Humiliation Punishment

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I am a 35-year-old happily married man and I have always been faithful. I do however, have a crush on my wife’s best friend Claire. When we all spend time together with her and her long-term partner, I have to ensure I am not staring at her face, figure or as someone with a foot fetish her feet. Her partner occasionally teases her about her feet because her big toes are slightly wider than most and I look forward to him doing this so I can have a reason to look at them. There is nothing at all wrong with them and I have often fantasised about them.

Claire and Chris have 2 small children and Claire wanted to surprise him for his birthday but with child care issues decided that she would rent a cottage for the weekend in the countryside with a huge garden for the children to play in whilst the 4 of us could have a responsible but boozy weekend. I was excited to be spending 3 days with Claire but also getting away with my wife and getting a chance to relax. The 4 of us get along very well but the attractiveness of Claire is a massive bonus. She is around 5ft 8, slim, with light blonde shoulder length hair, thick black framed glasses and has a quirky look that I like.

The first day we had drinks outside and then in the evening we settled down to play board games in pyjamas. Claire had her feet up on the sofa and I had to snap myself out of staring at them several times and wondered if she had noticed. Importantly my wife hadn’t.

On the Saturday we went out around the village and then around 16:00 we settled again in the garden with some drinks. Everybody looked well relaxed so I took the opportunity to go to the toilet. However, I knew I was actually going to sneak into her room and get my nose in her shoes. When I have been at their house before I have sniffed her socks from the laundry basket in the bathroom or a quick sniff of any shoes laying around.

As soon as I entered the room, I could see the white tennis shoes she had been wearing the day before. I put them straight to my nose but unfortunately there was little scent to them. They were very white and presumably brand new. I was still instantly hard but wanted more. A small pile of worn clothes on the floor next to the suitcase identified her socks which I grabbed but again the new shoes had kept her feet pretty scentless. I replaced the sock to the pile and surprised myself by grabbing some pink, lacey panties.

I opened them and put the skimpy knickers straight to my nose. There was a strong scent from these and they were clearly well worn. I moved the panties up and down from where her pussy and her ass had been and I was so engrossed in the moment I wanted to devour them.

Without thinking of the danger, I took them into the bathroom next door and wanked into the sink whilst clutching them to my nose. I came so quickly and then realised I needed to return them. I cleaned myself up and went out to the landing and listened. All was quiet so I again crept open their bedroom door and headed to the wash pile. As I took the panties out of my pocket the ensuite toilet door opened and Claire looked straight at me. She had come up to pee and recognised I was in the main bathroom and gone there instead. I didn’t know what to do and felt my face go so red and a clear panic struck me. I instantly thought of losing my wife and everything we had built together. I was also stuck in a cottage with my wife, her best friend and partner who would all hate me.

Despite my crush and being a foot perv I do love my wife very much and it all seemed to be over through not being able to control my kink. She looked at me with a very serious expression and asked “what are you doing?”

There wasn’t an explanation, all I could say was how sorry I was. I begged not to say anything and said I would do anything and would never do such a thing again. I imagined she would charge past me and tell everyone but she just stood looking at me. She then approached and said “I’ll have them back” whilst putting her hand out. I passed over the panties and felt shame dripping from every pour.

“I am not about to spoil this weekend or end my best mate’s marriage. The kids love you too but you are going to pay for this. I need to think how but for now don’t even think about coming in here again. Now we’re going to go downstairs and act normal.” She said that dialogue so calmly that I was shocked how quickly she had processed it all.

We returned outside and I went to kick the football with the kids to not be in any conversation. I wasn’t sure how to make small talk after what had happened. Later on, and after several more beers I was able to join in a little more.

Things seemed pretty normal but I was so worried about those words “you’ll pay.” What did she have in mind? A few hours later we were all about ready for bed. I decided to wash up the glasses and few pots whilst people got sorted, mainly to hide away for a minute.

Shortly after Claire came back downstairs and into the kitchen for a glass of water. I handed her a glass and moved aside from the sink. The drinks had massively increased her confidence as she turned off Ataşehir Escort the tap, she looked right at me and with a smirk said “Goodnight pervert.” I again felt humiliated but also a little comforted knowing she was making fun of the situation/me. She then turned and walked off towards the stairway with a confident strut that knew I was I watching.

