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Raoul kept his head down as he carried his tray through the restaurant. He was hungry – just not for food. He dropped into a booth, trying to concentrate on his meal, trying to ignore the ache lower in his groin. Days from home, away from the missus, and just shy of his fortieth, he told himself he was just looking for some fun. But he knew better. Since his tastes for that fun tended towards the tender (drunk) young coeds of his home town and he was miles from any college he knew of, he was likely to stay hungry. Then, as if fate knew his weakness, he heard giggling and the ache intensified.

Three of them, a blond and two brunettes, slid into the table one down from his booth. They laughed and talked and created a stir he had no hope of ignoring. He tried to keep his mind on his food, but his eyes were on the blond. She was slender and bubbly, her hair short and lightly curled, her little nose with a slight upturn, her bright eyes almost purple. Her t-shirt clung to palm-sized breasts and a flat stomach, her jeans molding to long legs. Raoul’s mouth watered, his body hardening with anticipation — the hunger was almost overpowering. He could see bending her over the table, thrusting his cock… When their heads went together, whispering, he managed to take a bite of his sandwich and turn his head towards the window.

“Hey, mister,” the voice was light and laughing and made his stomach drop even as his groin clenched.

“What?” He managed to growl the response as he looked over at the blond, who had slid into the other side of his booth. The other two girls giggled their way by the booth as the blond waved.

“Jen said you were looking at me,” she smiled, leaning closer to him. He managed to grunt and filled his mouth with fries before he said something stupid. But his eyes dropped where her breasts pressed her arms and she smiled again.

“So what,” Raoul finally answered softly. He and the blond reached for the soda at the same time and when his fingers brushed hers, he jerked back. She took the soda with a wink and sucked slowly on the straw. Raoul’s cock swelled in his jeans as he watched her roll the plastic straw between her lips.

“So, I think you’re interested,” she whispered, then began to slide her lips up and down the straw, her eyes on his. His mouth went dry as he imagined those lips sliding up and down…

“So what,” he repeated, his voice rough. He thought about his contract and deadlines, about his overhead and how he was going to sleep in the cab, about what they called men who had sex with young girls. He thought about how she would taste, how it would feel to have his fingers in her hot pussy, how tight she’d be when he thrust deep…

“You got a rig?” she murmured, glancing around, “or a room?”

“Rig,” he managed, gathering the remains of his meal. He could still make a getaway… She wouldn’t want to do it in his cab. He didn’t even have a sleeper compartment.

“Knock once, pause, then twice,” she whispered, her voice low, as she added the soda to his tray, “Ladies room’s around the back.” Then she sauntered away.

Damn. Damn. He was such a weak ass. He dumped his meal in the trash as he silently cursed himself. But he walked out the door and around the back of the building, away from his rig.

There was a stick woman on the door. Looking around, feeling like an obvious dog, Raoul knocked once, then twice. The door opened and he stepped in, closing the surprisingly heavy door behind himself and flicking the lock. The blond leaned against the sink of the small bathroom, naked from the waist up, her jeans undone. She smiled at him, her hand sliding down her belly and into her pink panties.

“I couldn’t wait to get started,” she murmured, her eyes hot as her hand shifted and she shivered.

“Take them off,” Raoul demanded, his voice hoarse. She smiled again, hooking her fingers into her waist and shoving both her jeans and panties down. She stepped free, naked, and slid up onto the sink, spreading her legs and giving him a perfect look at her shaved pussy.

“Like this view better?” she purred, her fingers stroking her swollen folds, her tongue wetting her bottom lip. “I think you do,” she purred, sliding her fingertip in and out of her hole. Her other hand idly stroked her bare breast. She lifted the hand from her sex and held it out to him. “Want to taste?”

Raoul took her wrist, sliding her fingertips into his mouth. He suckled her fingers, tasting the sweetness of her arousal as he stepped closer. Popping her fingers from his mouth, Raoul knelt between her legs, sliding his hands up the inside of her knees and thighs. She watched him with hot eyes as he leaned in and licked her pink flesh.

