How I Became A Hotwife

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Recently I attended a conference with work. Saying it was interesting, would be an understatement. But…A few months beforehand though, my husband Dave dropped the bombshell on me.I thought our sex life was okay, maybe a little vanilla but okay. One night whilst we were having sex, he said he would love me to be a hotwife, and meet other men for sex. I couldn’t believe my ears. Partly in shock, I called him a pervert. Sex was over and I refused to talk to him.But something must have struck a chord in me as I couldn’t get what he had asked out of my mind. A couple of days later, my curiosity got the better of me, and I searched ‘hot-wife’ stories! I have to say after my initial shock of reading what he was actually wanted me to do, I ended up reading a couple of the stories. To my embarrassment, I was starting to get turned on. I turned off the computer trying to work out what the hell happened and to sort what was going on in my head.However, the next day I found myself back on the computer I read more stories and found blogs from wives actually doing what Dave had asked me. The more I read, the more and more turned on I was becoming, the more extreme the stories, the more excited I was getting. I didn’t even realise I had done it, but my hand was down my pants and before I knew it, I was cumming.My mind was awash. Could I really do it?So a day later, I broke the silence and spoke, I asked him one question. “Why?”He told me it had been a fantasy of his for a long time, he said the thought of me enjoying sex, purely for the sake of sex was so erotic to him.I asked him, “Am I not enough for you?”  I couldn’t do anything like that. It was wrong and would feel like cheating.He laughed looked me in the eyes and said, “How can it be cheating? I’m asking you to do it. It’s not about me, it’s about your pleasure.”“So you want to meet other women then?” I replied.“No,” he replied, “I am not interested in other women. All I want is you to tell me about it afterward.” He tried to reason with me saying, “The boys have both left home. Why not let our hair down and enjoy ourselves a bit?” I walked away shaking my head.The subject was not mentioned again that week. But I couldn’t stop reading the stories.That weekend when I was out shopping, I went to pick up some tights, but I found myself picking up holdups. Thinking to myself, ‘Maybe I should make more of an effort to look good for Dave? It might take his mind off this hotwife thing in his head.’ We were going out that night for a drink with friends so I bought them.Whilst getting ready It surprised me how nice they looked. I had bought them as a surprise for Dave, but I actually was shocked how good they made me feel. Looking in the mirror I thought to myself, ‘You know what. Wendy? You’ve not got a bad figure considering you’re forty-eight with grown children.’ I then thought to myself, ‘Would other men really find me attractive like Dave says?’ I discarded the idea as silly.We had a lovely evening out with our friends. When we got home and I took off my dress Dave virtually jumped on me. He said he’d never seen me looking so sexy,I laughed, “Don’t be silly, it’s just a pair of holdups.”He said, ”No, when you went to the loo, you had such a wiggle. Even Mark, Helen’s husband noticed it.”Dave pushed me back onto the bed, I tried to push him off saying, “I need to take these off.”He said, “No, leave them on, and your heels.”  We had the most passionate sex in years, and easily my biggest orgasm in a long long time.Afterwards, I lay there thinking how good I felt dressed like that. How sexy I felt that night. And how sexy It made me feel keeping my hold-ups and shoes on for sex.Over the next few weeks, I found myself starting to dress differently, more daring.  I started wearing hold-ups all the time. Even for work. And our sex life went through the roof.My birthday was coming up soon. “Is there anything, in particular, you’d like?” Dave asked.“No, surprise me,” I replied. My birthday was a Saturday this year. He had arranged for us to go out with our friends Mark and Helen for dinner and a bit of dancing afterwards.The morning of my birthday I was presented with a box, all wrapped up. Dave had such a wide grin on his face as I unwrapped it. Inside was a matching three-piece set. Black lace bra, g string and suspenders, and pair of seamed nylons. They looked stunning. “It’s gorgeous,” I said.With a massive grin, Dave replied, ”Glad you like it. Will you wear them tonight?”How could I refuse?Getting ready that night, Dave lay on the bed just watching me. The bra barely covered my nipples, the g string was so small I giggled, “Is it worth wearing?” But the stockings, I had never felt so good putting them