We were to return home on the Sunday morning and we all said our goodbyes as I drove the wife and I home and Chris drove home Claire and the children. I was quiet on the way home but was able to pass it off as concentrating on the windy country roads.

When I got home, I had a text from Claire. This only ever happened when she wanted ideas for the wife’s birthday or Christmas presents and none were close. I pressed the text with a sense of dread knowing my fate was in her hands. The text read: Wednesday is my none working day. You’ll need to book it off work and be at my house for 9:15 when I get back from taking the kids to school. You’re going to spend a day making it up to me. You will also bring me a bottle of prosecco and strawberries. Don’t dare be late.

I was again shocked by how confident and controlling she was coming across and was a mix of nervous and excited as to what she had planned. Was I going to be a glorified handyman for the day, a cleaner or did she have other things in mind? I knew instantly I was going, I couldn’t risk the consequences.

On the Wednesday morning I got up as normal and dropped my wife off at work before returning home. It was still only 8:00 and Claire’s house was only 15 minutes away. I went to the shop and bought prosecco and strawberries as ordered and then some chocolates.

I waited around the corner from 9:00 to ensure I wasn’t late. Then at bang on 9:15 I went to the back of the house as normal and nervously knocked on the kitchen door. I could see through the glass she was in there and had not been back long as she seemed to be putting some shopping away in her coat.

She opened the door and motioned for me to come in. She told me to take my shoes and coat off, put the shopping in the fridge and bring her through a coffee. She then took off her coat and her boats and walked through the dining room and disappeared into the living room.

I was suddenly so nervous. Her coffee cup was already on the side so I followed the rest of the instructions whilst the kettle boiled. I then made her a cup of coffee and ensured it was properly stirred. I already got the sense that I really oughtn’t piss her off anymore. I took the coffee through being super careful not to spill any. She was sat in her normal chair in the bay window. I sat the coffee down next to her and then looked at her for instruction.

She looked at me and also seemed a little nervous but then said “Wednesday’s are my only chance to watch trashy daytime TV. I want you to be my foot rest whilst I watch the Jeremy Kyle show.” I was so excited by this and wondered if she thought this was a punishment or if she secretly knew I had sniffed her socks and checked out her feet. I got down on my hands and knees immediately in front of her, but she said “no laid down, face up. I want to rest my feet on your face.” I laid down with the top of my head at the bottom of her chair. She popped her socked feet on my face her heels above my eyebrows and her toes towards my mouth.

I inhaled and could tell that her grey socks with multicoloured spots had more scent that those at the cottage. A result either of her boots been well warn or the socks had been used before this morning. She kept her feet there for about twenty seconds and then moved them either side of my face. “No that’s not comfy I want you the other way around. You will have to wriggle yourself under my chair.”

“Ok” I replied getting up and I realised that in the 10 minutes I’d been there that was the first word I had said. I got up and then ungracefully slid myself under her chair. It was a tight fit but I got under as far as I could leaving just my upper chest, neck and face out with my arms down by my side. She put her feet back on my face with her heels resting on my chin and the balls of her feet over my eyes. My nostrils were buried in her socks and I couldn’t see a thing. She wriggled a little and then I felt a sudden force as she pushed herself back into her chair. She then fell still just as the show’s title began.

It was surreal but I was just laid there smelling her feet and offering my face as furniture. There was no talking or acknowledgement from her. Sometimes I was thinking about how I was getting to smell her feet, sometimes listening to the show but also wondering what was to come. The longer I was laid there the more I was thinking is this it for an entire day? A foot stool?

I started to panic. What if she was now reticent and regretting starting this situation. I was finding myself feeling really bad for her that she was now uncomfortable. However, as soon as the theme music signalled the end of the second part my fears were completely allayed. There was a wriggle on my face as she edged herself to the front of Kadıköy Escort the chair.

