How I Seduced Kate Pt. 03

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Part 3

Tomorrow couldn’t come quickly enough for me. I walked to her house with more than a spring in my step. The world seemed ok — even good — the hawthorn hedges were alive with the chatter of dunnocks bathing in the spring sunshine. In fact, it felt like summer had come early and for the first time in such a long time I felt complete. I didn’t question this elation — it was the same every time I bedded a conquest — and it was no different this time. For now I was content to ride the seas of good fortune and see where they cast me.

I raised my hand to the bell but before I could ring it, the green front door sprang open an inch. Kate peered out from behind the crack and upon seeing me darted behind the door. A moment later it opened fully and I stepped inside, puzzled by the sudden coyness. My puzzlement did not last long though as she was dressed in nothing more than the same short mini-skirt that she had worn yesterday and a black cupless bra. Her breasts bobbed and danced as she embraced me, kissing me firmly on the lips before pulling me down into her bosom. I clasped her backside, eager to explore its crevices. Knickerless, I ran my fingers over bare skin searching every nook and cranny, and with each moist probe she moaned audibly.

“I want you to do wicked things to me,” she whispered into my ear, “filthy wicked things.”

She skipped into the living room like a teenager, turned her head over one shoulder, and smiled in that knowing way. Cheekily she slipped on a black satin blindfold and knelt down.

“Please Sir, don’t take advantage of me, Sir” she pleaded. “I definitely wouldn’t want you to give me a good fucking Sir.”

She then bent over and slid off her skirt revealing the lips of her honeyed cunt. She turned round and knelt down on all fours, arching her back like a cat in heat.

“Please Sir, don’t fuck me, the thought of your big hard cock rammed into my cunt is enough to give any girl nightmares.”

This behaviour caught me by surprise. When I had met her, she had been mortified that her little dog had barked at me as we passed in the street. Several weeks later our encounters were still no more than a few words about the weather or the freshness of the air, but now, transformed, she was a vixen with no sense of shame. She was eager for me to take her and as if reading my mind she continued, “I want you to fuck me any way you want. A marriage guidance councillor isn’t easily shocked.”

“Have you been a good little girl,” I asked, “or a dirty little slut?”

She paused, momentarily caught off balance with this new turn.

“A little slut Sir, a dirty little whore. Yesterday I sucked someone’s cock and I enjoyed it.”

“I see”, I said, “do you know what happens to little girls who are naughty.”

As bright as a sparrow she chimed in, “Yes Sir, I do. They get punished. Wicked, dirty things happen to them. Unimaginable things, humiliating things even.”

“Good,” I said. “Perhaps you have been punished like this before?”

“No Sir, never. I’ve been a good girl. I’ve been pure all my life, … and recently quite virginal, but lately I’ve been beset with naughty thoughts the likes I can’t contain. Dirty thoughts that need a good fucking Sir.”

Taking advantage of the situation, a dark and perverted thought crept across my mind. “Bend over the back of the couch.”

She dutifully obeyed, asking “like this Sir?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Are you going to close the curtains Sir?”

“No,” I said. “Everything you have is on display for anyone to see.”

I pondered this idea for a moment. The lane where Kate lived was fairly quiet at this time of day, and the curtains were partly drawn, but there was no doubt that a neighbour or passer-by could inadvertently peak in.

“How does this make you feel?”

“Like a dirty little whore, Sir,” she replied meekly.

My fingertips caressed her bottom. It was pale and smooth like her breasts. My fingers glided across the deep crack of her sex and she let out a whimper.

“Oh that’s terribly naughty, Sir,” she gasped.

I then brought my hand down with a short sharp smack. She yelped, and then shuddered again as I struck her once, twice and then three times, each spank falling on alternate butt cheeks, lingering longingly.

“Oh my,” she said, “what a wicked wicked man you are.”

I spanked her repeatedly bringing dark red welts to her bottom. Her sex oozed a clear glistening cunt-fluid down her thighs. I played my cock teasingly over the lips of her crack and she moaned again, this time loudly and without abandon.

“Fuck me, please,” she whispered.

“Pardon,” I teased.

“Fuck me,” she said more loudly. “I want it hard.”

