Hyper Jae: F*ck the Police

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Sarkopheros Says:

If your reaction to this is something like “What a hell is going on?” or “How many drugs have you eaten?” then the answer is exactly six. One six pack of drugs.

It also means I’m doing what I meant to do. This story is not meant to be taken seriously. It is not meant to make sense. I have no concept of such petty things as “basic human physiology,” “common sense,” or “reality.”

This story contains emphasis on sexual smells. Fuck-musk. I don’t know what to call it, but I like it. It might put some of you off. I’m not talking body odor, I’m talking about the smell of pussies and cocks. Sexual funk. Also, gratuitous cum inflation. Hyper endowment. Objectification. Excessive usage of onomatopoeia. This one’s gonna be nasty by some people’s standards, but tame by others. This story is solidly in /d/ territory, though.

Jae’s default size is usually between 16 or 26 inches when I roleplay as him. However, I felt that for this story, bigger was better. I said, fuck it, this makes no sense anyway. Plus, Brod is already in that size range and I wanted to avoid a re-skin of him. Jae also has a lot more personality than is displayed in this story, but … well, this wasn’t that sort of story. This is the sort of story that obeys hentai logic. Brod’s stories will look like documentaries in comparison to this.

Why am I explaining this in such detail? Because it seems that a lot of people come into my stories expecting something that I don’t offer. While some of my stories are more realistic than others, I don’t want you to have false expectations. The point of this whole foreword is this: consider yourself warned. If you keep going past this point, and find the content and events of the story objectionable, remember what I told you.



A roar echoed off the edifices hemming in the four-lane road. Sodium lamps provided pools of orange light. Trees along the median whipped by. The driver’s mane was as black as the night and swept out behind him. Smoke poured from his nostrils. Howling electric guitars blasted from his speakers.

Sparks flew when the cigarette butt hit the pavement. Jae sighed as the evening air blew past him. The top was down, the ‘Stang roaring like a lion from hell. The chrome spikes on his leather vest glinted in the light.

His sinewy leg shifted atop the warm object filling the footwell. It resembled a pair of spheres far larger than his head and what appeared to be an extra-long floppy fire hydrant in size, all wrapped tightly in the black cloth of his custom-tailored pants.

Behind him, he heard howling. Lights were flashing. Shit. Cops?

Jae pulled over with a grumble, asphalt crunching under his tires as he slowed to a stop by the sidewalk. A Crown Victoria whined to a stop behind him, blue lights flashing. Someone needs a brake job.

A minute passed. Three. Putting a new cigarette in his mouth, he sighed. Yeah, take your sweet-ass time! Fuck.

Cl-clunk. The doors opened. Two officers got out and approached his car. Both were women. As they passed into the light, Jae observed that one was a pale, fresh-faced blonde, athletically built. Her generous tits bounced as she walked. The other was shorter, curvier. She had a soft belly and ample tits, with hips wider than her shoulders. Her hair was jet-black, her skin dark.

Reaching him, the shorter one turned on her flashlight. Officer Bryce, according to her nametag. The other one’s said “Redland.”

“Evening, sir,” said Bryce, shining the light in his face

Jae squinted and asked, “How are you ladies tonight?” He smiled.

“License and registration.”

Jae leaned over and opened the glove compartment, removing the documents and handing them over. Bryce looked at Redland and nodded over her shoulder. The latter returned to the cruiser.

“What is all this, sir?” asked the woman, pointing at the white specks all over his floor mats.

“Sand. I just came from the beach,” answered Jae, his eyes moving down her body. “Was at a swimsuit competition. You shoulda been there, girl.”

“And what’s that?” asked the officer, pointing at his ludicrous bulge.

Jae frowned. “Um. My balls? Cock? Baby deployment equipment?”

“Do I look stupid?” asked the police officer. “Okay. If that’s how we’re gonna do this, get out of the vehicle.”

He squinted up at the cop. “What, really?”

Bryce stared at him. “Get out of the car, sir.”

Jae sighed and got out of the car, closing the door behind him. “What’s this about, huh?”

Instead of answering his question, she knelt. She began to run her hands over his enormous nuts. “Yeah, your balls, huh? They’re like beach balls.”

“Yes, that’s me. Mmm,” he grunted. Her roaming hands were starting to stimulate those gigantic nuts. Jae could feel the pressure, the heaviness inside. The shifting. Glorp. Grrglll. His nuts were beginning to make jizz, audible sumo web tools as they did so.

“And you expect me to believe that your balls make noise?” asked the incredulous Bryce.

