How Was Your Day?

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She drops her keys down on the table by the front door as she walks into the room. Another long week is over and she’s mentally drained. Kicking her shoes off, she pulls her skirt up and starts peeling her hose off, promising herself they’ll stay off until her alarm blares Monday morning.

Tossing her purse to the floor she staggers lazily through the living room into the kitchen. Grabbing a glass out of the cabinet she pours herself a glass of wine and takes a long savoring sip. She throws her head back, closing her eyes enjoying that first sigh of relief since she’d left her office.

He’s watched her every step since she came through the door, she’s lovely with her head thrown back, eyes closed. He slowly walks up behind her placing one hand over her mouth while grabbing the other with the wine to steady the glass from spilling. With his mouth next to her ear he whispers “shh… don’t move.” She has gone stiff, not making a sound.

He removes his hand from her mouth, now he isn’t touching her at all, but she can feel the heat from his body very close behind her. He takes the glass from her hand and places it on the bar beside her. She doesn’t make a move, her arm still held up from holding the glass. He traces his fingertips back up her arm and slowly caresses the skin right under her ear, down her neck. Barely touching the skin. She doesn’t make a move except slowly lowering her arm to her side. He leans into her back and she can feel his arousal pushing into the small of her back, she let’s out a small whimper.

Now his lips are back near her ear, she can feel his breath, it’s warm and she begins to tingle. He whispers again “Lean up, on the bar.” She does as she’s told, moving the few inches it takes until her stomach is touching the bar. He moves too and is still barely touching her, but she can feel his hardness, she knows he wants her. He takes his hands and gently touches her shoulders, moving them down her arms and back up until his fingertips brush the sides of her breasts. He stops there, leaving his fingers touching her.

Again she tenses, her breasts are reacting, her nipples are tightening and tingling. She wants this, oh God, she needs this. His mouth moves back to her ear and gently his tongue traces the outside, his gaziantep escort reklamları breath still warm. Lifting his arm from her side he moves her hair back from her neck, now his mouth is on her neck, she let’s out a moan and throws her head back into him. He grabs her hair and pushes her head back down, he continues to trace her neck with tiny little kisses. He whispers, “Do you like this?”

She doesn’t answer, she simply nods her head. He releases her hair and moves his hand down to touch right above her knee, resting it there, teasing her. He rubs the muscle in her leg then slowly moves his hand up her thigh, pulling her skirt up as he does. He slowly moves his hand until he can feel the heat from her body. Using one finger he traces her panty line, again she lets out a moan, this one comes from deep inside her. She’s on fire now, she needs him to touch her. He gently slides his hand into the leg of her panties and cups her pussy, feeling the heat.

She arches her back into him parting her legs, silently begging him to touch her. Using his middle finger her gently taps on her lips, never touching her clit, that is swollen and sticking out from between them. She wiggles into him, breathing heavy, sighing loudly.

Leaving his hand still he is in her ear again, “Do you like this? Is this what you want?”

“Yes …” she moans. Her breath is hard and quick.

“Tell me what you want.” he whispers.

She moans loudly and presses into him, spreading her legs open, lifting one slightly off the ground to offer him her pussy. He doesn’t move.

Still in her ear he laughs softly, “Can’t speak? Well, your body is speaking loudly. I think you want me to touch your pussy.”

“Umm…” she moans, still pressing against him.

He quickly takes his hand away from her and moves them up to the top of her panties, grabbing the top he roughly rips the dainty lace and throws them to the floor. Now she’s really panting, pressing her ass back into him. He pushes her into the bar and rubs one ass cheek with his hand while holding her bent over on her chest. He slaps her ass cheek, once gently then again a little harder.

She’s so wet she feels the juices running down the inside of her leg. She doesn’t want him to stop. He can do anything he wants with her. Taking his hand he gently opens her cheeks, then slowly he rubs one finger down her ass over her hole. She’s moaning now, non stop, low guttural noises. Almost like an animal.

