H’s Story

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She was suddenly unsure she could go through with this. But it was far too late to get out of it now as she stood there behind the partition in the hotel conference room (why was the air conditioning turned on SO high), naked, her hands cuffed behind her, a ball gag in her mouth, and her eyes covered by a thick, black, blindfold. She was in a line of 9 other submissives to be sold but she had no idea where in the line she was.

She had seen nothing since they put the blindfold on her in the limousine that picked her up from the airport. She had been driven to the hotel and led out by, she supposed, the pretty woman that she met at the airport. She was afraid of who might see her blindfolded like that but she didn’t hear anyone react as she was led into a room and prepared…

“Strip,” she was told firmly but not harshly.

She would be spoken to only in single word commands for the next hour. She did as she was instructed quickly but a little clumsily since she couldn’t see. In what seemed like a flurry of activity she was bathed and dried, powdered and perfumed, made up and primped before having the ball gag and cuffs added. When she was lead out of the room, she could hear other people that seemed to be with the other submissives since, from one or two of them, she heard muffled whimpers and someone speaking calming words to them.

She knew they had entered the conference room when she could hear the voices of many people talking and she almost panicked remembering that she was naked and they would see her. Her handler seemed to sense her anxiety and whispered in your ear.

“They can’t see you… yet.”

The smile in her voice when she said the last word was obvious.

Then she heard the announcer speak.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Masters and Mistresses, Lords and Ladies, it is time for inspections, please line up at the right side of the stage in order of your numbers.”

The conversation subsided and she was led forward and told, “step up, there are five steps.” She tried to calm her breathing as she moved up the steps but her mind was spinning. She could hear the voices of those who would be bidding on her and the others making comments, though she couldn’t tell which were meant for her.

“Mmmmm, there is a VERY spankable ass.”

“I don’t know, that’s a bit on the skinny side for my tastes.”

“Ooooh, now THAT one I MUST have.”

She was stopped and told to stand still and obey any commands given and to try not to react when they touched her. Touched her? Oh no, she couldn’t possibly bear that.

She must have been about halfway down the line because it was a minute or so before the first people reached her but not too long. She was caressed and gently pinched, ordered to turn and bend over and kneel and stand. They were so impersonal touching her in such personal places that she became less anxious and just concentrated on obeying quickly to make a good impression. That is, until “he” stepped up. She couldn’t see or hear him, he was silent, guiding her movements with a gentle hand. But she swore she could feel his presence. And then, just before he left, he leaned towards her and she could smell his cologne and feel his warm breath against her neck as she whispered so quietly but confidently.

“You’re mine.”

She couldn’t remember the rest of the inspection but it she heard the auctioneer start the auction. He gave each submissive’s age and any hard limits they had and asked for an initial bid. She had no idea what the subs looked like or whether they were male or female. All she knew is the final price paid. Some bidders called out when they bid but, apparently, some used a gesture of some kind.

Then it was her turn, she was gently guided forward and led to a different part of the stage, her age and limits were announced and, to her surprise, several people immediately shouted out opening bids. She didn’t have time to feel shocked or surprised as the bids rose rapidly. In a little while, there was just one voice shouting out and, apparently, one of the silent bidders bidding against them. She could hear the voice becoming more agitated and frustrated and she could not believe the price being said by the auctioneer.

Finally, with a loud curse, the vocal bidder stopped and the auctioneer pronounced her sold. She was led off the stage and to, she supposed, the one who had purchased her. When she got near, she immediately recognized his scent and felt the strength of his presence. His lips brushed her ear and she shuddered when he spoke to her.

“I told you that you were mine.”

He was silent as they walked down the hall, his hand still firm but comfortably on her arm. They stopped and she could hear him unlock a door.

“Would you like a chaperone? I would not be at all offended if you did. Nod or shake your head, please”.

She shook her head without hesitation, following her feelings more than her head. He led her forward and she heard the door close behind her. Still silent, he undid her gag and unlocked the handcuffs.