Roughly I entered her and she gasped with shock or pain or both. I don’t know which for I was too carried away in the moment. This wasn’t going to be gentle love-making but a pounding fuckery to slake her desire. I plunged long and deep, sinking my full girth and length into her. She gasped Sarıyer escort bayan again and then again as I stabbed down, bucking against me like a brood mare and I responded by pusing harder and more deeply until brought short by my cock against her cervix.

“Oh my,” she whimpered. “Fuck me.”

I continued my work accompanied by the grinding of her pelvis on mine and the softer slap of her breasts against her face. Eventually I found a natural cadence where she met the meat of each stab with a little whinny of delight.

“Oh God I’m going to come,” she said. “Oh my, it’s happening.”

I thrust down harder reaching my climax too, ejaculating my load. Fluid drops welled up and over her lips and dripped down her thighs as she lay there sweating.

She took off her blindfold and stepped away from the couch collapsing in my arms. Her cheeks were flushed and it was some minutes before she sank down onto the carpet breathing heavily.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that before,” she said. “Edward, my late husband, was such a considerate lover but never very adventurous. He would never have bent me over the couch or the kitchen table, and I never would have asked. You see Edward was my first and only, until you. I still can’t quite believe that sex could be as explosive as that.”

We chatted easily as I played with her tits and clitoris. She was quite comfortable in her nakedness, welcoming my probing hands. Her eyes wandered longingly over my cock too and I knew that she wanted me to go again, but the slow hand of time had moved on.

“I have to go,” I said. “Work calls.”

“Oh,” she sighed. “Will you come round tomorrow?”

“Of course,” I said.

Tomorrow came and so did the next day, and on each occasion I fucked her. We continued like this throughout the duration of the summer. Her appetite as insatiable as mine but like all things, our love making eventually began to wane. The explosion of that first day was never quite captured again until quite unexpectedly I said, “Next time bring a friend.”

I couldn’t quite believe that I had said that — it wasn’t premeditated or calculated like most of my actions. Kate was shocked too — I could see it in her eyes — but there was something else there too. Excitement, or perhaps fear — it was hard to say. She responded meekly that she wasn’t sure she knew anybody she could ask.

I left hurriedly, heart pounding, not quite sure if I’d gone too far. I knew she might be upset, but I reasoned our affair could only last so long before it petered out anyway. Perhaps this was the tonic we needed?

The summer had faded into autumn and autumn had given way to winter. It was a year to the day, give or take, since I had first met Kate, and I wondered what would greet me at the doorstep when I arrived. I tactfully tapped on the door careful not to alert the neighbours. The old lady on the left had a tendency to give me a hard stare whenever I caught her eye, and the old man to the right had once given me a knowing wink. Neither neighbour did I wish to antagonise, and so it was with relief that Kate came quickly to the door and ushered me in.

I asked if she had brought a friend but it was obvious from the quietness of the house that she had not been successful or perhaps had not been willing. I was curious though – her mood was chirpy, elated even.

“So, I didn’t find anyone as you asked,” she said, “it’s not the type of question you can casually bring up in conversation. Hi there, do you want to watch my lover fuck me?” She made a show of waving her hand in hello to an imaginary friend.

“Is there no-one you can ask?”

“Someone, maybe, Judy. She’s had a hard time recently and doesn’t seem to be very lucky with the men, but I’ve never really spoken to her about sex before. I know you men think that us girls are just gossips and talk about men and cocks and sex, but not everyone, or at least not me.”

We retired into the living room and we spoke as we had spoken on my first visit — she sitting in the armchair with the afternoon soon catching her hair and me, cup in hand, on the couch. At the end of an hour I got up and we hugged as was our norm by the front door.

“Luke?” she said, “if Judy agrees will you take me like you did that first time?” Kate had a way of mixing sexual language with perfect diction and it caught me off-guard every time.

“We’ll put on a show,” I said.

The next day brought filthy weather and I pondered whether it was worth going to Kate’s. I could just text her as it was unlikely that she would have found anyone out of the blue to watch us fuck. After all that’s not something normal people do, but the thought of her tits bouncing as I entered her from behind spurred me into action.

Once again I set off on that familiar route and presently I found myself negotiating the path leading up to Kate’s door and tapped lightly on the knocker. It opened immediately and I entered into the narrow Silivri escort hall. Thinking back, I think it was that narrowness of the hall that had brought us together for that fateful first hug. Now though wasn’t the time for reminiscing as I could see that Kate was quite animated which sent a thrill through my stomach.

