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Chapter 4

The next several days just flew by. The three of us were having a great time together. We spent a lot of time playing in either the games room or in the pool, watching movies together, and just talking. It was late Saturday afternoon just before we all have to get started on real life again when the tools all got delivered. Dad helped Evan and me to unpack everything and set it up, and wow, we now have some seriously nice stuff. Still not everything that we want, but enough.

It is now Monday morning, Dad left for work already, he had said goodbye to us the night before, telling us to have a good day, because he knew we would not be up, since his shift starts at six, and so he has to leave shortly after five. Evan and I were awake though just after that anyway, because not only are we early risers anyway, but it is a forty minute bus ride to school, and it starts at eight, so we are actually picked up at seven. We had a really nice and quick suck session just after waking up, and then kissed for several minutes, before finally getting up to go have a shower. We remove each others diapers while we are in bed, and I just had to inhale all that Evan”s diaper would give up to me, both scent and flavour. Evan did the same to mine as soon as he had it removed. We went down in just our diapers to make breakfast and lunch, since why get dressed before we really have to, right. Finally we get dressed and are ready to catch the bus. We head out for just before seven, in case the driver is early.

It was just a few minutes later when the bus came, but he pulled right into our driveway. When we got on, he greeted us, and said welcome to the area, and we found that we are his first stop, and there is no one past us, so he has to pull into our driveway and then turn around, but there is enough room in the driveway for him to actually take the loop back out to the road, as we pointed out, and he loves that.

“So, you ready for this?” I asked Evan as we sat down and are just taking off.

“As I”ll ever be.” I said, more than a little nervously.

True, I have worn diapers to school before, and no one noticed, but here we are, going to school properly diapered, and intending to tell everyone right from the start that we do.

“Yeah, me too. You still wanna though, right?”

“Yes, better to get it done and over with right away rather than try and hide it and have someone find out later. Like removing a bandage, it really is better in the long run to just do it and get it done, no matter how much it hurts.”

“Good.” He smiled warmly to me.

I know Evan is every bit as nervous as I am about this, but we love our diapers so much, that there is simply no way that we will willingly give them up, not now, not ever, no matter what the other kids say or do.

The ride was long and boring, and by the time we made it to the school, the bus was very nearly filled up. Everyone who entered the bus saw us right away, and most just nodded to us, and only a few actually said hi. That is fine. It is not like they are going to be friends anyway. I know, maybe being open and up front right away will help, but I am not betting on it any.

As soon as we are off the bus, we head inside and to the office, as we were instructed to do. When we made it, we talked to the principal, who we also found would be our home room teacher, and that we are together in there. Then he gave us the dreaded information that he has already informed the rest of the students about an assembly this morning to greet their newest class mates. Great. Well, I guess that will be as good a time as any. Just before the bell rang, he led us to the gym where all the assembly”s were held.

“Good morning students. This morning we get to welcome to our school a pair of new students. They are our first in two years, other than of course our grade seven students when they start, but every last one of you was born and raised here, Evan and Ethan, however only just recently moved to the area. Their father is a much needed doctor at our hospital, where hopefully none of you will have to meet him in a professional manner. Now join me in welcoming Evan and Ethan to our school.” He called out shortly after all the students assembled.

We are stunned, though, to find that this school goes from grades seven through twelve, and that there are at best three hundred and fifty students. There were twice that many in my grade alone at my previous school, and it was grades six through eight there, and had well over a thousand kids in it.

The students all called out welcome. Then the principal waved us forward.

“Well, I”m Evan, and this is my brother Ethan. I”m thirteen and in grade eight, Ethan”s twelve and in grade seven.” Evan surprised me and said first.

So, I finished with, “Thanks for welcoming us. We”re glad to be here, and our dad”s happy for the way slower pace and the much smaller hospital. Now, since you”re all gonna find out eventually anyway, and now”s as good a time as any, we”re gonna let everyone know together something about us. We have a hereditary issue wherein we have no bladder control, and with not being able to use catheters, we need to wear diapers all day, every day. We”ve both hadta put up with constant and ceaseless teasing and bullying because of it our whole lives, but it really doesn”t bother us any. You can do so if you so desire, but just know, we”re just gonna pretend you don”t exist.”