on. They made me feel amazing. How smooth they felt. Dave adjusted the seams for me saying how amazing I looked.I felt it.I went over to the wardrobe to get my dress out. Dave said, “Wear your black cocktail dress.”I said, “I’m not sure as it’s quite short, but I’ll try it.” So I slipped it on, even I had to admit I looked good. But I was short, I giggled, ”if I’m not careful you would be able to see my stocking tops.”With a massive grin, Dave just said, “Wow, you’re perfect.”As I went to pick up my heels, Dave said, “No, I have one more surprise for you.” He went to his wardrobe and took out a shoebox. He passed it to me saying, ”A wife as hot as you, deserves hot heels.”Inside was a pair of patent black peep-toe slingbacks, the heels were easily over four-inches. I said they were beautiful but I wasn’t sure I could even walk in them.  Slipping them on, I gingerly took a few steps, a little surprised I was walking pretty well in them.I gave him a twirl, I was about to say, “Do I look OK?” when I noticed the bulge in his trousers. I giggled saying, “I obviously look OK to you then.”With a broad grin, “Stunning,” was all he said. I had to admit, even with my slightly unsteady walking at first I hadn’t felt this sexy in years.The meal was gorgeous, and the wine flowed. Afterwards, we decided to try a few bars in town. I even thought to myself as we walked how the heels gave me quite a wiggle now I had got used to them. And on more than one occasion I had caught Mark looking. I quite liked the tingle it gave me.The second bar we went to was playing some good music. Mark grabbed my hand saying, “Come on, Birthday girl, time for a boogie.” As we danced he said, “You’ve changed.” When I quizzed him, he said, “You look amazing. Are they suspenders you have on?”  Apparently when I sat down the dress pulled tight and they were clearly visible.I replied, giggling, “Maybe.”He laughed, saying, “Have a word with Jane, I’d kill for her to wear them.” Well, I felt myself blush, but also my pussy tingled. As we left the dance floor, Mark guided me but ran his hand down my bum feeling my suspenders. I went to say stop it, but I actually liked the attention.He continued to flirt the whole night. Every time I sat down, I saw his eyes go straight to my dress. By the time we got into the taxi home, I was feeling rather horny and quite damp!When we got home, Dave said how amazing I looked. Then he started kissing my neck in the living room, that alone makes me weak.  Then he unzipped my dress. I turned to Dave, our kisses got more and more passionate. I was so turned on, my head was a buzz. Then without thinking clearly, I don’t know where it came from, but I just said, “Fuck me, Mark!”I saw the lust in Dave’s eyes, and he did just that. He pushed me to the floor and fucked me in the middle of the lounge. He used me like a sex doll, he fucked me in so many positions, and hard. We had never had sex like that before, but I loved it. He finally pushed me face down onto the sofa. Doing so I felt him spit on my bum and push his thumb in saying, “So you want Mark to fuck you, do you?”It pushed me over the edge and I screamed, “Yes!” as I felt him coming into me. My whole body shook with orgasm.He collapsed on my back panting saying, ”That was amazing.”  I couldn’t stop shaking. Finally, as my body calmed down, he rolled off me, but I didn’t move. I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘Oh my God, what have I done? what did I say?’I was brought back to reality by the feeling of Dave’s cum dribble out of me onto my stocking tops. I looked up at him, blushing bright red.  He just had the biggest grin on his face. I chastised him saying,  “it was just to feed your fantasy, not real.”“Of course not darling,” he laughed, helping me up.We went to bed,  Dave fell asleep within seconds.Once more I lay there in my thoughts, how good it felt to be flirted with. How good the sex was. How good I felt, and, what I had said!The next morning over breakfast, Dave just sat there with that same stupid grin. In the end, I just said, “What?”He smiled saying, ”You were quite the wild one last night, and very vocal.”I went bright red again saying,  I was drunk and it was just to please you and your perverted fantasy.”Once again, he just smiled saying, “Of course, darling.”Over the next few months, our sex life continued to improve. We tried lots of different things. I even started to give Dave oral more. I was actually beginning to like doing it.  