Then without a word her feet parted to either side of my face and she promptly leaned forward and let out a large amount of spit onto my face. It had obviously been collecting as whilst it first hit my left cheek there was enough remaining for her to carry it on and over the right side of my face. I was completely shocked and could feel it starting to run down towards the top of my neck but she then quickly scooped the bottom of the running spit with the top of her feet and pushed her feet back up my face and rubbed the now wet sock all around my face. I could smell the spit being pushed back and forth over my nose with a clear scent of coffee in there and then her feet returned to the previous position and rested.

She then pushed back in her chair again without saying a word. I now knew I was her total slave for the day and she was more than comfortable with that. For the second half of the show I lay there with the spit drying to my face. There was a bit more foot wriggling at times and the dampness of the sock was bringing out the foot scent.

I was so excited under her feet and her command but was still nervous about what else was ahead. I know the show finishes at 10:30 and she was not due to go on the school run until 14:45. I was also aware that I was rock hard. Having her feet pushed around my face I knew would excite me but I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by her spitting on my face. It was so humiliating having her look over me and do that and I clearly loved it. I just couldn’t believe how this had all developed.

As the show finished her feet again promptly separated and left my head allowing the light of day to penetrate my eyes. She looked over me and said “right, you go and make me another coffee now whilst I get ready for what’s next.” As I started to leave the room, I quickly glanced to see her bringing a proper footstool close to her chair. I put the kettle on and rinsed her cup out.

It dawned on me that I needed the toilet although I knew it would be difficult with the raging hard on I had. I went back through and like a child asked “Claire can I pop to the loo please?”

“You can but hurry up and don’t think about going through the laundry basket as there is nothing in there.” I replied “thank you” and sheepishly left the room realising I would probably never shed the reputation of a panty sniffer.

I managed to pee and then went to finish the coffee. I again carefully carried it though and placed it next to her. She said “I’d also like some toast and marmalade so go and do me two slices. Also, I don’t want you address me as Claire today. As you’re here to serve me today you can call me either Princess Claire, Goddess Claire or Mistress Claire. Which do you choose?”

“Goddess Claire?” I answered nervously.

“Fair enough” was her reply before adding “I guess as you’ve worshipped my kickers and you’ve been at my feet, so that works well.” I took the fact that she liked my answer as some weird validation and then went through to the kitchen to make her toast.

I was again nervous to get the toast right and get the right mixture of butter and marmalade which again showed how submissive I was to her right now. As I took the toast through, she was now sat back with her feet on the footstool. I handed her the toast and said “there you go Goddess Claire.” She took the toast and then told me to rub her feet whilst she ate her toast. She had switched the TV other to the radio channels and was listening to Radio 2.

I kneeled in front of her and started to massage her right foot. She seemed to immediately like it and pushed back further into the chair taking a bite of the toast. She ate the toast in silence whilst I worked on her feet. She left the crusts and then sat the plate to the side.

“I need to tell you that you have made one error so far today. All errors equal punishments later.”

“What did I do?” I asked quite shocked that I’d done something wrong and wondering what equalled a punishment.

“That’s two as we agreed you will address me as Goddess Claire. The first error was not asking how I wanted my toast cut.”

I wasn’t sure where to go from that. My worrying about making the toast was clearly justified. “Sorry Goddess Claire” was all I could muster as I put more encouragement into the massage.

“Take my socks off now. I want you worship my feet. Kiss, lick and smell every single bit of them. You can start by sucking on my toes that you all take the piss out of.” I gently removed her left sock and thought that maybe she doesn’t know of my foot fetish. Maybe this is getting back at us all, but mainly Chris for mocking her feet. I felt terrible that she may have insecurities about her beautiful feet but saw this as a great opportunity to make up for it and to worship them. I then took off her right sock and I soon as I put it down, I bent down and sucked straight on her right big toe twirling my tongue all around it. I spent what seemed like a while but was probably 30 seconds on that toe Bostancı Escort before moving on to the next one.

Every time I switched toe, I made sure I licked fully in-between that one and the one I was on previously and lapped up a few bits of dirt and sock fluff which I happily swallowed. Once I had sucked on all he toes on her right foot I lifted her foot a little and sucked and licked her heel before giving long licks from the bottom to the top of her feet.

