How my wife became a Hotwife Part 3

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How my wife became a Hotwife Part 3So to catch you up from part 2….Bonnie and I were at our friends house attending a bbq. The part was an opportunity for my wife to show off her new swimsuit and pinup look…and boy did she. She looked incredible and garnered almost all of the attention from the male party goers. In particular, a neighbor of our friends named Hank…who Bonnie and Sharon had run into two weeks prior but Bonnie had left out that detail. Hank was a few years older than us and was a pilot for a local airline. He was tall with rugged good looks and lots of charm. It seemed as if my wife was the focus of his attention. I didn’t mind all that much…Bonnie looked great and she deserved the attention. I had left off in part 2 where Sharon and Bonnie came inside to cool off and hang out in the downstairs bar. Some of the guests had left and Jake, Sharon’s cuckold husband, and I were shooting pool. As I had said before, I was unaware of what happen next until Bonnie filled me in some two weeks after the party. Bonnie and Sharon ventured downstairs to the bar…well it is more like a personal night club including dance floor large sofas and incredible sound system. The room overlooks the entire backyard and pool. Sharon went behind the bar and mixed her and Bonnie another drink…lost track of how many drinks at this point. Sharon turns on some dance music and begins to dance by herself on the dance floor. She is obviously feeling good. Sharon is dancing and looking out at the pool. She calls out to Bonnie that she absolutely must come and see what she is looking at. “What is it” Bonnie asks…”come see for yourself” Sharon replied. Bonnie walks over to the dance floor and quickly sees what has Sharon’s attention. Hank was swimming laps in Sharon’s pool, The two of them seemed to be mesmerized by this. When Hank climbed out of the pool Bonnie got a excellent view of his chiseled body, not to mention the bulge in his swim trunks. Bonnie broke from her trance şişli escort to notice that Sharon was lightly caressing herself. Bonnie lets out…”oh my…he is gorgeous”. Sharon responds with “you have no idea sweetie”. With that the two ladies regain their focus and start to dance together. This goes on for a few minutes when the French doors to the bar open up and Hank walks in. He has this devilish grin on his face…not to mention he is soaking wet. Hank saunters up to Sharon and starts to dance. The song changes and they really start to grind on each other. Bonnie is watching and dancing to. Hanks hands are rubbing all over Sharon’s body Sharon turns around and faces Bonnie. She backs her ass into Hanks pelvis and reaches back to Hanks hips and pulls him tight…the hole time she has her eyes locked onto my wife. Hank begins to kiss the back of Sharon’s neck. His hands are on her waist. He moves them up and onto Sharon’s breasts. He cups her breasts with his big hands and Sharon lets out a soft moan. His hands move underneath the material covering her breasts. At this point he looks up and stairs straight into Bonnie’s eyes. He flashes her a wicked smile and then with one of his hands he slowly moves it down Sharon’s torso to the top of her bikini bottom, Sharon, in turn, reaches behind her and guides her hand into Hank’s swim trunks. She grabs Hanks rock hard cock and begins to tug on it….all the while the two of them are starring at my wife. Hank eases his hand into Sharon’s bikini bottom. Sharon gives my wife a smile as if to say this is what I want and I have done this before. Bonnie is transfixed on the couple fondling each other to music. She can tell that he has a finger or two inside Sharon’s pussy. Sharon turns to face Hank, She tells him something. Bonnie can’t hear it. Hank kisses Sharon and then turns towards my wife. This is the moment our lives changed. He walks over to Bonnie and starts to dance with her. He pulls her close so that she şişli escort bayan can feel his hard cock next to her body, Their bodies grinding hard against each other, She puts her arms around Hanks neck and tilts her head back. Hank leans in and places a kiss on Bonnie’s neck. His tongue follows the contours of my wife’s neck moving up to her ear. He whispers in her ear that she is the sexiest woman he has ever seen and that he knew that he was going to fuck her today the moment that she walked out in her swimsuit. Bonnie let out a soft moan. With his right hand he grabbed my wife’s left wrist and pulled it down to his cock, Bonnie didn’t hesitate…she grabbed the huge cock firmly in her hand. Her eyes grew huge with shock. Hank pulled back and flashed that wicked grin. He spun her around and backed Bonnie’s ass into his crotch, He pulled her body tight to his and held her. Bonnie moved her long raven hair to the side and offered Hank her neck and shoulders. Hanks left hand was on Bonnie tummy and with his right hand he gently pulled the strap to her swimsuit down over her shoulder. His hand reached down into the top of my wife’s swimsuit and exposed her breast. He pealed the top down a little more and exposed her other breast. Hank looked down on Bonnie’s 40D breasts and with both hands he began to cup and caress her fabulous breasts, All of Hank’s lovers had large breasts. We found out later that he told Sharon that if she wanted to have him continue to fuck her, that she needed to have her breasts enlarged. Hank definitely liked what he saw. This stud had my wife on fire. They continued to dirty dance. Feeling up and sown each others body. Hank reached down between my wife’s thighs and parted the bottom of the swimsuit so that he had access to her dripping wet cunt. He quickly inserted two fingers in her. She moaned again and turned to kiss him.. Meanwhile Sharon had quickly removed her bikini and rejoined Hank and my wife. She dropped to her knees mecidiyeköy escort bayan and told my wife to join her. Bonnie knelt down as well. Sharon told Bonnie to removed Hanks swim trunks. Bonnie obediently complied. As Bonnie pulled down Hank’s trunks his cock sprang out like Jack-in-the-box.Bonnie gazed upon Hank’s rigid cock and slowly reached up to grab it. Her hand could not reach all the way around his massive dick. She could now feel he juices begin to trickle down the inside of her thighs. Sharon leaned in to Bonnie and asked “have you ever in your life seen such a beautiful cock”? Bonnie didn’t speak. She just shook her head no. Sharon told Bonnie to take his gorgeous cock into your mouth and pleasure Hank, “and when he is ready, he is going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before”.Hank laid back on one of the large sofas. His cock stood like a flag pole. Bonnie’s hands held onto it like it was gold.. Hank looked Bonnie into her eyes and said “Bonnie…you are going to listen to me and do what I say….you are going to use that sexy mouth of yours and suck my cock…you will lick my balls and get me ready to fuck you…when I am ready you will climb on top of me, and with one hand you will spread your cunt open for me, with the other hands you will grab my cock and put it inside of you”‘ “It will take some time, I know that you are not used to a big cock, but you will ease my cock all the way inside you and once you are ready I will fuck you as I please, and after you have had several orgasms I will empty my balls inside your pussy”. “At that point in time your pussy, your cunt, your sex…will be under my control. You will be faithful to me. You will continue to be with your husband, and may continue to have sex with him as long as I say so, but I will always be first”.”In time your husband will understand that you deserve this and he will put your needs above his”. “You need to understand this before we go any further. I am not going to force you into this…you still have control”. My wife….who till just a few weeks ago completely disapproved of this type of behavior,,,,she smiled, turned her head to the side, flicked her long red her back… and eagerly took Hank’s cock into her mouth.

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