He thinks she is part animal. He takes his finger and touches her again, this time grazing her pussy, slipping one finger inside. He feels her tighten around her, he pushes deeper.

“Yes .. Oh God yes ..” she’s moans.

He takes his finger out, tastes her juices, she’s so wet and hot. The heat nearly burns him. He puts his finger back in and moves it in and out slowly. She’s squeezing him, pulsating around his finger. Again he takes his finger out, this time putting it to her lips, she sucks it in licking it like she does his cock. Tasting herself on his finger. He loves when she does this. He moves his finger back to her pussy, this time he puts two fingers inside her. God she’s so wet. He takes his fingers out and slides them over her asshole, teasing it, tapping on it. He keeps putting his fingers inside her and then out to her asshole until she’s making noises that really only animals do. He wets his fingers one more time and goes back to her pink ass, gently he slips the finger inside her. He pulls it out and slips it inside again. It’s so tight, his cock is so hard.

She begs him, “Please.”

He doesn’t ask what, he doesn’t have to, he knows. He pushes his finger back inside her ass, she is so tight and she’s squeezing his finger.

“Touch yourself”, he demands of her. She doesn’t argue, she quickly touches her clit, rubs up and down her lips, then back to her clit again. She presses into it and starts rubbing it hard. He loves when she touches herself, he continues to pump her ass with his fingers. She starts to scream, she’s coming. She starts moving her ass all around, pressing into his fingers, he can feel her convulsing.

He reaches around with his other hand and feels her breasts through her lace bra, her nipples are hard. They get so tight and hard when she comes. He loves this. He caresses her breasts and watches as she returns from her trip. She starts to get still, and he slowly removes his fingers. She collapses onto the bar, her legs are trembling, her breath is quick and heavy.

He moves his fingers back to her pussy lips and continues to rub her clit slowly. She moans and stays still. He flicks her clit and rubs it hard and quick. Her breath is heavy now, coming in short gasps between her moans, she’s so hot. She’s ready to get fucked. She reaches back and grabs his cock. She’s not finished yet. She has to feel him inside of her. He continues to tease her clit and then slides his fingers into her pussy. She’s still so wet. He loves how hot she gets.

Again she moans, her breath quick and ragged, “Please”.

She reaches back and grabs his cock. He’s so hard. She grabs onto him and moves her hand up and down it, squeezing it. She runs her fingertips over the tiny opening at the tip and feels the wetness. This drives her crazy, she knows he’s turned on. He loves to make her come. He loves to watch her come. She’s so like an animal.

She can’t wait any longer, she grabs his cock and guides it to her pussy. She wants him inside her, she needs him to fuck her. He wants the same and pushes his cock into her roughly making her take all of him, pressing her into the bar.

Her moans are screams now, “Oh God, yes please fuck my pussy, give me that cock, yes … yes … yes …” he continues to push his cock in and out of her, she still screams. Now you can’t even make out her words, she’s like an animal growling, almost howling in pain. She’s coming, juices gushing out of her, his cock is buried deep inside of her.

He continues … pushing and pushing and pushing. She’s grinding her ass into him, trying to take every inch. He’s panting now, his breath is heavy. He slams his cock into her convulsing pussy and he can’t hold it any longer, he comes deep inside of her, continuing to slam into her, feeling her pussy convulse in orgasm at the same moment his juices are flowing out into her. He collapses into her, pushing them both onto the bar.

Their breath is coming in gasps now. Their hearts are pounding loudly. Their legs are shaking, barely holding them up. Slowly, they begin to relax, he slips from her. Wet, running down both their legs. They begin to move apart and stand up.

He turns her toward him. Looks at her beautiful face, kisses her, once, twice, his tongue playing games with hers. They pull apart and give each other a smile and she giggles. He looks her in the eye and says, “Hey baby, how was your day?”

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