“Close your eyes, please,” görükle escort he said quietly before removing her blindfold. After a few seconds and from behind her, he calmly spoke again.

“You may open your eyes now.”

The room was dimly lit and she had a few moments to look around as he helped her put on a very soft and comfortable robe that came down to her mid thigh. He took her hand and led her to a big overstuffed chair in the corner.

“Now, we have some things to talk about but first, are you hungry? Would you like something to drink?”

She shakes her head, eyes lowered, still silent as she hasn’t been given permission to speak or make eye contact. Still, she can hear the smile in his voice when he speaks.

“We need to work out the details of our, for want of a better word ‘situation’. In order to do that, we need to be, at this point, equals. I want you to feel free to speak, look at me, even ask for anything that might make you feel more comfortable. And, for now, I want you to call me Gary. What would make you most comfortable for me to call you?”

She told him her middle name, still not comfortable enough to tell him her “real” name but she didn’t want to lie to him.

“Thank you. Would you like to get dressed? I have some sweats here that should fit you and I’ve had the clothing you wore when you arrived brought to the room as well.”

She told him she was fine in the robe, though she actually felt a little self-conscious, because she also felt a little sexy wearing just that.

For the next few minutes they just talked, like a first date, about the weather, their likes and dislikes, he got them something to drink from the minibar and commented on how expensive it was. Then, gently, he moved the conversation to what she was looking for as a slave, her desires and limits and goals. He took careful notes and, at one point, went over a long form of fetishes with her, asking her how she felt about each one in turn. It turned out that she really didn’t need to say though as he could tell from her face when he said the words how she felt.

When she noticed the clock next, it had been over two hours since her blindfold had been removed. He put down his pen and looked over his notes and the form.

“Anything else you’d like to discuss before we get started?”

“Get started,” she thought and it all hit her again: what she had done, what she would now have to do. She asked for a few minutes alone and he said he understood completely and asked how long she needed. When she hesitated, he suggested 15 minutes. She thought sounded about right so she nodded. He smiled at her, a warm and comforting smile and, in a gesture that had more of an effect on her than she would have thought, rose and kissed her hand before leaving the room.

She was alone now. He had told her that her clothes were here. She could get dressed and leave. He might be in the hall but with the adrenaline she felt flooding through her, she was sure she could outrun an Olympic sprinter at this moment.

Instead, she closed her eyes and breathed deeply… one… two… three… four. Each breath calmed her and helped her focus. She had wanted this, desperately wanted, no NEEDED, this for as long as she could remember. And he was, as far as she could tell, everything she had wanted but hadn’t known she had and nothing that she feared. She breathed in deeply and willed her inner strength to the fore pushing back her fears and opening her to whatever was to come. This was her dream, her desire, her destiny and she would experience it fully without hesitation.

Smiling and opening her eyes, she looked at the clock. She had one minute left. She took off the robe and knelt on the floor in the middle of the room, hands behind her back, and head down and waited for his return… anxiously and without fear.

She heard the door open and saw the light from the hallway as he entered. The door closed and she heard him walk towards her.

“I am pleased,” he said, walking around her slowly.

“There is much I want to teach you… show you… release from within you.”

He paused. She continued to breathe though it took thought for her to do so.

“But first, I want to be certain we are in complete agreement. You are giving yourself to me by your own will out solely of the desire to do so. Is that correct?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Continue,” he said.

“I give myself to you by my own will solely out of my desire to do so.”

“And you give yourself to me completely, in every way, denying me nothing. Is that correct?”

“Yes. I give myself to you completely, in every way, denying you nothing,” she replied feeling herself grow more excited as the words left her mouth.

Suddenly, he was in front of her, lifting her head by her hair, his thick, hard cock out and in front of her face.

“You are mine,” he said, in a voice filled with lust and desire and raw, animal energy. He pushed her back, roughly, onto the floor, pushing himself between her legs görükle escort bayan and entering her in one powerful thrust. She screamed out, not in terror or fear but in an eruption of her desire and relinquishing of her power to him.