Well, the entire student body is silent as a tomb. I am guessing rather correctly that that was a huge shock to them.

“I commend the two of you for doing that, that takes a great deal of courage. I assure you, however, that no one here will bully or otherwise harass you for that, and when I find out about it, I will deal with it as harshly as I”m allowed to. Don”t feel that you needta come to me with that information, I”ll be able to find out about it from my other sources.”

“Thanks Sir. Better to get it out in the open right away and let them know, than to have them find our by accident later. This way they know not to bother trying to make friends with us. We”re used to being all alone, but at least we”re in school together, so that helps, since of course no one wantsta spend time with the babies.” Evan spat out.

“Well, I”d hope that the students here won”t treat you like that, and if they do, when I find out about it, I”ll do what I can to punish them as harshly as I”m allowed, but I also hope that they look past your disabilities and try and get to know you. After all, it”s not like diapers are really that horrible, just a different underwear I suppose you could say.”

“Thanks Sir.” I said. “No one else has ever bothered to look past it before, I see no reason to believe anyone here will be any different, but thanks none the less.”

“Be that as it may, not being friends with someone with a disability says more about them than it does you. Now, it”s off to home room everyone.” He called out.

We were kept behind, and then we walked with the principal as he led us to where we are going.

“That really was a brave thing you boys did. Sadly I know you”re right, most of the kids won”t look past that, but maybe you”ll get lucky and some do. Their stunned silence said more than anything they could”ve said would”ve, though.”

“Whatever, we”ve never had friends before, so why start now.” Evan said.

“Then count me as one. I don”t wear diapers, but I did as a kid, just at night, and did so “til I was nearly fourteen, and because of that, I never had friends either, even after it stopped, it still never stopped the constant teasing.”

“And you şişli travesti became a teacher because?” I asked.

“Because I love it, that”s why, and at least being so firm on bullying and teasing helps students like you. Oh, sure, it still happens, but a lot less than I hope you”re used to. Of course coming from where you did, I”m betting your schools were all at least three to four times this size, so therefore would have that many more bullies too.”

“Actually, this school”s nearly as large in area, but you”re correct about the amount of students.” Evan laughed.

“Fair enough. This is a pretty large school, but then, it does all grades, whereas yours only did about half. Well, here we are Boys.”

We were shown in and told to take seats, and I could feel everyone gazing intently at me, trying to see my diaper, they were looking at Evan as well. Of course with our diaper shirts and clothes bought around hiding diapers, they would be hard pressed to actually see it unless we leak, and would only really know if they rub our bums.

Home room was about as normal as we had ever experienced before, checking to make sure homework was done, getting caught up on the daily news and expectations, so on and so forth. Finally the bell rang for the first class, and we are with the principal once again to tour the school. For nearly an hour, he led us through the school, teaching us where everything is. We were shown to our lockers and given their codes, they are side by side, and this is my first time actually getting a full sized locker. He gave us our class schedules, and we are actually in two classes together, wood shop and metal working, which we have never had before, but, like he said, electives often have two years together, since there are not enough students to fill the classes otherwise.

After second bell, we are shown to our first classes, and now Evan and I have to separate. I have math first, and because I actually love math, I am happy. After math was our first break, and Evan and I met up.

“So, how”s it going. Has anyone even tried talking to you yet?” I asked.

“Not bad, had English first, and no. You?”

“Math, and same.”

Just then, a pair of boys came up to us.

“Hi, I”m Steven, and this is my brother Sam. We”re the same age as you two, and considering you got on the bus before us, you must live pretty close by.” The elder of the two said.

“It”s good to meet you. Yeah, we picked you up only a few kilometres from our house. I”m kinda surprised, though, that you”re talking to us, after our admission earlier.” Evan said.

“Yeah, well, we”re both bed wetters, and everyone here knows it anyway, so we kinda know what you”re going through. We don”t really have any friends here either, so, hey, why not.” Sam said.

“Cool. We”ve never really had friends either, as soon as they found out, no one would be seen near us.” I said this time.

“Same.” Steven said.

“There was only one house for sale anywhere near us, so you live in that monster huge log house with the pool on the lake I”m guessing.”

