into comics. I hope you like Batgirl. I used to cosplay as her a lot.” She rested one hand a shapely hip drawing his eyes to the yellow utility belt hanging there.

Kris’s mouth fell open but he couldn’t seem to will words to come out of his mouth just yet. He could only stare in silent awe at the beauty standing in front of him. She was a nearly flawless right down to her green eyes and dark almost black lipstick.

“You know most guys say something.” Her lips curled into smirk. “You’re actually kinda cute. When I was told I was babysitting a nineteen year old gamer I was expecting a fat neck beard.” Hillary brought her other hand up to rest on her chin watching Kris swell at the compliment. “I mean you could use some time in the gym, maybe a quick shave but still cute.”

Kris blinked twice. It was the only part of him he seemed capable of moving completely of his own will.

“Quiet type huh? So how about that drink?”

Of all the words that could come out of Kris’s mouth the once that he did finally manage were some of the worst he could have chosen. “My parents-“

“You’re parents aren’t here and they left me in charge and besides they didn’t want you drinking their liquor. I brought my own so what do you like?” Hillary walked pulled her suitcase from behind a wall and dragged it over to the kitchen where she opened it up and very deliberately bent at the waist where Kris couldn’t do anything but stare at the way the spandex perfectly framed her ass. “Beer or vodka?”

Kris scrambled over the back of the couch and over to the table half tripping over himself along the way. “Whatever you’re having.”

“Found your tongue. Good, sit, have a drink with Batgirl.” Hillary walked over to the cabinet pulled out a couple of shot glasses and pulled a bottle of Grey Goose from her suitcase and set it on the table.

Several drinks later.

“You know Batgirl you’ve always been my favorite Gotham girl.”

“Tell me more.” Hillary teased leaning forward and twirling a strand of red hair around her gloved finger. “Are you a hero or a villain?”

“I’m a hero.” Kris replied.

“A hero? That’s good, maybe you’d like to team up with Batgirl?” She leaned toward him beckoning him with crooked yellow gloved finger. Kris froze in place. “You know usually I don’t have to try this hard to get a guy to kiss me.” Hillary leaned the rest of the way in grabbing Kris by the collar and kissing him. He was completely still for a moment before he sank into kiss letting his tongue slowly move with hers. His hands remained at his sides occasionally moving just a bit until Hillary broke the kiss. “You don’t need to be shy you know.”

“I-I I’m not shy.” Kris replied staring directly into Hillary’s green gaze. He couldn’t quite find the strength to pull away from her.

“Cute.” Hillary slid out of her chair straddling Kris and taking his hands. “I know you think I’m sexy.” She took his hands and slapped them down on her ass. “When a woman is with you and obviously interested in you take what you want. You do want me right?”

Kris nodded digging his fingers into firm flesh of her buttocks. “It’s just.”

“Shhh.” Hillary kissed him again and ran her fingers under his shirt slowly pulling it up and over his head tossing it aside. “I know, do I look like I have a problem with that?”


“Then stop making excuses.” Hillary whispered. “I’ve got you all night and I don’t want waste all night.”

“You’ve got me?”

Hillary nodded. “Yup, I got you.” She stood up pulling him up to his feet and leading him back to the couch pushing him back down. “I got you, all to myself for the whole night. You think I take jobs babysitting adults all the time?” She ran her fingers down over his chest circling his nipples. “And I have you because I want you, so what do you want to do with Batgirl?” She leaned closer to him tracing his collar bone with her tongue all the way up to his ear nipping at the lobe. “There must be something that you want to do with me?”

Kris had a million thoughts all racing through his mind at once. This, as bizarre as it was, was actually happening. He was finally going to become a man, and it was going to happen with his babysitter dressed as Batgirl. If he’d read this as a porn story on Literotica he’d mark it down points for being completely unbelievable. Nobody in the history of the world ever lost their virginity like this. But he was going to.

Kris nodded.

“Well what is it? If you don’t start coming up with ideas I might just have to take charge.” Hillary’s fingers glided down over his belly to his pants playfully tugging until his belt came undone. “What have you Ataşehir Escort always wanted to do with Batgirl? Maybe you’d like to see if Batgirl gives good blow jobs?” Kris shuddered slightly his eyes moving down from her masked face to linger on her breasts for a moment then watching her unfasten his pants. The idea that being undressed was erotic hadn’t even crossed his mind before but there mere idea of her was getting sending his heart into palpitations.