He fucked her, there was no other word for it, hard and fast, moaning and grunting and pulling her onto him as much as pushing himself into her. She could not help but respond, clinging to him desperately and thrusting her hips.

“You are mine!” he growled into her ear. And again, “You are MINE!”

She felt he expected a response, “I am yours,” she breathed.

“Louder,” he said.”

“I AM YOURS!” she cried out as she felt him swell inside her and felt herself contract around him. The sensation was beyond any she could have even dreamed; the complete abandonment freed her to feel that which she denied herself for so long. It swept through her, wave after wave, each time more powerful and earth shattering. And then, somehow, she was in his arms, curled up on his lap, still naked but more comfortable and safe than she had ever been in her life.

She had no idea how long they remained like that. She only knew the warmth and security she felt. She must have fallen asleep though because the next conscious memory she had was of him carrying her across the room to the bed. He sat her on the edge of the bed, turned on a couple of lights, and crouched down beside her, stroking her hair and smiling at her.

“If you’ll give me just a minute, you can freshen up and we’ll get continue. OK?”

She nodded, still a little out of it and watched him walk away. She already thought she was extremely lucky in who had bought her but, looking at his butt… and blushing, she was even gladder. Looking around the room, it seemed like every other hotel room she’d ever been in except, obviously, more expensive. She heard the bathroom door open and he walked back towards her smiling again.

“Take as long as you like, my little sweet one.”

She blushed again and kept her head down as she walked, feeling very naked now, to the bathroom with him watching her closely all the way. She cleaned herself up and spent some time fixing her hair and face, realizing after she was done that the brush and “girl thing” laid out on the counter must be his doing. She looked at herself in the mirror wondering what anyone, let alone he, saw in her then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and walked back out, keeping her eyes down. She crossed the room to where he sat reading and knelt beside him with her hands in her lap.

He set down the book and kissed her on the top of the head.

“Very good, my little sweet one. Kneeling beside me is how I want you whenever you haven’t been given any other command. We need to adjust your position a bit though.”

He instructed her in what he called the default position: kneeling, on her toes, resting her weight on her heels, knees spread shoulder width apart, hands behind her back, her right hand holding her left wrist. He told her that, as she progressed, the position would be adjusted to a more advanced and difficult one.

He asked her to move to the center of the room. She began to stand but he stopped her.

“No, on your knees with your hands behind you, my little sweet one. You are never to stand or walk without explicit direction to do so. Is that understood, my little sweet one?”

She nodded.

“No. Say it.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied, louder than she had intended, purposefully making sure the capital letter could be heard clearly.

He began to lead her through a series of positions, each with a name and very specific instructions. Every one followed by encouragement and praise. At one point, he opened a drawer and she felt something touch her. In a moment, she could see it was a crop. She was afraid, at first, she had failed him already and she was to be beaten but he only used it to guide her body into the absolutely perfect positions.

With her eyes down, she couldn’t see the clock but it seemed like hours that they worked on them. It got to the point where he would say a position’s name and she would shift into it without having to think and, soon after that, he no longer needed to adjust her.

“I knew you would be a natural, my little sweet one,” he said as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. She could feel herself blush, not just her face but her entire body. He chuckled. “And that just makes you all the more attractive, my little sweet one. Please sit on the edge of the bed.”

She complied, stealing a glimpse of him as he turned to open another drawer and retrieve several bundles of rope. He unfurled one and held her arm out slightly and began wrapping the rope around it.

“You may look at me, my little sweet one. Do you have any questions about anything at this point? Anything at all?”

She shook her head. He wrapped and tied each wrist with practiced skill and careful attention to detail while explaining to her his preference for this particular rope material and how he bursa escort “just didn’t trust anyone else” to condition his rope. She had no idea what that meant but the rope did not feel at all rough against her skin and it put up no resistance to his efforts. When he had finished, she had rope wrapped in a wide span at each extremity and two long tethers hanging from each.