“Yeah, it is huge, and stunning.” Evan laughed.

“Used to know the kid who lived there, he was nice, but super shy. Said his dad was real weird though, trusted absolutely no one. He was super small, he was my age, so twelve, but looked like an eight year old. He died, though, I guess whatever caused his growth issues caused him to die young, it was kinda sad. His dad went pretty out of it, understandably so I guess, and drove his Porsche over the bridge into the river. He had a pair of sisters who went to live with their aunt, who”d thought that her brother was rich beyond belief, but found that he had nothing. Sounds like she was super pissed at that, it sounds like she only agreed to take the girls to get his money. Mind you, I think that they were hoping to get it all too, their dad kinda didn”t spoil them a lot, and they were real bitches and wanted all his money too, even said they were glad that he”s dead. Well, I”m glad they didn”t get any money.” Sam said.

“Oh, that explains a lot. It”s weird, almost nothing was taken from the house at all, pretty much just personal effects. The boy who lived there, he was at the very least a bed wetter too, because there were lotsa Goodnites there for him, but they”re way too small for us, so we took them to a thrift store so that some other deserving boy can get the diapers he needs.” I said.

“I kinda think he wore during the day too, sometimes it showed. He said his dad was weird, but the one thing he always said, was that he loved his dad a great deal, and by the sounds of it, his dad loved only one person, him, which explains why he killed himself after his son died.” Steven said.

“Even though we tried being friends with him, he was just too shy, and even though he knew about us, if we got too close to him, he”d shy away and almost start crying. Then again, his sisters were beyond cruel to him, taunted him every day. There were rumours that said he was a full on gay baby boy diaper lover, spread of course by his sisters, so who knows how true it was, because of how cruel they were to him. They were perfect, you see, and he was just the defective little brother who took all daddies attention and money.” Sam spat out.

“Good, then I”m kinda glad they got absolutely nothing.” Evan said happily, and makes me feel better about it as well.

“Same. What”d his dad do, do you know?”

“There were plenty of rumours, but we heard it from his son, so we trust that, that he was very high end computer programmer who worked for the government, odd considering his son clearly said his dad didn”t trust them as far as he could throw the whole lot of them.” Steven said.

“Yeah, that is odd. How”d you even get that much outta him if he was that shy, and what are some of the rumours?” I ask, because sometimes there is fact in rumours, so I am fishing to find if we really need to be worried about any of the money or jewels.

“He was shy, but sometimes he just needed to talk, and we were sympathetic ears. As to the rumours, well, mob hit man was the most popular, but if that were the case, the kids were truly stupid to treat his precious son the way they did. Trust me, his dad loved and cherished one person only, and that was his son. Then again, I met him once, and if that man wasn”t flaming gay, I”d be shocked, and I”m certain his son was as well, and I kinda admit I wonder if maybe they shared more than a father and son are supposed to. If his sisters knew, though, they never said, or maybe they were threatened to never tell a soul. I doubt that, though, so I just think they truly were clueless, actually, I know they were. Another couple rumours were that he ran an underground weapons dealership, and that he was a spy. Honestly, if he was a computer programmer for the government like his son said, he probably was a spy, which would of course only help his distrust of everyone. I”m sure that job means you never know who your friends are.” Steven said.

“Cool. He was very organized, very precise, which leads me to believe you might actually be correct. Wonder if it really was an accident, though, and to get to him, how better than to kill his son, the one person he cares the most for. Of course, it”s more likely just what it seemed, he was sick and died, and his dad simply couldn”t cope with it.” Evan said.

“More than likely true. Well, there”s the bell, so we better go. Wanna sit together at lunch?” Sam asked.

“Absolutely.” Evan and I say together.

We have two more classes before lunch, and as soon as the bell rings, beylikdüzü travesti I go and find Evan, and then we both find Sam and Steven. Sam and Steven then led us to a nice quiet area where they usually sit to eat their lunch, and so, we join them, all four of us sitting on the floor to do so.

“So, would you guys be allowed to come over after school, and maybe we can all go swimming?” I asked.