Sweet. Hot. Raoul spread her thighs further with his hands and began lapping at her sex, his rough tongue starting at Escort bayan her hole and circling her clit, again and again. She whimpered, her hands sliding into his hair, pressing him closer. “Yes…” she whispered, sliding her leg over his shoulder and shifting her hip to tilt towards him. He grunted in appreciation as he closed his mouth over her sex and began sucking. “Oh, God…” she moaned as the sound of his sucking and slurping filled the small room. Raoul teased her with his tongue, swirling it around and in and out of her, stroking, making her squirm.

“Please…I need your cock…” she moaned, her hips rocking against his mouth.

Lifting his mouth, he replaced the teasing by rubbing his thumb over her quivering hole. “Not yet, beauty,” he growled, sucking and nipping at the tender skin of her inner thigh. She moaned and squirmed again. Raoul shifted his hand, rubbing two fingertips against her hole, the sliding them deep, burying them to the knuckle. The girl arched, moaning and shivering, her tight pussy rippling around his fingers.

“Hell, yes, baby,” he groaned, slowly pumping his fingers in and out of her. She was so soft, hot, slick, his cock strained against his pants eagerly. He suckled the skin low on her belly, leaving love bites, as he watched her face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, panting, as she writhed on the sink, enjoying his finger-fucking. He used his free hand to tug open his jeans, to shove them down his hips.

“Tell me, baby,” he murmured, curving his fingers as he thrust, seeking her spot, “How old are you, baby?” She whimpered and squirmed until he found it, then she jerked and gasped, her eyes flying open. God, please don’t let her be underage, he pled silently.

“Nine…nineteen…Oh, my God!” She gasped again as he focused his attention on her g-spot, rubbing hard. Her body clenched as she bucked and came, sobbing as her cum spilled through his fingers.

Perfect. Nineteen. Hot. Tight. His.

Raoul surged to his feet as she shuddered, draping her ankles over his shoulders as he stood between her legs. With one hand he grasped his thick erection and guided his tip to her hole. He pressed against her, feeling her cunt quiver against his fat head and bit back a groan. Her hands gripped the sink as he pushed into her, his thickness stretching her. She was incredibly tight and he couldn’t prevent the groan as he thrust against her, short bursts of movement as he penetrated deeper and deeper.

“Open for Papa Bear,” he groaned, tilting his hips a little to work his whole length into her. She was panting, whimpering, as he stuffed her full of his cock. The sight of his thick red rod half-inside her made him groan. He placed both hands on the wall and thrust once more, driving home.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, one hand clutching his arm as his groin pressed her ass, his heavy balls rubbing her bare cheeks, his fat penis buried in her body.

“Damn, baby, you got what Papa Bear needs,” he growled, pulling back, then thrusting up and in, smoothly burying himself deep inside her wet pussy. She gasped and he did it again, groaning at the sensations of her inner muscles working his shaft. Then he began to move, fucking her with long, slow thrusts, savoring the tight embrace of her pussy. She rocked against him, her eyes open now, locked on his.

“You feel so good, Papa Bear,” she whispered. His cock stretched her wide, her body straining around his thickness, the hard hot length of him throbbing inside her like a living thing. She shuddered with pleasure.

“You feel good, too, baby,” he groaned, lowering his mouth to hers. They kissed hungrily, breathlessly, as he plunged his cock deep inside her. He set a brutal rhythm, fucking her hungrily. He groaned again, burying his face in her neck as he began to thrust harder and faster. Her moans vibrated as he drove into her, his cock moving like a piston, bang, bang, bang, his hips slapping her ass. She clutched his arms as her body tightened.

“Please….” she sobbed, arching, pressing her hips to him. Raoul slid a hand down her thigh, cupping her ass and tilting her hips as he shifted, thrust, and found her g-spot again. She cried out breathlessly, bucking, as she came hard around him, her inner muscles working the entire length of his penis. He groaned, pushing himself harder against her, his cock swelling, pulsing – he ejaculated with a low groan ripped right from his gut. Thick hot semen pumped into her core, making her moan and shudder.

“Oh, Papa Bear,” she moaned, “It’s so hot…”

“Yes, baby,” he groaned, thrusting against her, spurting, ejaculating inside her soft body. Gasping a little, he finally pulled free and stepped back. Her hole quivered, oozing white cum and he groaned, his dick hardening again. He pulled her from the sink and turned her, Bayan Escort bending her forward as he felt between her legs. She moaned as his fingers rubbed her pussy, then he was sliding his dick back inside her, thrusting, cum dripping down her thighs as it squirted from her hole with each thrust. He cupped her breasts as he increased his fucking, hammering her pussy.