“Yes? I don’t care if you believe me, girl, but that’s my nuts making jizz.”

Redland got out of the car, the folder in her hand. She stared for a long moment at the spectacle in front of her before saying, “What are you doing, Risa?”

“He says this is his cock and balls,” answered the officer. Jae’s eyes roamed over her ass as she wrapped her hands around his cock, slowly pumping up and down its girth through the cloth. Her blue slacks were stretched taut around the twin globes of ample flesh.

“Damn, look at that booty. Mph,” he said, chuckling as Risa examined him.

“I do my squats,” she said, turning to Redland. “How can anyone be this big?”

“No way that’s all him! What else did he say?”

“He says this noise is him making jizz.”

“I’m right here,” Jae grunted, rolling his eyes. “And yeah, it is.”

“I see that,” the blonde stepped over and handed his license and registration back. Jae tossed the little folder into his passenger seat. Then the taller officer knelt down by his bulge, joining in, her hands caressing the cloth. “Really warm, whatever it is.”

Bryce looked up at him as she rubbed both hands over the melon-sized glans. “Come on, Mr. Kyoung. What’s in the package? Weed? Guns? Illegal immigrants?”

“The fuck are you talking about?” he asked. “Yes, there’s like, a dozen Chinese people in my pants trying to escape.”

“It’s making noise,” observed the blonde. Rumble-rumble. She was right. His balls were starting to swell noticeably, and his cock was beginning to attempt escaping his custom-made pants. It was straining against the cloth, forming an arch beneath it.

“C’mon ladies. If you’re so curious, why don’t you strip-search me?” he asked with a chuckle. “I got nothing to hide, take those pants right off. C’mon, girl.”

“Don’t you tell me what to do!” snapped Redland. Even though her fingertips were now unzipping him. The metal teeth growled as they separated. The two halves of the dark cloth parted. Inch after inch of thigh-thick cock were revealed, a fleshy serpent with veins thicker than their fingers. Once open, a thick, sexual fog began to radiate, now freed from the confines. The two officers inhaled deeply, sniffing the air.

“God. You smell like an orgy!” said Redland, her breathing becoming heavier, ample tits rising and falling.

“Told you I was on the beach. Was at a wet t-shirt contest,” Jae reiterated.

“How does that explain this?” Bryce asked. She looked at Redland as she kept pulling the zipper down further. “Holy shit, look at—” FLUMP. SMACK! Jae’s cock sprung free. Its heavy glans whacked officer Bryce in the face. She fell back on her ass as the giant organ bounced. Her hat flew away. “God dammit! Officer down!”

Redland burst out laughing at her partner.

“The fuck are you laughing about?” asked Bryce, rubbing her cheek.

“No, you just told me. When I first joined. You said, ‘Don’t get cocky!’ ” guffawed the blonde.

“I’m going to fight you,” said Bryce as she got back up.

Redland looked back at Jae’s package, still pulling at the zipper. “How far back does this even go?”

“Back behind my balls. Gives me more freedom to take my junk out easily, you know?” he said. Jae sighed in relief as his gigantic nuts fell free, bouncing in their sack. A deep rumbling came from them as they bloated even larger, twin spheres of flesh already nearly the size of yoga balls, their surfaces rippling. As they swelled, the thick skin of his sack shifted. A few wads of bright cloth popped out of the folds. Splat. Splat. Splatsplat. The objects were saturated in jizz.

“So you were smuggling something,” said Redland, picking up one of the balled-up things and unrolling it. Thick spunk smeared all over her hands as she disentangled what turned out to be the bottom to a bikini. “Um.” She began to unroll the others.

“You know how it goes,” rumbled Jae, a gravelly chuckle coming from his chest. “Fuck a few girls at the beach, raising hell at the seventh veil. Things get wild. Stuff gets into weird places.”

Redland squinted at the discarded garments before looking back at his organ. It was steadily growing, rising up, soon too large to be measured by yardstick alone. The slick surface of the rising column glistened in the light. Leaning in, the blonde ran her moist tongue up the side, smacking her lips. “You even taste like sex.” She rubbed a hand over the moist surface of the swelling member, rubbing her fingers together after.

Risa went to the tip and put both hands on its glans, which itself was about the size of a volleyball. As the head came free, the officer stared for a moment at a piece of cloth sticking out from under the foreskin. Pulling at it, there was sumowebtools a liquid schlrrrp. The object kept pulling out, out. She yanked with both hands. Finally, an entire sling bikini slipped out from under his foreskin, dripping globs of spunk. “How the fuck did this even get in there?!”