She cupped a hand to my ear, “She’s in the living room. I’ve told her not to speak unless spoken to.”

I smelt the strong odour of alcohol on her breath and she replied slyly, “We’ve both had a glass or two of wine, you know, to jolly things along.”

“By the way, as it turned out it was easy in the end to persuade her. I just asked how her sex life was and she said she hadn’t, and I quote, ‘had a good rogering in ages’. When I suggested that she came over to, ahem, observe, so to speak, she almost bit my hand off. I spent the rest of the day fending off rude text messages about how big you were or what you were going to do.”

She kissed me full on the lips and I slid my hands under her coat. I hadn’t stopped to think why she was wearing a full length coat indoors, such was my excitement at learning about Judy’s arrival, but it was obvious really. She slipped out of it in one silky motion and did a little twirl — naked from tip to toe. She took my hand and pushed me into the room.

Judy was sitting obediently in the corner armchair like a well tutored schoolgirl and said nothing when we entered. She was younger than I expected, and seeing my reaction, Kate said that this is Judy, one of Wendy’s friends that she’d gotten to know over the years. Less so a friend, but more of an acquaintance I was to learn. Judy was probably in her thirties with a pretty face, but had let herself go and could be aptly described in today’s parlance as a ‘big girl’. She had two huge udders of breasts beneath a thick woollen sweater and loose jogging bottoms that didn’t really suit her.

“Hi Judy,” I said, “You’ve come to watch?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied eagerly.

“You like to watch people?” I asked.

“Oh yes Sir,” she replied. She giggled nervously. “I like to watch it on the internet. It turns me on something wicked Sir.”

“Yes Kate said you seemed to be quite keen,” I said.

“Oh yes Sir, and if there’s anything I can do to help Sir, you just need to ask.”

The thought intrigued me — what kind of help did she have in mind?

“Well enjoy yourself.”

Kate had already draped herself over the couch. Her eyes twinkled in anticipation and I must admit the thought of having a voyeur in the room aroused me. I slowly caressed Kate’s bottom as I had and then smacked it. A crisp crack rang out and she whimpered in pain and shock and lust.

“Don’t hold back,” she coaxed, “I want everything, every last dirty thought and deed.”

I was about to spank her again before I realised that she hadn’t spoken to me, but had addressed Judy. Judy sat in the chair with that inward look of focused concentration, glazed eyes staring into space. She responded to Kate’s command by slowly sliding her hand down between her legs. I couldn’t help but stare. I’d never seen a stranger masturbate so unashamedly before. I could see the tension building in her face and her back arched as she slowly massaged her button.

“Why don’t you take off your knickers Judy,” Kate said.”

Judy hesitated, but only for a moment as if woken from a dream and then lifted her considerable backside up off the armchair to slide off her panties. Her mound was unshaven but her pink sex was bright and glistening. Her fingers made repetitive circular strokes on the surface, occasionally diving knuckle deep. All the while, she stared fixedly at me as if imagining what it would feel like to be in Kate’s place. Reading my mind she hoicked up her legs and parted the lips of her pussy.

“I think she wants you to fuck her,” Kate teased, “but me first.”

I bore down on Kate with renewed vigour, who thrashed under my onslaught, emitting soft bleats with each pounding thrust. I massaged her butt cheeks, gently drawing them apart to reveal her purse string anus. I had played around with it before but for some curious reason I had never explored this particular fetish with her. Lubricated, I slid my index finger into her bottom and she immediately squeaked with delight.

“Oh I was wondering how long it would take you to discover all my secrets,” she said. “Do you think he should bugger me Judy?”

Kate had a lascivious habit of using carnal language to shock and tease and Judy responded with an enthusiastic nod of the head.

“I think she wants you to fuck me in the arse,” she coaxed.