“Oh, baby, oh, baby,” he groaned, panting as he rammed his dick in and out.

“Papppa Bearrrr!” she cried, climaxing again, even as he did, his hot cum mixing with hers, spraying over their thighs.

He pulled out with a slurp and stood behind her a moment, panting, his hands on his thighs, his head and dick hanging low. He always felt like shit afterwards, but damn, she’d been eager, ripe and perfect. He felt her movement an instant before she slid her hand over his cock and guided him to her mouth. She licked him clean, teasing him with her cat’s tongue, her hand gently squeezing rhythmically. He groaned, unable to stop the throbbing, swelling. She slid her mouth down around him, sucking hard as her free hand grabbed his balls. With a hoarse groan, he emptied into her throat.


Raoul turned the memory of her over in his mind as he drove. She’d been young, yet so sexually aggressive. It was women like that who kept him hooked. He glanced at the clock, the sign post for a rest stop and turned on his turn signal. Time for a quick stop…

Lissy slumped in the back of the SUV, bored. Her family was in the rest area building, stocking up on pamphlets and snacks. She wished she was back home. Her friends didn’t have to spend their spring break with family. No, they got to party in Florida or Mexico, she whined to herself, like normal college freshmen. Then she saw him, sliding out of a rig. God, he was hot! She could see the bulge of his jeans, even when he probably wasn’t hard. His long legs had a swagger that made her wet. She slipped out of the car, watching him cross to the far side of the building.

“Gotta go!” she called out as she hurried past her family. She knew they’d pile in the car and wait for her. Her mom would roll her eyes, but Dad and Jake would discuss the next place to stop. And, meantime, Lissy would get some sex.

She saw him enter the men’s room when she opened the outer door. Darn, she winced, hoping to catch him quicker. Waiting around, she tried not to pace.

Raoul left the men’s room, tugging out his wallet to get snack money. He was in the mood for something sweet…Then he saw her. He’d swear she was looking for him as the blond sauntered his way. He started to sweat, seeing her youthful face, her tight tee over firm tits, those sweet young hips. He aimed for the soda machine.

“Hey, do you have change for a five?” she asked as he slid a dollar into the soda machine. He glanced at her and shook his head. He was even cuter in person, with his tousled black curls and deep blue eyes. Even the rough stubble of beard made her itch. He might be as old as her dad, but he looked like her roommate’s boyfriend. She smiled and stepped closer.

He could smell her now, hot young girl, and his cock twitched.

“Are you sure?” she asked, leaning against the snack machine as he studied his choices. She made sure to slide her arm under her breasts, plumping them. She’d seen his look, knew he was interested, and she could see the bulge growing. Her body ached with lust. God, he had to be huge, she though, her eyes locked on that bulge, her mouth watering.

“Can I borrow a dollar, then?” she wheedled, as he bought a candy bar. He glanced around, seeing no one, and swallowed hard.

“Maybe I can trade you for one,” she murmured, sliding a hand up his arm.

“Can’t, won’t,” he managed, his voice a rough growl. She shivered and he was lost.

“Ohhhh,” she murmured, “Now say my name. I’m Lissy.” She glanced around the empty room and saw a group outside, heading towards the building.

Unable to control the need, he slipped an arm through hers, “Come on, Lissy,” he growled. Her light laugh masked a deep tremor of lust as he guided her out the back and behind a large group of bushes.

He dropped his snacks, his long hard body pressing hers against the side of the brick building as he kissed her deeply, hungrily. They were masked from everyone by two rows of thick evergreen, but could hear the voices pass by, adding an element of danger to the sex.

Eagerly, she wrapped her arms around his neck and he tugged open her jeans. Kissing still, his hand cupped her, teased her wet slit, a finger pushing deep into her pussy. She arched to him, quivering, as he thrust his hand against her, his finger writhing within her. She came fast, gushing, her body melting limp against his, her moan lost Escort in his mouth as he feasted on her lips.

Lissy’s head fell back on another breathless moan as his mouth moved over her throat, his finger still slipping and sliding inside her. When she shuddered a second time, he slid his hand free and held her until she could stand. “Strip,” he growled, low and feral.