“I told you, wild shit happens around me,” Jae said. “I’m gonna show you two in a minute.”

The glans rolled free of its sheath, dripping blobs of pearly spunk that splattered onto Risa’s thick thighs. A good pint of it poured free. The officer moaned and leaned in, sucking loudly at the seed, kept nice and hot by his cock. “Mmmm,” she moaned. Sluuuurp. One of her hands kneaded her own mound.

And now, at its outlandish full size, his cock hovered above her, a monolith of manhood as big as she was. Just over five feet of gargantuan, fleshy monster. The ludicrous phallus pulsed with life, its veins rippling. They looked proportional to its bulk, but that meant some of the larger ones were like her wrists in diameter, tapering off into finger-thick vessels.

Redland groaned and climbed up onto it, draping her body over the titanic member like a leopard on a tree branch. The sturdy column easily supported her weight. The officer wrapped her legs around it, wrapping it in a bearhug. She began to pump her arms up and down its hot surface.

Golf-ball sized beads of precum began to roll out of its tip, glistening in the light before disappearing into Bryce’s eager mouth. She slurped loudly as she massaged the edges of his glans, clutching at its fleshy ridge. The officer had done an admirable job of cleaning all the remaining seed from it. Glistening pre poured over her face like a steamy-slimy hose, forcing her to close her eyes, splashing down her cheeks. It rolled down between her ample tits, soaking the front of her uniform and splattering into a pool growing under her.

Redland kicked off her shoes and pressed her socked feet against Jae’s nuts. Her toes kneaded at the flesh, sinking into the gigantic testes’ surfaces. Fingertips rubbed up under the head of his cock, her lips kissing its surface, gently biting at mouthfuls of the thick skin. Jae’s powerful hands kneaded at her tight ass, twin globes of toned flesh. This is gonna feel nice later.

He looked at Bryce, watching her, a low growling in his throat. All this stimulation was getting him ready. “Bend over your car,” he rumbled at her.

“What?” She asked, looking up, ropes of glistening pre stretching from her face.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” he stated.

She nodded and stood up, hands reluctant to pull away. Bryce removed the equipment from her belt, tossing the items into the back seat of her car. Then, with a jingling of metal, her pants slipped down, exposing her dripping snatch and her generous rump. She put her palms on the cruiser’s hood.

Jae wrapped both hands around the base of his gargantuan cock, the ludicrous organ easily rivaling her waist in thickness, if not exceeding it. Redland wrapped an arm around his cock near the head, helping to guide it into her partner. Squiiilsch. Her hot, dripping, fleshy lips began to stretch apart.

“Oh my fuck, are you big!” she cried. The desperate wail echoed off the buildings surrounding the intersection. Red and blue lights swept across their concrete faces. A few pedestrians had gathered at the opposite side of the street, gaping at what they saw.

Risa’s legs began to involuntarily spread, being forced apart by the sheer girth. Precum gushed into her, already flooding her deeply. Her tits mushed into the Crown Victoria’s hood, her ass and legs suspended by the invading column of flesh.

Shplop. The gargantuan head was inside her, stretching out her lower belly obscenely. Clear juices gushed out around its incredible width. Jae could feel her pussy contracting as she came. He pushed forward, grunting as he shoved more and more of it into her. Pushing forward, the whole car rocked as his ludicrously oversized fuckrod met her cervix and rudely barged into her womb, filling it in an instant. Shrriiippp! Her top ripped open from the sheer bulk of his member distending her belly.

Jae gave a pleased sigh. Redland panted in arousal. Jae stepped forward, over his growing balls, shifting them behind him. They were now larger than bean bag chairs and still swelling. He grabbed her thighs, his powerful fingertips digging into the flesh as he pulled Risa towards him. “Aauuuugh!” she screeched. Glooooosch! The cop began cumming again, juices gushing out around his glistening cock for several seconds. Her belly was pulled up, stretched out under her chest and up between her tits.

More people were piling up all around, little knots of late-night pedestrians bearing witness to the sexual insanity. Redland knelt behind his balls and shoved her face into them, moaning into the flesh as she started to rub their surfaces.

There was another moan nearby. A smartly-dressed businesswoman jogged up, glistening juices rolling down her calves from under a pencil skirt. She joined Redland, kneading at the huge testicles. Jae let out a rumbling purr as they began to expand even faster. He contracted his abs, his absurd cuntbuster angling upwards and lifting Risa from the hood. Pulling again, his cock forced itself even deeper, almost three feet inside her now. Pop, pop, pop. One by one, the buttons remaining on her shirt fired into the air.