“More than likely, and even if we”re not, we”d be happy to anyway. Not that our mom would ever know it anyway. She doesn”t have time to have kids.” Sam said.

“That sucks. I take it then that you don”t care for your mom too much?” Evan said.

“We don”t even know what to think any more. One minute she”s perfectly kind and caring toward us, the next she”s a raging bitch. If it weren”t for the money that was left to us when our dad died, we”d probably almost never get anything. We just haveta buy what we need online and have it shipped to the house, everything, groceries and our night supplies, but being so far from town means we pay a lot of extra shipping fees, but I guess that”s fine.” Steven said.

“She sounds bi-polar.” Evan said.

“Not a clue, she works a lot, that”s all we know. We see her for maybe one to two hours a week, if that much some weeks. So, all we quite literally have is each other.” Sam said sadly.

“Ethan and I are kinda the same. We know our dad loves us, and he spends as much time as he can with us, but he”s a very good doctor, and “til we moved here, he sometimes worked all day, every day, but then, they were abusing him pretty bad, hence him quitting, but he pretty much toppled the entire health authority in that area in his anger, because of the abuses and theft that they were doing.” Evan said.

“Yikes. We actually saw the news about that, something like thirteen people were charged with theft and abuse of authority and all sorts of other things. It was your dad that exposed that?”

“Yep.” We both said.

“Wow, some serious changes are being made all over because of that.”

“Good.” We both said.

“So, what do you guys like to do?” Steven asked.

“Well, I love woodworking, and Evan likes metal working, and with our new shop at home, we”ll get to play lots. We”ve even set it up awesomely, but care of your friends dads tools, we didn”t haveta buy near as much as we woulda hadta otherwise. For some stupid reason, whomever packed up the house, left nearly a hundred thousand worth of tools behind.”

“Wicked, we”re the same, I”m wood, and Sam”s metal. We”d loveta have an awesome shop like that at home. We only getta do that here though, and that”s only a couple to a few hours a week.”

“Then maybe you can come spend the weekend and we can all play lots.” I said.

“Wow, we”d totally love that.” They both said together.

“So, tell me, are you two as gay as I think you are?” I whispered as softly to them as I could, even though there is no one even near by.

“You mean every bit as gay as we think you two are?” Sam whispered as well.

“Yeah.” We all grinned.

“And you two play around together too, don”t you?” Evan asked.

“Yeah, have for almost two years already.” Steven said.

“Wow.” I said, and then gave them the brief version of how Evan and I got together. “How about you two?”

“That was back when we still had tape on diapers, we were both still pretty small back then, and the local store had bigger diapers that still fit us. We changed each other, we always had, because that”s just the way it was. Diaper time was always nice, but that night, even still we don”t know how it happened, but before I knew it, I was sucking Sam and he had his first ever actual orgasm in my mouth. Of course we always rubbed each other, we were pretty much always hard for every diapering, and we always made each other feel very good, but neither of us had ever actually cum before, and it was amazing. Then, without even asking, Sam sucked me, and caused me to have my first orgasm as well, and we”ve kinda never stopped.”

“Nice, and have you two ever drank each other, or sucked each others diapers?” Evan asked.

“Oh yeah, lots.”

“Same. And have you put each others sucked dry diapers back onto yourselves and worn and wet them again?” I asked.

“Yeah.” They both whispered, blushing slightly.

“Nice, I hoped you were the same as us. You”d wear all day too if you could, wouldn”t you?”

“Yeah.” They both whispered even softer.

Then we told them that we do not actually have a daytime issue, and that we are simply gay baby boy diaper lovers, and that so is our dad, but that that is what we tell people to save problems.

“Really, so you truly understand?” Steven said in awe.

“Oh yeah, and any time you”re at our house, you”re more than welcome to wear our much better thick thirsty tape on baby diapers as well.” I sad happily.

“Oh yes please.” They both said.

To say I am elated to have a pair of hot gay baby diaper loving friends is a gross understatement. The fact that they are both hot does not hurt either, and though I know that I love Evan, and he me, and I think Sam and Steven are the same, I am so totally envisioning us all having some pretty wild times together. Maybe two separate couples, but one group. So, I asked, and all four of us said oh yeah. So, this weekend is going to be great.