As I licked all the way up to the top of her toes, I made eye contact with her for the first time and her face was a picture. A mixture enjoyment, power and surprise at how eager I was following her instructions by lapping at her feet. I quickly broke the eye contact as a further wave of humiliation hit home and angled my head over her foot to land kisses on the top of her foot and her ankle.

After ensuring I had covered all her foot, I went to the toes on the left foot again starting by sucking on the big toe. I instantly removed quite a large bit of dirt from under the toe nail but ensured my face did not give anything away. I again bobbed up and down on every toe and covered all her foot. For some reason the arches on her left foot seemed a little smellier and tasted saltier but this was not an issue to me and did not defuse my enthusiasm to doing a good job and pleasing Goddess Claire. Once I felt I had covered both feet I eased back from my position and looked at her awaiting my next instruction.

“That was actually really good. You looked like you enjoyed that. You really do worship your Goddess don’t you.” It appeared to be a rhetorical question as she began getting up. “I am going to the loo. My boots are in the dining room that I will be wearing later. I want you to go and clean them the same way you cleaned my feet. Every bit of them.”

“Yes, Goddess Claire” as I followed her out of the living room. I went and sat down next to her boots and picked up the right one and started licking the front of the boot where some dirt has splashed up a bit and then worked around the sides. Higher up on the boot was clean but I still did some licking to give it a shine.

Realising she had said all of them I turned the boot over and it was pretty dirty. It had been raining through the night and the boot was still wet with large mucky parts. I took a deep breath and started licking the sole of the boot clean. I could feel the dirt and small specks of grit coating my tongue. I cleaned the block heel and then ran my tongue through the small grooves at the front. I then picked up the other boot and followed the same pattern. I turned that boot over and if anything, it was dirtier than the first one. As I started licking, I heard Goddess Claire step off the bottom step and turn into the dining room. She must have snuck down to inspect how I was doing as I didn’t hear the toilet flush or her coming down the rest of the stairs.

“Oh my god you’re licking the bottoms! That’s gross. Ten out of ten for effort though.”

“You said all of them Goddess Claire”

“Yeah, I suppose I did and its better than me having mucky shoes on the carpet. I might get you to do all my other shoes later. Carry on with that one.” She walked over and picked up the boot I had done and looked at the underside. “Wow. Let me see your tongue.” I pushed out my tongue and she wrinkled her nose and pulled a cute ‘eurgh’ face. As cute as it was, I was again hit by humiliation. “Finish that one off and then bring through the bottle of prosecco and two glasses.”

I finished making the boot spotless and cast it aside. I got out the bottle and located two glasses. I wanted a drink of water but daren’t without being told to so I went through to the room and put down the bottle and two glasses.

“Open it and pour me a glass.”

I opened the prosecco praying it didn’t spill out but thankfully it didn’t. I poured a glass and handed it to her wondering what the other glass was for. She then interjected “I had an idea for one of your punishments and since your tongue is full of dirt it seems perfect now.” She reached down the side of the chair and brought out a plastic jug with what was clearly piss in it. “I think the lack of flush caught you unawares earlier, the reason for that was I was worried about you being thirsty while we have fun, so I collected this for you. Pour yourself a glass now.” She handed the jug over to me and I poured it as instructed. I didn’t have similar fears of it over spilling like the bubbles previously. I had never drunk piss despite watching some watersport porn but at this stage I was fully submissive.

“Have a good smell. I would have a toast with you, but I don’t want my drink contaminated.” She then had a drink of her prosecco and told me to get started. I had a similar sized drink of her pee as she had of her drink. Even though it tasted bitter and unpleasant I swilled it around my mouth to clean up my tongue. Goddess Claire saw this and laughed. “You really are an obedient slave aren’t you?” That resonated in my mind as although I’d known I was serving her as a slave, hearing her say that confirmed my position. I glimpsed at the time and it was 11:30. I had been here just over 2 hours and I was already a complete sub to her, not questioning any demand. I had been a foot stool, been spat on, cleaned feet, cleaned dirty boots and was now sipping a posh glass of pee.

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