“God dammit!” A lady nearby fell backwards, clutching at her face.

More women began to appear, moaning, so many hands rubbing over his swollen nuts. Fingertips grabbed handfuls of thick sack-skin, kneading, pressing into the organs below.

“I’m gonna, gonna—” Redland moaned and began cumming in her slacks.

Jae lowered Risa back to the hood of her cruiser and began to pump his hips, grunting as he forced her to take his entire cock, her jiggling ass butting up against his neatly trimmed pubes. His rough hands clutched handfuls of quivering booty, using it as leverage to slam his fleshy battering ram into her. The Crown Vic’s shocks squeaked as it bounced like a lowrider.

WEE-OO-WEE-OO. SKREEEEECH. Another cruiser screamed to a halt next to them. The doors flew open, and two more cops burst out, drawing their weapons.

“Hands up!”

Jae raised his hands into the air. Risa raised her hands, too. The monstrous cock was still twitching and pumping liters of precum into Risa, her belly growing and lifting her off the hood

“Seriously?” asked Jae. “Of course it’s more lady-cops…,” he mumbled to himself.

The officers holstered their guns when they saw what was happening. “I thought you said ‘officer down’, Risa!” yelled the redhead.

Risa turned her head and answered her. “I. Mmph. Well. Mmrbbll. Mmmm-ooooh!” She shuddered as she orgasmed once more.

The two new arrivals shrugged and came over, joining the others in rubbing against the growing testicles, combined, now as wide as a full-sized sofa. Jae groaned, fucking Risa for a few more minutes and several more messy orgasms before leaning his head back and letting out a long, low growl.

His balls rumbled. The ground vibrated. He felt it as his cock began to expand in girth. GLOOORCH. It erupted, blasting Risa’s womb with pints of steaming seed, goopy fluid that caused her belly to begin swelling immediately. Her eyes rolled back as her mouth gaped open, laying her head against her bulging belly. GLORCH. GLORCH. Her stomach kept growing, lifting her up and up. In seconds, it looked like she’d swallowed a beanbag chair.

The car began to bow forward, the nose lowering to the ground. SPLURT. SPLURT. The mahogany-colored balloon of her belly grew bigger as his balls shrunk. Her stomach was now roughly five feet across and still growing, spreading sideways. Pints of gooey whiteness gushed out around Jae’s cock, and he felt it as an audience of probing mouths and tongues began to lap at his dripping seed. The officer’s stomach spread out across the hood as the nose of the car touched the ground. Big enough that Jae’s cock disappeared from view. Risa’s abdominal growth had forced her body proper into a vertical position, her back against Jae’s chest. Krrsshhh! The windshield cracked and buckled.

Finally, as her belly molded around the hood, dangling over either side of the car, Jae sighed in relief and began to pull his cock free of her. Schlllrrrrpop! A long, lewd slimy sound was quite audible as he backed up, the liters of white frosting on his cock dripping into the mouths of the audience and gathered ladies. Dozens of tongues began to jostle for a few mouthfuls of seed.

His member’s glans popped free. Jizz gushed from the officer’s cunt like a fire hydrant. Then … gravity took over. The slope of the car. She began to roll.

“Mmmrgghhl,” she grumbled as her belly hit the ground. SMACK. She bounced, waves rolling across her ludicrous stomach’s surface. White seed gushing from her pussy all over the car, the wall, drenching the gathered people taking pictures. Jae expected several smartphones were ruined.

Risa went rolling away, moaning as her gushing cunt painted white loops on the pavement.

Jae grabbed the redheaded cop and bent her over the hood. His powerful hands gripped her pants and pulled. Shrrrk! Her pants were sundered, exposing her dripping snatch.

As Redland knelt nearby, she yelled, “I was here first!”

“Oh, right. Sorry,” Jae apologized before turning around and shoving his cock towards her mouth.

“Mmmrrrkh!” Redland protested as she grabbed his cock, trying to stand, making it into a bent-over position. Her ass shoved up against the rear of Jae’s car as the gargantuan head stretched her mouth around it. Her throat bulged like a snake’s as his cock barged into her stomach, stretching out her whole torso. Her top was shredded as the organ lifted itself, angling upwards. She was now upside-down and vertical, the top of her head against Jae’s stomach, her abdomen stretched around his cock like a toy, taut abs outlined against the belly of his organ.

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