“Lay back on the bed and spread your arms and legs, my little sweet one,” he said.

She complied and he began tying the tethers to each corner, explaining that they were going to work on her control now. He explained that, whatever he did to her while she was in this position, she was to try not to react in any way. He emphasized “try”. He told her that he knew she wouldn’t be able to stop herself at first but that he would work with her and that he was sure she’d improve quickly. He said the ropes were to help her and that he would be gagging and blindfolding her as well, at first.

From a drawer, he took a small linen towel the he had folded several times. He had her open her mouth and he placed it inside, a little farther than was really comfortable but not so far as to make her gag. He then picked up the blindfold she had been wearing when they arrived in the room and looked it over with obvious disappointment.

“Not bad, though, for what we pay, it could be better.”

He opened a drawer and pulled out a long silken scarf. Smiling as he walked towards her, he gently turned her head to the side, wrapped it around her face, and tied it behind her head. Unlike the blindfold from before, it let in a little light but she really couldn’t see anything.

“Now, he said, let’s begin.”

She heard music, soft classical music and felt him sit down next to her on the bed. He touched her face, caressing her cheek.

“So beautiful,” he said softly, letting his fingers move along her jaw and a finger trace across her ear and down her neck. As that hand followed her shoulder down her arm, the other was letting its fingers stroke patterns over her breasts. Her mind fought to follow both but when his touch grazed her nipple that won out. She moaned through the gag in spite of herself. He obviously noticed as one of his fingers began to trace lazy circles around her nipple and she felt the warmth of his mouth on the other.

This time, she moaned without any pretense of stopping herself. He sucked and licked and bit and touched and caressed and pinched and twisted her nipples and only them for untold minutes, never letting either be idle for even a second. Then, suddenly when those two tiny spots on her body were all she could sense, she felt cold metal against both and the pinch of clamps. This time, she screamed into the gag as the pain stabbed through her. As the pain subsided to a dull ache and her breath calmed, he leaned down to her ear.

“I enjoyed that a great deal. Did you, my little sweet one?”

As the metal of the clamps warmed to her skin temperature, his fingers traced their way around her breasts and down your stomach, sliding to the side and caressing her hips. Down her thighs they went, so slowly that she could barely tell they were moving at times. She longed for him to touch here “there”, felt she’d do anything for just one finger grazing the wetness between her legs but feared it might be enough, at this point, to take her over the edge. She was certain that would be a violation and, while she was curious what the punishment would be, she did not want to experience it, not when this was so wonderful.

He obviously had other ideas, she tried to concentrate on the sensations he was giving her but he seemed to have more than 10 fingers, more than two hands, more than one mouth. His touch, his caress, his kisses and licks, the continued in the most mundane of places but with an amazing effect. She was as awake and alert as she had ever been but so completely relaxed and calm at the same time. She was able to focus a little when he sucked on her fingers and toes gently. It wasn’t an entirely good or bad sensation but it was new and somehow, the way he did it, she knew it was very naughty.

Then, slowly, tenderly, his fingers slid up her thigh, leaning down to speak to her softly.

“No matter what I do, my little sweet one, you are not to orgasm. Nod if you understand.”

She nodded, as she understood, but she was sure that the first time he touched her… there… she would not be able to control herself. His fingers reached the top of her thigh, sliding up one side of her wetness and down the other. She fought for control with everything she had, her breath coming in short, rapid bursts. He laid his hand between her legs, letting one finger rest in the center against her core. She squinted her eyes and involuntarily tried to closer her legs but the ropes held fast. She felt it welling up inside her as his finger began to slide up and down just a tiny bit, the pressure increasing slightly. No. She would not fail him, not now. She pushed her mind elsewhere, doing alphabetical lists in her head and listening hard for the music. She would win over her desires, her needs. His finger shifted now, circling within the soft folds of flesh and pressing down harder. She began to lose control, her hips rising, her arms and straining at her bonds and then, suddenly, he stopped and withdrew his hand.

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