“Have you two made love together yet?” Steven asked us.

“No, not yet, but Ethan hasta be my first, and I think when we do do that for each other, that it just hasta be the two of us alone.” Evan said, and I nodded my agreement to that.

“Absolutely. Take your time, we did, we learned everything we could first, really truly learned to love each other deeply, and then, when we did finally make love, it was glorious.” Sam said.

“That”s what we want as well, but getting into a circle suck and finger fuck with you two kinda sounds really fucking amazing as well, especially if we”re all in nice soggy baby diapers.” I said.

“Oh yeah.” The other three groaned, and yes, all four of us are very hard.

We continued talking and getting to know each other all of us enjoying having friends who we can talk freely with. It truly is amazing.

At the end of the day, we all hopped on the bus and rode all the way home. The bus driver said unfortunately he was not allowed to let Sam and Steven come with us, but considering we were the last two stops, and no one else would know, for some reason he just never stopped in front of their house. He said, oops, I forgot to stop, silly me. We grinned and thanked him. We hopped out, headed inside, and as soon as we did, Sam and Steven stopped and looked around in awe.

“Wow, this place is phenomenal.” Steven sighed.

“Yeah, we really like it. We”ll give you the grand tour in a bit. In the meantime, I”m willing to bet both you baby boys haveta go peepee pretty bad by now, and I know I haveta change, because my baby diaper”s not likely to hold what I needta do to it either. So, we can all change together or two couples, whichever you prefer.” Evan said.

“Let”s go together.” Sam said.

“Good. No sex though.”

“No, not yet.”


We ran all the way to our bedroom, and as soon as we make it, I tell the others to go ahead and start stripping, while I go and grab everything that we are about to need. We had not talked about this earlier, but I am going to treat two new baby boys to the very best baby diapering istanbul travesti that they can imagine. I grab two of our thickest and thirstiest diapers, and two matching doublers, for each of us. I grabbed the packing tape and the extra sharp pick, and while still in the closet, I took care of preparing all four of the inner diapers. As soon as I was ready, I called out, and told Sam and Steven to lay on the bed in baby bum change position, to close their eyes, that we have a surprise for them, and then when I exited, Evan grinned, but had to know what I was doing by how long it took. I passed him the stack he needs, and he can clearly see which diaper goes on first, the holes are pretty apparent. I took Sam, Evan took Steven, and we quadruple baby diapered them like they deserve. We lotioned and creamed them fully and properly, they were both very hard, and both are almost exactly the same size as Evan and I are, they moaned and sighed the entire time, but we did not allow them to cum. Finally we pulled up and taped onto them their glorious baby diapers.

“Wow, this is the thickest, softest baby diaper ever.” Sam sighed deeply, and then reached down to pet his diapered dinky. Steven did likewise.

“Oh yeah, and as soon as you two are done enjoying your baby diapers, which, by the way, I hope includes peepeeing them properly, you get to change our super soggy baby bums as well.” I said.

“Oh yeah.” They both said, and then not even a whole second later, they were both able to release, and pee their diapers good and proper.

“Fuck, that almost hurt, I hadta go so bad, and I”m still so fucking hard.” Steven laughed.

“Same.” Sam said.

“It”ll be the same for us too, now, change us please.” I said.

I had stripped while the other two were enjoying their diapers, so now I too am ready for my soggy baby bum change.

Evan and I assumed the position, and had to guide Sam and Steven in what to do, but because they have changed each other lots before, we did not have to truly teach them how to change a diaper, but this they have never done, and they enjoyed diapering us every bit as much as we enjoyed diapering them. And yes, it did hurt to pee, but it was beyond glorious too.

“Much better. Now, in order to ensure that we don”t waste such glorious baby diapers, because we”ll haveta take them off to get ready for school tomorrow, we needta make sure and have lots to drink, so to peepee our mega thick baby diapers properly. Do you two like tea, we have several types, but the one we love most is Earl Grey, and that”s what I want.” I said.

“Oh yeah.” They both said.

“Good, and a few glasses of water and/or juice too.” Evan said.

“Definitely.” The three of us said together.


We went and got started on the tea, then each had two large glasses of each water and orange juice, then each got two large mugs of tea once it is ready.