“You’re really not fucking with me are you?” Kris asked completely dumbfounded. He didn’t want to jinx it but he kept coming back to the fact that real life never works out like porn. Ever.

“What have I done to make you think that I was fucking with you, not planning on fucking you?” She pulled his belt completely out of his pants and looped it around his throat pulling him forward until their noses touched.

“Nothing. It’s just.”

“Just what, you know what, I don’t care tell me about it after I’m through convincing you I mean this.” She started guiding his pants down over his hips to floor revealing a pair of Donkey Kong boxers. She paused for a moment rolling her eyes beneath the mask and then pulled those off tossing them away. She wrapped her yellow digits around his hard cock and started stroking him. Hillary locked her eyes on him forcing him to look directly into her eyes while she pumped her small hand over his cock.

Kris could hardly believe it was finally happening for him and with a woman who seemed to have stepped straight out of one of his fantasies. Her silken grip was nothing like jacking off. It was infinitely better, better than his wildest dreams. Kris felt his entire body tightening at her touch. This was just the beginning too, she didn’t seem like the kind of woman who would be satisfied just giving him a blow job.

“I can’t wait until I get to wrap my lips around your big, fat, co-” The rest whatever Hillary was planning to say was cut off when a blast of semen splattered against her mask dripping down onto her cheek. A second blast landed in her open mouth and a third splattered across her breasts before the rest oozed out of his cock.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t, I-“

“Shush, I’m flattered.” Hillary replied reaching up and wiping his semen away with a smile. She kept her hand wrapped around his cock slowly stroking until the last few drops of come were out and then she reached for a tissue. “We’ll try again in a minute, but right now is that enough convince you that I want you?”

“Well yeah, but why?”

“Well you are cute.” Hillary replied kissing him on the cheek.

“Really? I went through school without a single girlfriend or even a single date. And look at you, you’re too good to be true. A girl whose a ten out of ten dresses up as Batgirl and wants me? I’m a nineteen year old, video game nerd not brain damaged.” Kris said.

“You want the truth, or the other truth?” Hillary asked.

“Uh. . .what’s the difference.”

“One you want to hear the other not so much.” Hillary replied.

“Tell me the one I don’t want to hear first I guess.”

“Honestly I’m not sure which one that is.” Hillary said with a teasing smile. “So first you are cute, maybe a bit geeky but you didn’t get a single date in high school because you don’t believe any woman could be attracted to you and the moment one of us comes on to you you chase us away because you’re sure we’re just teasing you. I’m not you’re very cute.”

“I’m no-“

“Yes you are, hush. The other answer to I’m a Babysitter. Your dad was concerned you might be. . .you know?” She held up her hand wiggling it slightly.

“My dad thinks I’m gay. You’re a Babysitter? That’s real?” Kris exclaimed. Everybody in Sunridge had heard stories about the Babysitters.

“Yep, I’m a Babysitter. And yeah you’re dad thought you might be gay. He also hired you a baby sitter.” She leaned back in for a kiss which he dodged.

“So you lied. You don’t think I’m cute. Your doing this because you’re being paid.”

Hillary’s shoulders slumped and she sighed with frustration. “You’re doing it again. Babysitters get to pick who we sit for. If I didn’t think you were cute I wouldn’t be here. If I thought the man your father described to me was a worthless loser I wouldn’t be here. I am dressed like a comic book character because I’m being paid well and don’t ask how much. It’s rude.” Hillary replied.

“You do make a damn fine Batgirl.” Kris said.

“Thanks, I get that a lot.” Kris raised a brow. “What, you think you’re the first guy who’s ever wanted me to dress up as Batgirl? I’ve got an entire closet of the stuff and since most Babysitters don’t like cosplay I get all of those jobs. Maybe if you play your cards right I can sit you at the next Comic Con. So now that you know why I’m here you have a choice to make. You can go back to your video games, I’ll go get my studying done. But if you’re still going to let me enjoy you for the rest of the night-” Hillary slipped one hand behind her back and pulled out a pair of yellow handcuffs. “I am the night.”

Kris grinned.

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