She smiled at him, tugging her tee over her head, bare breasts popping free. Her nipples were tight, hard and already sensitive and the quick brush of his rough thumbs made her gasp. She wriggled out of her jeans and panties, then gasped in surprise as he yanked her naked body to his, fusing his mouth to hers.

The kiss was hungry and deep, as his hands stroked every inch of her naked body. She was so hot, trembling with the needs inside her. “Please,” she managed, pulling away a little, tugging on his shirt.

He pushed her to the ground, to her hands and knees, so suddenly she gave a small cry. Then he was behind her, stroking his hands over her back, cupping her breasts from behind to pull her body up to his. She shuddered when she felt the hot velvet of his penis against the crack of her ass. He was naked, hard and throbbing for her, mere inches from her wet core where she was throbbing for him.

His thumbs stroked her nipples, his lips teasing her earlobe, as he shifted his hips and his long length slid between her thighs. His thick cock lay along her slit, between her legs, and she shuddered with anticipation. “Ohhhh,” she whimpered, “I can’t wait any longer…”

“You want it, Lissy?” he murmured in her ear, his breath hot, “All of it?” He rocked his hips and his rock-hard shaft caressed her slick pussy lips.

She shuddered, “Oh, God, yes…”

“All of it,” he repeated, shifting back until his head found her. He pressed against her, just his tip stretching her, teasing her.

“Please…” She whimpered, “I don’t even know what to call you…” It was so wicked. Hot bodies, hot sex, a road-side encounter. And her family was just yards away.

“Papa Bear. Call me Papa Bear,” he chuckled, one hand pressing her belly as he slowly penetrated her dripping pussy. She whimpered, squirming, as his fat head burrowed inside her.

“Papa…” she moaned, shivering, as more cock penetrated her, streched her. Raoul let her fall forward to her hands and knees as he gripped her hips and mounted her like a stallion.

“Call me Papa Bear, Lissy,” he growled in her ear as his hands tightened on her hips and he drove to her core.

She gave a breathless cry as he filled her, then he was filling her again and again, fucking her eagerly. She bucked and shuddered under him, wet mare in heat to his randy stallion, his cock plunging into her with hard, even strokes. Her inner muscles clutched at him, stretching to take his full erection, straining to hold him even as he pulled away and thrust back in.

Lissy couldn’t believe the sensations. She’d imagined he would be a good lover – a bit rough but hard and manly. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. The guys back home weren’t so big or weren’t so eager, or something. She spread her legs and tipped her ass to take more, to enjoy more of his lusty sex.

He was close and slid a hand over her hip and between her thighs, teasing her clit to make sure she was just as close. Lissy moaned breathlessly, her body moving in rhythm with his, as they mated. His cock swelled with the friction, his balls tightening with seed. He was greedy for more, hungry for the spasms of her orgasm to stroke his aching cock. Thrust, thrust, thrust…Oh, yes…

“Papa Bear!” Lissy gasped as her body clenched in pleasure. She felt him plunge deep, his cock swelling so tight against her she thought he might rip her open, his hips pumping against her ass as he pulsed….”OH!” her squeal was a sound of pleasure as he came inside her, a hot flowing eruption.

“Yes….” His groan in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her naked body, rocking his hips to her ass to ejaculate again and again into her core.

“I want to taste you, Papa Bear…” she whined and he released her, slipping his cock free with a slurp and groan. She turned on her knees, wrapping one dirty hand around his base and sliding his dripping head into her mouth.

“MMMMmmmmm….” she shivered with the taste of hot, wet sex…

Lissy slipped into the family car with a soft apology for taking so long. Her mom rolled her eyes. Dad and Jake were arguing over the underground mine or the river panning expedition. She squirmed a little in her seat and popped the top of her soda, washing away the hot salty taste of a real man.


Raoul refused to feel bad. Maybe life wasn’t so bad. Evidently it was his lot in life to provide phenomenal sex to hot young women. As long as Miranda didn’t catch him (and she was a thousand miles away), he’d just enjoy every moment of it. Next stop would be Tuscaloosa and his favorite diner. There was a hot little waitress there with a mouth that could make a man weep.

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