More and more often, his fantasy would come up. I’d play along but laugh it off after. But I was liking the idea of it more and more.2Since our night out with Mark and Helen, I started to embrace dressing more sexy. Dave loved it. I was now wearing hold-ups daily for work, nearly every morning he would sit and watch me getting ready. That I became to love, modelling my lingerie for him. I also had quite a collection of new heels as well. I was starting to embrace the hotwife idea of Dave’s, but still unsure.Could I do it?Three months after that night. Here I was. In my hotel room, standing naked, assessing my body in the mirror. I was proud of my body. It had been a long time since I felt like this. My pussy, now totally waxed. A surprise a few months back for my husband. I love the way it looked, and felt.Slipping over my exposed body, one of Dave’s favourites, a light summer dress with spaghetti straps. Tighter than I remembered it. I decided to forgo my knickers, I preferred the smooth look. Finally, on my feet I slipped my strappy high heels and left. Walking into the bar I could feel the eyes on me. It felt good, I liked it.Julie was waiting for me when I arrived. Although we worked at different agencies, we first met on a training course we attended a couple of years ago. Our like-minded friendship quickly blossomed.She had chosen a dark corner table and sat across from a good-looking, middle-aged man, whom she introduced as John, her general manager. Julie had never before mentioned him, but I immediately knew why. He had a confident, almost arrogant air about him. I was instantly drawn to that.We had a lovely evening. Catching up with Julie was nice. John was pleasant. He seemed happy to watch and listen, and initially just keeping the drinks flowing. As the evening and drink wore on, John joined the conversation with his flirtatious contributions. Maybe it was the G & T’s, but to my surprise, I found myself easily flirting back. I’m sure Julie cottoned on to itAs it was getting late and I’d had a long day and probably too many gins, I said my goodbyes and said I’d see them in the morning. I excused myself and went to the loo. While there I texted Dave telling him what had happened that evening. He texted back straight away.Dave: If you think you’ll enjoy it, see where it goes.Me: What? Don’t be daft. We had a few drinks. It was just some silly flirting.Dave: I mean it. If you want, do anything you like.Me: Are you serious?Dave: Yes. But I want to hear about it later.Tell him later? My pussy tingled again, as I re-read the last part of my husband’s text. I told Dave I would do as he said, and see where it went, but not to expect too much. This was a training course. I had to be professional. When I opened the loo door, I was startled by John who was waiting for me.“I believe we are on the same floor, I thought I’d walk you to your room, Wendy,” he said.The butterflies in my stomach made me feel sick, I didn’t know what to say and just smiled as he offered me his arm. I slid my arm through his mumbling a thank you. To my embarrassment, I stumbled, but he caught me. Putting his arm around my shoulders.“You are a very attractive woman Wendy,” he said, “I couldn’t let you hurt those lovely legs.”My face felt warm as I blushed. A few steps later he pulled me tighter to him. I should have stopped him, but I didn’t. His hand eased its way down my back until he reached my arse. Immediately I remembered I was without underwear. But I didn’t try to move his hand. I liked it, my hardening nipples told me so.When we got to my door he took my key card from my hand, as he opened the door he spun me around and kissed me. I was shocked at first, but my lips did not protest. I just melted in his arms and found myself kissing him back.He pulled me close, grabbing a handful of my ass he whispered into my ear, “I wanted you the second I saw you, Wendy.”I couldn’t bring myself to say I wanted him to.I felt him pushing me back into my room, my head was saying stop, but I was lost in the heat of the moment. He guided me backwards as we continued our kissing. With one hand on my ass, his other went to my breasts commenting on my lack of bra and how good my tits felt. I don’t think my nipples had ever been so hard when he pinched them through the thin dress. I was gone.My head was spinning as he pulled the straps down exposing my tits. He started licking and sucking on my nipples, It felt amazing. I felt his teeth bite down sending a shock wave to my already dampening pussy. He pulled my dress up over my arse and his hands stroked my bare skin. Again I should have stopped him, but I was falling under his spell.His hand worked its way around and was soon between my legs rubbing my exposed pussy. He deftly and easily slid a finger between my lips, teasing my swollen clit. Then into my soaking wet pussy causing me to moan aloud.He looked at me saying,” My you are a naughty, why don’t we find out just how naughty Wendy can be?”He placed his hands on my shoulders, pushing me to my knees. He unzipped his trousers dropping his pants to the floor revealing a rather nice cock. It was maybe an inch longer than my husband’s, Dave. He looked at me and said, “You know what to do.” Placing a hand on my head, he guided me towards his cock.Looking into his eyes I opened my mouth licked the tip then sucked the head into my mouth. He groaned and said, “That feels good.” His balls hung low as he started to nudge his cock further into my mouth. I sucked harder each time. I took him deeper into my mouth him. Working every inch of his cock with my tongue and lips. My practice paid off it was not too long until he pulled out. I felt his balls tighten in my hand as he grabbed a handful of my hair.