“Mmmm, this is way nicer tea than we get.” Steven sighed after his first sip.

“Yeah, we”re glad that we found a place here that carries the good tea. We were fearful that we were gonna haveta order it in. So, now that we have our tea, what say we take you two on the grand tour.”


So, for damn near an hour, we toured the entire house, and both are very impressed with it, and admitted that they would so love to live here, but then, who could blame them. Then they admitted that even though they would love to live here just because of the amazing house, that they would love to live here more because of the even more amazing freedom, because, like we had told them, Dad is a full on gay baby boy diaper lover, so we get to be who and what we are without shame or worry, which, like we said, is wonderful beyond description. We cannot blame them for that, but then, who would, really. They truly love our shop though, and we spent damn near an hour in there, because that was the last place we headed to, and cannot wait to come out here to truly play.

We headed downstairs once back inside, to play games and continue talking and getting to know each other. We decided at just a little before five to head up to make dinner, and just as we started cooking, Dad came home.

“Hi Babies, and baby friends.” Dad said happily.

“Daddy, you”re home.” Evan and I said together, and then went and hugged Dad.


“It feels like you need a super soggy baby bum change Daddy, we”re quadruple baby diapered, but given how long you”ll be able to wear before changing, you”ll only be able to make triple worth it, so, go change, we”ll have dinner ready shortly. Once you”re properly baby diapered like you deserve, then we”ll get down to introductions and all that.” Evan said.

“Okay, sounds good Baby, be right back.” Dad said happily, and skipped to his bedroom.

Dad was back down a few minutes later, and both boys stared at him in awe.

“Fuck, you”re hot in your mega thick baby diaper.” Steven groaned.

“Thanks, so you are two.”

“Thanks. I”m Steven, and this is my baby brother boyfriend Sam.”

“Good to meet you Babies. I”m Elias, but I go by Eli most often. Glad you two are so comfortable.”

“It”s good to meet you too Eli. Ethan and Evan said you were a gay baby boy diaper lover as well, so it wasn”t that hard.”


We then got down to introductions and how we all met, we even told him about the previous owner and all that we now know or assume. By the time we were done that, we were done eating, because we talked all throughout cooking and eating.

“So, what time do you baby boys needta be home for, I”ll drive you when the time comes.” Dad asked as we were cleaning up.

“Doesn”t much matter, but we”re usually in bed for nine, so before that whenever really is okay.” Sam answered.

“Okay, then I”ll take you home at eight thirty. We”re in bed for nine as well, so that”s perfect.”


We all decided to go play games and talk more, and so, that was what we did, all of us learning lots about each other, which is very nice. Shortly after eight, Dad told Sam and Steven that it is time to get dressed and ready to go. We all headed up to our bedroom together, and as Evan was helping them to get dressed, I was in the closet gathering some supplies for them. As soon as I exited, I finished helping the baby boys to get dressed, and then I passed Steven a well filled bag.

“I”ve packed you two a nice goody bag. You”ll find enough diapers to get you through the rest of the week “til you come back, I”ve given you a nice mix of daytime diapers for wearing at school, and lotsa thick thirsty night time diapers and doublers for when you”re home. I”ve also included two diaper shirts each, as well as a bottle of baby lotion and a jar of diaper rash cream. Yes, the lotion and cream are the true and proper, awesome smelling baby ones that we used earlier, yes others might smell it, and no, I don”t think you care any more than we do, and truly, no one ever actually notices.” I said.

“Wow, thanks, you guys are totally the best friends a gay baby boy could have.” Sam said giddily as I pass over the bag.

“Thanks, you guys are too. I guess we”ll see you tomorrow now.”


Before too long, they were gone, and then Dad was back only a few minutes later. We stayed up and chatted for only a few minutes after that, but we all admit that we do need to get to bed, and so, we head to bed. Evan and I got a nice large drink, and then went and cuddled into each other and kissed and rubbed for only two baby boygasms this evening, but after both cums, I would slip my hand inside Evan”s diaper and collect as much of his cum as I can, and then lick it off, before cum kissing my baby brother boyfriend. Finally we fall asleep, and have a great sleep again.

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