My cock throbbed — engorged enormously with blood — and with pre-cum welling on its surface, but rather than immediately partake of that particular desire I instead thrust into her cunt plunging easily into its depths. Pressing down, I buried my cock to its hilt and Kate softly moaned. I began moving rhythmically with Kate’s backside Escort Topkapı responding with little wiggles to accept my phallus more deeply. She purred beneath my efforts and began rocking backwards and forwards causing her ample tits to bob under their pendulum weight. Judy too made little ‘ohs’ and ‘arrs’ causing my balls to ache in anticipation and then abruptly I withdrew. I asked Kate to kneel in front of Judy and perhaps guessing my intent she eagerly complied. I then pushed her face down into Judy’s hairy mutt. Judy started as if she had been electrocuted sending a thrill through my balls. She stared at my manhood longing for me to penetrate Kate again, and with a smile of satisfaction I placed my swollen glans against Kate’s anus. It slipped in half an inch, the tight anus resisting, and then with a pop I buried myself into her backside. Judy groaned like a bitch in heat. Kate moaned too as I set to work again, driving down without abandon.

Kate worked Judy’s clitoris with her tongue and her own with her hand. The two girls purred and moaned in unison. After several minutes Kate moaned, “I’m coming,” her voice weak and ragged. Her body spasmed wildly once, then twice and then a third time before exhausted she fell onto her back with a hand clutched between her legs. I though had not finished so I wrapped my arms around Judy’s obese thighs pulling her onto her back. I entered her roughly and without warning through the anus. Judy screamed and tensed by the brutal penetration, momentarily pausing before resuming her clitoral massage. I pounded her backside without mercy, picking up pace as Judy relaxed into my rhythm, plumbing repeatedly into her depths. Glancing down, Kate had propped herself on one elbow murmuring soft encouragement.

“Fuck her like a whore. Make her squirm like a dog.”

My orgasm was building so I paused to catch my breath which gave Kate the mischievous opportunity to nuzzle up behind me.

“I want to see you fuck her like a dirty whore,” she whispered into my ear. “Fuck her and let her know you mean business.”

She cupped my balls with one hand and then poked her forefinger up my bum. I had never been entered from behind and the sensation was not altogether unpleasant. In fact, as Kate worked my anus I felt a growing sense of excitement that pushed me to the edge. I began pumping again against Judy’s butthole.

“Is that good you little whore,” Kate asked, enjoying seeing her friend used in this way.

“Oh God yes,” Judy gasped.

“Let me hear how much you like it. Bark for me.”

“Oh God, fuck me like a dog,” Judy cried. She then started barking and yapping. “Harder. I want it harder.”

“Give it to her Luke. Make her big fat swollen arse cum.”

I was near breaking point now. Kate had her finger buried in me up to the top knuckle, reaching deeper each time I prepared to dive down, until without warning I climaxed shooting thick wads of creamy cum into Judy’s arse. I withdrew giddy with excitement and watched fascinated as gobs of semen oozed out and dripped down Judy’s backside.


The following weeks were the best sex we had ever had. Kate and I explored how we could humiliate and degrade Judy who seemed happy to be used in this way. We variously tied her up, gagged her, whipped her and exploited her for our own deviant sexual satisfaction. Judy responded with glorious shows of masturbation with animated moans to encourage us, and then for the main act, barked and brayed and mooed as we fucked her cunt and arse and mouth. Eventually though our sexual desires were satiated and Judy perhaps freed by her experiences came round less frequently until one day Kate announced that she had got married. Perhaps that planted a seed in Kate’s head too because not too long after that I found myself proposing to Kate. My original marriage had evaporated. We had split by mutual agreement and so on a crisp winter’s morning Kate and I were wed.

“So who would have thought we’d get married,” Kate said on our wedding night.

“Not me,” I replied.

“So just me then,” she smiled with a devilish grin. “You see, I planned this from the beginning. That first time we met I saw you checking out my tits and I found that I didn’t mind it at all. In fact I quite encouraged it. It was obvious you wanted me but I was going to make you work for it, besides, I quite liked our little walks together. I liked the feeling of your eyes wandering over my body. It made me feel young again, like a little school girl coming into womanhood and realising for the first time the effect on the boys.”

She kissed me on the lips and pushed me onto the bed. She unbuttoned my fly releasing my cock, pulled down her knickers and matter of factly slid it into her vagina. She swayed back and forth with a slow sensuous motion.

“Losing Toby wasn’t something I anticipated. In fact, I grieved and couldn’t think about our relationship until I saw you quite by accident in the car. The lycra was very effective though in setting the right mood.” She laughed softly as she rocked on me.

“And you were very restrained, a gentleman… almost.” She emphasised the word almost. “I thought not wearing any panties would be enough. I loved showing you my pussy whilst pretending nothing was happening. Your poor penis though!”

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