How I Became a Full Time Cleaner

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Part One: High Speed Interview

The party in Zurich had been pretty wild. Two nights of drink, drugs and dancing to fat, bass-heavy beats. I was one of the last to leave… hanging on with the hope I would meet a nice girl, leaving alone as usual. Once again my shyness and Christian upbringing had stopped me getting anywhere. Even with women that seemed to like me.

Tired, still spaced-out and feeling a bit paranoid, I made my way shakily thru the train until i reached the final carriage. It was empty as I had hoped it would be at this late hour. I could relax for the three hour journey. Or so I thought.

Two rather plump, rather drunk neo-hippy girls came in and took the seats across the train from me. They were both a bit dirty and muddy from whatever festival they had been to. They greeted me and I responded with a smile and the usual blush to my cheeks. One them of asked them if I had any tissues. I hadn’t so they thanked me anyway and started talking between themselves. I admired their long dreadlocks for a second and let my eyes briefly dance over their ample, fleshy curves before I sat back and closed my eyes, thinking that feigning sleep would be easier than trying to start a conversation with them. I was probably too stoned to string together a coherent sentence anyway. Besides, there was a definite unwashed smell coming from their direction.

I tried listening to their chat but they spoke just a little too low for me to hear anything but the odd word here and there. I was almost drifting asleep when my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I must be mistaken. It sounded like one of the girls had slipped the words “get his tongue deep in there, make him lick it out!” into their chat before talking normally again. It must be the drugs still in my system, I thought, surely I imagined it.

To my horror I realized my cock had stiffened and was probably erecting a visible tent in my trousers. I dared not open my Çeşme Escort eyes. I dared not put my hand down there in case the movement caused them to look over and see my predicament. I carried on pretending to sleep, thinking boring thoughts & willing my dick to shrink back down. It worked fast…back to normal within a minute and I felt a wave of relief and relaxed again.

Then… maybe 15 minutes later I was starting to drowse off again and once more I heard the voice. “Stick it in there! Clean it real good”.

Again my dick jumped to attention. This time I knew it was real. They were surely playing some game with me, teasing me because of my obvious shyness. They were surely looking. Yes, I heard a quiet giggle! Suddenly I became more aware of their smell. What was that? It smelled like… like sweat, fish and… dirty ass! Eeew! It was getting stronger…. I could definitely smell sex but also poop. Had they stepped in dog crap or something?

How could it be so strong? Why was my cock throbbing like mad? The smell of shit became too much and I opened my eyes. Oh my dear God.

She was standing right in front of me; skirt hitched up and holding apart her bare ass cheeks to reveal a reeking, filthy brown anal opening, obviously not cleaned since its last recent toilet visit. The stink was overpowering. Shocked, I tried to stand but her friend had taken the seat behind me, she leaned over, pushed me back down and gripped my head tightly with her hands. She spoke low & threatening, her breath reeking of alcohol and what smelled like cock.

“Don’t say a word! You will lick every bit of that dirty ass clean, you are going to get your tongue deep inside her and suck it out! Take as long as you like but you don’t say a word and don’t you dare touch yourself! If you struggle we will cry rape! Do it NOW!

I had no time to think or answer as she forced my face right into the brown mess, rubbing it over my nose, Çiğli Escort mouth and chin. I couldn’t think straight, my dick was aching, throbbing as fast as my elevated heartbeat. My lust overcame my sheer disgust and I carefully poked out my tongue to taste the sticky brown mess. The girl behind slapped me hard on my face. “Stop fucking about and start eating up that mess! Get your tongue in there! Suck it out!”

Waves of fear, shame & lust crashed over me as I obeyed, licking big strokes of the horrid stuff from her bum and taking the bitterness into my mouth. My face screwed up at the terrible taste but I kept licking. I was actually having sex. My tongue, which had never even tasted vagina, was now deep into dirty female anus as the woman behind me pushed my head into her friends filthy backside again and again.

The shitty-arsed girl reached her hands behind her to lift my shirt and start pinching and tweaking my nipples painfully. I let out a muffled cry of pain as my strained cock seemed to get even harder. Was I getting turned on by the pain as well as the shame? What was wrong with me? Was I a masochist? A submissive? I try to avoid using public toilets, especially if they stink, yet here I was greedily cleaning the dirt direct from a strangers’ anus. Her fingers were having an electrical effect. I had no idea that a mans’ nipples could feel like this. It confused me even more than the forced tongue-cleaning I was giving.

I tried to touch my cock for some relief but got another hard slap. “I told you Slut! Don’t touch it! If you do what we say and prove yourself worthy we will take you home with us tonight. We have lots of dirty work for you and if you do a good job we will allow you to cum as payment. Now get some suction going, I want to hear the sounds! Suck out whatever is left in there!”

Obediently, I lifted my hands to spread her bum cheeks apart and started greedily poking her hole with Foça Escort my tongue and sucking noisily as hard as I could to try and get it clean, avidly poking it deep in search of more mess, half hypnotized by this act of shame and degradation, half in shock & panic. I prayed a silent, desperate prayer that she was healthy. The tight grip of her anal muscles on my tongue felt like she was trying to eat me, swallow me whole into that dark, reeking cave of muck.

The stinky, gooey stuff seemed to stick to my teeth and tongue as I attempted to actually swallow some. The girl behind me seemed to notice and whispered “Yes you little ass-eater, swallow it all down. Here, something to wash it down with.”

She pulled my head sharply backwards by my hair and started dribbling her spit into my open mouth. The other girl pulled her ass away, turned and joined her, giggling as they half-filled my shitty mouth with their saliva, still hurting my nipples and occasionally slapping my face. “Now rinse & swallow Slut!”

I did as I was told and rinsed their spit around my mouth, in my cheeks, thru my teeth until I was left with a mouthful of liquid spit-shit that I then swallowed the bitter mixture with a shiver and a grimace while they watched, grinning wickedly.

“Good job Slut! You passed the interview. Now clean your face with these!” She held up a pair of panties, obviously belonging to the girl who I had just licked clean. They were stained brown with shit and had white marks on them that looked suspiciously like male sperm. I shivered but took them and tried carefully to clean my face without the stained parts making more mess. When I had finished she took the dirty knickers from me and proceeded to stuff them into my mouth. Weak and still in shock I started to struggle but it was useless. Their combined weight held me in my seat and I resigned myself to whatever else they had in store for me. My cock was, of course, still a dribbling mess of a hard-on and longed for some release.

The voice over the intercom announced the next station and, silently, they took my arms and led me to the door. The station looked thankfully empty as they took me from the train to whatever perverse adventures lay in store for me that night.

End of Part 1

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