“How’s It Goin?”

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My smart phone toned with a new text message.

I opened it.

Russell ~ Stone Island

“Hows it goin”.

I felt the jolt of arousal, my nipples stiffened.

I replied.


His answer popped back in.


I was Russell’s cocksucker on demand.

I made an excuse to my wife to run to Home Depot for…something… and went out the door, breathing a little hard.

I took a minute to delete his texts along with mine.

I had ran an ad on Craig’s List more than a year ago, before Craigs list shut down their personal ads…

Older Man Wants to Service Younger Man

I got a half dozen replies, and sorted out the flakes along with the crazies, leaving…Russell.

Thinking back to the number of times that I sucked his cock, I realized I had lost count. More than 24 times?

Russell was a 33 year old married guy with two kids.

I don’t think he was even Bi must less gay. He was just horny and was all about getting his cock sucked.

That worked out for me, because I was all about sucking cock.

He was aggressive, and at times literally fucked my mouth with his 6 inch cock, coming in under 5 minutes.

Somehow, that is what I wanted, what I needed?

Who knows.

It worked for both of us.

It was like ringing the bell for the dogs, they started drooling when the bell rang because they knew it meant food. When “How’s it goin”, hit my phone, I knew Russell wanted his cock sucked.

I became aroused, my nipples stiffened, I started licking my lips. Weird, but that’s what canlı bahis şirketleri happened every time after the first few times.

I guess to me “Hows it goin” meant food for my raw need.

As I drove to his house, (His wife worked) I thought about some of the more notable times he used me.

Flashes on me sitting on the floor, my head against the side of the bed, Russell standing, straddling my legs, his fingers tangled in my hair, holding my head guiding my mouth, fucking my throat, me no choice.

Thinking about me laying on my back on the bed, my head hanging over the edge, Russell standing close, one or both of his hands around my neck, occasionally using one hand to work my nipples over while the other stayed on my neck, taking deep strokes into my mouth and hitting the back of my throat gagging me, fucking my mouth like it was a dirty cunt until he exploded in orgasm.

I loved it!

A few times I almost tapped out as it was a little overwhelming, but each time realizing, I couldn’t stop him if I wanted too. He was driven to cum.

No choice.

Before, and while I was sucking him, he would reach over, and grab one or both of my nipples, pinching them hard!

When he did that, I moaned with the pain and sucked him even harder, more, deeper.

A learned experience for both of us.

The last 6 or 8 times, I worked on coaching him. Telling him to work them hard, then soft, then hard. The pain enhancing the pleasure.

My nipples have always been a source of pleasurable sensation for me.

Having someone work them canlı kaçak iddaa over as I was sucking cock is an awesome experience.

A goal for me would be to convince Russell, to work my nipples over, while I stroked my cock until I exploded, then to suck him off.

My treat, his treat.

I pulled into his driveway, with my heart beating a little faster. Knowing that I was going to get what I needed.

Russell met me as I walked into the open overhead garage door. He only had shorts on and was barefoot.

He had a lot of tats all over his masculine body.

I followed him into a bedroom as I was pulling off my t shirt.

I usually always kept my cargo shorts on.

I stepped up close to Russell, each of us reaching for the nipples on the other one. I felt the jolt of pain as he pinched both nipples tight. My fingers were on his nipples, and then dropped down to his cock as he stepped out of his shorts, standing naked in front of me, waiting to be serviced by his cocksucker.


I leaned over and licked and sucked his tight nipples, his one hand went to the back of my head pulling me close to his chest, while the other hand continued to work over and pinch my nipples hard, which made me groan. The price he paid to be serviced was to work me over roughly, and he does.

He lay back on the bed, spreading his legs, with a smile on his face.

I climbed up on the bed and continued to work his nipples over with my fingers and my mouth. Brushing against his hard cock. As I did that, occasionally he reached over and worked my hard canlı kaçak bahis nipples over roughly.

I dropped my mouth down to his cock. I licked it with long licks which he loved. Then I settled into feasting on his balls, taking both of them into my mouth, sucking, licking them, as I slowly jacked him with my hand.

He grabbed my hair, pulled my face up, and thrust his hard cock deep into my throat. I took it all.

He held my head with both hands as his hips pushed hard upwards, and then back down, full length strokes, fucking my mouth. This went on for a couple of minutes.

He brought up both legs, resting his calves on my shoulders. For the first time as I was sucking his cock, I pushed my thumb into his tight ass.

He thrust harder into my mouth, roughly pushing my head down hard, mashing my lips against his groin.

Russell spoke with a rusty voice, “lick my ass”

I did. Also a first.

My mouth, tongue and lips, licked his upturned ass, then taking long licks, licked his ass, his balls, up the length of his cock to the head, again and again and again.

He could only take this for a short bit of time, until he grabbed my head tangling his fingers in my hair, which I loved, and shoved his cock deep into my mouth, entering my throat, and climaxed, cumming in long spurts of semen, me swallowing and swallowing.

Then he was done.

Once he came, it was over. It was like a switch turned off. I had done what he needed.

I didn’t mind at all. I loved being used like that, being desired by him, building his arousal until he exploded.

He told me that my blow jobs were the best he had ever had. I took the compliment.

He was done, I cleaned up, went home and thought about what we had done the rest of the day.

Waiting until the next.

“How’s it goin”?

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