“Open your mouth slut.”I did it. Digging my nails into his balls as he shot his cum into my waiting mouth.Rarely did I swallow with Dave, but I just looked him in the eyes and swallow every drop.He smiled as he lifted me up, sitting me on the edge of the bed as he pulled my dress over my head. leaving me in just in my heels. He knelt, pushing me back, and opened my legs wide. I could feel his breath as he slowly ran his tongue from my arse to my clit. His tongue felt so good on my wet pussy.He alternated between tongue fucking me and sucking on my sensitive clit. Each time pushing his tongue deeper and then sucking harder on my clit. He pushed two fingers into me. He started twisting them as he sucked on my clit. Then from out of nowhere, it hit me. I had an explosive orgasm, causing my whole body to shake.Laying there thinking oh my God, if Dave could see me now. I thought that was it, but he stood and removed his shirt. He saw the look on my face when I saw his hard cock, he laughed.“Round two, my naughty one.”He didn’t waste any time as he pulled me to my feet, turning me around and bending me forwards. He rammed his cock all the way into my pussy, the mixture of pain and pleasure made me gasp. He didn’t wait for me to compose myself, he just began pounding me hard. As he attacked my pussy, his hand found my nipples. He pinched and pulled them harshly with the purpose of causing pain. It worked, I screamed, but it was as much joy as pain. I’d never been a pain person but my god what he was doing to me was sending electric shocks straight to my clit. I found myself screaming, “Fuck me harder.”My head was gone, I wasn’t sure how long he had been fucking me when he said, “I’m gonna to cum, where do you want it slut.”“In me, fill my pussy,” I cried.He pulled out one last time and slammed himself as deep into me as he could holding me there as he groaned, shooting his cum deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me, eventually, he pulled out. I could feel his hot cum running out of my stretched pussy and down my thighs, He got dressed, kissed me on the cheek, and left, leaving me still laying face down on the bed in a mess.How long I lay there I wasn’t sure, but his cum had reached my shoes. My daze was broken by my phone ringing. It was Dave.As soon as I answered. “So, did anything happen,” he asked.A warm glow came over me inside when I said, “Darling, you are married to a real hotwife.”Kicking off my heels I crawled into bed and told him everything. The touching, the blowjob, the fucking, the amazing orgasms. I could hear that Dave was wanking as I told him everything. I came again recalling the events. I wasn’t sure if we said good night or not before I fell into a deep sleep.The following morning I woke early, and rather a sticky mess. With last night popping into my head I Instantly felt horny again. I jumped into the shower to clean up. Once I had dried off and done my hair. I went to my case to get my underwear and noticed the set Dave bought me for my birthday and a new pair of nylons in there.I’d not packed them.Messaging Dave, I joked asking if he knew how they got there, I got a cheeky reply.“I thought you should start to dress the part my darling.”With last night popping into my head again I thought, what the hell. A big smile on my face I put the set on. the stockings felt amazing on my legs. Proper sheer nylons, you could hardly see I had them on. I slipped on my heels, took a pic, and sent it to Dave, before slipping my dress on and leaving for breakfast.As I walked to breakfast my phone went, one word.“Fuck.”As I walked into the restaurant, I couldn’t see Julie anywhere. However, John, my impromptu lover from last night sat alone and waved me over asking would I like to join him. He was even a gentleman standing to pull out my chair for me to sit. As I sat, his eyes lit up and a broad smile came across his face. I looked down to see what he had seen. I realised as my dress pulled tight and you could clearly see the outline of my suspenders. I went bright red, he just said, “Interesting.”

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