Hummiliation “the beginning” – Part 1

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Hummiliation “the beginning” – Part 1I just got appointed to be a Store Manager for a luxury fashion label in a exclusive Shopping Centre. Right opposite was a boutique that specialized in sexy club wear, everything from shiny leather high heel boots, to tight miniskirts even to PVC clothes.One day as I was inspecting our window dressing I ended up admiring their displays and walked over to check out the prices they were charging. As I inspected the pricing table I could see right onto the shop floor where a girl caught my eye, 175cm tall, long dark, straight hair, with a very feminine but slim figure. She had a great posture, stood perfectly upright with her shoulders pushed back that allowed her to put a great emphasis on her perfectly formed breast. She wore black boots over her skinny black jeans and a tightly fitted black tank top. Her hair was tight up in a pony tail. She seemed to gather clothes together and then turned around and kept walking straight over to the window and pushed the displays out of the way as she noticed me, our eyes met quickly, she smiled and moved on stepping into the window. I stood there watching her beautiful body moving in the glass cage right in front of me as she undressed the mannequins. After a while she realized I was still looking at the window decorations (her) she turned around looking at me, shrugging her giresun escort shoulders as to say: “Do you mind?!” So I went back to my office for some work.It didn’t took long for me to come out again, as my eyes wanted more, my body wanted it all. When I saw her leaving the shop I grabbed my wallet and followed her. Coffee break it was and I queued right up behind her. I could smell her perfume, I could feel her energy now. She turned quickly as I must have come into her space and gave me that shy smile again before turning forward again. I leant forward and gently speaking into her ear: I wished you would be one of those mannequins in my window – so I could come and do whatever I wanted! A few seconds went by, then she turned around and whispered into my ear: what would you do if I would be your mannequin?!I swallowed deeply, and replied I would clothe you in high heels a tiny PVC skirt with a loose shiny top and bent you forward in a pose to expose everything that you have under that skirt – to all of the walking by public.“I beg a pardon” she replied but then changed her facial expression to a smile and spoke further “I like a little bit of humiliation”, took a napkin from the coffee desk, and wrote something on it. She folded it up took her coffee and pressed it into my hand as she walked away.It read …. My dear Master 085 3901574 waiting esco for your ordersI just couldn’t believe it I was shaking all over my body and just had been made the Master! At lunch time I texted her that she had to wear at all times a full set of lingerie, stockings, garters, high heels, miniskirt and needed to be ready for me to take her at any time. And I meant anytime!The answer came a few minutes later: YES MASTERMy mind was racing in loops as to what to do next?!After some hours I decided test her commitment, so I texted her to clear their staff room within 2 minutes from now pull down her pants to her knees, spread her legs and bend over the staff table and hold tight onto the far end of it. I watched her face drop with an expression of sheer fright and non believe. She looked up and saw me staying right in the door of my shop watching her. She shrugged her shoulders and said something to me in silence like, … you can’t do that what if ….. I just pointed in the direction of their backdoor. After a few seconds she briskly walked over to her staff room disappeared and shortly after two girls appeared seemingly confused wondering why they had to leave their afternoon break immediately when the shop floor was empty with no customer in sight. I watched my watch for another 1 ½ minutes then started walking right into her shop, passed all the girls giresun escort bayan and straight towards her back room. One of the girls approached me saying can I help you but I waved her briskly away just moving right into her staff canteen. I let the door close and saw her bend over the table, her pants down to her knees, her legs spread apart, gripping the far end of the table – Just as I told her!!! She tilted her head, saying READY MASTER expecting to be taken roughly from behind but …. I just waited a few seconds enjoying the visual delight to see her ass and pussy in such a powerful position. She was fully shaved and had a stunning pair of outer lips. I could see from here that she was wet. Her ass was perfectly formed and I could see her anal ring throbbing for my cock. She got nervous, as any second someone could come into the room, I let her wait a little bit further, the seconds that passed must have felt hours for her, I was silent at all times not allowing her to guess what happens next. Leaving her to her own imagination. Then I grabbed her pony tail with my left hand, pulling her head backwards as I reached out between her legs with my right hand, running a finger into her wet pussy, circling twice her clit before pushing once into her and out. I pushed a second finger into her as I junked on her pony tail, making her moan out loud. I let go of her walked around the table and pushed my two fingers into her mouth that were totally covered in her juices. I said … at all times!!! Yes master she replied! I gave her a firm spank on her bare ass and walked out…

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